Murrawah Johnson with an unnamed associate from the so-called Youth Verdict group that has spent three years in court fighting Clive Palmer’s Galilee Coal Project.

AT a time of record coal prices and soaring demand from countries with good reasons to burn it to generate inexpensive, on-demand electricity needed to run a modern economy, Queensland Land Court has accepted the bizarre nonsense peddled by a group of Aboriginal activists and recommended against Clive Palmer’s Galilee Coal Project.

In a three-year court battle the so-called “First Nations activist group” Youth Verdict was able to convince Queensland Land Court president Fleur Kingham that the mine “unjustifiably limited the right to life, cultural rights of First Nations peoples, the rights of children, the rights to property, privacy and home and the right to enjoy human rights equally”.

The Galilee Basin, a sparsely-inhabited zone in inland central Queensland, with vast coal deposits.

Palmer’s Waratah Coal company argued that the Galilee Coal Project would contribute $2.5 billion in economic benefits over its 30-year life span. Such a project would help strengthen the economy of inland central Queensland, a region of small, struggling townships where scattered Aboriginal families live, many reliant on welfare.

People with the mere ability to reason can see that such an argument against a mine defies logic, science, economics, and plain old common sense. Climate change is normal, but the global environmentalist cult blames human activity for it. To blame this theory and coal mining for infringing the right to life, cultural, property and privacy rights of “First Nations people” is just pure woke baloney of the highest order.

“The importance of preserving the rights weighs more heavily in the balance of the economic benefits of the mine and the benefits of contributing energy security for South-East Asia,” the Land Court president said. That a Land Court official would accept such a spurious argument is truly a worry for the future of Queensland and its people including Aboriginals. We can only hope that the government wakes up and gives the green light eventually.

The ABC reported: “It is the first time a group has successfully argued coal from a mine would impact human rights by contributing to climate change.” The reported reactions from the leaders of Youth Verdict and environmental groups were predictably vacuous and misinformed.

The ABC carried a photo of Youth Verdict “lead campaigner” Murrawah Johnson who said the decision brought “tears of joy”. But Johnson has a look of privileged arrogance about her, typical of the well-funded professional activists seen in left-wing indigenous political circles.

Youth Verdict Ltd is in fact listed as a company on Dun & Bradstreet. Its area of activity is described as accommodation and food services. But the group’s website says nothing about food and accommodation business, which might be a good thing for Aboriginal youth. On its events page, the group states “no upcoming events at the moment”, which points to the group being a mere front group for the broader Aboriginal separatist movement.

On its main web page Youth Verdict throws out the typical separatist slogans: “We acknowledge that wherever we are in so-called Queensland, we are on the stolen lands of First Nations people and sovereignty has never been ceded. We pay our respects to elders past and present; and to the customs, law and traditions that have existed on this continent for thousands of years.”

Again, this is the long-running Marxist-influenced Aboriginal separatist movement that essentially plans to hand Australia over to a political elite identifying as “indigenous” and who run land corporations covering most of the nation. These corporations, currently government financed, will also be funded by payments of tribute from big business and every person and entity deemed non-indigenous – regardless of whether you are born in the nation or not.

This indigenous industry is global and on a scale of the climate change scam, with which it is closely associated. The group further states in its “UN Statement”: “When called upon to do so, we stand in solidarity with First Nations people, committed to their fight for cultural rights and the protection of Country – of their traditional territories. As young Queenslanders we have experienced the climate impacts of extreme floods, drought and bushfires firsthand. We are witnessing the global warming-fueled destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.”

That latter statement about the Great Barrier Reef is a straight-out lie, disproven by 30 years of research by James Cook University professor Peter Ridd. That some indigenous youth may have experienced floods and fires has nothing to do with anything apart from the fact that floods and fires have been frequent climatic events in Australia for centuries and affect many Australians, regardless of their age or ethnicity.

The communist cult’s long-standing objective, as warned of by former Australian Communist Party member Geoff McDonald back in the 1980s, is to break up nation states. Communist objectives morphed into the Socialist International formed in 1951 and the agenda items of the latest SI meeting in Spain run parallel with those of the UN and World Economic forum, namely “Securing peace and strengthening democracy; Working for equality between women and men; Halting and reversing climate change; Achieving a fair and inclusive economy; Labour rights and digitalisation.”