Dropping dead in sport from mRNA vaxx is now tagged by MSM as ‘on the field illness’

By columnist Lyndesy Symonds

The Big Jew msmedia Honkers on the Networks have their CoVID Narrative Maintenance cut out for them with celebs like Bieber who are cancelling tours and gigs. Of course they are never going to feature the Pfizer Eye or the real twerks and sterks of this whole new twist to drugs, pop, rock and roll – post the 2020 global pandemic hoax.

For Football celebs who collapse mid game on livestream, they have already created new codes and terms to normalize the unthinkable for the braindead.

In football the CoVID Vaxx Heart Attack/Stroke is now being reported as the sudden “on the pitch illness” or sudden “on field illness”. It’s a sudden OPI or a sudden OFI.

So for Bieber I would say this is a sudden on pop illness: an OPI.

#Died Suddenly is covering it:

Now they classify cardiac arrest as an “on pitch illness”
“Our defender Sylla Moustapha died this evening after an illness on the pitch.https://t.co/l1NDjD3LUV

— DiedSuddenly (@DiedSuddenly_) March 7, 2023

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I wonder if any Scientist is looking at the possibility of Phaeodactylum tricornutum (P. Tricornutum), (a marine diatom) being in the mysterious clinical trial injections.

    Scientists have known it was a promising diatom as a platform of pharmaceutical production.

    ‘A cell factory for natural and genetically engineered products that could be ‘genetically transformed’.

    A diatom that could have a major role in global carbon and silicon cycles.

    Proposed as a candidate for a synthetic genome project Pt-syn1.0

    With a rapid growth rate and large quantities of lipids.

    What Scientists do know is that Alkylquinolone has an inhibitory effect on it.
    2-alkyl-4-quinolones inhibit the growth of microalgae.

    So it wouldn’t happen to be a silicon looking/fibrous clot feeding ‘thing’ as found by Morticians in the ‘died suddenly’ victims would it?

    Long and short; Hydroxychloroquine belongs to the quinolone family.

    Probably nothing to see there.
    Be nice if someone checked though.


  2. Having paid the Ultimate Price for not folding. I could not give a Rats Arse what happens to the Sheep that lined up for the “magic juice”.

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  3. First there was the hypnotic spell cast by MSM & political POS. The media spell has been largely replaced by self-censorship under the shadow cast by personal ego.
    What will break that spell? Imagine Justin Beiber or US footballer Damar Hamlin (who might be under duress to not tell their story, eg covert death threats to self or family) expressing their real thoughts about the toxic effects of the bio-weapon. That might start an avalanche of truth-telling.
    Imagine another 1,000 celebrities and high profile individuals in medicine, media, legal circles doing the same thing.
    For those who got sucked in by the plandemic psy-op, it’s a matter of dropping the idea that ‘I’ got it wrong; and for those who didn’t get sucked in, it’s a matter of dropping the tendency to blame the vax-injured as being the initial architects of this shitshow.


  4. wontbedenied said – “Watch nature from behind the safety of your glass windows…”

    I’d much rather watch all the genocidal Globalist stooges and their psychopath mentors from behind the safety of glass – preferably floating in formaldehyde.


  5. Surely it MUST be connected to CLIMATE CHANGE somehow…..i’m sure the boffins at Monash Uni are already preparing the White Paper that will definitely prove that Climate Related Heart issues are VERY real…….”if people stop exercising, playing sports or doing any other form of Accelerated Co2 output, this problem of heart attacks, brain embolisms, blood clots, turbo cancers, death spirals and unexpected deaths will be eradicated in 10 years”

    Stay indoors; Watch TV; Read Newspapers; Participate in Virtual reality games; Watch nature from behind the safety of your glass windows…..doing simple selfless acts like being a lifeless drone will help keep us all safe


  6. tonyryan43 said – “Nobody yet knows what the effect will be, of clustering of red blood cells in your capillaries. One possibility is necrotising of that tissue, which may mean gangrene.”

    Yes we do Tony, we DO know. All those people who had fingers, toes, arms and legs amputated shortly after their fake “vaccine” injections know.

    Funnily enough (laughable if it weren’t so tragic) any Web search produces truckloads of reports alleging that the fake Corona Chan “virus” has caused all the amputaions. That’s the scale of the Globalist-controlled BS that’s being spewed at us.

    Let’s just keep in mind that they’ve been KILLING so many thousands of innocent people in the hospital death-camps with Fauci’s patented poison Remdesivir and forced ventilation and deliberate starvation and general medical malpractice – all protocols designed specifiacally to KILL the victims – and blaming all of this on the fake Corona Chan “virus” while the hospitals and so-called medical “professionals” keep getting paid their juicy cash bonuses by our fake Globalist-owned “governments”.

    So it’s just as bad as you propose, and actually way worse. Now we have no “medical system”. Hospitals are death camps – period. They get paid by the fake “governments” to KILL you, and so they do.

    Same applies to nursing homes. Folks, if you love your elders, then take care of them YOURSELF. If you hand them over to a nursing home, they’re DEAD MEAT.

    Strange – very strange indeed – that this rolling shitstorm has yet to bubble to the surface after THREE YEARS of this attempted global genocide with a fake Corona Chan “virus” and fake “vaccine” bioweapons” accompanied by fake “governments” and fake “police” going full retard totalitarian on their constituents, while the fake Globalist-owned media sings their siren songs to keep trusting “the system”.

    Where are the “arrests”? Where is the “acountability”? Where are the hordes of people rising up to drag these arseholes into the streets and administer some otherwise unobtainable justice?

    Answer: crickets.

    If that’s any indication of the general public’s capacity for situational awareness, then God help us all as the looming arsenal of NEW Globalist fake “crises” and assaults on our existence start to bite. The Hunger Games is looking rather prescient right about now.

    Seriously – God help us, because I don’t see no “White Hats” riding in to save us.

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  7. Stupid is as stupid does.

    If you are fool enough to believe doctors and politicians, you have a one in 800 chances of dropping dead of Myocarditis, cardiomylitis, a blood clot, or brain injury. If you survive long enough to get boosters, the PEG will reduce your immune system by 7% for each shot, which means that by booster three, you are 35% compromised.

    Your doctor, APHRA, AMA, TGA, and ATAGI, will assure you that you should have a “safe and effective” booster every six months, so by jab 10 your immune system will be reduced by 70%, which means ordinary flu can kill you.

    But, don’t worry, if you have any past cancers, or some resting benignly and harmlessly in your body, expect these to become so-called “turbo cancers” and consume you in a few months.

    Nobody yet knows what the effect will be, of clustering of red blood cells in your capillaries. One possibility is necrotising of that tissue, which may mean gangrene. But by year three of jibby-jabbing, some or all of you will have protein growths up to feet-long blocking your arteries. These are previously unknown to humanity.

    If you eat egg yokes, you will inhibit the production and activity of spike proteins, which may explain why somebody in NZ burned down an egg farm. The smart thing to do is “Say No To Clot Shots” and join with the wisely unvaxxed to rid the nation of these mass murderers. Then, with a government of the people, we can fund science to find a way to cure you.

    Meanwhile, keep your distance from 5G towers.


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