ACTU leaders and Dictator Danny panicked by rising anti-vax union revolt

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IT’S no secret that the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the so-called champions of Australian working people, have long sold out to the global corporate mafia of the World Economic Forum, which has been attended by at least two ACTU presidents.

It’s also no surprise therefore, that the ACTU is up to its eyeballs in the global push to vaccinate on behalf of these same corporate cretins – big pharma, the WHO, the Gates and Rockefeller foundations and the central/private banking apparatus – all working to keep the bank accounts of WEF affiliates very nicely oiled.

But rank and file unionists are waking up to the global plandemic organisers and their grab for control of humanity. On Monday, September 20, some CFMEU members turned violently on their union leaders over their compromised stance on illegal mandatory vaccination at their workplaces and smashed up the front of the CFMEU offices in central Melbourne.

Channel 9 video clip of construction workers rally outside the CFMEU office in Melbourne

A few days before these same union members set up tables on a Melbourne street when their lunch rooms were closed down. The response on Monday of Dictator Dan and his “health” chieftains was swift. With the mere wave of his hand, he shut down the entire building industry in Victoria for two weeks.

But more and more union members are joining the pro-freedom movement against lockdowns and forced vaccination. Talk around the union protesters in Melbourne is that there are plenty of other union members who will join the protest – teachers, paramedics and hospitality workers and even the bikers who run security at pubs and other venues. Cops themselves are said to be joining the movement.

Andrews’ big building shutdown prompted Sally McManus, the boy-girl secretary of the ACTU, to go running to Leigh Sales at the ABC to defend the dictator’s action as being about “making workplaces safe”. This same leftist dimwit is all for masks, social distancing and vaccines because she thinks they are all about safety too. “If the decisions of the public health officials are that you can’t keep construction sites safe, then unfortunately that’s going to be the decision and one that we’re gonna have to accept.” Brilliant…not.

Then the equally dimwitted Sales chimed in with this question: “Aside from vaccination, is the construction industry sector in Victoria doing enough to create Covid-safe workplaces, because the message from the state government is they’re not quite happy?”

McManus didn’t let the clown show down, responding that there was “some fatigue in the community” and “we really can’t allow that to happen”. Her solution? “Like they gotta wear masks, they gotta make sure they’re socially distancing. Safety has gotta come first. This is a matter of life and death.”

The union chief went on to explain that “having an industry open is important” (oh brilliant!) and in the case of construction industry “if you can keep it open it’s great for the economy but not at the expense of safety”. And the clown show got worse from there.

“Is there any particular resistance to vaccination in the construction industry or is it just visible for some reason,” asked Sales, apparently blissfully unaware that the CFMEU guys had been chanting “f…. the vax” in loud unison outside their union offices a few hours before.

This one hour video records graphic detail and opinions – WARNING there is explicit language

McManus then went on to float a conspiracy theory that the CFMEU members had been “infiltrated by extremists groups – the same people who are organising those rallies on the weekend” and whose “conspiracy theories will make people sick and die”.

It was truly infantile stuff from the woman supposedly running the entire Australian union movement. The last time we counted there were at least a dozen community-based groups and political parties organising national protests against lockdowns, health orders and forced vaccination.

McManus needs to get out of her union cave for a day or two and look at how many anti-vax/lockdown Australian groups there are just on Telegram. Here’s a list: Concerned Lawyers Network, AdvocateMe (lawyers), Peaceful March Videos Australia, The People’s Revolution, The Freedom Collective, Millions United Australia Resources, Guardian Angel – Melbourne Anti-Lockdown Protest Livefeed, Australian Freedom Fighters Call to Assembly, One Nation, United Australia Party, Great Australian Party, IMOP (Informed Medical Options Party), The Australia Project, Common Law Australia etc.

Wake up Sally McManus and Leigh Sales. You are making complete fools of yourselves and your out-of-touch organisations.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I think that too Carmen when I see people covering their faces with only their fear filled eyes showing. It will be the digital version of collar and chain though.


  2. I am so sick of this guy, he is totally bought, well paid and acting like the typical devil
    would, They kill Presidents, where is the mafia when we need them, don’t tell me they are
    in it too.What about the unions..what has happened to our men, they laughed at the
    Muslims for wearing burkas, wow, at least the men don’t cover, our men have covered
    themselves, the mask is the 1 st sign, will be followed by the collar and chain, walking
    towards Slavelandia, when it happens, we deserve it.

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  3. Campbell
    Arnt you a great pharma marketing parrot clown. Grow a brain imbercile.


  4. How much of a REAL threat must Covid be to the American people, or any other people for that matter, if Joe Biden has been allowing a continuous flood of untested and unvaccinated migrants into the US across the Mexican border? If it doesn’t make sense, it must be nonsense. So much for the Covid narratives we are fed.


  5. Let’s not forget that the USA had their eye on the up-and-coming ACTU leader, bob hawke, thinking he’d serve their interests when he got to the top of Australia’s politics. Have they got an eye on Victorias ALP leader too ?
    That Desperate Dan can shut down an entire industry for weeks, wreck the economy – what more evidence do you need that the vax has nothing anything to do with something called covid ?
    Covid is the campaign name of the War against Freedom.

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  6. Andrea you are right. please understand the plethora of news and video received here daily for us to review and select to publish for example today there so far have been 1287 emails, 94 videos and a conveyor belt of comments to review. I am here by myself for another two weeks while the main editor is away. But really I enjoy my retirement at 78 and will try to always get it right… Ed

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  7. To the ACTU, Sally McManus.
    I watched the whole filming live, and your description lacks credulity, and facts.

    You failed to substantiate the label, you used to describe the people:, the members of CFMEU there today.
    You simply spoke of the violence. And you condemn them! What state of condemnation have you deem them to be in?
    Strong word that, “condemn,” it has a meaning!

    Which, (context) errupted from exhaustion and worry, and shock to realise their union Representative had abandoned them! Unspeakable wrong!

    The very people Sekta came out to talk to, whereby he said..he wasn’t scared to speak to them.
    This would imply he: Sekta knew who they are and he confirmed that by speaking to them

    Sekta told these people he would get back to them with an answer in (1) one hour.
    What happened, where was Sekta after the (1) one hour?
    These people waited for him to return, he did not.

    What appeared in the (1) one hour later? Police. why? Where was Sekta?

    What is a redundant ironic outcome is the members wanting a right to choose a medical procedure, but which has shown by the act of, “turncoat behaviour by Sekta, is this time it was not about wage increase, but a vaccine; which started as an experimental drug, and still is.
    Who would have thought an injection would cause a union Representative to abandon the members, most curious!??

    There are numerous accounts of male youth after a vx ending up with Myocardites, or people in general with Gillian Barrë Pericarditis, Thrombocytopenia and more.

    Yet you Sally McManus have the hide to discredit these worried CFMEU financial members, who have every inalienable right not less than you, to live, and breath on this planet, of which you have no more ownership to than these members.

    You Sally McManus fail to see the subject of matter: which is world-wide no-less, but prefered to only see, anger, after these financial members who were exhausted after (7) sevens hours of waiting patiently, nothing to eat or drink, no toilets, no money!and job threat loss, waiting for Sekta to honour his word and return the hour later.

    You of all people should know to ensure to gather credible sources of information, for fear of a bias or lies!
    Finally, in your piece you wrote,”where public health experts deem it necessary to mandate a vaccine.” Has this happened?

    Hypocrisy at its finest!

    The union members want the right to choose, which the Australian Immunisation Registers supports, see here;,

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  8. Actually that was only part of the reason. If you watch REAL live footage of what happened via ‘Real Rukshan’ you’ll see they got pissed off after Setka…over 3aw…called his members nazi terrorists! So, pls report the whole truth. I’ve watched it entirely over last 2 days and cops/unions started EVERYTHING where there was trouble.

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  9. The cops in Melbourne need to call in a sickie today! That’s unless they are determined to betray the people they are supposed to serve.

    Much better to betray their moron Commissioner of Police who sees a NAZI conspiracy in the protests!!!. Seriously.

    If there was ever proof of how out of touch the Andrews clowns are, the TRAGIC top cop says it all. Get rid of the fools and start AFRESH, Victorians.

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  10. campbell: “Vaccinations good or bad have removed untold diseases from our communities
    To say other wise just goes against logic.”

    Some say yes, some say no. What are your qualifications to warrant belief in your point of view?

    Research “Germ Theory V Terrain Theory” and make a note that from a scientific point of view BOTH are simply THEORIES, not laws!!!!!

    Then use your logic to defy your inculcated beliefs and emotions.

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  11. As soon as the Andrews ban on construction is overcome by the workers Australia needs to immediately demolish the nasty Labour-Liberal duopoly and “build back better”.

    No tolerance for narcissitic psychopaths in Australian government, thanks! And that includes Palaschook and Berejiklian style rule by decree too! Political unaccountability must not be tolerated, the price is much too high.

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  12. Campbell
    What an easily marketed imbecile you are. Grow a brain for F sake.

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  13. rogergreen988gmailcom

    Woohoo it’s starting in AU. 💥⚡️☄️

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  14. What would his alleged young rape victim think about him now. He is definitely a psychopath. Ed


  15. Campbell… you obviously have done no research into vaccines, past or present.
    You really should refrain from making comments until you know the facts.

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  16. The construction workers protest against having destroying their lives and livelihoods destroyed and Andrews fires back by SHUTTING DOWN the construction industry.

    If that isn’t PAYBACK I don’t know what is! Total psychopath. It seems it doesn’t matter who he destroys or who dies as long as he gets his narcissist rocks off. The sort of maniac is not fit for office.

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  17. Daviddd2. Leave the Nazis out of this. Just the Bolshevik Soviets is suffice.


  18. The lords and their sheriffs and their attack dogs… versus the common people!

    The representatives and servants of the people seem to have got it into their heads that they are our infallible masters.

    There’s only one of two ways that’s going to end. To be or not to be! Take your pick, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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  19. Sally McManus has been an elitist NWO. free trader from the outset. After this war has been won, she will need to hang along with other traitors. Roll on Nuremberg II.

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  20. IF you go back to 1986 with the linesmans strike here in QLD there,s similiarity with whats happening in VIC, i was a etu union delegate and i could see this coming so i left IMO this ETU sold my ex workmates out , Funny thing is All linies and Lecies lost or were sacked from their jobs , BUT the union filth still had theirs


  21. Sally McAnus


  22. I’m not a union member, and for the brief time that I was in the plumbers union the only thing they did for me was to drag me out on strike to gain 18 cents an hour increase in pay. I lost 8 weeks wages to get it.
    No dear Sally doesn’t need waking up, she needs putting to sleep….permanently.
    I think the word used by the union for what she is doing is “scabbing”.

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  23. I would love to see the secret bank accounts of the ACTU. AND THE CFMEU That would make interesting reading . Hopefully will come out at the tribunal’s.
    Only for the deep thinkers those people in Canberra have messed about for years to only come up with a French D submarine, yet out of the blue we are nuclear US nuclear submarines and I bet they are here already and with US ground forces . Wake up Australia we are under US administration,the commonwealth is over . Commander in chief will be back soon . Then hopefully some democracy in this beautiful country .


  24. I suppose given that unions have been the pathway for budding politicians to get seats in parliament, even becoming Prime Minister, then it’s understandable union officers support their mates in the ALP government. To support the union members would be to destroy their political ambitions of becoming a member of a worker-friendly ALP government (comprised of The Elite of The Working Class).


  25. The absolute crap coming out the ACTU ‘s mouth is phenomenal. True colours are showing, they were never ever interested in their members, not even a meeting about their concerns, nothing, This is why this has happened and I’m sure it won’t stop here.. This spells not only the end of the CFMEU also the Master Builders Association, and the Dan Andrews fascist Government. There is no place for these illegals in our country let alone our planet. .

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  26. How Sally McManus can lie with such a straight face is amazing. The Unions are no longer looking after their paying members. Time to stop paying your membership is now.

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  27. This is DISGRACEFUL. They are protesting to stop getting an experimental medical experiment, and to make a living. How unreasonable-NOT!
    Phones the ACLU today to have a dig about this Mc Manus interview and the young guy was soooooo on side with the demonstration. Nice to know that there is some sanity out there, sure wont find that at Parliament house.

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  28. The CFMEU is repaying the govt the favor that was done to them in 2015, when Stekla and another leader were not found guilty of black mail. Both the Govt and the CFMEU are in each other’s pocket from day one. The Unions help Daniel Andrews get elected and in turn he protects them and on it goes even at the detriment of the Union Members. But these members should have known better from past history.

    The trades unions and confederacies of the world are a snare. People should have kept out of them, and away from them and have had nothing to do with them.

    The trades unions will be one of the agencies that will bring upon this earth a time of trouble such as has not been since the world began bringing about turmoil and confusion that fill these cities. This is clearly being seen. We were never meant to unite with secret societies or with trades unions. We are to stand free in God.


  29. Another down to earth and unbiased piece of writing. I look forward to my emails from the Cairns Post. The next best thing happening in this saga is that America is putting sanctions on ScoMo who, if I am correct he is in America. Doesn’t matter either way he has been portrayed as a weak leader and it is time he takes control. The world is watching

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  30. china war coming get your rocks ready to defend the homeland


  31. I just cant understand why Sally didnt use the interview to DEMAND the government provide all on site tradies with full-body HAZMAT suits, self contained with oxygen cylinders – so that damned pesky bug didnt bring the industry to a standstill.

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  32. Thanks Tony for that summary and for listing the organisations that stand for freedom.
    I don’t think any of us wanted things to become violent, we have been waiting for 18 months for the zombies to wake up and tell Bill Gates to remove his corrupt, poisonous tentacles from Australia. By tentacles I mean the box jellyfish type, not the relatively friendly squid or octopus type.
    However the zombies are steadfast in their adoration of the elite’s scamdemic. Their hatred, ridicule and vitriol towards those who are asking for health freedom is becoming more and more rabid as the days go by. Just looking at the frothing, wicked and ugly faces of our east coast state premiers is more horrifying than any horror movie I have ever seen. They are real and they want to drain the life out of us.
    I can understand how people who have paid their union dues for years and years are very upset that their unions will not stand up for them at their time of need. How dare those disgusting union leaders declare that they are trying to keep Victorians safe! If they cannot see that COVID 19 has been a scam since day one they are getting all of their information from corrupt officials and the corporate media. That is not how I though unions operated.

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  33. Setka says “I never caused this pandemic” then someone calls out “how dare you support it”. I wonder what method was used to bribe or blackmail Sally into her position too?

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  34. If you do not “Have the courage to use your own intellect!” you deserve nothing.

    If the average Australian doesn’t have either the courage or the intellect to see that he/she is being treated like cattle then so be it. He/she will pay the same price as those who allowed their political “heroes” to become bigger than the nation and its people.

    History will teach us its lessons but only when the people pay attention and are prepared to learn. Looks like the totalitarian NAZI and Soviet eras have taught us nothing.

    Deepest condolences and apologies to those Australians who gave up their lives and gave us who are left behind the opportunity of learning, an opportunity we have clearly put to waste.

    Vale, Australia.


  35. Unions must not get caught up with these provocateurs
    Vaccinations good or bad have removed untold diseases from our communities
    To say other wise just goes against logic.


  36. Thank you for keeping us informed.


  37. Thank you for keeping us informed


  38. CFMEU haven’t shot themselvs in the foot, they’ve blown both feet off at the ankles. I wish i wasn’t retired, so i could resign in disgust. We are seeing just how deep the Swamp REALLY is, and it’s horrifying.


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