Eleven Aboriginal MP’s have lost their Voice, done nothing to improve their lot

Letter to the Editor

The continued land grab and welcome ceremony is heavily grating on the average Aussie nerves. Where once we naturally acknowledged the indigenous people of this country as being here first, we have now reached a point where resentment has replaced acceptance. These are my thoughts on this subject having lived the best part of the last century in this country. Firstly, I would like to see some gratitude shown by the Indigenous to their so-called colonial invaders for reaching their shores before the Spanish and the Portuguese. There are no Mayans left in South America to now push for land rights and complain about their invaders.

Secondly, the real Aboriginal people are not the one’s complaining or pushing for land rights, saying Sorry, welcome ceremony and the Yes vote etc. It is the tar brush activists who want their 5 minutes of glory or easy money from the Globalists. We have 11 Aborigines in Parliament who seem to have lost their VOICE and have done nothing to improve the lives of their people but have plenty to say in criticism of one of their own when she speaks the truth. Plenty to say when a Lefty Agenda is on the table and gives THEM exposure and an excuse to fly around the country and pretend, they care about their people living in tragic circumstances.

Finally, and most importantly! The stolen generation, who probably would not be alive now to act as victims and all who claim to be of the Indigenous lineage, who are now educated, dressing, eating and living a colonial life, should be made to denounce that life if they claim to be Indigenous. If they want to live in a Western Society and have the privileges that it gives them; If they choose civilization over their original roots of living off the land, it would be a hate crime and racist for them to attack civilized society. You cannot live as a White and have the privileges of an Indigenous person. The Lefty circus that has been going on, that has been financed by Globalists has to STOP! The reason for Land Rights was exposed decades ago by G. McDonald in: RED OVER BLACK; Behind the Aboriginal Land Rights!


He, spoke of Communism behind the Land Rights, which has now become Globalism. Same thing under a different name. Time to speak the truth and stop this insidious takeover of OUR land where we worked so hard to create this wonderful civilization.
They are welcomed to their original land, without the civilization they are enjoying created by Colonialism.

From Anna Fern


Editor: We do not include Senator Jacinta Price in this mob.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. His-Story has been arranged by those telling the story; Never forget that; Or probably more importantly, if you are one who believes everything you read, educate yourself on how to read between the (lies) lines;

    This land now named Australia was NOT found on the back of Invaders; There was no great Army Force that came here and took over the place; There were no battles for the taking of ground;

    Yes, The British came here and planted Their Flag in the ground and decided that it would make a great place to start a New Colony of Imperial subjects; SUBJECTS; Let that word sink in for a moment;

    The “Royal Navy Fleet” was NOT crowded with White Privilege of the type wanting to leave a somewhat civilised Britain for a better civil life in Van Diemen’s Land; No. Rather, those ships set sail full to the Gunnels with “convicts”, prisoners of The Empire; Most below the decks of those Vessels were impoverished who were captured “stealing” to get some food in their famished bellies; Lord Fatsy and his Minions controlled every aspect of “life” in 1700’s Britain; There was Filthy Rich and Utterly Poor with no middle ground anywhere; Lord Fatsy stuffed his face with the labours of the poor; Read Familiar?;

    The “first settlers” were NOT free men, women or children; The His-Story books tell us of Convicts who committed vast crimes against the Empire and so were shipped off to a far away land in the South Pacific; Convicts my arse! The Tall Ships of the Royal Navy were loaded with Slaves; Poor and often destitute White Slaves; Slaves that were captured by The Empire and transported to a naked island to build a New Colony for The Empire;

    Many on those Ships did not make the journey; They perished at sea and were tossed overboard like chum; Of those below deck that did survive, many were malnourished and diseased; Only TurnCoats and Their Keepers arrived in reasonably good health; The TurnCoats were few; The Keepers were many;

    Those that got to the shores of “Australia” were NOT free to do as they please; They were forced labour; All this non-sense about an “invasion” is farcical; Yes, there were some “convicts” who joined with the Keepers and hunted anybody who attempted to be Free; Many Aborigine joined with the Keepers as well; The TurnCoats and Aborigine defectors were under the promise of “a free hold of land” to do their foul work of controlling the Slaves; The Minions had already established among themselves their Free Hold; Aborigines AND Caucasians were murdered by Fatsy’s Minions if they bucked The Empires will; Again, Read Familiar?

    This “Nation” was built on the back of Slavery; No if’s; No buts; You can call those slaves Convicts all you like, but they were to all intent, Slaves;

    The British Empire is the Bastard that needs to be held to account; Not the average man and woman of Australia


  2. Black Attack and instant karma. We are talking here about an average IQ in 2 digits. It’s OK to be White, opportunistic and creative.


  3. NOT AUSTRALIA’S first!!!!!!


  4. Our Murri friends in the north have a great laugh when some painted blackfellas run around Parliament House in Canberra
    trying to light up green eucalyptus leaves. These MP’s are the most gullible people in Australia bar a few. Is it any wonder the country is in such a deplorable state. Ed


  5. It may help south and eastern state residents to gain perspective if they are aware that northern Aborigines refer to their southern brethren as coconuts… ie brown on the outside and white on the inside.

    Northern people shake their heads, perplexed, by all these references to ‘auntie’ and ‘uncle’. How could everybody older possibly be only uncle or auntie? What happened to the fifty or so other relationships? here known as Gurrutu; which is part of Aboriginal Law.

    And what the hell is the meaning of all these “smoking ceremonies”? What precisely, are the spirits being driven away, and why? These clowns are pretending to practice a culture they lost a century ago, and it simply is not possible to resurrect this by mimicking videos from Arnhem, to paintings from Tiwi or the Centre, playing instruments (yidaki) never used south of the NT and Kimberly coast.

    The gullibility of some white people is quite mind-boggling. None of which I would mind. That is what suckers are for, to be sucked in, so I am not moralising on the obvious petty frauds. But these clowns keep speaking for the people of the north and they have never consulted with them first. That is my objection. We do not represent you coconuts so don’t represent us.

    All we ask for is simple democracy, which you are intent on taking away from us with the ‘Voice’.

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  6. Robyn Hefferan

    Very well expressed Anna

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  7. The author said – “Secondly, the real Aboriginal people are not the one’s complaining or pushing for land rights, saying Sorry, welcome ceremony and the Yes vote etc. It is the tar brush activists who want their 5 minutes of glory or easy money from the Globalists.”

    Got that right.

    The author also said – “The stolen generation, who probably would not be alive now to act as victims and all who claim to be of the Indigenous lineage, who are now educated, dressing, eating and living a colonial life, should be made to denounce that life if they claim to be Indigenous.”

    The “Stolen Generation” is essentially a work of propaganda.

    Form the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia [ https://www.nfsa.gov.au/collection/curated/rabbit-proof-fence ] …

    “Rabbit-Proof Fence tells the true story of Molly, Gracie and Daisy – three Aboriginal girls in Western Australia, 1931 who are forcibly abducted from their mothers.”

    “True story” my arse. Complete and utter bullshit, institutionalised into the official Australian government narrative.

    Molly herself, at the original screening of this masterpiece of politically correct embellishment of history, said “That’s not my story!” Molly explained that her mother had asked the social services people to take Molly because she didn’t have the means to look after her, and Molly also said that she was treated very well by all the white people she encountered.

    Funny how the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia doesn’t mention any of that – because the f*cking TRUTH doesn’t fit the BS government narrative.

    In any case, I disagree with your suggestion that an Aboriginal person should be made to denounce the Western affluent lifestyle if they claim to be Indigenous. The proper solution would be to DECOUPLE the Indigenous status from the unconditional PRIVELEGES it seems to attract in the current Australian political context (and let’s be honest here – POLITICS is EXACTLY what this is all about).

    Bottom line – you’re either Australian, or you’re not. Any other mindset is a fast track to national suicide.


  8. Anna Fern, anyone with one-sixteenth of a brain must agree. Thank you for your concise summary of the continuing greed of those who wear the hat of an Australian indigenous person. I want to add that their deceitful and powerful propaganda machine has manipulated a changed history of early events during the colonisation of Australia, is now taught as gospel in schools, and has effectively boosted the popularity of blaming descendants of their so-called invaders for present drunkenness, the right to commit crimes against the innocent, land grabs where they will rule with their laws while still collecting social security from the Australian nation, and continue to be kept without working in homes, food, clothing, cars and luxuries that the average tax paying individual cannot afford.
    Stop the subliminal brainwashing of this welcome-to-country rubbish. This covert propaganda began in 1976 when entertainers Ernie Dingo and Richard Walley developed and recorded a ceremony to welcome a group of Māori artists participating in the Perth International Arts Festival. But on the net, it is written that Welcome to Country is an actual ceremony that the First Nations have practised for thousands of generations! If accurate, why are we welcoming the indigenous to their own country? They should show gratitude for lifting them from their standard living poverty and trying to impart social decency.
    Australians have always accepted propaganda against themselves, believing they are born with the original biblical sin tattooed on their forehead.
    Here, instead of identifying as an Australian of other descent, generations of people born in Australia today do not identify as Australian of Greek, Lebanese, Armenian or whatever decent; instead, they claim their forebear’s nationality. Are they Australians? Most of these people forbid one of their own to marry Australian! It is great to be proud of our heritage but not to accept the country and the welcoming people who gave them a home, education and quality of everyday life.
    Most importantly, in all other countries, an immigrant or visitor must respectfully obey the law of the land. Here authorities even want to stop celebrating Australia Day and ANZAC Day because it may hurt the feelings of migrants. And we have ghettos where Australians, not dressed in traditional gear worn by those who reside in the ghetto, are attacked.
    It is time for many changes in this country. But how can that happen? Australia is still a penal colony, so it seems.

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  9. Hi Editor I agree with most of what Anna Fern has said. The start was when Whitlam created an industry in being Aboriginal. The start of the takeover of splitting up the people into groups. Dick


  10. Lee-Ann Blackley

    Couldn’t agree more.


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