Queensland has experienced its highest road accident toll since 2009, with 299 deaths in 2022 coinciding with the continuous rollout of Covid jabs across the state.

In February the Queensland Transport Minister Mark Bailey, a non-driver, alluded their could be a connection to the Covid jabs but intends yet again to double up on driving penalties and force those renewing drivers licences to undergo road rules refresher tests.

This bus for no apparent reason reportedly veered into the path of a four wheel drive in Cairns in 2022.

There has been a continual spate of serious road accidents over the past 18 months resulting in deaths and hospitalisations.

Every few day newspaper readers are confronted with stories of single vehicle accidents where inexplicably, cars have crashed into trees on straight stretches of safe roads or a vehicle suddenly veering into the path of oncoming cars.

Usually it is reported that drivers suffered a medical episode, which in pre-plandemic years was almost unheard of particularly in regional areas.

Other states have reported similar data.

Europe and America are suffering the same fate as many safe drivers with no accident record suddenly leaving the road or having head-on smashes.

Airline pilots have been suffering similar episodes and the bus industry is having enormous problems world-wide where busloads of passengers have been involved in a crash killing or injuring occupants.

The Queensland Labor Party should realise that punishing drivers with harsher rules and soon much higher vehicle registration costs will do nothing to reduce the road toll.

Making those road users who have had the deadly mRNA jab undergo medical tests for blood clots and heart conditions should be mandatory and paid for by the corporate political parties.

Such a medical intervention would put thousands of drivers off the road.