Doctors warn mRNA can affect the brain, ask Jaquie Lambie

Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie terrorising the un-vaxxed and speaking against Pauline Hanson’s stop the mandate motion in the senate last week

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Poor Jacqui, gotta feel a lil sad for her. 😦 Who gave her the licence to shoot her mouth off at people she disagrees with?


  2. Clearly jaqui did not get the No. 1 vial: saline placebo injection at her photo-op. She got the real bio-weapon, the mRNA spike protein bio-tech injection.

    Take notice the rest of you COINTELPRO Judas Goat independents who think you can run your little deal with the Communist state. When you are no longer needed in sheeple management, you won’t be getting the No. 1 saline vial either.

    This Deal is Getting Worse All the Time


  3. Very interesting info – thanks..


  4. We agree. We asked her if she was under duress but got no reply. Editor


  5. Put her into the asylum with most of the Lib/Nat/Green. Ed


  6. There is a significant difference between a licence and a vaccine.
    A vaccine comes with risk to the quality of life, or death, a licence has no risk.
    A licence can be cancelled if one chooses, but a vaccine can’t be removed from the body.

    This is not exhaustive, I could go on forever on this subject.


  7. Lambie was not vaxxed in 2016 when she said following as a true blue Australian (show pony) Patriot politician.

    “Dressed in a sequined Australian flag singlet, Senator Jacqui Lambie has issued an Australia Day message urging anyone who doesn’t like our “democratic rights” to find another country.

    “G’Day! Let’s celebrate our Australia Day with pride and say our oath of allegiance,” she says.

    “Remember, if you don’t like our democratic rights, liberties and laws, equality for all, including women – gay and indigenous people – there are plenty of other countries to choose from,” Jacqui Lambie, Jan 26, 2016”

    Just make sure these days that you are vaxxed before you leave!!!! That is a bit like asking for euthanasia under DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS in Australia.

    “The best country in the world” has not become better with these extraordinary true blue Aussie $elected Patriots (We are one but we are many)! Maybe it is time to find another country/home and a new financial future for these double faced and double sponsored think tanks for the Australian public that feed of the money spinning colonial system and the COME ON WEALTH (for Janus faced oligarchs). The City of London has not many mansions but could be easily fenced in for “like minded care takers of the international coin” that has enslaved all global communities and Nations that once believed they were sovereign.


  8. Jackie there is no more room for ignorance, You are nothing more than a hypocrite who at the beginning stood behind your constituents and now stabbing them in the back with your psychotic episode display for all to see. You need more than a vaccine, perhaps a straight jacket will do.


  9. It’s not just about mRNA.

    Dr. Andreas Noake did a heartfelt video call out (Austria) in regards to the graphene allegedly discovered in the Pfizer shots.
    He was assaulted shortly afterwards and the latest alleged report by his partner is that he is now dead.

    This was his educated explanation as transcribed:

    “There is a Professor in the University of Almeira, Professor Dr. Pablo Campra.
    He studied the vaccines for the presence of graphene oxide using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy.
    It is the study of frequencies.
    There are frequency bands. Two of those bands are important.
    They show that it is not graphene oxide but rather graphene hydroxide.
    I would like to explain what graphene hydroxide is.

    It is a mono-layer activated carbon.
    There are C6 rings. He found it in all samples. Every corner is a carbon atom.
    This is on a nanoscale. If it is 5 nm long, there are 500 rings in a row. These are hydroxy groups (OH). In graphene oxide you have double bonded oxygen, but in graphene hydroxide you have an OH group. The electrons are delocalised (fully mobile).
    The piece is 50nm (nanometre) long but only 0.1nm thick.
    These C6 structures are extremely stable. You can make braking pads out of this.
    It is not biologically decomposable.

    These nanoscale structures can best be described as razor blades.

    These razorblades are injected into the body.
    Nano-scale tiny razor blades. Only one atom thick layer.
    The OH hydroxy groups can split off a proton. When the proton is split off, they gain a negative charge spread out over the whole system.

    It is basically an acid.
    It suspends well in water because of the negative charge.
    So these are razor blades spread homogeneously in the liquid.

    This is basically Russian roulette.

    It cuts the blood vessels.

    The blood vessels have epithelial cells as their inner lining. It is extremely smooth, like a mirror and it is cut up by these razor blades. That is what’s so dangerous.
    If you inject the vaccine into a vein, the razors will circulate in the blood and cut up the epithelium.

    The thing is, toxicological tests are done in a petri dish so you will not find anything.
    These are the sharpest imaginable structures because they are only one atom layer thick.

    I am a Specialist in Activated Carbon. In my Doctoral thesis I have converted graphene oxide to graphene hydroxide. I joined the world leading activated carbon Manufacturer. I was in charge of new carbon activated products…

    If you perform an autopsy on the victims you will not find anything.
    Toxicologists do their tests in petri dishes.
    They can’t imagine that there are structures that can cut up blood vessels.
    People bleed to death on the inside.
    The top athletes who are dropping dead have fast flowing blood.
    The faster the blood, the more damage the razors will do.

    As a chemist, if you inject this into the blood, you know you are a murderer.
    It is a new material, toxicologists are not aware of it yet.

    You see people collapse immediately after a vaccination and have a seizure.
    These people have bad luck in this Russian roulette.
    Very likely a vein was hit by the syringe.

    Do you think a Pediatrician understands what graphene oxide is?

    An important concept in Science is disputation.
    A Scientific debate.
    The basis of medicine or pharmaceuticals is chemistry.
    Completely new substances, unknown to nature are brought in with the vaccines.
    Everyone is talking about mRNA which is complex.
    But every chemist understands what graphene hydroxide does.
    The mRNA story is possibly a diversion.

    I cannot imagine that anyone will be able to give me, as a Carbon specialist, a proper explanation as to why these carbon razor blades are in the vaccine.
    This is war.

    Even if the people don’t drop dead immediately, it cuts up the blood vessels little by little. It destroys the heart. All the heart attacks. All the strokes. The brain is cut up. Blood vessels are cut up.
    These graphene structures are so stable, they are not degradable. Every chemist knows this.
    The epithelial cells become rough when cut up like this, and things stick to it.

    This material is declared an experimental vaccine for a reason.
    In Germany or Austria there is nobody with my expertise. The leading German carbon Specialist Dr. Harmut von Kienle was my mentor for one year. I wrote my thesis in this field…”

    So user beware. You don’t know what batch you are getting. It’s a Clinical trial after all.


  10. Yes I agree –
    “Go shop at locally owned business where the buck stops here in Australia

    Support local farmers, butchers and independent green grocers”


    Use cash when you can

    Move your money into local credit unions – check them out first..

    Perhaps get with like minded people and set up trade/barter arrangements


  11. Ah yes Jacinta – what a great guy..


  12. I found her performance unnerving. I had to watch it a second time to make sure. Several times. Seriously folks something is not right there. Lets not make fun of her she needs help.
    The head shaking. She will surely be embarrassed by this tomorrow. I doubt if she is fit to make decisions. An urgent specialist medical check up is required. Immediate sick leave.


  13. 😂🤣


  14. BTW… Hey, Jacqui! What’s the actual risk in percentage terms of catching covid from a non infected unvaccinated person versus an infected vaccinated person? Got any idea, luv? 🙂


  15. Christian Identity Australia

    All this because she can’t get a date.


  16. I’m a bit of a softie…. I’d try her out with a new mRNA rabies vaccination and some tranquiliser darts first. A lil genetic manipulation would do wonders for her.


  17. All this because she can’t get a date.

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  18. A very astute observation. Ed


  19. Somebody remind Bosi that when the executions of war criminals commence, Lambie can be shoved up to the front of the queue. And make hers a short rope.


  20. Its amazing how Big pharma is known to affect the grey matter ….especially when those dollars start showing up!

    How did this independent filth get into parliament …fair dinkum Australia

    …and the Lib Lab Nat and green oxygen thieves as well??

    Australia, we have been asleep at the wheel, It’s time to forgive ourselves and wake up and fight for our next generation.

    Haven’t we seen enough of these narcissist swarming their way into these political positions sucking our hard earned dollars and having NFI what they are doing.

    We need a big powerful fire hose to get rid of corrupt politicians, police and media to save our children, our first nation brothers and sisters and ourselves

    We need to piss of WEF, UN, and other corrupt corporations that think they own us.

    We need to get rid of the swamp

    When the people realise our politicians are trying to kill us with a bioweapon, that is when the majority will wake up

    How many people do we need to lose until these clowns do.

    Don’t comply with corrupt NWO financed premiers or CHO’s, we do not take instruction from criminal scum Australia

    Switch off main stream media and start watching independent media

    Stop drinking Bill and Melinda Gates owned Coke and McDonalds junk food shit

    Go shop at locally owned business where the buck stops here in Australia

    Support local farmers, butchers and independent green grocers

    Main stream Media…

    “They might fool you by wearing a suit and tie or they might be as sweet as pie

    but this mob are on nothing but a big Pharma financed lie”

    Riccado Bosi’s cat is now in charge!

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  21. I support Jacquie when it comes to Vets and the way she was treated – which is typical of the treatment dished out to people who ‘did the dirtywork’ only to face the indifferent, faceless ‘we must save money’ bureaucrats.
    Jacqui is not a “Veteran” – she is (like me) what is known as “ex-servicemen” …. that is until very recently when the definition was changed now anybody with military service is deemed a Veteran despite not having put their arses on the line.
    As we see on most any other subject, Jacquie (who has had a hard life) is devoid of neurons, and best placed in a pub argument with broken glass!


  22. Too much of the drug that killed River Phoenix, obviously. Talk about jumping the fence!!!

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  23. Since when did anyone need to have a flu shot, drivers license, cabies license to by food in a supermarket?


  24. so this muppet needs to be asked, why can someone with the flui, ebola, TB etc still be free to socialise and shop and go to sports events etc? Why are they not discriminated against?


  25. Surely there is a mistake. Its not legislation out of NZ. Its the new legislation from the Communist Party of China (CCP) and that has now the law in all other dictatorships.




  27. My very own personal opinion is that Jaquie Lambie may benefit from a long stay in a Mental Health Unit.

    There are kind nurses and doctors that could help her with her obvious anger management problems and her total lack of concern for other persons freedoms and health choices.- the doctors would have names for those mental health problems.

    They would likely hang a label on her for her threat to get those of us who are not taking the experiment – coming to get us lock stock and barrel, She sounded like she meant what she said, no messing around – lock stock and barrel means to shoot someone.

    I believe that that type of threat is criminal and now is classed as terrorism. So how long do we have to wait until the Federal Police interview Jaquie about her threats. Or does she plan get the assistance of the Police to get us lock stock and barrel? Maybe the ADF could assist?

    If I had of made such a threat to a politician, or any person, I would be getting a visit from the state and federal police.

    No, I am not making any threats to or about any person .I have given a personal opinion about my observations of a politician who threatened to do me harm, who acts in a manner that is (in my opinion) indicative of a need for a bit of a rest and recreation away from being able to threaten Australians with assault.

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  28. Yes I saw that – Lambie is ok on some stuff vets etc.. But this was a uneducated rant – terrible.I rang her office and complained..We should all do this – when they get calls they really take notice. This is one way we stopped the recent cash control legislation – the phones rang off the hook on Canberra.

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  29. If you work in Aged Care you DO NOT have to have a flu shot. I know. They always suggested getting one – but you DID NOT have to have one, Jacqui!! THAT’S THE WAY IT WAS! Until now.

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  30. NEW ZEALAND – Without any debate or consultation, they have rushed through (i.e. within 24 hours) amendments to our health act which include the following measures:

    1. Declare (without proof or evidence) a dwelling to be unsanitary and in turn order the destruction of the property and the burning of associated materials;

    2. Hold us in “quarantine” until such time as we have tested negative to infectious disease AND we have undergone preventive treatment (i.e. mandatory inoculation)

    3. Prohibit the keeping of animals and order the killing of animals (i.e. eliminate food sources)

    4. Close any business not complying with prescribed infection control measures

    5. Forbid congregation (public or private)

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  31. I reckon anyone with a Lambebrain is definitely at risk, Ed.


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