Queensland Labor will lose the next election

By staff writers

A recent opinion poll reveals the Queensland Labor Party will lose the next election making way for the Liberal Party to assume office.

It will be by default that the Liberals move in to the plush Executive Building, not by merit.

Qld Liberal leader David .Crisafulli

The polling was conducted by YouGov for the Courier Mail (News Ltd) newspaper using a sample of just 1015 Queenslanders which should send the ALP into a frenzy. If this result can be obtained by such a small specimen then comrade Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is in real trouble.

Cairns News urges the 40 per cent of voters uncommitted about naming a better Premier, to support an independent party if one should be formed between One Nation, Katters Australian Party and United Australia Party.

Cairns News will not support any of these parties if they again choose to go alone. Voters should realise if either of the Deep State-controlled Labor or LNP get into government again, then they are stuck with them for four years.

We should not lose sight of the fact that voter fraud usually decides who takes office in a tight election.

This scenario is an unsavory recipe for another fallacious lock down for some innocuous, contrived pandemic such as avian bird flu. Don’t forget how former Liberal PM Scott Morrison supported the unlawful forced vaxxes and lock downs of the whole nation.

There is no doubt the Labor malcontents are in trouble in North Queensland from where the lion’s share of state income is derived through mining royalties and large scale cattle production including live export cattle which federal Labor wants to stop.

The move by the federal fools to halt the granting of any more coal mining permits threatening tens of thousands of jobs and the now emerging number of 30,000 excess deaths and injuries from Covid jabs has consumed voters who are just beginning to wake up.

Two weeks ago elective surgery at Townsville Base Hospital was halted when 10 vaxx victims all in one day, presented themselves to emergency for severe heart symptoms .

Cairns Base Hospital emergency ward has been overflowing with vaxx victims for many months leaving ambulances ramped up and flowing onto the street for hours on end.

Juvenile car thieves taunt police; “come and get us!” a game brought to Cairns by Queensland Labor.

The poll showed that Queenslanders believe the state was “heading in the wrong direction” no doubt referring to the closure of coal fired power stations and leaving consumers hostage to unreliable and expensive renewables.

In March comrade Premier Palaszczuk said the Labor Party was preparing to legislate a state-based Voice tied to a treaty with Aborigines, an undesirable proposition not lost on voters now that the Voice campaign has dropped to about 40 per cent national support.

The cost of electricity according to government predictions will more than double within 12 months and combined with the 30 per cent increase in most foodstuffs and fuel at nearly $2 per litre has all but bankrupted households.

Then there is the massive youth crimewave with a record number of cars stolen in Cairns last week and a significant increase in car-jacking. The offenders are both black and white but the courts, in spite of the Premier’s much heralded doubling of penalties for youth crime, are ineffective in dealing with the problem.

So far this year 162 cars have been stolen in Cairns and in March alone, 34 cars were knocked off leaving Labor’s tough new juvenile crime laws choking in their dust.