Malawi president petitioned to investigate cultist Madonna for human trafficking

Satanic queen of sleaze Madonna as she appears on a CNN web page extolling her upcoming global tour in July. Below: Madonna in one of her occult-themed costumes at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2018 (AP picture).

THE global media’s so-called queen of pop, the multi-Grammy Award winning Madonna, has been accused of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, fraud, and exposing African children under her organisation’s care to homosexual and transgender propaganda.

A charitable organisation named the Ethiopian World Federation (EWF) has petitioned the government of Malawi to investigate the performer’s orphanage, established in the early 2000s after she adopted four children from Malawi in 2006, Beitbart reports.

Madonna founded a charity called Raising Malawi, supposedly a not-for-profit organization that seeks to support orphans and at-risk children through health and education programs. Raising Malawi was run by the Kabbalah cult she was associated with. Then in 2011 she cut the cult’s ties with her charity, following a damning audit.

The EWF group alleges Madonna used her Malawian adopted son, David Banda, “for sexual exploitation and social experiments.” Banda appears to have turned “trans”, and has been photographed wearing women’s clothes, makeup, and jewellery. The EWF also claims that Madonna made false statements that David’s father was absent when she applied for adoption.

EWF, formed in 1937 to aid Ethiopians who settled abroad, has asked Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera to “restrict [Madonna’s] and her associates’ accessibility to Africa and to African children as a precautionary measure until a thorough investigation is done into child trafficking, sex exploitation, sexual slavery, adoption reversal, threat of coercion, fraud, deception and abuse of power or vulnerability.”

EWF’s petition notes that Malawi’s penal code bans “indecent practices between females” and inducements for children to behave as such. Madonna’s 1992 pornographic book “Sex” was presented as evidence that “the singer is very interested in promoting such practices”. The petitioners felt that book alone should have been enough to block Madonna’s eventually successful efforts to adopt Malawian children in 2006.

But global media is silent about the call for the investigation and Reuters, MSM and CNN, for instance, are enthusiastically touting the performer’s upcoming so-called “celebration tour” to 35 cities worldwide, featuring four decades of her hit songs.

In stark contrast, a website called Judiciary, run by prominent Jamaican and Florida resident Aisha Goodison, accuses Madonna of fraud, charity fraud, theft, commissioning assaults and worse and having ties to the mafia via family and business.

“Madonna is a thief and con artist who has not only stolen copyrights from day one as the basis for her fraudulent career, she has stolen the money and assets of people she targeted via the Kabbalah cult. Madonna has also committed charity fraud in soliciting over $100,000,000 in donations for African children in Malawi, but kept 95% of the money for herself.”

Goodison launched an unsuccessful lawsuit against the FBI and Department of Justice in 2009 over their negligence in handling her complaints against “entertainment industry members involved in the occult, Hollywood’s Kabbalah Center cult, who have been allowed to stalk, terrorize, threaten, harass, abuse and assault her for years” resulting in traumatic brain hemorrhage injuries.

“Aisha’s life is at stake and the aforementioned Hollywood harassers need to be restrained and a protective order issued,” the lawsuit noted. “The Plaintiff seeks injunctive relief and the immediate release of all records and files in their entirety, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice, regarding her, her copyrights, companies, ventures and the Madonna case she filed a complaint about in 2005. She further seeks all files and records bearing her name …”

Goodison claims Madonna used the so-called “Hollywood fixer” and serial criminal Anthony Pelicano as her private investigator, and paid him $100,000 per person he spied on, threatened and abused. “Pellicano would make death threats against innocent people’s children, whom celebrities such as Madonna paid him to illegally target. Pellicano would even wait outside their schools, take pictures of their kids and send photos to the parents with death threats on the pics written in red markers (implying blood and death),” Judicial Report noted.

Madonna calls herself a priestess and has been a practitioner of Kabbalism, the mystical cult arm of Judaism, since the 1990s. But Madonna is also known for her blatant on-stage stylized satanic rituals and pornographic videos.

She bought a multi-million pound townhouse in central London and converted it into a Kabbalah centre for other followers who include the emotionally disturbed pop star Britney Spears, old-time satanist Mick Jagger, Paris Hilton and actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. The cult’s founder Philip Berg died in September 2013 and was entombed in a massive, purpose-built mausoleum in northern Israel.

According to The Guardian Berg was the man for whom she lobbied Downing Street, claiming that Kabbalah water had removed all radioactivity from a lake in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The Guardian article raised questions about Madonna’s non-appearance at Berg’s funeral.

Yehuda Berg (Philip’s son and Kabbalah Center co-director), was sued for drugging, sexually assaulting and threatening to kill a young woman who joined the center in Los Angeles. A court judgment was levied against him in the case.

This is the third time the performer’s dealings with African children has been engulfed in controversy. It emerged in 2011 that $3.8 million supposedly to be spent on a school in Malawi was squandered on architects, design and salaries and two cars for employees who had not even been hired yet. Neither had the title for the land been obtained.

In 2017, Reuters reported the singer won a Malawi Supreme Court appeal to allow her to adopt two more girls, a children’s charity in Malawi named Eye of the Child warned that the country was “really putting our children in a big danger and Madonna’s win “would facilitate trafficking of children” by encouraging more adoption.

When Madonna began adopting her four Malawi infants, she did not meet adoption requirements such as living in Malawi for at least 18 continuous months. Breitbart says at the time the singer was accused of leveraging her fame and wealth to “bully” Malawian officials and demand “VIP treatment.”

She founded Raising Malawi in 2006, allegedly to “support orphans and vulnerable children with critical resources including education, medical care, food and shelter, and psychosocial support.”

Madonna’s “coffee table book” Sex featuring sadomasochism and gay porn stars photographed in Madonna performing sex acts that were not disclosed during her adoption case in 2006 in Lilongwe, Malawi. According to the EWF petition Madonna had to sign a contract that forbade the book from including images of child pornography, bestiality, or religious imagery.

EWF notes that shortly after signing that agreement, Madonna founded the company Maverick, a partnership with Time Warner, and she now holds total artistic control over any work released by Maverick, which is now the publisher of Sex. The former agreement she signed with Time Warner over sexually explicit content in the book Sex is now null and void.

EWF alleges the “psychology behind her ability to release child pornography, religious imagery, bestiality and vulgar pornography prompted her to open an orphanage in Malawi named ‘Raising Malawi’ in 2006 to host social experiments on vulnerable African children in Malawi.”

As far back as 1984, the singer shocked MTV viewers with pornographic imagery, rolling around on the floor of the network’s award stage wearing a wedding dress and singing “Like a Virgin.”

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  1. Let us hope Malawi does not have this type of problem


  2. “France and Russia will unite in years to come to really squash Germany. France and Russia both feel menaced by Germany, and they will unite forces to end that threat, and the German race will be scattered among other nations in the same manner as Jews are now scattered among other nations”.

    Just ‘another prophecy’ that involves some of what (may or not) will come in these troubled times.

    Many ‘outcomes’ in those prophetic tales over the ages also close with:

    ‘….. all races will intermarry so that at last there shall be only one race and it shall be known as the Race of Tan because the mixture of all colours, white, black, yellow, and brown, will result in a very pleasant tan shade. At this stage in the evolution of the Earth it shall be the Golden Age, the age of peace, the age of tranquility and of high occult knowledge’.

    The age of peace and tranquility will have neither room for globally $ponsored politics or religion nor money changing and hidden identities as the cloak of illusions will have vanished into what they always were – illusion.


  3. Russia’s response to Germany: – don’t say you weren’t warned!.


  4. Russia ordered the nationwide mobilization in Sept 2022 claiming the West wants to destroy Russia. Some reports have his statement as the West wants to break up Russia. Perhaps this assumes that Ukraine, the whole of Ukraine, is part of Russia. Ukraine has declared its independence many times and is always re-invaded by Russia. What else is new?

    That Ukraine is a ZOG can not be doubted (as is the Soviet Union, I might add), but the Official Narrative and Party Line from the Kremlin has been that Ukraine with all those bio-weapons labs, Western regime change and corruption etc is a danger to Russia. And this was one of the justifications of the Feb 2022 invasion. Russia has its own bioweapons labs and secret cities in the Urals, so given this reason it would be like the nations of the former Poland – Lithuania invading Russia because of all its nukes, bioweapons labs etc is a danger to them (Which it is). And Russia / Soviet Union have this habit over the centuries of invading those nations.

    The reason why the hands of the Doomsday Clock have shifted is because Germany is now at war with Russia.


  5. Washington has just delivered another piece of symbolic esoteric messaging: The ‘Doomsday Clock’ has now been moved to 90 seconds to Midnight [i.e. ‘Doomsday’].

    Obviously dropping a few hints to their initiates.


  6. Definitely a sick-o. All Western nations have clearly lost the Marxist Culture Wars in terms of the commercial culture created by the Jews. It is completely toxic. Movies, plays, songs, literature – toxic and worse: Satanic. English / American commercial popular culture as exemplified by cultural icons like this Featured Sicko is particularly Satanic, nihilistic – the equivalent of racial and national cyanide.

    But the real national and Christian cultures of the Western nations continue to grow among the people. And in those cultures Afrikaans and Dutch are the languages which have the best songs of the Counter Revolution, songs which come out of the stand the people of these nations are making against their Communist Regimes of the EUSSR, the ANC and the Netherlands.

    This is the music we should be listening to in the original. Like English – Akrikaans and Dutch have their roots in Old Friesian. The words are not that hard for us but it is the sound of this music, the chords, themes and voices that are needed by the English speaking generations who grew up on toxic Jew commercial culture.

    Verkseie kunstenaars – Die Land (Afrikaans is Groot – 2018)


  7. No surprises about Madonna in that article. Her music over the decades undoubtedly shows she was an avid devil worshipper and had made a pact with the devil just like our good old friend Bob Dylan who explained in an interview, “It’s a destiny thing. I made a devil’s bargain and I’m holding up my end” . As to the question of “whom he sold his soul to” Bob Dylan ‘ answer was “to the chief commander on this earth and in the world we can’t see” .

    As a matter of fact most of the artists in the Music Industry have made the same pact with the “chief commander” and in return, at the end, he comes and collects their soul for Eternal Damnation. Examples of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince and many more come to mind. Their death is not a pleasant one, a dire reminder that the devil does not really care about anything but what he can get out of them to pursue his own cause and in the end throws them out as a piece of used dirty rag. Yet many are ready to trade their soul for this temporal glory and riches and with absolutely no peace of mind. Sad really.


  8. Pat from Vic, Your comment reflect that you did not read the whole article and or did not comprehend.
    Your comment: (Dude)(Example of attacking the messenger.) “(Dude,) those horses have bolted. The gates have been open for so long now, there’s nothing left in the stable.”

    >We “The Australian population”let them go away, and we did very little,
    92% agreed to all the Mandates that’s the reason we are stuffed!
    NO bloody backbone, totally gullible… Did you agree to your governments mandates?

    I think by now most readers of Cairns News have realised that we have only have criminals in power (Governments/Courts of Law, etc.) And because we have let everything go to far we are Stuffed at the moment unless more people wake – up ASAP…

    Here again just in case your computer did not display the proper website.


  9. aapkoning said – “They have been waging war against us for 3 years now and they will not stop. We need to stop them at the ballot box and the courts.”

    Dude, those horses have bolted. The gates have been open for so long now, there’s nothing left in the stable.

    Then aapkoning said – “This is war, they are waging war with you, know the enemy and respond with clear thinking.”

    That’s the spirit.


  10. And here just to refresh our memories: “July 8, 2022”
    Your government is trying to kill you and depopulate the planet – Official government reports, confidential Pfizer documents and livelihood crisis costs prove that.

    In 1993 a book was published by a former MI6 spy, Dr. John Coleman. In that book, Dr. Coleman the following –

    “At least 4 billion “useless eaters” will be wiped out by the year 2050 through limited wars, staged epidemics of deadly fast-acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food, and water will be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite, starting with the white populations of Western Europe and North America and then moving on to other races.

    The populations of Canada, Western Europe, and the United States will be decimated faster than on other continents until the world’s population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will be Chinese and Japanese races, chosen because they are human who have been subject for centuries and who are accustomed to obeying authority without question.”

    Many people would probably dismiss the above claims as “tinfoil hat nonsense,” writes .

    But unfortunately, official government data, confidential Pfizer documents, and real-world events such as the current cost-of-living crisis, the alleged imminent climate change catastrophe, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ongoing development of Artificial Intelligence, strongly that there is an agenda to depopulate the world, and that your government is, essentially, trying to KILL YOU…

    Come on Readers please Study the above article, and educate yourselves… Please…
    For the readers in Australia: Tell Anthony Albanese to stick his coming Mandates up his Compost outlet…

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  11. As far I can see, the same for this Madonna creature, she can like the rest F*ck of,
    F*ck your ineffective face masks, F*ck your fraudulent lethal mRNA Pfizer & Moderna COVID gene vaccine, F*ck your vaccine passports, F*ck your green climate scams, F*ck your digital ID & CBDCs

    F*ck your social credit bullshit, f*ck your wars, f*ck everything you did to us with COVID lockdown madness cause we will hold you accountable no matter how long it takes you are the COVID Taliban we are the COVID hunters.

    Yes, the big Kill is coming and I credit my friend Dr. Hodkinson for coining this expression. #diedsuddenly. Yes, why is “suddenly died” one of the most searched words in the media today? This hashtag #diedsuddenly, writes Drs. Paul Alexander. (See also his website inside above link)

    We as good people did not deserve this. They had their sick twisted hegemony dark intent, but didn’t need to harm us along the way.

    They have been waging war against us for 3 years now and they will not stop. We need to stop them at the ballot box and the courts. We have no choice.

    This is war, they are waging war with you, know the enemy and respond with clear thinking. Use your critical thinking now.

    We (you, all readers here, all of us) are uniquely powerful people, individuals, young and old and for all the good you ever do, we praise and praise you and thank you. And for all the injustice in COVID, we will make sure we get justice and accountability in the courts, tribunals, hearings. You have to.

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  12. “When Materialism opened the gates of Babylon the carnal tsunami washed the world with foolish virgins and now you have to mind where you go because so many people are not paying attention to where they are going”.

    “There are times when The World falls into the wrong hands. It doesn’t last… but it can last long enough to make you regret being there. In times like these… because it is times like these that I am referring to, a wiser mind retreats from the thoroughfare… stays out of the bright lights because of all the dark alleys they could be pulled into, where the attractions are all used and abused and pedestrian to begin with; junk food for junk lives.

    You already got a candle. Now all you need is a light”. Les Visible on TTS

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  13. Madonna:
    “Not everyone is coming to the future . .
    Not everyone that’s here is gonna last . .
    Don’t like the person in your class, so you let ’em die . . ”
    She knows.


  14. Her direction in Life totally planned and designed by the Chosen Ones – Hollywood-by all the Steins. If people do not know yet what’s going on for many years, the Goyim is finished…
    Waking up is needed ASAP, now not tomorrow…
    Please read also article below…
    Gates, while under criminal investigation, visits his boy Anthony.
    “Wait until Anthony Albanese, forces the agreements he and Billy Gates have agreed on…”
    (Because he is thankful for the increase in his Fiat bank account.)
    New viruses, New Vaxxes, New lock-downs, and the Gullible Mum’s and Dad’s are begging again to get the killer Jabs, because we want Safety and NO Freedom…
    You do not need to be a rocket scientist here.
    Who will help this country / society… and its population?
    Waking up is needed ASAP, now not tomorrow…

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