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Gates plays dumb under intense questioning in 1998

By Lyndesy Symonds

I am sure there will be a celebratory aspect to this visit and partnership with the Australian CoVID Regime which is successfully running the UN genocide on the population here. How many children will the gov’t paedo corruptos sacrifice to Baphomet to get the ball rolling with the new initiatives so to speak?

The Bill Gates entity has definitely been morphed over the years by his Dark Masters – the Fallen Angels . I think he may have had several visits to the Mother Ship in our orbit to get his earth suit sorted out. He has not yet been outfitted as a Grey but he is a Dark Repulsive Force and quite possibly a hybrid entity. He just does not get normal human (Adamic) emotions like concern, empathy etc. I think we could have figured this out for ourselves by now.

Rare footage from 1998 shows Bill Gates pretending not to understand English. The word he just can’t relate to is: ‘concern’. Representatives of the US Justice Dept (for crying out loud) have to assist him in understanding this as a concept. (Could not make this up)

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