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Did ‘the prophet’ get it right? Are there really two presidents?

The seal of President Trump’s new Office of the Former President, which originates from the die of George Washington’s Dorset Seal. See Q’s SEALS reference below. Also note Q’s overt reference to the military with reference to the Department of Defense Law of War Manual.

MAKE of it what you will, believe it or not, but on April 4, 2008, a Christian prophet named Kim Clement, prophesied a time when the United States would have two presidents. Could that time be now and could “Q” still be a viable indicator of things ahead?

President Donald J. Trump has departed the White House but never conceded to Joe Biden, who Trump knew had cheated his way into the top office of the US. Is Biden now the Commander in Cheat? Trump, meanwhile, is establishing The Office of the Former President with a seal copying the Dorset Seal originally owned by George Washington.

Trump has also set up a secure communications skiff in Mar A Lago (apparently as predicted by Q) and has a bomb shelter there as well. Mar A Lago was in fact designed as a Winter White House in the 1920s by its original owner Marjorie Merriwether. These are not signs of defeat and retreat. It’s an offensive, not defensive position.

There’s also the claim that President Trump, during his administration, ended the corporate status of America under the Act of 1871, although we have yet to see solid evidence of that. However, during his visit to Mt Rushmore on July 4th Independence Day, 2020, President Trump reiterated the true ideals of the independent Republic.

Further, it’s claimed that the US is currently under military authority and Biden is merely a figurehead representing the old corporation? Again, solid evidence is lacking, although several thousand US National Guard will remain in Washington DC until March.

Mike Adams, in his January 27th update on Brighteon, says none of his sources have backtracked on earlier intelligence provided, which supports his thesis that a military solution to the election hijacking is on the way. We can only hope.

But wait, you say, Donald J. Trump just

lost the election! Well stop right there. If that’s your belief, you haven’t been paying attention. It is already well known that tens of thousands of alleged “mail-in votes” were suddenly funneled into election tallies in the six key states during the late evening of November 4th and early morning of the 5th.

Before those late hours at around 10pm or earlier – the time when the normal election count would be winding down – President Trump had massive, unassailable leads. But the counting suddenly stopped altogether and late votes began to surge in. In one instance in Georgia, caught on video, election counting supervisors sent observers home at about 10.30pm, saying the count would resume in the morning at 8.30am.

But what the video disclosed was four women vote counters coming back to work at four tables with voting tabulation machines. Shortly after 11pm each of them at different times pulled a vote container on wheels from under a table covered from top to floor with a black cover. The containers had apparently been put there early on election morning.

That is just one incident of many seen across the states on election night. And then there’s the evidence of offshore internet traffic taken off a voting machine in Fulton County, Georgia; the staggering statistical anomalies of more votes than voters in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; the confession of the Italian IT manager and so on.

But back to the prophecy and the daughter of the prophet, Donne Clement-Petruska, who shared the prophecy online on December 17, after pondering it for some time. She noted how it now fitted into the tumultuous situation in America, with the nation sharply divided between “two presidents” with both sides blind to each other. What she saw was “a direct attack on this nation, a divide and conquer strategy… you have these two different groups of people both seeing two different people as their president”.

She was also acutely aware of the electoral fraud that had taken place and the role of the “deep state” that her father’s prophecies referred to more than a decade ago. “There’s been so much betrayal and you can see that deep state, deep inside all of the system – FBI, DOJ, GOP, Democrats – everywhere. It’s everybody, they’re all involved – not all of them, not all the people but in all the places … When my dad prophesied about a nation itching for a new kind of war with America, this is that… We are under attack, it’s a psychological and spiritual attack, not only with COVID but with the outright hypocrisy.”

It is clear from New Testament teaching that prophesy is a spiritual gift (1 Corinthians 12:10). There is also the office of prophet (Ephesians 4:11). Prophecies can also be judged but not despised 1Thessalonians 5:20 because “we know in part and prophesy in part” (1Corinthians 13:9).

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