Voter fraud will target LNP and Palmer at federal election

by A Stewart

Arising from the review of the 2016 and 2019 federal elections, Senator James McGrath as Chairman of the JSCEM committee has TWICE recommended Voter ID be provided at polling booths.

I met him on June 1 in person in Canberra and he expressed annoyance at lack of action by prime Minister Scott Morrison and Cabinet and said he instructed Pariamentary staff to prepare a Private Member’s Bill to give effect to these recommendations attached, but he has not done that, and has not replied to my many recent emails enquiring about progress and time is rapidly running out.

JSCEM recommendation not acted upon:


Report on the conduct of the 2016 federal election and matters related thereto

Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters

Senator the Hon James McGrath, Chairman

List of Recommendations

Recommendation 12

3.141  The Committee recommends that the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 and the Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act 1984 be amended to require that:

  • voters must present a form of acceptable identification to be issued with an ordinary pre-poll or election day vote. Authorised identification must be suitably broad so as to not actively prevent electors from casting an ordinary ballot. Examples of acceptable identification would include:
  • photographic ID such as a drivers licence, passport, or proof of age card;
  • government-issued identification card, such as a Medicare card, senior’s card or concession card;
  • proof of address, such as an account from a utilities provider, taxation notice of assessment or Australian Electoral Commission issued voter registration letter; or
  • alternatively, a ‘voter ID’ card be introduced and issued to all voters.   
  • where voters cannot provide acceptable identification they must be issued with a declaration vote.

Amendments to Act:

The federal coalition Govt recently pushed through Parliament four Bills to amend the Commonwealth Electoral Act.
These 4 Bills dealt with minor issues, and did not bring in Voter ID which would

  • prevent getting false names onto the Electoral Roll,
  • prevent multiple votes at multiple polling booths
  • prevent ‘voter impersonation’ i.e. I could turn up at a polling booth distant from where ‘Fred Smith’ lives and verbally claim to be Fred Smith and could vote on his behalf.

There have been AT LEAST 36,000 Multiple Votes at the last two federal elections.  BEAR IN MIND that elections are often won or lost by a handful of votes:

Unless we pressurise ScoMo et al quickly, then I bet that VOTE FRAUDS WILL SWING THE NEXT ELECTION TO THE ALP regardless of even if the polls show the coalition in front.

A sad reality, get ready for Albanese as PM, in coalition with the Greens

The ALP did not activate their normal Vote Frauds in the May 2019 federal election, because they did not think they needed to — polls showed a Bill Shorten win
BUT NEXT TIME the ALP will activate Vote Frauds to target the wildcard United Australia Party and the LNP.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. If albo gets in we’re Totally fukt.. they need labor to win to push their murder agenda


  2. truthtellertonni

    Bara On – You are obviously new here & have not yet caught on.
    Maybe you should go through some old posts before you start telling people what they are aren’t doing.


  3. truthtellertonni

    That’s all well and good but how about you give us pens instead of pencils that can be easily erased.
    Also the government doesn’t except anything from we the people unless it is hand written in ink.


  4. Simply search “AEC problems”.
    Voting in Presidential elections isn’t compulsory in the USA yet it’s still rigged in the Electoral College.
    We had a referendum to change the constitution which we voted against, so the mongrels bypassed it. It was then that we should have taken to the streets. Voting with our feet on the streets seems to be the most effective method. That’s what’s happening in Melbourne now!
    Outlawing political parties would be a good start.
    Lawyers formerly known as “solicitors”, QCs, magistrates, Judges must all declare their loyalty to the Temple Bar in the City of London just to be able to practice plus pay a percentage of their winnings via their State Law Societies that are agents of the Temple Bar. There in lies the elephant in the room.
    Common Law Courts are a good idea but I’ve witnessed that even they can be stacked or participants intimidated.
    I won a landmark suit in the SA Supreme Court in the early ’90s against the SA government WorkCover Corporation, but just prior to the Court delivering its verdict the state government enacted a law that if a claimant won against them the claimant had to pay their own legal costs.
    I was awarded $520,000 but my legal costs amounted to $530,000! But, if I had lost I would have had to pay my own costs plus the $2.2Million costs of the government.
    My solicitors failed to apply for costs. They told me that they forgot and that was that!
    How did the State government know I had won? Supreme Court insiders told them!
    But my reward was that the government had to pay out more than $200Million to tens of thousands whose legitimate claims had been rejected. The Supreme Court forced the SA govt to enact a law preventing them and future governments from running extortion racquets; dream on!
    When I tried to get an investigation into my loss of costs through the SA Law Society they just simply ignored me!
    Law Societies as do all courts, have ABN numbers too!
    It all goes back to the City of London, the Tavistock Institute, Lord Mallach Brown, the supreme eugenicist.
    Check out American Intelligence Media, they have all the dirt!


  5. Well said Jacinta. We would support the abolition of State Governments and leave the federal government to dabble in exactly what the Constitution says they can. Then we have regional councils looking after land matters, utilities (that the LNP/ALP duopoly havent sold) farming, roads, electricity, water and garbage etc. Ed


  6. Search in Cairns news and you will find them


  7. Quite possible Phil, Andrews and Gladys are ruling with the point of a gun!


  8. Really ?

    Does anyone seriously think that we are going to have elections again in this country ?

    Do you really think that Daniel Andrews will go to an election ?

    They will come up with some BS why we cannot have elections.

    We just need to flatten the curve and all will be normal again, real soon !

    Good luck with that


  9. Scomo refuses to act? Scomo follows orders.

    Albanese is not prime minister material besides the idiot believes in AGW.

    Any links for Australia is a corporation?


  10. I am totally against voter identification in any format.

    As usual those of us, the majority, who wouldn’t even think of committing such fraud, are being impositioned and punished. What happened to the days when we could rock up to a polling booth, on the day, declare our name, take the bits of paper and scribble whatever we wanted to on it.

    It doesn’t matter what form of ID you require, the fraudsters have access to their own illegal versions, eg if it’s drivers licenses, they will take photos of whoever and paste them on twenty cards with different names and addresses.

    I used to think postal voting was the best thing since sliced bread until I discovered that it was the easiest way to destroy the votes, without even opening the envelopes, and simply replace them with the votes “they” wanted.

    Asking for ID is just more of the same…oh there’s a problem…then punish the majority…

    We have to be smarter than this and think outside the box. How about the electorate council doing its job and actually clean up the rolls and ensure those who say they are on it at that address are still alive and still at that address.

    Or why are we even bothering with the charade of voting anyway? We all know the current system is corrupt..don’t we? Why are we continuing to sustain such large federal governments, state governments and then these jokes calling themselves local government.

    Preferential voting by its very nature forces a two party system on us…whereby it doesn’t matter who you vote for anyway…they will force your vote to end up with either the first or second candidate by number of votes. They call these two candidates as having won 49.9 and 50.1% of the vote when they haven’t actually. It’s right in our faces. In actual fact the first candidate is likely to have won 35% and the second 24% of the vote. The preferences much have been already worked out before voting begins.

    It’s not producing ID that is required…it’s the whole system that needs to be thrown out and we come up with something better.

    I’m not interested in looking at what they do in other countries…coz that’s just telling us we’re not smart enough to think for ourselves…which we are most of the time.

    This is now the time to think deeply about what we really want here. How many levels of government do we want? How many representatives do we want? What is their actual job? Or do we want any form of government even? What about self governance? How would that work? What forms of checks and balances are needed and required?

    This is just the beginning of this discussion. What is it that you really want to see governing you and future generations here in Australia?

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  11. I’ve said it before, obviously it bears saying again. “Who won the election is who WE SAY won the election”.
    I think it might have been Gadhafi who said that if voting made any difference it would be made illegal.


  12. Just search a few pages Bara we are leading with the UAP support.Ed


  13. The AEC updated their software a few years ago. The Queensland ECQ uses Chinese made software. Will check. Ed








    Editor, cairnsnews posted: ” by A Stewart Arising from the review of the 2016 and 2019 federal elections, Senator James McGrath as Chairman of the JSCEM committee has TWICE recommended Voter ID be provided at polling booths. I met him on June 1 in person in Canberra and he exp”


  15. Don’t Forget the Cabal Run Dominion Vote-Counting Machines Used In Australia and Elsewhere.


  16. So hey !!!! not one word to your readers to vote for Palmer-Kelly or One Nation or Independents ?????? I am talking to everyone about those THREE, so the other two get chucked right out !!!!!!!!!!!! especially the young 20’s !!!!!! When Craig got 40,000 increase in M’ship, I think that needs to be recognized – don’t you ??? Labor will be out of the Commie frying pan into the Commie FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!! agree…. Lets push this TRIO as often as we can ?? bara >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  17. well done!

    you condensed a lot of info down and explained things well

    best wishes, Lex Stewart

    PS you probably already have my comprehensive Submission on Vote Frauds to the parliamentary committee, but I attach it again _if you are very busy, then read only sections 3.3 and 3.2 –_ that deals with “voter impersonation” rather than with Multiple voting, which means voting multiple times in the SAME name_; _it describes the same people “voting early and voting often” but not in the same name, voting in many different, false names, whom they Impersonate_ _

    I worked as staffer to the MP in Appendix 9 who lost his seat in 1993 due to clearly proven Vote Frauds, and some of those methods of Vote Fraud can still occur today

    the listing of Multiple votes by electorate is in Appendix 10 — which is a letter from the AEC in response to my enquiry — and THAT is when I realised that the 18,000 we had all been talking of for years should be AT LEAST 36,000, because it was LETTERS SENT OUT TO 18,343 PEOPLE each of whom appeared to have voted MORE THAN ONCE.


  18. Hmmm ……….revisiting President Trump…….


  19. G’day

    Romley discovered that all names appearing in All Capitals are fictitious names.

    The name JOE ANTHONY BLOGGS if seen on the Electoral role is a trust account, a fiction, dead entity, not English, CAPITIS DIMINUTIO [Slave name]…

    In truth, Joe-Anthony from the House of Bloggs is actually the living man whereas the former is a Trust Account and they, AEC Commissioner have been told this on many occasions as it is against the law to hold false names on file. Yet they persist.

    If in fact the name that appears on the Electoral role was yours you would be able to withdraw consent however you were tricked as a minor [18 years old] into believing that the all caps is your name and so it goes…

    Kindest regards :graeme-john:


  20. Know that since Whitlam created Australia Inc. & the politicians took over . the elections have been orchestrated by the Intelligence services . ASIO . MI5&6 . CIA .
    all EYES on the 5 EYES! . who with Mossad are are the intelligence Services of Rothschild’s Khazarian (False Jews) Freemasonry Mafia!. + Pilgrim Society are the culprits . as usual . behind Covid!


  21. The Federal Government is a corporation and and has no line of authority nor rule of law what so ever.
    They are traitors and are commiting treason and misprision of treason evert day and not to mention premeditated genocide

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