Nicholaos-Gouliaditas-6A deafening media silence is shrouding the admission of guilt tendered to the court this week by Nicholas Gouliaditis, Senior General Counsel, Senior Executive Lawyer, Senior Lawyer at the office of the Australian Government Solicitors with sentencing set down for this Friday, April 24th 9.30 am at the Downing Centre, Sydney.

Nick Gouliaditis, 34, was arrested on Thursday 21st August 2014 in front of colleagues at his office in Martin Place, Sydney where he works as a senior executive lawyer with the Australian Government Solicitor – the agency that provides legal advice to the government. He was in possession of three grams of ice, an ice pipe, scales, numerous resealable plastic bags, and a large amount of cash following a two-month investigation into an alleged Sydney drug ring.

Nicholaos-Gouliaditas-1Gouliaditis now pleads guilty as charged with dealing and possessing drugs, resisting arrest, dealing in the proceeds of crime and possessing a prohibited weapon. When the police searched his home in Newtown and allegedly found a stun gun and liquid believed to be GHB.

This solicitor was suspended from his current role at the AGS when after a two month investigation Police alleging Gouliaditis sold a total of 500ml of gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and 13.8 grams of methamphetamine (ice) to undercover officers on several occasions between 30 July and 13 August also included telephone intercepts as well as physical and electronic surveillance.

Ramifications to current and past case files handled by Gouliaditis in his roll as the most senior Australian Government Solicitor presents a mine field of litigation problems to the Federal Government moving to damage control.

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Known for dismissing problems under spin doctors orders applied with a thick coat of government whitewash may not suffice this time when Gouliaditis was arrested at his government employer’s offices in Sydney with the drug ice in his possession and a pipe to smoke it with.

Our investigations over the past 14 months have revealed some very high profile court cases still in the system seeking massive compensation where Gouliaditis represented the Australian Government defence.

At the Downing Centre Courts in Sydney Tomorrow Friday 24th April 2015 will reveal an adjudicating judge under extreme pressure to consider every case Gouliaditis has headed or played a significant role in will be tainted.

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