Gold Coast military hotel bookings related to normal quarantine measures

Letter to the Editor

Good Morning,

I’m contacting you in relation to a story you published in your newsletter yesterday relating to the Defence Force booking multiple motels in Queensland.

I’m going to assume your publication is committed to integrity in journalism, unlike your main stream counterparts, and that you try to stay away from sensationalism and click bait as a tactic to promote your readership.

Here’s the truth as someone who has had a close relationship with the defence force for almost 3 decades.

Whilst it’s true the Defence Force have booked out hotels in Queensland for 3 months between December and February, there is a perfectly good explanation for it that is far from the reason in your recent news letter.

At the end of every year there are nationwide postings throughout the Defence Force.

Thousands of defence personnel are moved all over the country to new positions. This year will be no different.

Usually this would take place over about a 6 week period, but this year it is 3 months to allow for all the personnel to meet their quarantine obligations.

Military members and their families are not required to be vaccinated at this time unless on deployment or their specific position requires them to be.

With border restrictions in place, military personnel and their families will be required stay in quarantine for 2 weeks before taking on their new positions. This is why the hotels have been booked. This is well known throughout the Defence Force.

I hope you decide to publish this correction, as the misinformation that you have published puts honest, hardworking members of the Defence Force and their families at risk by potential vigilantes as they are being accommodated in public hotels.

The Military are mostly hard working people dedicated to serving their country. Various stories that are flying around about our military and demonising them are false and are very damaging for these normal, everyday people. And to be honest, most of the military personnal have not got the foggiest about what’s really going on. They are immersed in the government bubble and are officially contracted to stay apolotical to support the government of the day.

I applaud you being one of the few news outlets dedicated to reporting the uncensored truth. We need more publications like yours. But people are scared and stressed enough as it is. The last thing they need is propaganda from the truth movement adding to their fear.


Editor: Thankyou Marguerita we did publish today a correction about this issue, however we would hope the military, if called upon to enforce Covid inoculation would refuse this order enmasse.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Why are the military in Northern Territory taking Aboriginals from there homes and detaining then in a camp then , they even said it in the news , Michael Gunner and the ADF should be ashamed, and as for her comment that the all Military are excluded from Vaccine , that’s another lie , my best friend Husband is in the Army here in Canberra and was told his career would go no where if he didn’t get the jab , coercion at its finest . Shame on this whole shit show . My Grandfather was Secretary of Defence in the 70s he spoke out and his whole department was shut down . Bruce White 💫Department of Defence is a joke


  2. The reality is that the Australian members of the military may privately whinge and sulk but will most likely behave in the same fashion as the cops in Victoria, if they are ordered to.

    Toeing the line and keeping their jobs and avoiding court martial will likely be their primary considerations. We’ve seen it time and time again in so many regimes where psycho leaders at the top effectively force their “enforcers” against the populace.

    Andrews in Victoria is our very own version of the syndrome. What needs doing is to somehow “cancel” the power of the psychos and anyone displaying psycho tendencies at the top. 🙂 In other states, Palaschook and McGowan come to mind as examples of the latter.


  3. Putting the LNP/Labour-Greens LAST on the ballot paper will strip them of their first preferences.

    If voters can reduce the duopoly first preferences to even MORE miserable figures than they currently get (around 30 something percent each), it would destroy any claim to any mandates they may claim. It effectively removes the wind from their sails if between them they cannot muster even 50% of the first preference votes and must rely on independents and minor parties to support the duopoly agendas.

    It’s worth a try unless we’re happy to put up with more of the same shit dished out to us, or even worse!. There’s no other option available to us but to clip the DUOPOLY’S wings if we wish to protect ourselves from the currently nefarious agendas pushed on us by the duopoly’s small and select handlers and powerbrokers directing our lives from behind the curtains.


  4. i am responding to;
    “We still don’t understand why people continue to vote for political party governments who are dictators without accountability to the people they choose to dismiss. ED2 ”

    I dont know the terminology or the exactness of it all, but it is quite clear to me in its effects, how it has been abused, and i’ll try to explain it anyway. I hope others more familiar with it can explain it better.

    I think it is the vote counting system which (depending on which part of the vote, and or how you vote), where votes from lower counted candidates are lumped/ given to the higher counted parties. It artificially inflates the counts. This distorts what is actually going on, and what the real sentiment of people are.

    I have notice an increase in “neck and neck” type results in elections. I believe people are voting parties other than the 2 mainstream, and this has created the neck and neck. I see this far more clearly than i can explain it.

    MSM (main stream media) has a field day converting 2 jackases into popular horses. The voting system along with msm constantly in flatulence mode, has for the most part, effectively kept very few horses from crossing the line.

    If you can comprehend the depth of what i was trying to explain, you may understand at the very least that the main stream parties are not as popular as people may have thought. (Really just being a matter degree). So if you are about to think along the lines of everyone/ most/ many people thinks/ votes/ etc a certain way, reconsider that there may be more people thinking, believing, and desiring as you do. I think there are many more good people than bad people (At least far more than Hollywood and MSM have prefered us to be)

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  5. Yes Cephas, Good call… this Marguerita” also has it in for Riccardo Bosi in a very interesting way at


  6. Will children in the ADF kill their families on orders from politicians? We still don’t understand why people continue to vote for political party governments who are dictators without accountability to the people they choose to dismiss. ED2


  7. And why would it be that military personnel are not “required at this time”, to be vaccinated?
    I suggest that it might be because, when heaps of folks are dying as a result of the jab and the population FINALLY wakes up, they are going to require a military that is NOT dying from the jab, to quell the riots. Further you jab a soldier’s family and they get sick as a result, you have a renegade soldier on your hands…who’s going to talk to his mates.

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  8. Thanks for the update, this is a relief. X


  9. whetheryoulikeitornotthetruthisthetruth

    My lie detector is on full alert and tells me that we are being conned again into believing that these hotels are going to be used to house soldiers. After almost two years, it is impossible to believe anything coming from our local or federal government or their mouth-piece even if it is some one called Marguerita and she has so-called close connections with the ADF. I have the best connections too but with the God almighty.

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  10. Marguerita, you haven’t a clue what you’re spruiking, you have absolutely no idea, what a load of rubbish, bullshite!. Close relationship with the Defence Force for almost 3 decades? What have you been doing, pushing pens? dreaming? buying the tripe? brainwashed?. Well I’ve had affiliations for over 5 decades & I’m about to educate you on your misguidance & fantasies. Also I had family that fought under the false flag of Vietnam, none of them came back the same & once they realized the government were lying to them, that really did their heads in & the media like today were spruiking bs just like you. I have family in the current day ‘great defence force’, they’ve trained (unknowing the enemy) in far away lands, they’ve kept the dignitaries safe when they went there for ‘camera news shots’. They rescued many foreign lives & got them safe & went through hell to rescue their own. My defence force family members haven’t had to quarantine once while crossing any Australian State borders, even last week & the week before & a month ago. You are a misguided fool Marguerita, you’re buying lies. The military will no doubt one day come to round me up, my family worries about that & what lies ahead for people like me. You Marguerita, know nothing of what you talk about. Perhaps you should put your head back up your ar#se & think about facts before you speak, not just what you’ve been told is the truth. Stop buying government & media propaganda & take a bit of effort to find the truth

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  11. Alison, I think the reason why the ADF has not been mandated to get the jab is because young, fit men have started dropping dead of heart attacks. Notably, the US military has been hit with these events. The jab is mandated for the US military because the Communist Take Over intends to take down the US military prior to invasion by the PRC. I think the jab has not been mandated by the same Communist Take Over in Australia because they have a job for the ADF and don’t want to lose significant numbers to heart attacks / strokes just yet.

    The day of reckoning is here for the ADF. On which side of the Australian line will these serving members stand?


  12. “And to be honest, most of the military personnal have not got the foggiest about what’s really going on. They are immersed in the government bubble and are officially contracted to stay apolotical to support the government of the day.”

    And therein lies the problem for us. Someone who has had a close relationship with the defence force for 30 years is telling us most of the military have no clues about what’s happening and they serve the government of the day!

    Hello! I’m getting the chills just thinking about the implications of that.

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  13. I’m assuming this is the same “Marguerita” –

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  14. I have never heard that the Defence have been stationed like this before….and I have lived in many places in Oz over many long decades!! I hope this Marguerita is being honest. Obviously, I no longer trust the Oz Army or the Police after what they have done and not done to our population in the past 20 months! Also of major concern, is that if what Marguerita says about those in the Army not “having the foggiest of what is going on” is true, then they are dangerous to the population! They may be each playing out their own small bit – but with each member doing that without question, this is where the tyranny takes place. eg. One may drag someone from their home and put them in a car. Another then takes them to a camp. Then another takes them into their holding cell. Then another brings in the mercenary doctor… you get the picture! We need Army personnel with clear THINKING brains.

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  15. Please note:
    “click bait as a tactic to promote your readership”… this is pretty harsh since free expression is encouraged by Cairnsnews
    “Military members and their families are not required to be vaccinated at this time “…why is the vaccination status of ADF workers any different to other workers?

    Why are ‘their families’ exempt also?

    George Orwell on hypocrisy of governments – All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others

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  16. Like you, Old Kodger, I am highly suspicious of anyone supporting the government…old age does that to us, I think.
    Over my many decades of lifetime I have seen and heard more than enough lies from government and those who support them.They will have to shoot me because I will not have their poison.

    I am 88 and would rather go out with a bullet than a lingering , horrible death caused by the gene therapy…it is not a vaccine!
    My age group has a 6%chance of dying from Covid, AND AN 85% CHANCE OF DYING IF JABBED!
    It will be murder either way!


  17. Jesuit Riccardo Bosi & Operation Mockingbird control and manipulate all news to the benefit of the NWO. Wake up.


  18. Let me get this straight. The unvaxxed soldiers will be “guarding” vaxxed returners and there are a lot of vaxxed getting sick with their impaired immune systems, who, after many hours crammed into an aircraft, with circulating, recycled air, conditions that promote the transmission of routine bugs in normal, healthy people, will then be transferred to a hotel with circulating, recycled air and have food and drink delivered to them by people carrying the normal range of bacteria and viruses (60 billion of each on the average person) and being forcibly inactive which is very conducive to clot-formation… Sounds like the perfect storm to me. One to watch.
    At least Marguerita is kicking the MSM.


  19. Do the military have their own “fact checkers” now???

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  20. Was there any attempt to confirm that Marguerita is telling the truth, or is her claim that she has an almost three decades long relationship with the Oz military good enough to be considered Gospel?

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  21. This lady’s comment says it all, the ADF is there to assist the government. She doesn’t say WHICH government and as always, the devil is in the detail. “Lies, damned lies, and………


  22. “…most of the military personnel have not got the foggiest about what is really going on . They are immersed in the government bubble and are officially contracted to stay apolitical to support the government of the day.”

    And herein lies the problem.

    I hate to keep banging on about this, but the government of the day just happens to be running a standard issue Communist genocide in Australia under the authority of the UN.

    The ADF is going to have to decide whose side they are on.

    The corporate agents impersonating the Qld. state government have International obligations to the WHO – specifically the International Health Regulations ‘core capabilities monitoring’ process. They signed off on this 2016 and they a mandating a bioweapon to deliver a population that is injected with this spike protein genetic modification.

    I think it is entirely plausible that military force will be required to deliver that outcome. Depopulation for nations outside the Soviet / Sino Communist Bloc is definitely on the UN Agenda. The Communist Bloc has (as everyone should know) has already conducted many genocides on their populations. Collectively they are the biggest genociders in recorded history.

    In 1994 160 Nations Agreed to Reduce the World Population to 800 Million.
    Cairo Conference – just after the Rio Earth Summit stated the same depopulation objective.

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  23. It would be nice to see who is writing this letter. Any official title.

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  24. Well that is nice … the military dont need to be vaxxed


  25. Behind every good lie there is an element of truth. The number of the defence force postings in QLD is worth all these hotels? Are there not similar hotels booked in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin? If there are then there is nothing untoward on the gold coast.


  26. Margeurita, we wait and see!


  27. Marguerita, Hope federal govt. does not let state government’s mis- use our military, It is interesting that only a certain contingent of military have to be vaccinated, what percentage would you estimate, seems to be a growing number of exemptions as VAERS data becomes more questionable.


  28. Hello Cairns News, The fact remains that in late 2020 ADF personnel were present in Queensland quarantine hotels, These hotels werefor civilians. The ADF personnel were “assisting” medical staff and police with the pcr, and exercise breaks respectively. Think ADF was at Brisbane airport as well. These are all roles that are unnecessary for ADF to carry out. It is intimidating despite realising the ADF personnel are unarmed. One wonders how many people felt coerced just by their presence. Is ADF still present at civilian quarantine facilities? It hardly makes ADF personnel an innocent party. Afterall they never refused this role. Regards, A reader.

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  29. Marguerita, I earnestly hope you are correct with your theory.

    But when the Minister for Defence, my local member Peter Dutton, fails to reply to my emails seeking answers, therein lies the problem: On 2 Nov 21 I asked him these questions and am still waiting…

    • Do we have foreign military personnel in Australia today in training and domestic control and enforcement exercises ?
    • What exercise would require UN personnel and equipment to be stationed in Australia and from which countries?
    • Are Australian armed forces being trained to go door-to-door, and forcibly vaccinate citizens at gunpoint?
    • Is the military also being trained to chase anyone trying to escape into nearby woods or other areas, to grab them too — at gunpoint?
    • Is a convoy of army trucks today heading north along the Peninsula Development Road towards Torres Strait and its large Islander and Aboriginal population?
    • Are our military personnel taught that under the Nuremberg Code the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential, that coercion is forbidden?

    So to describe our own observations and logical apprehensions as “misinformation… demonising… very damaging… propoganda” is strange indeed.

    Since you appear to be very knowledgeable on the subject, it would be helpful to identify yourself and your source of information not available to the rest of us.

    Perhaps you can provide the answers I asked Minister Dutton for?

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  30. If what you say is true , then why are military personnel whistle-blowing that the military is being trained to go door to door to vaccinate everyone and being trained to round up those who try to escape
    You are repeating what someone you know that is in the military , how do you know this person hasn’t been informed of all the militaries operations as this would be kept as need to know information your guarantee should be taken with a grain of salt because in the past the military leaders have put out misleading information themselves

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  31. Well done for posting that correction. A mistake was made, you owned it…respect to you. Linda


  32. Thanks, editor, for publishing Marguerita’s letter. Cairns News really does stand apart from the pack and many people are being properly informed by what is published on this website. We all make mistakes and for that reason we should be grateful to receive constructive criticism, hopefully delivered in a friendly way.

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