Whatever you do Bosi says hold the line, ‘we are winning’

Author, Speaker, Senate Candidate, Former Australian Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel and National Leader of the AUSTRALIAONE Party Ricardo Bosi urges Australians to keep up the good fight and go into the streets. He says the real vaxx rate is less than 50 per cent a fact Cairnsnews has been aware of for some time according to medical sources. This is why Queensland, which has the lowest vaxx rate per population is being targeted by the compromised Labor Premier under the control of the Medical Mafia. We will have a tough ride for a month or so but hang in there and resist everything Covid.

We are also advised by military sources the widespread booking of hotels on the Gold Coast and other cities such as Cairns is for quarantining interstate visitors when the border opens.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Well said Wake Up.
    Alison you have answered her own question.
    “You don’t get to the top unless you are bent. The more bent you are, the higher you go.”
    Anyone coming forward as a truther, patriot in the last 10-15 years using information, evidence and conspiracy facts that has been around and accessible to the public for the last 30-40 years should be questioned, what have they been doing and their participation in the structures that have allowed these plans to unfold. Look at what has happened in the past to those who have attempted to expose the new world order and the secret societies the likes of J F Kennedy, Larry McDonald, William Cooper etc.
    Red poppy of remembrance symbolising those who were sacrificed at the hands of the Illuminati banking families started by Freemasons (Flanders Fields WW1). The poppy symbolism and mass hypnosis and worship of the dead. The Greek god Morpheus (morphine) of sleep and dreams was the son of the Greek god Hypnos (hypnosis). The poppy can be found in the practices of the Celtic druid sorcery, witchcraft and spells used to control the enemies minds placing them in a trance. The poppy can be found in the ancient Egyptian practices of the worship of the dead and book of the dead (hypnosis, mind control and walking dead). The poppy has connections with the Babylonian empire and the Mystery Babylon religion. It would appear that throughout the last century, mankind has been placed in a hypnotic trance using ancient sorcery. And where do they worship the sacrificial dead? At an “empty tomb” shaped in the form of an obelisk- the phallis of Osiris.


  2. Hi Alison, seek and you will find. Look for Jesuit occult symbolism in plain sight. Listen to his spoken words in interviews over the past several years. Read his book. Read all his social media post (hidden messages). Look into the corporations he has been employed with and his roles. Who are his associates (ASIO, CIA, MI6 – Jesuits, MOSSAD – brothers in arms, NWO intelligence agencies). There is no video of him taking the secret oath and kissing the ring of Francis. Understand who the Jesuits are! Discover the truth about Port Arthur – ASIO, SASR and MOSSAD, John Howard and the Mystery Babylon NWO.
    Operation Mockingbird CIA (Jesuit) program – catch him out using the same techniques of deceit and manipulation.


  3. Hi Wake up, please can you give the evidence of his involvements with the Jesuits and Operation Mockingbird?
    Evidence for naming people must be provided
    Thank you


  4. Jesuit Riccardo Bosi & Operation Mockingbird – control and manipulate all news to the benefit of the NWO.
    Occult/Masonic red poppy origins.
    … my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6


  5. Riccardo Bosi of Australia One and Dave Oneegs chat


    Riccardo answers questions

    The New Economic International Order (NEIO) in Feb 1980 – Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence

    The NEIO which precedes the New World Order binds the countries economically and then binds them politically. They are doing this with OZ – which degrades our sense of sovereignty.

    Globalists want to run the planet.

    Every Govt and every Opposition from at least 1980 knows about this treason.

    You don’t get to the top unless you are bent. The more bent you are, the higher you go.

    Bit by bit our country has been taken over.

    Communism is a mechanism for control…..


  6. Yupp.. Here in Vic as according to Our Dear Beloved Leader TaliDan, Victorian are 90% double vaccinated & as according to latest pools from GayBC TaliDan approval rating is over 150% ??


  7. PLEASE EXPLAIN.PREMIER? A week or so a go we no longer had to wear masks. Great. On Dec 17th those unvaccinated will basically only be able to go out to get groceries and go to the doctor. So for 6 weeks we all will have been milling around together. Why weren’t the unvaccinated restricted at once, why wait 6 weeks. Is this a ploy to suddenly bump up infections about a week before Dec 17th to justify deprivation of liberty for those who have rightfully chosen not to put their body through hell.
    It is so obvious how it is going to work. If you can buy the NZ “Uncensored” magazine just out in newsagents you will find out so much more about the whole scheme not just Covid. Sadly this magazine has been censored in NZ so hurry before it gets the chop here to.


  8. At this time the Big Issue is the corporate agents impersonating a government who running a UN operation with a bioweapon against the Australian population

    This is the Big One. All Australian institutions of social influence are in systemic failure so that we can restructured as a Special Economic Zone of the PRC. According to ordo ab chao motto of the Freemasons – the chao must come first.

    Many groups are attempting to turn this thing around. However they are attempting to de-subvert institutions that have long been infiltrated and organised against the Australian nation. Is any court going to uphold any law based on the Constitution of 1901 in our favour? Is the electoral process – which is owned by The Owners of the central bank and operated by their corporate assets going to deliver an Australian government that will govern on the basis of the Australian Constitution and our jurisprudence? Is any security force going to enforce those laws? If we have been paying attention, we know the resounding answer to those questions.

    And the Long March through all Australian institutions of social influence has been achieved – they are all saturated with cultural Marxist ideology and Agenda starting with the schools and education.

    In terms of the four stages of Communist subversion we are in stage three: the nation has been brought to crisis and systemic failure of all institutions founded to serve the nation. All of them are totally unresponsive to the Australian people and incapable of preventing the standard issue Communist genocide that is being implemented here under the auspices of the UN.

    Groups organised against the spike protein injection / bioweapon and the vaxx mandates, groups that have organisational structure and supporters should round table for the purpose of provisional gov’t. Some will prove to be COINTELPRO. Others will prove to be legit. We will have to discover who’s who in the zoo as we go along.


  9. Karen Brewer from Bush Telegraph on Twitter believes Bosi is a tool like Derryn Hinch.


  10. Winning? Almost everyone i know who didnt want the jab has caved in. Politicians are out of control doing whatever they want. We are stuffed i’m afraid…there are no ‘mysterious groups in charge’ who will magically rescue us.


  11. Well I am a bit confused, because I have been told by a very trusted source, that 1000+ Army personal are staying in the Novotel Hotel in Surfers Paradise, and possibly elsewhere!


  12. RicBoz for PM. I stand with truth, I stand with our 1901 Constitution & I will stand beside Riccardo Bosi.


  13. Bosi is losing it, and followers. He says all the right things, like many others…but has nothing and can do nothing, to stop anything.
    The ONLY ones to trust and who have the literal ammo…are Rod Culleton Great Australian Party & crew…that’s just filed a suit in Broome, to the high court Re the removal of us from the Commonwealth.


  14. Be resolute and trust in Almighty God. Or, for you Pagans, be stubborn beyond belief.

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  15. People love victories and winning. And I hope Bosi is right. This is an encouraging thought.

    But even if we came to think that we are not winning, we have to hold the line and take the fight to these bastards running a Communist UN depop operation here.

    Many people who were in the first round of vaxxes now have major health problems. They are injured and no one can tell them it wasn’t the vaxx. They will not be getting shot no. 2. A lot of them can’t work anyway post vaxx -so they are on sick leave. These people are now ‘unvaxxed’ they will stand with us.

    In the same way, many unvaxxed are picking up on the spike protein transmission from the vaxxed. They are injured and no one can tell them: it’s not the vaxx. There is no way these people are going to get shot no. 1 because that would finish them.

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  16. Evelyn mcmenamin

    Franklin Graham who was promoting the clot shot is in hospital with pericarditis which cannot be healed short of Gods intervention

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  17. NO the article said the ARMY had booked all these hotels. The army was occupying them for 3 months….. and they are targeting Queensland bec..all land titles are stored here….also QUEENSLAND COMMONLAW ASSEMBLY is fully operating under common law/ Public law with its own courts…. Corporates want it aquashed as it is a higher LAW than Admiralty law

    Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone

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  18. Yes – I am on Riccardo Bosi’s side…. Africa u fortunately is being warned not to kneel under the next mandates as it will be a permanent shutdown for Africa

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  19. Why are we still having jabs and restrictions when Ivermecton WORKS

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  20. Thanks. I heard from a nurses husband that she will lose her job today – but if they are desperate come January, they will call her – not if she’s vax Ed!

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

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  21. So who are the military going to quarantine when the border opens? The jabbed are supposed to be safe and the unjabbed aren’t allowed to go there anyway! Seems like overkill to me.

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