Dr Vernon Coleman warns mRNA vaccines threat to humanity

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  1. We all know (those of us who are awake) what the truth is, but if these vaccines are a threat to humanity, does that not make all the people pushing them guilty of crimes against humanity?

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  2. Are Covid “variants” being used to cover up vaccine deaths.
    They cannot specifically test/identify Covid-19 so how can they identify a variant.

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  3. Just listened to Dr Vernon somehow I do not think that these Vaccines and for anyone who has them would be a Biological Weapon to spread a more deadly strain. I am sure all these Covid 19 Manufacturers would have been given their orders.

    With World Economic Forum the mandate is to reach 500M before 2030 not wipe the entire human race because the 1% Elite would also be taken out.

    Our best defence for these injections is by not giving your “informal consent” and also its vitally important that we do not use 5G join Aussie broadband and purchase their Black Fibre Optics does not expose anything alive to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and Non Ionising Radiation. Australia can not switch every city on with 5G like Wuhan did its the real reason why thousands died there as we all know 5G absorbs Oxygen at 60ghz. 5G will wipe out the Bees as well with out bees be hardly any fruit or Veg and prices will go through the roof.

    Cairnsnews needs more subscribers that way then the truth will be read far and wide.


  4. We have read and attempted to place this news on Facebook but it has been deleted by their watch dogs?? ” woof woof. ” Truth and freedom appear to be out of favour in recent times.?


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