Letter to the Editor

Good Morning,

I’m contacting you in relation to a story you published in your newsletter yesterday relating to the Defence Force booking multiple motels in Queensland.

I’m going to assume your publication is committed to integrity in journalism, unlike your main stream counterparts, and that you try to stay away from sensationalism and click bait as a tactic to promote your readership.

Here’s the truth as someone who has had a close relationship with the defence force for almost 3 decades.

Whilst it’s true the Defence Force have booked out hotels in Queensland for 3 months between December and February, there is a perfectly good explanation for it that is far from the reason in your recent news letter.

At the end of every year there are nationwide postings throughout the Defence Force.

Thousands of defence personnel are moved all over the country to new positions. This year will be no different.

Usually this would take place over about a 6 week period, but this year it is 3 months to allow for all the personnel to meet their quarantine obligations.

Military members and their families are not required to be vaccinated at this time unless on deployment or their specific position requires them to be.

With border restrictions in place, military personnel and their families will be required stay in quarantine for 2 weeks before taking on their new positions. This is why the hotels have been booked. This is well known throughout the Defence Force.

I hope you decide to publish this correction, as the misinformation that you have published puts honest, hardworking members of the Defence Force and their families at risk by potential vigilantes as they are being accommodated in public hotels.

The Military are mostly hard working people dedicated to serving their country. Various stories that are flying around about our military and demonising them are false and are very damaging for these normal, everyday people. And to be honest, most of the military personnal have not got the foggiest about what’s really going on. They are immersed in the government bubble and are officially contracted to stay apolotical to support the government of the day.

I applaud you being one of the few news outlets dedicated to reporting the uncensored truth. We need more publications like yours. But people are scared and stressed enough as it is. The last thing they need is propaganda from the truth movement adding to their fear.


Editor: Thankyou Marguerita we did publish today a correction about this issue, however we would hope the military, if called upon to enforce Covid inoculation would refuse this order enmasse.