Canadian premier tells Schwab to go jump as populist revolution rolls on

Danielle Smith, the new Premier of Alberta, Canada, who is challenging Justin Trudeau’s federal dictatorship.

“I guess I find it distasteful when billionaires brag about how much control they have over political leaders, as the head of that organisation has, and I think that is offensive. The people who should be directing government are the people who vote for them … and so quite frankly, until that organization stops bragging about how much control they have over political leaders, I have no interest in being involved with them.”

So said Danielle Smith the new Premier of Alberta, Canada’s No.1 oil province, in reference to the World Economic Forum, during a recent public address. Premier Smith is pushing freedom for the unvaccinated under amendments to the Human Rights Act.

Under Smith’s Free Alberta Strategy a proposed Alberta Sovereignty Act will also authorize the province to refuse enforcement of federal laws and ignore the decisions of federal regulators if viewed as not in Alberta’s interest or as violations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This would cover Prime Minister Trudeau’s obscene vaccination programs and insane restrictions on energy emissions. Trudeau and his WEF puppets essentially want to cripple Canada’s massive oil industry,

Ulf Kristersson, Sweden’s new populist Prime Minister.

Smith’s open rebuff of Trudeau, Schwab and the WEF would have created an uproar and scandal a few years ago – at least among the establishment media and politicians. But Premier Smith represents a new breed of populist western politicians who are pushing the boundaries and turning the tide.

Even if Canada’s Supreme Court knocks some of her initiatives on the head the gates will have already been opened and Trudeau’s regressive, totalitarian and anti-industry agenda will be exposed even more.

WEF chief Klaus Schwab has repeatedly bragged in public about how his WEF “graduates” have “penetrated ze cabinets” of many western governments. We know them well: Trudeau, Ardern, Macron and the legions of bureaucrats and other corporate clones who lack the ability to think independently and blindly follow Schwab’s globalist claptrap.

Populist Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s new Prime Minister.

The latest British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the former Exchequer (Treasurer) of the UK, is another WEF plant and within days of being appointed “Conservative” Party leader, Sunak was robotically spouting support for the central bank digital currency supported by Schwab, Bill Gates, the G7 and the global central bank cabal.

While this push by the central bankers and all the powers that be is casting a grim and dark shadow over the future of humanity, all it not lost and light is also shining. Unless the US Democrats pull off a very big and clever vote rigging operation, they are set to lose control of the US House of Representatives and the Senate in the mid-term elections in November, leaving the confused and dithering Biden alone in the White House with executive powers he is unfit to exercise.

And then there’s Italy and Sweden. Italy’s new leader Giorgia Meloni is openly rejecting the globalist narrative and its obsession with climate change, renewable energy, open borders, vaccinations and LGBTIQ rights.

Meloni has pledged to tackle Italy’s low birth rate, which reached a record low during the coronavirus pandemic. She has “an imposing plan, economic but also cultural, to rediscover the beauty of parenthood and put the family back at the centre of society.” That is indeed radical thinking in the minds of the population-controlling elites of the West.

She also plans to reduce taxes overall while extending the flat tax rate to euro100k while combatting people smuggling and other illegal migration that has been flooding the country.

Meanwhile media is gasping in shocked disbelief as Sweden’s new “right-wing government” has scrapped the Ministry of Environment. The opposition (what is left of them) has branded the move “devastating”.

Euro News reported: “Previously, the ministry was a high-profile stand-alone department with a minister in the cabinet, but now it will operate as part of another ministry instead.” Fancy that, an environment ministry operating as part of another ministry. No doubt Sweden’s vast pine forests will fall over in protest.

The new Prime Minister is Ulf Kristersson, who you have probably not heard of because big media doesn’t report much on these new populist governments.

The leader of the Swedish Greens, Per Bolund, noted that for the first time in 35 years Sweden would have no dedicated environment ministry. Oh horror of horrors! What worse thing could befall a modern, enlightened global society fighting to save the planet? Excuse the sarcasm.

The move prompted a combined protest by all of Sweden’s former environment ministers.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. whether or not these people have their own agenda . the most important thing is to stop these globalists .they will destroy humankind. that is their agenda. old saying . the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Sort the differences after the battle.


  2. Another hero…!


  3. Interview with David McBride, Australian war crimes whistleblower and former Army Major and lawyer Hosted by Robert Barwick, Research Director of the Australian Citizens Party.
    Weeks before the start of his secret trial for exposing the cover up of Australian war crimes in Afghanistan, for which he faces up to 50 years in prison, heroic Australian David McBride sits down with Citizens Insight to tell the story of his life, including his pre-war and war experience in Afghanistan, how and why he leaked the “Afghan files” to the ABC, and of the moral outrage that has driven him to demand a trial instead of cutting a deal so he can hold the Army brass and entire system that covered up the war crimes to account.

    Watch video:
    CITIZENS INSIGHT – Risking a life sentence to expose war crimes and lies – David McBride – YouTube


  4. Interview with David McBride, Australian war crimes whistleblower and former Army Major and lawyer
    Hosted by Robert Barwick, Research Director of the Australian Citizens Party

    Weeks before the start of his secret trial for exposing the cover up of Australian war crimes in Afghanistan, for which he faces up to 50 years in prison, heroic Australian David McBride sits down with Citizens Insight to tell the story of his life, including his pre-war and war experience in Afghanistan, how and why he leaked the “Afghan files” to the ABC, and of the moral outrage that has driven him to demand a trial instead of cutting a deal so he can hold the Army brass and entire system that covered up the war crimes to account.

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  5. Someone was asking once before about good alternative sites, here is a good one to add to the list…

    New Dawn magazine came out today, November-December Issue 195. Patrick Henningsen who is editor and founder of the above site has a great article in it about the Battle for World Control.. sums everything up very well. Well worth going out and buying a copy. He also has a radio show, Patrick Henningsen Show, info on the link above.

    Did you know that the First Secretary General of NATO, Lord Hastings Lionel Ismay said this about the purpose of the NATO alliance – “is keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down”.. Sound familiar with what is happening today?


  6. cataclysmic duck… Good points made. We will wait and see re Meloni – early days but if she recognises the democratic referenda that is something.

    Is our government funded by the US – I have read it has been funded by donations from pharmaceutical companies so would not be surprised. We are definitely not sovereign any more that is for sure. As for the bushmasters, they will join the wreckage of the others or be driven around by the Russians.



    daviddd2 and longmal the decider for me re Meloni, is not if she talks to Putin or Zelenskyy, which would be expected of a diplomatic leader, but:

    One, she proves weak and her government gifts weapons outside of preexisting binding agreements to Ukraine; they are in need of blankets not blanks.

    It became public knowledge on Oct 30, that Draghi committed Italy, to provide the Zelenskyy Regime with heavy weapons.

    Two, she acknowledges the right of the people of Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia to self determination, as they voted resoundingly by democratic referenda, to become part of the Russian Federation.

    Ultimately the people of Italy will determine her fate, not our piffle.

    More concerning for Australia, Albo who showered the Ukrainian dictatorship with mirth, nonsense and Bushmasters, is odds on, to suck up to Biden’s administration and send our children, not his son armed with a bayonet to lead the charge to certain death, in a now talked about US led Coalition of the Stupid, into another neo con war that is none of our business, that is engineered to destroy the Euro💶 and fuel the insatiable hunger of banksters, merchants of death, oil & gas barons for sovereign wealth funds.


  8. aapkoning: ” medical centers still push the PCR test, so much for Australian intelligence”

    lol My intelligence says that if they can’t distinguish between day and night they don’t know what time of day it is.

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  9. The Minsk agreements were intended to stop the bombing of Donbass and avoid what is going on now. Zelensky chose a different path. That said, not supporting Zelensky is not necessarily the same as supporting Putin!

    Meloni needs to support peace, not Zelensky or Putin. Same goes for NATO but unfortunately the NATO expansionist agenda militates against the Minsk Agreements and against the peace which was previously agreed to but destroyed by the continuing bombing of Donbass.

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  10. pcwwp, I imagine most people here likely agree viruses are not the cause of the famous covid-19 disease.
    Karen Kingston, former bio-tech analysist, has been doing some great work on nano-tech and amyloid structures recently in case anyone is interested.
    In case English is not your first language, there’s a difference between ‘viruses’ and viruses. So when you write “Can we stop about the imaginary “Virus””, I say no. I will continue to point out the fake nature of the official story by enclosing the word virus with ’emphatic’ marks aka scare quotes.


  11. It’s quite naive of some people here to write off Meloni because she hasn’t come out in support of Putin. That would probably blow up her conservative-populist coalition so political reality means she’s not going to do that. As it is, she is nearly 100% in opposition to EU social policy loaded with all the usual New Left crap. Her’s is not an easy job.


  12. The “Virus” as described no not exist. 180 + countries have admitted this. Can we stop about the imaginary “Virus”.
    Covid was cover to allow the injection – the real poison. Also for theft, fear and control.

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  13. Blisskitt, re PCR tests. On Ch9 news 2 nights ago and there was a segment on Alzheimer’s disease with a theory of what was causing it in mice. Seems if the muscosal lining of the nasal passage is damaged in experiments on mice then this injury allows ‘viruses’ to enter into the brain and cause amyloid structures, ie Alzheimer’s. When the camera panned back to the newsreader watching the report and he looked beside himself as the realization dawned that PCR tests likely damaged his nasal passage already.
    Re doctors, they could be divided into 2 groups for Nuremberg 2.0 – those who got jabbed and those who didn’t but jabbed patients anyway. A quick walk through one of those airport body scanners or a clinic MRI should show up any remnant nano-tech at the injection site.


  14. Your LAST comment is totally correct… However Australian medical centers still push the PCR test, so much for Australian intelligence…As a society, Australia has lost it, like most western countries… That is Very said indeed. The best thing to do is go off being a keyboard jockey and revolt to defend Australia. Will this happen? — No most people are Cocksure and ignorant in western society…
    Final: “The Vaccination was is the virus…Then finally getting the boosters you will end up with no immune system”. All planned, say no more…


  15. DJ – That’s great to hear. There is just something about Ayurvedic medicine. I love going to the Indian grocery shops as they have so many herbs and spices – there is one not too far from me that I frequent. I have been to India and though the people are poor they are so healthy and happy. They use so many herbs and spices in their food.

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  16. Hi Jen, Although I gained my Naturopathy and Health Science degree at ACNT (Sydney) – Ayurvedic had always been my first love – having devoured all of Deepak Chopra’s literature for a number of years. As ACNT didn’t at the time incorporate it (early-mid 90’s) I was eventually able to switch to the far less rigid Nature Care College to persue. Ayurvedic Psychology was also included. So have a real eclectic mixed bag…along with other ‘stuff’ lol.


  17. Since we are all talking about covid….This link was on Telegram… its bombshell news – Dr Jane Ruby 28.10.22… I haven’t finished watching it all yet…He was only wrong about the number of venomous snakes..


  18. Daviddd2 – The CDC (or was it WHO) admitted towards the end of last year that the PCR test could not tell the difference between covid, cold or flu.. so it was dropped in December.. Don’t tell me they are using that scam again?

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  19. DJ – lol… Actually I was an audio typist – no written stuff at all. Very difficult at times with different accents, mumbling, bad tapes etc and had to really know the medical terminology. It was quite challenging but I learned a lot about medical terms, drugs, surgical procedures. Some private practices are all about money. I also got private health years ago because I did not ever want to have to go to a public hospital for anything.

    Anyway its what got me interested in health in general and turned me to natural medicine. I would have loved to do a course in herbal medicine but I could not afford it. I especially love Ayurvedic (Indian) and Chinese medicine but its so complex. Anyway I had to teach myself.

    There most certainly are things that can help the vaxxed mitigate the damage.. especially those experiencing regret after the first one or two.. Please do some research for treatment protocols – there are lists of things that should be taken. I take things to protect myself and make sure my immediate family does. My daughter’s partner is double vaxxed for his job unfortunately and was on the same supplements prior to the vax and is still on them.. he has not had any issues at all (fingers crossed). My daughter is unvaxxed.. she just said no at her work and they didn’t push it.

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  20. D Johnson, your observation on the totally corrupt WHO doing the right thing naming Ivamec as causing “brain cancer” is utter farce.
    With about 3 billion doses having been administered to humans over 40 years and saving millions of lives and preventing such horror diseases as river blindness, your repeating the WHO lies is reprehensible.

    Their motive I understand, is personal financial gain and participation in the global population cull of the “Elites”. What is your motivation to retail their big pharma lies.


  21. Hehehe…

    1. The PCR test according to the CDC was scrapped in favour of one that could distinguish between c-vid and the flu “VIRUSES”.

    2. That means for the PCR test, c-vid and the flu “viruses” are indistinguishable and the same.

    3. Ergo, c-vid and flu viruses are either the same thing or the PCR test is worth zilch as a diagnostic tool, just as its inventor warned!

    4. Assuming the truth of 1, 2 and 3 above, we have been scammed worse than by a Nigerian “finance minister” sending over a few million $$$ for us to split with him.

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  22. tonyryan43, Well you might well be right.
    Vaccine expert says ‘the vaccinated’ are responsible for approaching

    ‘end of western civilization’

    “Independent virologist and vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bossche has a new message for the world about what will soon happen as a result of Operation Warp Speed, reports Ethan Huff.”Please note Ethan’s Huff website.


  23. Hi Jen, Well that would’ve been a challenging job – given practicioners’ notoriety for ‘chicken scratch’ hieroglyphics! Yes allopathic medicine and it’s totally broken so-called Healthcare system, is one gigantic gravy train. Duck-shoving patients around it and forcing them to jump through unnecessary hoops – simply to ensure as many rorting ‘specialists’ as possible receive their kickbacks. Absolutely criminal, unconscionable and appalling. Most of these patients are suffering needlessly and dying as a consequence. And yes the others who are dying of “suddenly” blindly and foolishly submitted to the death-shots and boosters. Unfortunately there is NO antidote or any other drug for that matter, that can reverse or cure the damage done. Literally a death sentence. Not a matter of if but a matter of when. To end on a lighter note – here is some more genius satire from Babylon Bee…


  24. DJ – I was not a practitioner. I worked as medical transcriptionist in public hospitals across all modalities and also in the private sector and radiology. Lets just say it opened my eyes to lots of things and I had a birds eye view of everything – in particular patient outcomes and some of the responses from Drs. And in the private sector as well, it was all for profit. Although I have to say that I really loved my work and took a real interest in the medical terminology and what it all meant. I was a real fast typist.

    Re the Ivermectin, its OK I understand… I know its a drug but I just hate seeing people dying for no reason and in this case if it can help well try it.. especially young people, however every life is worth something. There are other positive studies on it and I think it’s telling that it is banned… They usually only do that for something if it works!!


  25. Hi Jen, Yes I agree – the subject is tedious to say the least. And I can only offer my qualified advice. As a practicioner it can be quite disheartening at times – I can only advise and guide to the best of my abilities and knowledge – and ultimately with people, it’s a case of “your body your choice”. Suffice to say, Ivermectin is a substantially powerful drug. It is not a “herb” or “plant based.” Anyhow, moving on as you rightly suggest… was very surprised and interested to hear you were “working in the ‘health’ industry for 16 years.” You have never mentioned that. As you didn’t specify, in what capacity or in what field did you practice?


  26. DJ – I forgot to say that the last 16 years of my working life was spent in the ‘health’ industry which caused me turn to alternative health, and also the death and suffering of my mother before her due time because of negligence. So I am well aware of everything you say.


  27. DJ – I agree – you are preaching to the choir here. I have been into alternative health for about 15 years and do not take any drugs and have a similar view of them as you do, many are dangerous and I prefer to use plant based supplements and herbs instead as prevention.

    Re the link you provided though, perhaps you should carefully re-read the 2nd para of the introduction. …..”Ivm has been administered in tens of millions of individuals and is usually exceptionally safe when given in therapeutic doses. Accumulation in the brain due to massive overdoses (more than 100 times than normal) is associated with prolonged coma and death. Severe adverse events can be seen after ivm treatment of 0.15mg/kg in some individual human beings carrying higher burdens of filarial nematode loa loa (intestinal worms)” I think that means it is a rare occurrence..

    I do not wish to cause any disharmony here, so lets just let the matter rest. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


  28. Hi Jen, thank for your reply. Re: “whatever it does, it works and it is proven to be safe. Maybe a bit of research on it and see what you find.” Overall, I have generally avoided entering into the entire ludicrous scamdemic debate – especially inclusive of the touted drugs claimed by some to treat an actually non-existent ‘virus’. As you know, I am a health practicioner. One of my degrees is Health Science. When it comes to any drug/pharmaceutical product, there is no such thing as ‘safe and effective’. I don’t need to conduct research to know that as being fact. A recent case in point, is the withdrawal of two long established and widely prescribed hypertension medications – which have now been discovered to cause bowel cancer. With a fully functioning immune system supported by healthy nutritional and lifestyle choices, there is no necessity for obsessive/hypochondriacal self-medication from a smorgasbord of substances and/or to pump ourselves full of unnatural, toxic and ultimately lethal chemicals. The propensity for which is rooted in psychological behavioural patterns. But that’s another seperate topic altogether. Anyway, as I keep saying: you cannot save people from themselves.


  29. Hi Blisskitt, Excellent point. And hats off to your daughter – you should be proud. With her affinity for speaking the truth and her mind she will go far.


  30. “you cannot save people from themselves” Not when mostly from birth we believe our parents, teachers and so on television etc.. And then encouraged to lie because the truth hurts. My now 11 year old daughter calls out anyone she considers ‘fat” me included. Is she lying no! One who defies the trend. And I refuse to stop her. Why should I?

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  31. Hi daviddd2, re: “You sure you got that the right way round?” Yes absolutely. Have spent the last couple of hours searching for the article. You’re welcome! Unfortunately to no avail. (It was around 6 months ago that I came across it). Since I generally have zero interest in anything scamdemic – this search has only resulted in acute irritability lol. As an alternative practicioner I have also scoured my library of journals. Regarding the evidence of brain cancer, the GABA brain receptors and Chloride were mentioned – I definitely remember that. They are related to the central nervous system. The receptor channels are dependent upon Chloride. Now here’s where it gets interesting… Ivermectin apparently suppresses this and therefore interrupts neurotransmission. You may be interested in the following link which I DID find.


  32. DJ – I do believe it would help people with side effects though or even the flu – and maybe that was the real reason it was banned. And how do you explain its use in Uttar Pradesh where it was used as a prophylactic and also other places – whatever it does, it works and it is proven to be safe. Maybe a bit of research on it and see what you find.


  33. Hi Blisskitt, re: “However, if COVID-19 doesn’t exist, there is no need for any treatment?” Exactly! And with that excellent question, you have squarely hit the nail on the head. Answer is we DON’T. Since there never was a ‘virus’ – other than a fictional psy-op creation. We have an immune system which has kept us from extinction for centuries. However, with society’s constant and needless pill-popping hypochondriacal culture, the immune systems of many have become severely weakened and/or compromised over the years. As I previously stated in a comment to daviddd2, “you cannot save people from themselves.”


  34. Something else quite disturbing. Today I was talking to my daughter and she told me she was in a meeting yesterday and talking to one of the guys there. He told here he had been really feeling sick lately, bad headaches etc… During the meeting he suddenly developed a nose bleed. She asked if that was usual, he said no, and that he sometimes wakes in the night with his face covered in blood. She told him to get a doctor ASAP. He is only in his early 30’s and has had his 4th booster.


  35. daviddd2 – Ivermectin can be used as a prophylactic – and works in preventing illness in the first place… It has many other benefits.. It is antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Inhibits viral binding to ACE2 receptors suppressing infection… this is scientifically proven and the study was published in July/Aug 2021 in American Journal of Therapeutics. (that’s if its still in there…!) No wonder they banned it.

    In Uttar Pradesh they used it as a prophylactic – people there were issued with little home kits… death rate went from thousands to double digits within 3 weeks. Reduced infection by an average of 90%.

    Its like them telling you Melatonin is only a sleep aid…. there is so much more to that as well. The other benefits are amazing.. No longer able to be bought over the counter either only on prescription why?.

    NAC is another biggie, they tried to ban that too… but couldn’t as it is a natural supplement.


  36. We were there today. No one went through that testing site. Are people waking up who knows? i have never been told by a doctor to get tested for the flu, even when pregnant. In fact my Dr has never contacted me at all to get a COVID jab or test either or any tother supposed preventative test like Bowel/Breast cancer screening. Because they don’t (they don’t have to) it all comes from the government federal or state. Taxpayer money.

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  37. “what is the test to differentiate?”

    It will definitely differentiate the sickos from the normals, I’d say. 🙂


  38. David
    My children and I go to little athletics every week. Within those grounds every week for the past 2+ years has been COVID testing. It has now changed in the last 6 months to COVID, FLU, RSV testing. I cannot upload photo but I have. Who ever has ever tested their child let alone themselves for flu? Additionally what is the test to differentiate?

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  39. “However, if COVID-19 doesn’t exist, there is no need for any treatment?”

    True, but some of the flus and other respiratory inflammations can be rather nasty and may require treatment in some cases, whether we call them c-vid or not.


  40. I not sure about Ivermectin, or what it supposedly does or doesn’t. However, if COVID-19 doesn’t exist, there is no need for any treatment?

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  41. J Madison : “They have to cut off the head of the snake i.e. The power of the Banksters to create credit and control the money supply of the Nation.”

    Agreed, but I think JFK and some of the other more patriotic American presidents might have a few regrets about taking any shortcuts in that direction.


  42. DJohnston: “they found conclusive evidence that it caused cancer – specifically brain cancer.”

    You sure you got that the right way round? Apparently Ivermectin has had good results in treating cancer and works a treat as an excellent anti-inflammatory. It’s not as safe as the curcumins, resveratrols, soda bicarbs or natural laetrile (B17) but it seems to have a pretty good safety profile and is dirt cheap compared to the MUCH more toxic and much more expensive and patented chemotherapy drugs. That could be an excellent reason to ban it as far as Pharma is concerned.

    Imagine if cancer sufferers widely started self administering it for “deadly c-vid”, got over their bout of flu and found their cancers were going into remission! Wouldn’t that be an unfortunate and outrageous outcome for the money merchants!

    Last I heard it wasn’t banned as an anti parasite for humans. But the big shots seem desperate to narrow its use as much as possible at any cost, and I very much doubt that it’s for safety reasons. Have you got a link for the brain cancer causing story? I’d like to check that out further, it doesn’t gel with what I’ve read and heard?


  43. DJ – I know.. covid was the flu. see Malcolm Roberts speech..

    But I have to say I do not agree with you about Ivermectin.. many virologists and microbiologists disagree with you e.g. Mikovits, Vanden Bossche just to name some big names.. and I would not believe anything WHO said about it being dangerous!.. it has been in use for over 30 years. Uttar Pradesh is proof that it works.


  44. tonyryan43 – Understood… say no more.


  45. Lol daviddd2, you’re spot on again there. What I absolutely cannot fathom, is those who on one hand intelligently abstained from the death shots – on the other hand then proceeded to self administer all manner of crap – equally, if not possibly more harmful. Ivermectin for instance, was purely an anti-parasitic developed for horses. And most effective in treating parasitic infestations in HORSES. However, after some WHO ‘genius’ (definitely not a vet!), decided to administer it to people in Africa, they found conclusive evidence that it caused cancer – specifically brain cancer. That is why it was then banned for human use. Probably about the only semi conscionable thing the WHO has ever done. However, you cannot protect people from themselves.


  46. DJohnston: “there was NEVER a ‘virus’ in the first place!!”

    Yes, there was, lotsa suckers caught it, hook, line and sinker. 🙂

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  47. Hi Jen, re: “CDC has admitted ‘vax’ was not safe or effective, nor stopped transmission because it was rushed to market and not tested properly – its out in the open now.” The gigantic elephant in the room – which incredulously, still many do not see – is that there was NEVER a ‘virus’ in the first place!!


  48. For those who may have missed it – this is a re-post from October 4.

    “Meloni – who professes to be “for women and women’s values” and opposed to the “sexualisation of women”. Outright hypocrisy and deceit. This video illustrates not only that and her shallow depth of maturity, but once again (as in the rape video posting), her very questionable character. Repulsive.”

    And her contemptuous comment: “September 25. I have said it all.” Yet another huge ‘tell’. Clear code for “I have stuck to the script composed by my Masters.”


  49. Jen: “And any medical practitioner should have smelled a rat straight away.”

    Oh yes, LOL, I’m sure every doctor or person who provided advice for the purposes of “informed consent” no doubt advised every “consentee” that the injections WERE AND STILL ARE EXPERIMENTAL!

    In fact even the MSM went to great lengths to warn us about and make it clear that the injections and the mass injection campaign were experimental in nature (sarcasm alert).

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  50. Spot on, Jen.

    Every doctor who did not speak out is complicit in the democide.

    But where this really gets complicated is that, eventually, transparent and independent science will prove that all vaccines are ineffective and almost all are dangerous, especially MMR, Hep B, and Gardasil. Then comes the cruncher… the hero doctors who blew the whistle on mRNA and PCR, continue to support vaccines.

    Having said this, I am not going to discuss this further because such talk could shut down the current apparent reversal of Twitter censoring.


  51. CDC has admitted ‘vax’ was not safe or effective, nor stopped transmission because it was rushed to market and not tested properly – its out in the open now. The unsuspecting public just need to know because it will not be in MSM… It also means that it was all for nothing, the mandates and the lockdowns etc. – and people did not need to have this jab at all because it has made no difference except to kill a large number of people and leave others with life long injuries from the side effects.

    Our government and all governments are to blame for this catastrophe.. were they all under orders? And any medical practitioner should have smelled a rat straight away..


  52. Here’s a thought for the future, that will save a future democratic government a lot of legal cost… All those who were jabbed, if they live near a 5G tower, will die very soon of whatever disease the self-replicating and self-assembling micro-robotic devices in the hydrogel, that are directed by 5G transmissions, direct to destroy whichever organs.

    Those not thus-affected, but who support the mRNA jab, are ipso facto pre-warned and can be safely presumed to be guilty of democide.

    Conclusion: No need to prosecute. Simply proceed to execution.


  53. I must admit that in the beginning I was taken in by Meloni’s speech on NWO but if she supports Ukraine then she supports WEF and is a plant, simple as that. As for the others mentioned, lets wait and see – these graduates are everywhere, secretly indoctrinated over many years.

    Some brilliant comments from TonyRyan43, DJ, daviddd2, banomacleod, Ron and couple of others… keep them coming as all your views help to keep us grounded.

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  54. The true test to determine whether a leader is just another fake WEF/ Jesuit stooge is easy.
    They have to cut off the head of the snake i.e. The power of the Banksters to create credit and control the money supply of the Nation. Shit down and jail all involved in the supposed ” Reserve” banks.

    Take control of all oil fields refineries etc on behalf of the Nation.
    Remove any person from educational positions who has parroted the climate crisis and end all environmental propoganda.from schools, and media.


  55. Grasping at straws. The power is with the people. No white knight is going to save any of us. The shit continues. This guy pretends or saving his own bum.



    Haha, there goes my spot on ABC.

    Have a good one DJ.


  57. Precisely daviddd2, re: “And that includes Meloni who is 100% behind Zelensky.” Careful! you risk being called an “obnoxious turd” by the imposters out there 😂🤣


  58. Thanks Tonyryan43, very astute and prescient as always… especially given what’s goin on here in the comments tonight eh?! But you know, the closer we draw towards victory the more desperate and careless the enemy becomes. Very illuminating and encouraging.


  59. Hello CATACLYSMIC DUCK, Re: “Not like you, I’m no expert on who Giorgio Meloni is, or what she stands for; having only seen her speech at CPAC 2022 and having read what the ECR Party, for which she is President of, Hello is dedicated to:” WELL THEN I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO CONDUCT FAR MORE ADEQUATE RESEARCH AND AQUIRE CONDUCIVE KNOWLEDGE. ( It is actually ‘Giorgia’ btw. Attention to detail assists). And until such time as you do (if ever), refrain from launching base, juvenile and wholly unintelligent attacks (eg…”obnoxious turd” etc) on ANY commentator here on CN. Whilst your venomous spit is entirely inconsequential to me – I obviously scored a direct hit on that concealed nerve! And you then followed up with astounding hypocrisy; “Cairns News is one of the few places left on the web that allows differing points of view, that exemplifies freedom of expression.” !!!! You have just completely exposed yourself CATACLYSMIC DUCK – and ironically validated a large part of my comment…”Any Meloni spruikers still out there, are either totally entrenched in their ignorance, ideology and denial – or just plain stoopid…or more sinisterly, they are actually a part of the problem ie…they are ALSO the enemy. They all reveal themselves eventually.” OH YES they certainly do. Lol.


  60. DJ… Just in case my response to DJ gets misinterpreted, this was a discourse between rock-solid allies. DJ is Resistance A+ and my only surprise was the word ‘bitch’. WTF, are you a lady? Whowouldathunk?

    I really like to be challenged in what I say because it makes me review the evidence more thoughtfully. But in return, I hurl errors and presumption right back atcha.

    I canvass the planet for allies but, to be honest, the allies in other countries are pretty wishy washy. Here on Cairns News, we give as good as we get, and we still keep our sights squarely on the enemy and not on each other.

    I suspect right here is where the Aussie fightback will start.

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    Hello D Johnston,

    Not like you, I’m no expert on who Giorgio Meloni is, or what she stands for; having only seen her speech at CPAC 2022 and having read what the ECR Party, for which she is President of, is dedicated to:

    ‘European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Party

    We are united by our centre-right values, as expressed in the Reykjavik Declaration. The ECR Party is dedicated to individual liberty, national sovereignty, parliamentary democracy, private property, limited government, free trade, family values and the devolution of power.’

    Do yo realise your comment dated October 28, 2022 5:16 pm makes you come across as an obnoxious turd.

    Cairns News is one of the few places left on the web that allows differing points of view, that exemplifies freedom of expression.

    Please tone down your sanctimony.


  62. Yes absolutely daviddd2, re: “Sure they’re at fault.” I will always agree and stand with that. What really p*sses me off most these days, is this insipid irrational culture of blame apportioning for own actions taken. Hello?!


  63. tonyryan43: “My guess is that it will be the working class who resolves the issue by going on the rampage without warning and killing anybody who smells of complicity in the mRNA murder of their children.”

    Would be nice if at least the Victorians heard you in time for their elections. Unfortunately, DESPITE the last few years of abuse from Andrews the Victorians look like they are about to disappoint without as much as a whimper.

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  64. re Meloni

    Any European who is stupid enough or pretends to be stupid enough not to see that Zelensky is part of the deliberate and imminent destruction of Europe is NOT a friend of mine. And that includes Meloni who is 100% behind Zelensky.

    Anything else she says is irrelevant and meaningless. Merely the enchanting sound of an Italian Lorelei.

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  65. Thanks for your reply tonyryan43. As you can see from my other comments, I’m all guns blazing atm hahaha. I completely get your point. And essentially agree – especially in regard to Murdoch, et al. However, (yeah ya knew that was coming!), I think the root of our predicament lies in the fact that we have allowed ourselves to be sooo dumbed down for sooo long now – any fighting and/or warrior spirit has been either bred out and/or virtually extinguished. Though I still believe the tipping point is nigh for us to change course. Re: “Right now, we can thank our lucky stars we have the Cairns News.” YES indeed! As with the other courageous independent news sites/forums. This was driven home to me only earlier today. I encountered an unknown cab driver who divulged he had moved from Melbourne to Cairns in December. He was of European descent though very Ocker and articulate. A really nice guy generally. We were having a pleasant back and forth until he began damning/blaming Putin and his “invasion of Ukraine.” And how everything wrong with the world was “Putin’s fault.” He was quite obviously a victim of MSM – as on questioning he admitted having no knowledge of Donbass events/NATO/EU, US Deep State, et al. Incongruously however, he was a Trump supporter! Go figure! I was so shocked that he was still so misinformed. Shocked mainly I’d say from being spoilt with like-minded discourse (usually!!) here on CN and similar platforms. I think therefore we maybe tend to think these people don’t exist anymore?! He was eagerly receptive to hearing about independent sites such as CN, RT, Sputnik, GP etc and assured me he would research. Hopefully he didn’t mutter “Crazy fkn bitch” after he dropped me off lol. Don’t really think so though. I didn’t go like a Mormon or whatever on him – just gently nudged him in the right direction.

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  66. tonyryan43: “So it cannot be said that humanity is at fault. Humanity is almost powerless and will remain so until people wake up”

    Sure they’re at fault. The bulk of humanity are ASLEEP ON THE JOB. And they don’t like being woken up these days. They prefer to roll over and switch off the alarm clock. And if you otherwise try to wake them you’re the worst in the world. lol

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  67. Hi banomcleod, THANK YOU! also for your enlightened erudite comment. And lest we forget the utterly corrupt, money laundering/sex slaving etc (and God knows what else that hasn’t been divulged yet), Brothers of Italy behind Meloni. And banomcleod, LOL, it matters not one nano iota which part of the planet (Australia or otherwise) you herald from…YOU speak the TRUTH. Never stop doing so.


  68. DJ… You are right about history, but since WWII, “we” the people have had no say whatsoever. In Australia, following the CIA/MI6 coup sacking of Whitlam, we have had no influence on policy and, mathematically speaking, we do not even get to vote candidates in. The entire purpose of the party duopoly is to divide the nation with loyalties, traditions, and aspirations, which leaves a few thousand swinging voters who actually decide the election outcome.

    Murdoch has experts who bend the media voice to lean one way or the other. In other words, with the equivalent of a flick of the finger, Murdoch, pushes a handful of swinging voters in each electorate.

    To make it easier still, he bought out the regional papers, like the Sunshine Coast Daily, then closed them down. This left only the major dailies that he owned or controlled. Over a period of seven years, with the online comments section, SSC residents went from 98% pro-vaccination to 35% against… the highest in the country. With foreknowledge of the mRNA jab to come, Murdoch realised the danger of independent media. He moved swiftly.

    We now have a mere handful of independents, and even they are crumbling. Gumshoe News was strident until recently, and gradually switched to irrelevant or peripheral articles.

    So it cannot be said that humanity is at fault. Humanity is almost powerless and will remain so until people wake up and realise that legal avenues, constitutions, and bills of rights, are all paper tigers fully intended to burn to ashes just as we need them.

    My guess is that it will be the working class who resolves the issue by going on the rampage without warning and killing anybody who smells of complicity in the mRNA murder of their children. The middle and upper classes will stand by helplessly, doomed never to understand what happened. Few scientists, doctors or nurses will survive.

    Right now, we can thank our lucky stars we have the Cairns News.

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  69. Hi F. Re: “Meloni is another WEF puppet…” THANK GOD!!! someone else whose synapses are fully functioning! So Thank you! With all the voluminous evidence – way, way back prior to her ‘implantment’… those who STILL don’t get it, never will. I and a number of other commentators on CN posted literal screeds of it! Including proof of the rape video Meloni posted for political point scoring. Abominable and indescribably sick. Any Meloni spruikers still out there, are either totally entrenched in their ignorance, ideology and denial – or just plain stoopid…or more sinisterly, they are actually a part of the problem ie…they are ALSO the enemy. They all reveal themselves eventually.


  70. Hi tonyryan43, re: “When they eventually hang…” Yeah it’s a somewhat mollifying fantasy…but it ain’t never gonna happen sadly. History is the indicator. Rinse and repeat…. And that is purely because as a species we have NOT evolved. If anything we are de-evolving. We have had the same ‘lessons’ presented to us since day dot ad infinitum…and what heed have we taken? None whatsoever. It’s like bloody Einstein’s definition of insanity. All due to complacency, apathy and herd mentality – where we’ve become mere pawns – allowing control and power over us by those we have foolishly deemed superior and ennobled.
    There needs to be a collective/global shift in consciousness. This can only happen when we are confronted by the hard truthes of our mortality and are on the very brink of self annihilation and extinction. Pretty much there……


  71. banomcleod, If it is Inferred this all to be true, Is Australia (Tax payer’s money) not doing the same thing! But then again if you are not located in Australia, you don’t care.


  72. Do your research. Her ‘funding man’ is Crosetto, who is in bed with arms manufacturers and is now Defence Minister. Meloni has just been on a ‘visit’ to Kyiev, as Draghi and her Atlantic keepers instructed her to do. There’s nothing in Meloni’s pedigree to say that she’s a champion of the working class or democratic values. If she believed in ‘democracy’ she wouldn’t arm a jewish comedian who’s destroying Ukraine with the help of Neo-nazis.

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  73. F. let’s be positive for a change, time will show her true colors!


  74. Meloni is another WEF puppet, just playing the ‘populist’ card to get elected. If she was serious about the Italian economy, she would get oil and gas from Russia or Libia, not the US

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  75. This post is not concerning Canada, but refers to similarities within our own country. The case of Anthony Herman vs Dan Andrews relates to the destructive overtake of our human rights and freedoms within Australia by the stealth of our political leaders/premiers, and their constituted treason/misprision of treason against the Australian electors.

    Anthony Herman vs Dan Andrews


  76. tonyryan43 – “When they eventually hang”

    Very fair comment.

    Such a comment about those who have already started to harm and kill many millions of people, is a realistic and expected comment – I feel the same about the above mentioned mass murderers.

    If one child is harmed or murdered in the community people want something done about it. Why no huge outcry when it is done by governments, medical systems, self appointed leaders of private control entities, dodgy drug and vaccine manufacturers, and the likes of the WHO, WEF, etc?

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  77. tonyryan43, Short and to the point…Thank you…

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  78. When they eventually hang Murdoch, Gates, Fauci, and Schwarb, I hope Greta and her ilk are up there with them. That is if she has not died of myocarditis or brain injury before this blessed event can occur.

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