Grandpa, an old successful businessman, when asked what he saw as the future of Australia said.

“My grandfather rode a horse, my father rode a push-bike, I ride a BMW, my son rides a Toyota Prius, my grandson rides a Tesla — but my great-grandson is going to have to ride a push-bike again.

We asked why?  He replied —

“Hard times create strong men and women — strong men and women create easy times”. 

“Easy times create weak men and women — weak men and women create difficult times”.

“Many will not understand that, but we have to raise warriors, not parasites”.

“Look around you — How many warriors do you see — And how many parasites?”

“Who cannot stand on their own feet and don’t want to?

“Who can work but won’t?” 

“Who are too weak for normal robust discussion claiming bullying, discrimination, victimhood?”

“Who never learnt to think or work — and every day, have to be told what to think, do and act ?” 

“The real BIG question is — How many of these do you see in Parliament?”

“Now see if you can find any warriors — Who are leaders, successful in their own right — And have ridden a pushbike?” 

from Gil May