Letter to the Editor

On ANZAC-day people should ask themselves the question: “For what did the ANZACs really fight for? Wasn’t it really for the manifestation of the global elite of Wall Street and the City of London during World War II, so they could continue to use Australian manpower as cannon fodder in Vietnam and all the other wars? Well, this global elite keeps Australia small and sells it to the Chinese bidder and other bidders. 

Had the  Shearers’ Strike on 1 May 1891 in Barcaldine succeeded it had made the ANCAC superfluous because then a Nationalist Labour Republic had been created, neutral from the City of London and Wall Street. Australians could enjoy the fruits of their work in a working men’s paradise according to William Lane, where they could be their own bosses. 

So why celebrate something which was good for Wall Street and the City of London-boys like Bill Gates and George Soros for example who enrich themselves with Australian tax-payers money for the Infertility-problems-creating, ineffective, pathogenic, and sometimes deadly genetic cell therapies? And on top of this, the Australian tax-payer can pay for the sick people who suffer from the beside-effects and contra-indications of these genetic cell therapies. 

From Fritz