What is wokeness? The woke define it as the notion of being “awake” to alleged modes of systemic and cultural oppression.

Why is this useful to the leftist state? Because if certain groups of people, whether these groups be based on race, “gender identity,” or sexuality (or perhaps all three) view themselves as oppressed, then they need the government to come to their rescue.

This gives government more control over our lives, as they protect the “oppressed” people and punish “oppressors”. This keeps people dependent on government, rather than on themselves and their local communities.

Vladimir Putin recently met with the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping, to foster the economic and military relations of Russia and China. Geopolitical shifts are occurring and while Russia and China are fostering their military might and a sense of national pride, our Labor government is concerning itself with the “voice to parliament,” climate change, and calling women who want women’s bathrooms to be for women “Nazis.”

The “voice to parliament” is yet another example of policy that promotes victimhood. Victimhood leads to a sense of entitlement, and if one is entitled, they require someone else (namely, the government) to right the perceived wrongs.

That is why Prime Minister Albanese is entrenching the “voice” into our Constitution – it simply gives more power to the left-wing bureaucrats in Canberra, and if passed, it will be very difficult to unpick.

Meanwhile, Labor’s Minister for Climate Change and Energy, whinges about climate change and our negligible 1% of global carbon emissions just when China is firing up new coal-fired power plants. As a recent article in The Australian explained:

“The second half of last year saw the largest increase in pre-construction capacity [of coal-fired power stations] in China. As a result, China now accounts for 72 per cent of global planned capacity, up from 66 per cent in July.”

According to the Institute of Public Affairs, China controls roughly 80% of the manufacturing supply of solar panels imported into Australia. It’s fair to say that our obsession with so called climate change is weakening our energy independence and strengthening China’s.

Perhaps that is the point.

Our times call for leaders who are proud of their countries, will speak boldly against policies that undermine our sovereignty, and will call out woke whinging for what it is – an attempt to weaken us. We shame our men for their “toxic masculinity,” when courage and strength is needed.

Many on the opposite side of politics think that diversity is our strength, and that with more shaming of our heritage we’ll eventually attain the leftist paradise of complete intersectional equality, in which the government micromanages every aspect of our lives.

The truth is that the more woke we become, the weaker we become, and those who enforce these ludicrous propositions know it.

We must cancel wokeness and call it out for what it is – a threat to our nation’s stability, prosperity, and dignity.