PM Morrison wins Gold Logie for best snake oil salesman

by Robert J Lee

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is worthy of a Gold Logie for being the best snake oil TV salesman in Australia since sniveling little Bob Hawke.

Morrison has convinced two million dopey Australians to put a tracing app on their phones laughably to help track other phone users in case they have been in the vicinity of a Coronavirus carrier.

Scott Morrison should win a Gold Logie award for the best snake oil salesman since Hawke


Then they gave the data to US megastore Amazon to hold. Australian tech experts say Amazon data banks leak like a rusty rain water tank.

Such an outstanding achievement deserves merit because there have only been 6,720 confirmed cases in Australia, 83 have died and 5,586 have been reported as recovered. More than 517,000 tests have been conducted.

Out of a population of 25,445,020 that leaves 1134 with the flu and getting close to one of them with Bluetooth will be akin to finding a virgin in Sydney’s biggest high school.

Assistant salesman is Dr Brendan Murphy, an Irishman who reckons only his native leprechauns will fly Qantas now because he mortally wounded our airline and tourist industries leaving frightened tourists with viral aviophobia.

Dr Murphy wins the Walkley Award for best deception in TV journalism

Dr Murphy says ‘social distancing’ is here to stay and for this jaw-dropping dictate he deserves a Walkley Award for deceiving viewers with creative and courageous acts of television journalism that seek out the truth and give new insight to an issue. They reward excellence, independence, innovation  and originality in storytelling.

Murphy’s economic destruction as Chief Medical officer drumming up a fake Australian virus pandemic is unequaled in Australian history. He is creating more destruction than WW1 and WW2 combined allegedly to combat a Coronavirus bogeyman that has dropped off the pop charts and is less lethal than the common flu.

And all the complicit politicians sit idly by, except perhaps Barnaby Joyce and Bob Katter.

Murphy has neglected to inform the public that facial recognition technology adopted by the LNP/ALP duopoly 18 months ago and being rolled out with 5G cameras does not perform accurately unless individuals in crowds are spaced at his social distancing of 1.5 metres or more apart.

Then there is the fake news media led by the usual ABC, News Ltd and television networks. Their adherence to this psy-op script is like a Noogoora burr stuck to a saddle cloth giving the public the wildest ride of their petty lives since TV hit the lounge rooms 60 years ago.

The fake news media is a willing accomplice in this deception, beating the virus drum but neglecting to admit the abundant medical evidence that this virus doesn’t kill until it is enlivened by 60GHz wavelengths favoured by Telstra’s 5G network coincidentally found in most hospitals.

Murphy, Morrison, Minister Hunt, et al, and it seems wittingly, are doing the work of WHO led by Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He is a former senior officer of Ethiopia’s Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a Communist revolutionary party listed as a terrorist organisation.

These qualifications fit well with the Australian media which predictably, has never mentioned the DG’s antecedents.

When the UN and Ghebreyesus say jump, Morrison and Murphy ask “how high?”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. @Danny

    I appreciate the link – thank you.

    I had no idea of our rights and found it very informative. It concerns me that the
    coming generations no longer receive any education on this subject, unless perhaps
    they are studying law.

    So I can only guess that the Queen ignored Mr Wharton’s letter ??
    However ‘LAWFUL REBELLION’ sounds empowering!

    I have downloaded the ‘My Will’ letter and will endeavour to educate as many friends and
    family as I can by sharing.


  2. I don’t see 2 million downloading the app (if that is actually accurate) as a sign of fear among the citizenry of the Coronavirus.

    Talking in round numbers, Australia has a population of 25 million and about 80% of the population is aged 18 years and over, numbering about 20 million. Assuming that only adults downloaded the app, only 10% of the population of adults downloaded the app. If minors are counted, only 8% of the population downloaded the app.

    If the number was 6 to 8 million, then I would be very concerned. 2 million tells me that most people think the Coronavirus is a fabricated threat.


  3. @Alice

    Lawful Rebellion comes to mind, here’s how it works:

    On the 10th of November 2014 Wyatt James [Wharton] sent a letter to HM Queen Elizabeth the Second, as required by Common Law Chapters 61 and 62 Magna Carta 1215 and 1297 when citizens are no longer served by the government.

    ☑ ☞ ☜ ☑


  4. Come on girls & boys we can’t all just fall in a heap without a good fight! I agree with Old Kodger – it’s absolute rubbish that so may people joined their dodgy App!! I refuse to believe it without proof.

    Perhaps they are tryng to get people to think everyone is downloading and follow like sheep.

    I will never do the twitter or Facebook rubbish and I always keep location off in my settings
    In the hope that it lessens my exposure and definitely no App!

    Disturbing to hear 5G is in hospitals as it was suggested to me that it is also in the big cruise ships – would explain why so much sickness on the ships!?

    I think perhaps Scomo saw that the app was a bad look for him so he is passing control to the states. I heard a rumour in the sunny state that some employees may be recruiting or being asked to sign up for training to help manage the app, so my guess is that our ‘nasty leader’ will try to make it compulsory once her set up is ready. 😦
    Sickeningly, the under-current of threat to our rights to live a free and happy life were hinted at by this Murphy fellow whilst selling his App – bit like the China credit score. We won’t be able to move about freely if no app etc – It was subtle but it was there.

    So the million dollar question (after I have read all the bad and depressing news) is….

    What can we do to take back our power and freedoms?? Or at least avoid some of the really draconian measures – Or is it too late?

    Perhaps it’s time for some brain storming?
    My family suggested that we begin by going back to a landline phone.

    Yes I know it won’t fit in your pocket lol 😂 but if you don’t carry a device I guess you cannot be tracked. Except of course with facial recognition – unless we all wear grim reaper masks!! (Speaking of tracking just reminded me that on the latest electronic licence renewals has anyone noticed there is no gender – I wondered if this was in all states or just Qld? I also wondered as the licences are now electronic could we be tracked by a chip in them?) I am not really into the tech stuff so it may be a silly question – but just asking.

    Also there is a really good article by two brave doctors In California who have spoken out on the Laura Ingraham show – if anyone wants to hear them I believe it can be accessed on
    ‘ The Scoop’ as YouTube ripped the video down very quickly.

    I would love to hear a few suggestions on how we can expose or overcome some of the evil being fed to us daily or ways to protect ourselves – sharing ideas is always helpful 🙂

    On a lighter note:
    ‘Thank you’ to the Editor for that wonderful video ‘The Writer Automaton’ 240 years old but totally stunning in every way – I passed it to my Grandsons who were also suitably impressed!

    May we all continually be protected and ‘walk in the Light of the Lord’


  5. i’m really sick and tired of all this nonsense peole wake the hell up we should be following our fellow human beings in the US and out on the streets protesting in mass to bring this sham to an end not all Australians are brainwashed brain dead zombies there is still a good number of us out there who can think analyze and see right through this scam and say no more B.S we have had enough were not going to do it anymore we want our rights freedoms and more important our liberties restored people the way forward is mass civil disobedience get off the couch unplug your Netflix and get in the fight to restore this country.


  6. Peter Lockwood

    Easy AGENDA 30


  7. Peter Lockwood

    History repeats itself .
    we should all remember the phrase
    On top of Dumbing down .remember ” IF YOU DONT USE IT YOU LOOS IT”

    Addicted to DOPAMINE RUSH…Inc PC TOYS APPs etc

    Getting peoples minds from childhood RE WIRED………


  8. Rosalie Christine Shaw

    Princess rolled out their Medallion Network just recently. I know for a fact that Ruby and Crown Princesses both had it. Can’t find about the Diamond Princess because there is no evidence of it a few weeks ago. I bet you it is a 5G signal. Be interesting to know


  9. Correct again, Old Kodger.Editor


  10. We are under relentless attack by the psychopaths. Just a few month earlier, Australia was intentionally & deliberately being fire-torched far & wide and now this.

    Social distancing is serving their very own interests 1st & foremost. It minimizes any unification amongst most of the people, keeping them fearful & distracted.

    The 1.5 or even if its 2.5 meters distancing is total baloney anyway, as germs can easily be passed on via airborne transmissions. I know this from 1sthand experience. A few years ago when shopping at IGA, someone had a nasty cold or flu. I kept well away from that person, I had to pass where they were coughing out their germs. When I passed their spot, I hold my breath order not to breath in any, of their nasty bacteria or germs. Many people can get infected that way, via airborne transmissions, esp. in an enclosed area, with poor circulation. It depends of course which way the breeze is blowing at the time. If you breath in at the wrong time, there’s a good change of you breathing in those germs via the airways. Someone at the counter later served that person, who a few days later got a nasty flu. or cold herself, despite of being at least 2m apart from that infected person/customer before.

    Same can be said for outdoors, if someone is coughing out their germs via the air which is heading straight your direction, you can catch them too, if you breath in at the wrong time. So the 1.5-2m distancing is total bs.

    Their foremost aim is of course to keep most of the people divided.


  11. Lets address the opening statement (paraphrased) 2000000 people, correction “dopey Australians”, have signed up for the tracking app. ACCORDING TO WHOM? Understand that “who won the last election, is who we SAY won the last election. Who ever checks?
    “Two million dopey Australians?” how do you know that? Apart from the (lying) government telling you so.
    Let’s look at the “toilet roll scam”. We can assess how stupid the population is by putting a newsreel out there that says people are panic buying bog roll, and see if it catches on as a genuine panic. That gives us a good predictor of the effectiveness of future propaganda.
    THE PLONKERS BOUGHT IT HOOK LINE AND SINKER! Don’t be surprised by subsequent covid 19 disinformation propaganda.
    But one thing is NOT propaganda, they ARE crashing the world economy, and when the dust settles, I’ll bet London to a brick that we’ll have “a cashless society”.


  12. Such a spot on article. They should be in jail .


  13. Leigh-Anne Rogers

    This whole damn thing stinks like a rat.The New World Order tightening the screws. People with their minds so brainwashed , it seems some people can no longer think for themselves.

    But hey ! People are happy and so secure.We as a nation brought to our knees. But That is right, the system does not want Nation States. just one homogeneous mess. Is treason still a crime ?


  14. Govern/rule …. ment/mind. Government is force and make believe created by some fool you stupidly elected to be a slave to. It’s time people woke up from their sleep and stopped believing that government is some idol that has to be worshiped.and obeyed.

    A Vital Paper: David Crowe challenges the discovery of the COVID-19 virus

    Canadian author and independent researcher, David Crowe, has spent several decades analyzing and torpedoing SPECIFICS of conventional medical research. At the deepest level.

    I’m talking about, for example, the mainstream claims of discovering new viruses.

    Crowe doesn’t lay on vague brushstrokes. He goes to the core of fabrications and exposes them, chapter and verse.

    His new paper, which he continues to update and expand, is: “Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory.”

    Here I quote from the section of his paper where he takes up the question of discovery—have researchers actually found a new virus which they assert is the cause of a new pandemic, COVID-19?

    At the end of this article, I list the published papers Crowe refers to by number, as he takes apart the very basis of the COVID illusion.

    David Crowe: “Scientists are detecting novel RNA in multiple patients with pneumonia-like conditions, and are assuming that the detection of RNA (which is believed to be wrapped in proteins to form an RNA virus, as coronaviruses are believed to be) is equivalent to isolation of the virus. It is not, and one of the groups of scientists was honest enough to admit this”:

    “‘we did not perform tests for detecting infectious virus in blood'” [2]

    “But, despite this admission, earlier in the paper they repeatedly referred to the 41 cases (out of 59 similar cases) that tested positive for this RNA as, ’41 patients…confirmed to be infected with 2019-nCoV’.”

    “Another paper quietly admitted that”:

    “‘our study does not fulfill Koch’s postulates'” [1]

    “Koch’s postulates, first stated by the great German bacteriologist Robert Koch in the late 1800s, can simply be stated as”:

    “* Purify the pathogen (e.g. virus) from many cases with a particular illness.
    * Expose susceptible animals (obviously not humans) to the pathogen.
    * Verify that the same illness is produced.
    * Some add that you should also re-purify the pathogen, just to be sure that it really is creating the illness.”

    “Famous virologist Thomas Rivers stated in a 1936 speech, ‘It is obvious that Koch’s postulates have not been satisfied in viral diseases’. That was a long time ago, but the same problem still continues. None of the papers referenced in this article have even attempted to purify the virus. And the word ‘isolation’ has been so debased by virologists it means nothing (e.g. adding impure materials to a cell culture and seeing cell death is ‘isolation’).”

    “Reference [1] did publish electron [microscope] micrographs, but it can clearly be seen in the lesser magnified photo, that the particles believed to be coronavirus are not purified as the quantity of material that is cellular is much greater. The paper notes that the photos are from ‘human airway epithelial cells’. Also consider that the photo included in the article will certainly be the ‘best’ photo, i.e. the one with the greatest number of particles. Lab technicians may be encouraged to spend hours to look around to find the most photogenic image, the one that most looks like pure virus.”

    “There is no way to tell that the RNA being used in the new coronavirus PCR test is found in those particles seen under the electron micrograph. There is no connection between the test, and the particles, and no proof that the particles are viral.”

    “A similar situation was revealed in March 1997 concerning HIV, when two papers published in the same issue of the journal ‘Virology’ revealed that the vast majority of what had previously been called ‘pure HIV’ was impurities that were clearly not HIV, and the mixture also included microvesicles that look very similar to HIV under an electron microscope, but are of cellular origin.” [5][6]


    1. Zhu N et al. A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019. N Engl J Med. 2020 Jan 14.

    2. Huang C et al. Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China. Lancet.2020 Jan 24.

    3. Chan J F-W et al. A familial cluster of pneumonia associated with the 2019 novel coronavirus indicating person-to-person transmission: a study of a family cluster. Lancet. 2020 Jan 24.

    4. Rivers TM. Viruses and Koch’s Postulates. J Bacteriol. 1937 Jan; 33(1): 1-12.

    5. Gluschankof P et al. Cell membrane vesicles are a major contaminant of gradient-enriched human immunodeficiency virus type-1 preparations. Virology. 1997 Mar 31; 230(1): 125- 133.

    6. Bess JW et al. Microvesicles Are a Source of Contaminating Cellular Proteins Found in Purified HIV-1 Preparations. Virology. 1997 Mar 31; 230(1): 134- 44.

    —end of Crowe article excerpt—

    In a half-sane world, David Crowe’s analysis would provoke an open honest discussion and debate among all sorts of scientists and researchers, and the repressed truth would tumble out and be confirmed.

    Of course, we do not live in that world.

    Instead, we have mistake-prone researchers and outright liars welcomed into the hallowed pages of medical journals. They are enabled by editors who look the other way.

    The consequences, of course, aren’t merely academic.

    A planet can be placed on lockdown.

    Do I really need to say this at this late date—without the discovery of an actual disease-causing virus, the whole “pandemic” falls apart. The whole “spreading virus” assertion falls apart.

    The Greatest Criminal Fraud in Medical History: Where’s the Virus?

    F. William Engdahl, historian and author, revealed that Dr. Fauci, who has worked at the CDC for 36 years, endorsed the discredited HIV/AIDS “virus” theory that used corrupt science and testing. Roberto A. Giraldo, MD and Etienne de Harven, MD wrote that the major tests used to diagnose AIDS, including the ELISA, Western blot, and the PCR genetic test, are invalid. The doctors wrote, “None of these tests detect the HIV virus itself, nor do they detect HIV particles. The fact that after 25 years of intense research HIV has been neither isolated nor purified in terms of classical virology indicates to us that the infectious view of AIDS as a contagious viral disease is based on an apparently non-existent microbe!”

    This scenario is playing out again as COVID-19 has yet to be isolated and proven. Suspiciously, the 2006 article by Giraldo and de Harven was suddenly retracted by the journal in 2019 just before the coronavirus Wuhan outbreak.

    Fauci and his cohorts, Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House COVID-19 Task Force coordinator, and CDC Director Robert Redfield, are complicit in the HIV/AIDS frauds and malpractice, and today they hold the future of not only American public health, but also of the entire world economy in their hands.

    Read on –


  15. Agree 100%. Our leaders aren’t leaders. They are dictators who don’t have the intellect or knowledge to run so much as a country shithouse.


  16. Peter Lockwood

    Its only getting better…………is it worth getting out of bed and looking through my curtains to see what the crazy..CAVIL SERVANTS are cooking up?
    remind me to set alarm clock for next year.
    Thanks for all the updates.


  17. 2M – so depressing..It’s just the start..People have no idea what is to come..


  18. To the Qld Gov, From this Friday we are able to drive 50 K this is stupidity .If you live out west you may have over 300 K to do there shopping or see a Dr. When can the age & disable able to have a swim for exercise ?

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


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