Pharmaceuticals and Politicians collude to ban natural health means

Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph interview Australian attorney Graeme Little on the state of health freedom down under. Counsel Little exposes the conspiracy among pharma operatives and politicians to ban natural means to health.

Huge week in Perth last weekend for two seminars by Judy Wilyman and Wendy Lyell and then headed by 8 hour train to Kalgoorlie to stay two nights with the family coping with an adult vaccination horror movie, Ben Hammond, who suffered paralysis and permanent disabilities from the DTap vaccine.

Unreal nightmare for wife Tanya and five children – awesome support for Ben. Tonight’s Facebook Live was a difficult decision to make but I felt in light of Minister Hennessy’s audacious front page story in the Herald Sun slamming anti-vaxxers – I had to be bold and brave.

Thanks to all those donations in the last two weeks – would never have got to Perth.

Cupboard is bare now but I don’t need much to survive these days.

Would like to head to Canberra next week to interview NHMRC officials – getting massive silent treatment to endless questions I have asked over the last two months. Trust me – I am staggered with the Australian Immunisation Handbook evidence..

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  1. it seems to me that the politicians have an agenda to force vaccinations onto every Australian ,regardless of how much evidence there is to the detrimental effects to peoples health. as a Christian Australian,i wont be forced into what I believe is detrimental to my and my families health.i have a choice to decide what is good and what I believe is bad,and I can attest to the benefits of alternatives and how they have been a life saver to me and other others. The Commonwealth Of Australia Constitution chapter 51 section 23a state that there will be no MEDICAL CONSCRIPTION…. remember that in the Constitution section 109 states that if the commonwealth legislation clashes with the state constitution. the commonwealth overrides and the state fails….so the politicians do not have the powers they think they have…typical political arrogance

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