By Lyndesy Symonds

To plunge a White, ancestrally European population (like the Anglo-Celtic majority of the Australian population) into failed statehood and systemic failure of European infrastructure, Black Rule is always the way to go. Failed Marxist statehood is a specific benchmark where the downward trajectory becomes a vertical drop for every index of social progress and development.

The Backing Communist entity whether it is the UN [as in UNDRIP] or a Communist Bloc nation like the Soviet Union / RF or the People’s Republic of China will ensure that the overseer Black Communist government, its Party and its racial / ethnic composition is good for the Jews, their monolithic, racial collective and world hegemon.

Like the ANC in South Africa, the Aboriginal Industry Box Ticker Party and its corporate rackets is a Communist Front. It is the only hope for these illegitimate corporate entities (now running a genocide on the Australian population) and posing as the Australian government to gain any legitimacy with the United [Communist] Nations in terms of jurisprudence – as our true Constitutional government recognizes the Aboriginal people and their Law a legitimate source of law in Australia.

South Africa on the brink of collapse: no electricity, water shortage, and violent protests.
Jonas Nilsson reports.