Dopey Douglas Shire cuts down iconic coconut trees

Coconut palm trees have been declared a noxious weed in the tropical wonderland of Douglas Shire and its attractive beach suburbs north of the sugar township of Mossman, 80 klms north of Cairns.

Pic: Cairns Post

Social media commentators are enraged the council has cut down more than 30 vibrant young coconut trees at Newell Beach.

Tourists and local ratepayers have questioned why a shire including the tourist mecca of Port Douglas, which depends on Australian and international tourism would wantonly destroy beautiful, swaying tropical coconut trees, the epitome of a tropical paradise.

What is a beach without coconut palms? Local children collect fallen coconuts to extract nature’s most wholesome, fibrous food source and milk which is known for its marvelous therapeutic qualities.

These palm trees hold together the sand dunes and foreshores halting erosion with their vast fibrous root systems.

Hobbyists create all sorts of trinkets and ornaments with coconut shells which are sold at local markets.

Commercial interests have developed a huge market for coconut juice drinks.

Gympie-Gympie stinger tree found in most rainforests

Yet Douglas Shire Council, filled with Greens councilors and based at Mossman on the edge of the world-renowned Daintree rainforest has been cutting down the iconic trees because of some warped ideology reminiscent of a Hanson-Young nightmare.

Mayor Michael Kerr said juvenile coconut palms were an invasive species that threatened rainforest and coastal vine thickets.

Cr Kerr obviously has never tried to walk through a coastal vine thicket found in rainforests and wet sclerophyll. If he did he would probably still be there caught up by vicious, thorny wait-a-while vines that can cut flesh like a razor blade or be seeking urgent medical care after being stung by a highly toxic Gympie stinging tree.

What tourists frolicking on a beach would want to share a similar fate?

Cr Kerr should try to tell the blackfellas that coconut palms are an invasive species. Cairns News knows what response he would get.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Rosaleen&Ted French

    They must be absolute B8888y nut cases.


  2. Pat from Vic… Couldn’t a put it better myself, mate. This is why Australia’s founding fathers excluded local government from the Constitution. They recognised that local councils are the opposite of democracy. Nests of vipers and white collar criminals. They cut some coconuts down in Nhulunbuy too. The other day, they cut down every tree in the shopping centre car park, leaving a desert oven to park in.

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  3. I would really like to meet Michael Kerr. He would not survive the encounter.

    Some lawyers said that falling coconuts kill passersby, which is nonsense. The fruit should be removed every few months and planted. Coconuts are a highly stable plant for tropical beaches and should be encouraged.

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  4. The author said – “Tourists and local ratepayers have questioned why a shire including the tourist mecca of Port Douglas, which depends on Australian and international tourism would wantonly destroy beautiful, swaying tropical coconut trees, the epitome of a tropical paradise.”

    It goes without saying – “local councils” are basically self-serving fiefdoms populated by arseholes who believe that they wield authority over the rate-paying rabble. These self-appointed local “elites” have their heads shoved so far up their own arses that it’s hard to know which end to talk to.

    In their vision for the world, WE serve THEM – that’s why they send the “Sherriff” around to throw any deadbeats who don’t cough up the protection money OUT OF THEIR HOUSE.

    Just one more band of racketeering crooks destined for the hangman’s noose.

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  5. Yes Cat Duck, that is a valid explanation also. Like their notorious counterparts and environmental vandals the CCC and their crooked leader – you can guarantee it’s well dodgy. In my suburb alone, numerous well established trees were murdered before the godawful bright lights were installed. Subsequently, much too unpleasant to try and chill on the balcony at night. Thanks mortards!



    Good point DJ.

    Could the palms and other plants be blocking someone’s water views?

    A friend of a friend or developer maybe.

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  7. Sorry folks;
    I live in northern Sydney…I woke up to the IDIOTS A LONG TIME AGO!!
    Coconut Palm trees a weed?; ‘My arse’, as the Poms would say! Cr iminal Kerr is the weed! And an ARSE! [and crawls].
    I have been a member of the Queensland based Palm Society for yonks!
    I have all sorts of RARE palms growing here in Normanhurst; which include some rare Queensland Palms. Funny how the Palm Trees grew in a line on the shore! None of my palms have turned noxious [like Kerr!]. Kerr is racist! Or is ‘it’ a ‘Specialist’!! [New word for the ‘WOKE’ made up by me].
    Grow up, you bloody idiots that weasel into one of the three tiers of ‘Guv’?

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  8. I really think we need to look far deeper into the nefarious ‘reasoning’ behind this – other than “eliminating a food source.” Doubt that coconuts are suddenly going to vanish from fruit and vege stands everywhere. They are specifically farmed. Would suggest people pay very close attention to anything odd emerging where these trees were previously standing. Here’s a hint…5G… surveillance…or those intensely bright lights – which have been mysteriously appearing right across Cairns during this year.


  9. Who says the council fwits are actually nuts?

    If anyone still hasn’t worked out that all these madcap schemes and shows are a REAL AND DELIBERATE threat to our existence they’re still asleep.


  10. More dopey greens legislation, surprised they didn’t go oh&s over the coconuts falling, but signage should cover that.


  11. Local council/corporation minions are following the WEF orders… Cos they live in fear… & They have forgotten how to think for themselves… All part of the Eugenics program


  12. I agree with all the commenters who said it was about depriving people of a food source! It is most definitely not about the environment.


  13. Who are these lunatics, who declared coconut palm trees a noxious weed?

    Of course their real aim is really about depriving & to prevent the general population of reaping the wonderful therapeutic qualities of coconut oil, directly from nature, available so freely.

    Obviously they don’t like the local kids collecting them, to ensure that they are kept less healthier.

    It’s just another way/ avenue for the psychopaths, to destroy the natural food supply.


  14. Has anyone thought of having them charged with vandalism? and get them to pay for the damage. they arn’t immune from prosecution. go to court and lodge the paperwork and get it done, stop complaining and act instead. they are not there to do as they want, they are there to represent and work for the community.


  15. twisted minds in all areas of governments means that our next generations need to be saved Now…..Madness is a sign of our time….even Coconut Palms now attacked…..


  16. thank you GS….seems like they do not know what else to do with their time and tax payers money. a twisted mind in nearly all areas of power now attacking even the Coco Palm! our history seems dim with all those insane attitudes.


  17. Pretty sure the bat infestation in Port Douglas holds a greater threat to humans than a palm tree on a beach.


  18. Your city is tracking you

    Marion Brennan
    You are wonderfull Senator Antic, pointing all of this out, I had NO idea that all of this ” Spying ” equipment was here! (And why is it needed)!!!! Who collects this info and why? I thank you for keeping us updated ? and Know this YOU ARE A MARVELOUS SENATOR, along with some others Stay strong! You are so appreciated.

    Here is an easily read, informative and well-documented article tracing the one world government from the early 1900 to the present day. George Orwell’s “1984” is the prototype of Rockefeller, Schwab, Gates and the rest of the usual suspects’ NWO, and digital recognition in Australia.

    Where Did this “New World Order” Coup Come From? The Rockefeller’s “Social Engineering Project”

    The “New World Order” (NWO) is a social engineering project aimed at reshaping human civilization on Planet Earth in its every aspect, to suit the selfish interests of a small group of billionaires obsessed by greed for power and profit. But also – and no less so – obsessed by their fear of violent hungry and deprived masses ransacking and destroying their properties. And eager to display how superior they are to 99.99 % of their fellow humans – and their ability to beat both Nature, the Universe, and Divine Consciousness at the eternal game of Creation.

    The NWO idea grew out of John D. Rockefeller’s business idea, hatched already around 1900, to take on health care and make a global monopoly of medical science. Just as he had already created a virtual global monopoly of the petroleum business………………….”

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  19. You will not find coconuts growing very far from the sea shore.

    Why do coconut tree grow near the sea?

    Because coconut tree grow where the pH of soil is 5.5-7.5 and soil is sandy (coconut tree prefer saline conditions) which it easily get near the coastal areas. The humidity (70-80%) and temperature (25-72 ºC) of these areas is also come under the favourable conditions for the growth of coconut tree.

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  20. It’s also about the destruction of logic, cognitive dissonance. It’s the bully slapping you in the face teasing “What are you going to do huh”? Well, slap, whattayagonnado?
    All you can see is they’re gang of thugs sniggering in the background ready to beat the snot out of you with their batons, gavels & microphones

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  21. Just where do these people come up theses stupid comments?

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  22. The reason that they are cutting down the coconut trees is because they are a source of FOOD. That is the same reason that they chemtrail the east coast and other areas to wipe out the crops and STARVE US. We are facing a famine for the next two years, and it is time that this issue is raised and addressed in parliament

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  23. Maybe we should cut down a few of these green councillors and sen the remains out to the crocs. Yes as others have said the aim is to remove free and wholesome food sources, all back up by the gorge Soros food green men.

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  24. Lol we are living in La La Land they are the only Trees able to withstand a Cyclone, stop land erosion by the so-called rising Seas and take up CO2 and give off O2 and cooling shade,besides being so attractive

    Get Outlook for Android ________________________________

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  25. Yes but you know what the agenda is and coconut palms provide healthy food.


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  26. Douglas Shire UN Local Government Authority is a council dumpster fully loaded with Freemasons, Greens and Abo-Box Tickers. Of course it is about the free food – one of the world’s most nutritious trees (also a source of fibre) lines the beaches. Thus, it is possible for a free Australian swaggie to just live (well) on the beach, fish and eat coconut. We certainly can’t have that. Too much like the real national anthem of Australia.

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  27. Until all avenues of gathering food by the people have been removed, the people cannot be fully controlled.
    It’s not for the native species, the beach, Australia or the planet.
    It’s all about control of food.

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