Women from Belyuen Aboriginal community forcefully jabbed by unidentified red-uniformed goons

Letter to the Editor

The five Aboriginal ladies force-jabbed at Belyuen Community said the jabbers did not identify themselves but were wearing red uniforms. If anyone can identify these criminals this would be appreciated.

Incidentally, I have advised Nuremberg 2 in Europe that I have discontinued handing out and processing jab mandate victim forms because these are not followed up.

German lawyer Fuellmich’s 300-strong legal team, has advised the mandate enforcers of their criminal status under international law.

This action would seriously inhibit further enforcements, which would save many families.

If Germany/UK chapters are not prepared to take this action internationally, I believe we should operate our own independent Australian Nuremberg 2 and advertise our intention to impose the death penalty on enforcers following conviction by a people’s court.

from Tony Ryan

Arnhem Land

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. yes, I do believe it may be a psyop of the worst kind, but the only way to get the woke to awaken and fight for the country together and get it back. Australians are so pathetically lazy so we have had to suffer so much because of that % of the population. It is extremely sad out very owners of this land are suffering for the thieves.


  2. One of the outcomes of these trials and tribulations for Australia is that the people will unite and resolve national sovereignty over those who were born here and those holding Australian citizenship. The 1901 Constitution recognizes the people as the authority. So it would be good to see a Constitutional convention use that authority to amend the 1901 and recognize the Mabo decision of “two sources of law in Australia”. The High Court ruled on jurisprudence (sources of law), but refused to rule on sovereignty.

    But the people in whom authority is vested can decide it and on that basis deal with corporate agents impersonating government and UN / Communist subversion of our laws.

    An electoral / party machinery (owned by alien interests) will become a thing of the past, but for now we are stuck with it. All our issues are ultimately sovereignty issues and the party/ies that have a solid 1901 position on it will win and deserve to win government.


  3. Christine Batson

    I would like to see these criminals doing this to our rightful owners of our land taken to trial.
    Nuremberg trials and if UK and Germany don’t do it then we the people and sovereigns of Australia should hold our own Nuremberg trials.
    This is most important we can not let these criminals continue with this vaccine genocide.
    God Bless all that are awake and who care for our beautiful land.


  4. If those in red administered a forced jab then someone supplied the jab.
    Go get em.


  5. I agree totally. It is time. Riccardo Bosi will be the man for that.


  6. I have rung Peter Maalouk Solicitors to inform them about this happening against the Aboriginal people. The receptionist said he would be interested and will look ino it. I couldn’t give them any hard evidence as FB banned me for 7 days for spreading this info and called me a racist. We need to get them legal help.


  7. They probably don’t realise they can say NO!


  8. Here in Chilliwack-Hope (Vancouver region) we need to watch for BLACK uniformed goons as I see with various PRIVATE security letterings, also interchangeable with those nice big store staff stocking shelves and wearing all black as for Gestapo Black Shirts. Their enforcement duties will intensify as Trudeau’s genocide against Canada intensifies obo his PRIVATE sector bosses. Watch for the personnel SUBSTITUTIONS to stab and jab their way across Canada, maiming and murdering. Behind the masks they could come from anywhere, even Beijing. 

    Within the year Trudeau’s  Black Shirts will be used to keep us out of the stores so he can starve us to death in our homes. Make no mistake about it. “The Plan” is to murder everyone in the world who does not accept his warp speed poisons. I ask Camelot if that is correct as our interview continues. Also Camelot I emailed your friend Cirsten from Indonesia also an interior designer about “future jade”. Don V is now stranded on an ad hoc island somewhere in flooded BC, but when he gets here we will plan out the geophysics of the biggest jade mine in the world and put the Intro on You Tube.  There is a 100-150 ton jade boulder now on site which could be carved with diamond blade chain saws and diamond wire saws into an enlarged Dushan Bowl. In my front yard a fountain runs down a couple of tons of jade rubble into the fish and frog pond. The glaze on the jade pieces contains assayed gold, silver and platinum.  Freewheeling Franklin, 34th degree Free Miner and Mason (a little joke eh)


  9. Mr. Enzo Cadelli

    I saw the footage of the Aboriginal elder pleading for for people to contact. It made my wife and I cry. Yet mainstream media are not taking up the story. We must stand up and fight these thugs.


  10. I’m told that the Ted uniforms are United Nations Law Inforcers.


  11. I’m with you Tony. There’s a very old statement that still rings true ” If you want something done, DO IT YOUR SELF” it’s time people

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  12. SUZE


  13. Just making a suggestion re Nuremberg 2 in Australia.  Have you thought of contacting NSW Lawyers AFL??  A Lawyer by the name of Raymond Broomhill is consulting for them and is working on this tyranny via Criminal Law. He might be of help?? So much is happening at the moment and so many against us the people and now Jacinta Price has come out via video  saying not to listen to all this hype about her people being force jabbed. So people are confused. Anyway I hope my suggestion could help the First Nation people and stop all this evil madness.Kind regards,SUZE


  14. Our political leaders are truly insane, you can see it in their interviews. We are under attack by the Globalists & CCP with War Crimes being committed on our people daily.

    Australia is the test case for the NWO.
    Victoria is the test State in Australia
    NT is the military arrest, internment & force jabbed test of the population.

    Tony Ryan is correct. We need our own Nuremberg 2 established & functioning immediately.

    Otherwise it is only a matter of time before we see UN badged chinese troops knocking on our doors all over the country. Still think it’s about a virus anyone?


  15. Great work Tony. I will share with My Australian Contacts Community http://australiancontacts.ning.com/ and other friends groups. God bless you!


  16. Belyuen Community Government Council https://www.belyuen.nt.gov.au/

    Minutes of meeting 25/10/2021 https://static.s123-cdn-static-d.com/uploads/3368524/normal_617b42c912547.pdf

    Note 7:3 7.3 COVID 19 Vaccine Mandate That Council notes the CHO Direc�ve in rela�on to mandatory COVID-19 vaccina�ons and notes the Council’s obliga�ons to enforce the mandate. Moved: President Rex Edmunds Seconded: Cr John Moreen

    Angela Martello Sent from my iPad

    Sent from my iPad



  17. We have the Red Coats back? Seriously. Like during the American Revolution 1776 and 1814.


  18. November 25th, 2021 Reconciliation

    The Indigenous Australians do most certainly have right of ownership/Sovereignty over Australia because the greedy Cabal NEVER made an agreement with them, and the original takeover was handed back again at the 1987 changing of the Constitution and removal from British rule…which was merely theft in the first place…WE Intruders must obey the wishes of the Indigenous and have NO RIGHT to be attacking and genocidally killing them or abusing their children for the sick satanic pleasures of the thieves.

    It is time for the OTHER Australians, including myself, to give our greatest support to the winning back of THEIR/OUR country and RIGHTS. INTRINSIC RIGHTS of every real human being that was born or accepted into this country, rule over and above ANYTHING else!

    All foreigners who swore an oath after the dropping of the allegiance to the Queen since January 01st 2004, which was done illegally without holding a referendum as required in section 53 of the Constitution, have not been legally sworn into the country, but have paid allegiance to the Illuminati. Therefore, for them to be LEGAL Australians, they must either take a new oath, or be returned to their Mother land.

    Every Australian has been conned and deceived in the highest degrees by the Illuminati stronghold that stole the country, we the people and our very birth certificates for the almighty fake currency, when in fact, the Illuminati had NO RIGHTS to GOD’s land or anything in it.

    The ENTIRE existence of Australia (GONDWANALAND) has been built on the biggest lie in history…far greater than that of the United States of America. Convicts were CREATED by Illuminati and forced under false pretence to allegedly start a new colony to provide food for the small sliver of land that holds the most evil groups on Earth aside Israel, being England.

    The real reason for the theft of Gondwanaland was to give the Illuminati a place to undertake their extremely sordid, Satanic undertakings, and they used those forced persons, under the guise of being ‘criminals’ to build their massive underground (hell holes) tunnels where they could hide their filthy habits and rape, murder and Satanically remove the bloods from the Indigenous. Indigenous blood is the highest quality for their ADRENOCHROME trade.

    All of this has been proven by the Military Alliance soldiers who have had the gruesome task of removing the bodies of enslavened children and adults beneath the entire country, with Melbourne, the home of Gary Morgan and many of his elite mates. Australia was the biggest den of Iniquity, along with Antarctica and Canada. Thousands of miles of connected tunnels were hewn out below the ground up to ten kilometers in an intricate web and under the guise of Military use. These are/were called Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.’s), but were far more sinister in reality and soldiers given that gruesome task will NEVER regain their full mental health after seeing the heinous human remains, grossly abused beings and Satanic ritual structures. There are/were even 5 star hotels for the filthy…and I mean FILTHY rich and greedy politicians, bankers, celebrities and Royalists…oh, and that included the Royal family…who were also part of the Illuminati.

    If it doesn’t sicken those of us who were born of some British background, to know past relatives were so disgustingly heinous and caused us to be illegal immigrants to this fine land, then you have as little conscience as those who took the land.

    THE PHRASE RESPECT YOUR ELDERS, takes on a whole new meaning! Our ELDERS are those Indigenous owners of this land.

    Today is the day to take up the cudderah and beat the evil out of the country forever! Rise up and be counted and NOT for some Satanic Database! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

    Do not wait as time is of the ESSENCE! Send a legal document to all your FAKE Governments and include a FACT OF LAW from the Constitution asking why Julia Gillard, Kim Beazley, and EVEY alleged politician, legal Representative and Police/Military have not been arrested or at the very least been forced to trial for their illegal use of the Commonwealth in allegiance, whence in fact, the Crown was illegally removed from such allegiance on January 01st 2004 without a referendum, and why the referundum of 1997 was ignored. Hansard doc 7/12/1977 explains more.

    These indecent creatures will be removed not only from office, but the planet! Freedom is just around the corner folks(:

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  19. I recalled last night it was a year ago I gave food and water to that elder and her family from yesterday’s video, as they were stranded on the Stuart H’way overnight and slept in the bush when their car broke down on the way back from a funeral in Alice Springs. I gave the young man with them a lift to Dunmarra so he could get back to Katherine. Whilst at the roadhouse, I ensured he got fed and watered and then ordered station owners sitting there to have their mechanics repair the car as their station was just after where the car was…they were happy to.j Whilst I had the young man in the van for the journey, I explained the whole covid nonsense and genocide thing and I guess it may have been a help at the time. It sickens me to the core to see such total disrespect for these rightful owners of this country we invaded. As a child in Darwin, we traded with the Oenpelli mob that in the ’60’s still wore lap laps and feathers in hair and women wore grass skirts. We spent spent holidays camping on Cahill’s crossing and later I watched Ten Canoes and realised they were one and the same persons we traded with..I have photos and footage for proof(: GOD BLESS and get to the hearts of ALL residents of this country to get behind this movement to give back their land.

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  20. Good luck with they have scrapped the Australian and Qld Constitution, the privacy act and the biodiversty and Quarantine

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  21. Death Penalty for all Australian Premiers and their Thugs and Morrison and his Thugs, they are all Murderers.

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  22. The administration of the NT being put on notice.


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