NZ High Court ruling a minor setback for big party COVID fascism

There’s talk that Bill and Melinda and Ms Ardern are all trannies. Perhaps that’s indicative of the deception going on at global corporate and government levels through the scamdemic.

By Tony Mobilifonitis
KIWIS face the most crucial election in their history on October 17, with both major parties – Labor and the “opposition” Nationals – now united on running with the medical dictatorship model driven by the Gates-Rockefeller-World Economic Forum “global health” cabal.
Despite the New Zealand High Court’s bizarre recent ruling that the first nine days of Ardern’s lockdown was “unlawful but justified”, the National Party leader Judith Collins has joined with Ardern in using “the virus” to impose a medical tyranny.
Collins wants to make it compulsory for everyone entering the country and border workers to carry contact tracing technology, which is the thin edge of the wedge for the vaccination certificates floated by her fellow fake conservative across the Tasman, Scott Morrison.
There is little or nothing separating the COVID policies of the major parties on either side of the ditch, prompting another desperate attempt by NZ Public Party leader Billy Te Kahika to rally the collection of minor parties into some sort of united front that can mount an effective challenge at the election.
Under New Zealand’s mixed-member proportional (MMP) electoral system, introduced in 1996, smaller parties have a better chance of gaining seats, especially in alliances.
“I will approach minor parties again because we need to work together to defend democracy and protect our economy. We are dealing with a very hostile government,” he said on a recent YouTube broadcast. He says 87% of all businesses in Auckland are on some sort of government subsidy, which makes a joke of Ardern’s Labor Party election slogan “Let’s Keep Moving”.
“We’ve got people just creating fear and panic to create systems of control like we’ve never seen. We have less than 40 cases in New Zealand but we’ve got roadblocks, checkpoints and normalization of mask wearing.”
NZPP has formed an alliance with ex-Nationals MP Jami-Lee Ross, whose Advance New Zealand Party has also merged with several other smaller parties. An alliance of small parties in 1996 won 10 per cent of the total vote, gaining 13 MPs. Australian minor parties have to rely on preference distributions which can, in rare circumstances, put a larger minor party like One Nation into a seat.
One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson, by the way, has taken a strong stand against Morrison’s vaccine push, declaring in a new video she will not have any COVID vaccine shot. She already does not take flu shots. This should be a major issue in the upcoming Queensland state election on October 31.
Morrison’s proposed deal with the pharma giant Astra Zeneca to push the so-called Oxford Vaccine is nothing more than a neo-Nazi eugenics system which makes unvaccinated people a restricted class of outcasts, banned from restaurants, jobs, government entitlements, education and travel.
The policy recalls Hitler’s Germany in 1935-36, when Jews were denied the vote and banned from all professional jobs, effectively preventing them from exerting any influence in education, politics, higher education and industry.
Meanwhile Ardern, the neo-fascist witch of the south, has upped the ante in pushing her medical tyranny even further, with new “rules” forcing people testing positive to COVID-19 (or is it just coronavirus i.e. colds and flu?) to quarantine in “government facilities” for two weeks. Those who refuse tests get four weeks incarceration for exercising their right at common law to informed consent to medical treatment.
Te Kahika says he heard from desperate families inside the detention centres where there’s no-one to talk to from health department. He’s alarmed that health authorities will detain family members and separate them from children.
In one incident late in July members of a young family absconded from a quarantine facility to go to the tangi (funeral) of the father. They had tested negative but been refused an exemption to go to Auckland from the facility in Hamilton.
The High Court case last week was initiated by Wellington lawyer Andrew Borrowdale, who challenged the legality of the early stages of the lockdown, including calls by Ardern and others between March 26 and April 3 for New Zealanders to stay home.
In a bizarre ruling, the court found that while there was “no question that the requirement was a necessary, reasonable and proportionate response to the COVID-19 crisis at the time”, it was not prescribed by law and was therefore contrary to section 5 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. “There is nothing new under the Sun”

    Archives of Disease in Childhood,

    One hundred years ago

    Anti-Vaccination Leagues

    Vaccination against smallpox seemed to be so reliable a prophylactic that in Britain in 1853 it was made statutory for all new born children.

    Click to access archdisch00727-0091.pdf

    “…………..’By about 7.30 a goodly number of anti- vaccinators were present, and an escort was formed, preceded by a banner, to accompany a young mother and two men, all of whom had resolved to give themselves up to the police and undergo imprisonment in preference to having their children vaccinated. The utmost sympathy was expressed for the poor woman, who bore up bravely, and although seeming to feel her position expressed her determination to go to prison again and again rather than give her child over to the “tender mercies” of a public vaccinator.

    The three were attended by a numerous crowd and in Gallow tree gate three hearty cheers were given for them, which were renewed with increased vigour as they entered the doors of the police cells.

    A further penalty, which fell most harshly on those least able to bear it, was to have the fine for non-compliance and the cost of the prosecution forcibly extracted from them by the seizure and sale of their furniture.

    ‘A man named Arthur Ward had two children injured through vaccination and refused to submit another one to the operation. A fine was imposed and on 24th November two police officers called for the penalty, or in default to ticket the goods.

    The husband was out at the market, and the poor woman had no money to pay. The goods downstairs were considered insufficient to cover the amount, and the officers demanded to go upstairs. The woman refused to allow this, and an altercation took place, and harsh language was used by the officers, who threatened to take her husband to prison, terrifying Mrs Ward.

    At that time she was pregnant, and the shock to the system, and the fright, were of such a character that symptoms ensued which ultimately led to a premature confinement, and on 26th December she gave birth to a still-born child.

    She never recovered and last week she expired. The doctor who had attended Mrs Ward said that although he believed in vaccination he did not think it was the duty of any professional man to carry out the laws in the outrageous and brutal manner in which they were enforced.’……………”

    Click to access archdisch00727-0091.pdf


  2. If people don’t see the “global” implementations of this they just can’t be helped – politics is dead at worst we should support the independents – eventually we simply al have to band together and say “NO”..


  3. I guess it means nought when the amount of money being splashed around by big pharma to “convince” corrupt pollies and the medical profession that their lies are actually true ,is just too much to resist


  4. Check out how the Irish are dealing with their nefariously acting government and administrators:

    There’s lessons therein for those who are prepared to be proactive in challenging the various governments’ encroachment against the peoples’ inherent rights.


  5. This whole scenario has been planned for 40 to 50 years, or perhaps right back to the Garden of Eden, where Cain chose to do evil. One consolation is that the cashless society was supposed to installed by 2000, so they are 20 years behind schedule. Undoubtedly people have been placed in authority ready to go, but it has been rushed forward a bit because of the upcoming USA election in November this year. Of course Donald Trump was not supposed to win, but they are after him like a black snake on the attack. This is not only a war for our freedom, but for the very survival of humanity to retain free will to choose between good and evil. The plan is to take that away with the Mark of the Beast injection or “brand” (Revelation 13 to 20) Be aware, be prepared and do good for your own sake and that of the world. As I keep saying “We are being weighed in the balance as to whether humanity is worth saving”. Only God knows. Be brave, be blessed and do what you can. Thank you Cairns News for being a rare outlet for truth.


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