Belarus mobilizes 300,000 to counter growing Poland-NATO threat

By Cossack Colonel YURI KOMONYISKI
Belarus is mobilizing 350,000+ men because of the Polish/NATO threat growing in the West. The RF military will complement the Belarus forces. The Belarus force is well equipped and provisioned with both munitions and armaments, Lukashenko has been able to keep his manufacturing plants in tack following the fall of the USSR and has since activated industrial complex. Belarus has large food reserves available and is able to distribute manufactured goods throughout the entire CIS the Belarus manufacturing base and quality of product is exceptional.

In the Ukraine the RF has taken out at least 13,000 Poles in the last few of months and multiple times more wounded, they have stopped pretending to be Ukrainian’s and are now wearing their true Polish/NATO colors. There is talk of ISIS and Al-Qaeda entering the fight care of the Americans but I personally have not yet encountered this. China has started to supply the RF with military equipment.

When we were on the frontline, we had a commander that we were not overly impressed with. He would order the men to undertake tasks that equated to suicide missions. So, one day we grabbed him fitted him with a bulletproof vest, armed him and threw him into the back of the truck with the rest of the team. After spending 36 hours on the front line, we returned to base with the commander still intact. The next day he had vanished, we expect he crawled back to mommy. Once the word was out other teams started doing likewise apparently, it’s contagious. General Armageddon continues to inspire and earn the respect of the men. In my opinion it won’t be long before we enter the larger cities and fighting commences in in tight quarters. Then we’ll be face to face with the Ukro-NATO mercs many of them are hardened fighters straight from Syria, Afghanistan etc., however we’ll have our terminators for support.

Some of the lads come across a 4-person crew using a mortar against the RF. The coords were transmitted and their position was shelled upon approach we found 4 women, one dead the others wounded. The mortars are able to hit targets up to 7 kilometers away. Elon Musk’s Starlink system is faltering, the RF hackers are making Elon work for his money. Recently musk announced that he wanted the US government to take onboard the costs of his system approximately 20 million USD per month as Musk wanted to exit this scenario. A Ukrainian politician upon hearing this publicly voiced that Musk should F… OFF followed by which Musk’s name was added to the Ukrainian kill list, but mind you they removed his name shortly after. I would expect that this may cause Musk to regret helping the Ukro-NATO’s. The RF believe the US satellites have been taken out using high velocity steel ball bearing of all things, yet to be confirmed.

In the Nikolaevka region the Ukro-NATO’s are concentrating their residual reserves, intel informs us that they were planning on gathering 60,000 militants to storm the southern defensive line. However, the RF hit first, with a direct hit on their munition’s storage, intel says it was full of HIMAR rockets among other things. It would also appear that they have underground quarters near to the ammo dump we expect multiple casualties probably in the thousands. All counterattacks from the Ukro-NATO’s have been repelled, our numbers are growing. I believe there are 50,000 NATO currently on the battlefield, many pretending to be mercs or Ukrainian soldiers. Our ships continue to drop bomb on targets in Odessa. There is chatter that if he Ukros don’t achieve significant progress by winter than the US may stop providing arms, the stakes are high.

Our caliber missiles continue to deliver messages to the Ukro-NATOs, recently the Ukrofascists were bragging about how they took out all 18 rockets we consider that to be an exceptional effort considering only 12 were launched and they all hit their targets. In the Kherson region the Ukro-NATOs keep counterattacking without success, Kiev continues to receive RF airborne messages the city has gone dark, many people are now hiding underground. We estimate that 80% of Ukraine is powered by diesel generators in an attempt to keep the lights on.

Internally the FSB continues to clean house in Russia my sources inform me that approximately 300 arrests have been made, we fondly refer to them as traitors those that would attempt to subvert the course of the special military operation.

The Ukro-NATOs continue to attack Russia’s Belgorod we have shot down at least 100 rockets. This is a city of a million+ people, the Ukro-NATO’s are firing at it because it is in range and out of spite, it is of no military significance.

Recently the Chechens stopped a red cross ambulance, to their horror inside they discovered harvested organs of those fallen. This evil is blooming in the Ukraine, we believe that it has been organized by the Americans. We are regularly finding bodies that have been stripped of their organs. These monsters don’t limit themselves to adults either the organs of children have also been identified, this madness is getting worse. Needless to say, these particular ambulance operatives won’t be doing this again, ever. We have started to collate factual material to present to the ICC, for what it’s worth.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. “Sit down Wilson!”



    November 24, 2021

    Vladimir Putin:
    “Overall, I believe vaccination should be voluntary, especially for children. You have described the procedures for the potential use of these vaccines. In any event, they must be available. Therefore, I would like to ask the Government to пшму due attention to this, to finance everything properly and on time, to monitor how this work is going and to support the specialists that are doing it.”

    Having now read a number of events on the Tatyana Golikova time line, dating from July 25 2019 when Putin was concerned with primary care:

    “ As I said, we allocated 49 billion for primary care. However, I am still concerned. I know that construction of paramedic centres has started and will continue; that outpatient clinics are being brought in order and new clinics as well as mobile medical centres are under construction. But primary care is still of great concern to me.”

    The Covid – 19 response by Russia was in lockstep to Australia’s.



    So the Leader of the vassal US State of not so great Britain, informs the real President of the USA Ibrahim Blinken, “we have carried out your orders o great one, god is greater, god is greater, god is greater, sucky sucky sucky.”


  4. “The Nord Stream pipelines were damaged by powerful explosions in late September when Truss was still serving her record-short tenure as the British prime minister.”

    Perhaps it’s just as well Truss has been eliminated because the ‘It’s done’ part would show very foolish and desperately risky judgement. It looks like ‘It’s done’ has quickly morphed into ‘She’s done!’, perhaps to stave off a yet even bigger explosion!!!???? Phew!!!

    That would be the only REALISTIC summation which avoids concluding that her elimination is otherwise just a ridiculous and improbable farce. No wonder the MSM and our guardians of global democracy are silent.

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    * Tatyana



    January 13, 2021

    “I assume that everything that has recently been worked out will be implemented in full. I mean we are rolling out the vaccination and are now moving to the public vaccination phase. Last week the Prime Minister told me that the industry had not only produced all the amounts and volumes they promised but had also exceeded the planned production volumes. We need to move from large-scale to full public vaccinations. I want you to keep this in mind and prepare for the organisation of this. Thank God our vaccine does not require extreme or unusual conditions for shipping or transportation like a temperature of minus 50 or 70 degrees. Things are much simpler and more efficient with us. So it is possible to do this.
    This is why I ask you to launch public vaccinations for the entire population as of next week and work out a schedule for this as we normally do with other diseases such as the flu. We have a generally streamlined system and so we must get to a larger scale in this.
    What do you think of the possibility of moving on to a new scale, to a full public vaccination programme?”

    Deputy Prime Minister Golikova:
    “I would like to say that during the pre-holiday period and in the first working days of this week, we have made efforts to evaluate the capacities of our domestic enterprises that produce COVID-19 vaccines, particularly in view of the required quality trials that take a certain period of time before a vaccine can be launched. As of today, 1331 vaccination centres have been set up in Russia, and we are urging the regions to increase this number as the volume of the vaccine, for free COVID-19 injections, will increase many-fold compared to December.
    Starting Monday, we are ready to implement your instruction on shifting from large-scale vaccination to more extensive public vaccination efforts in January, February and beyond. We will hold additional consultations with the regions. Tomorrow, I am planning to chair a meeting of the emergency response centre, at the Prime Minister’s instruction, to discuss details of the process with the regions in order to avoid any setbacks during this large public process.
    In addition, I would say that the manufacturers are making every effort to increase vaccine production volumes. By the end of January, 2.1 million doses will be provided for citizens, and this requires a serious effort to promote the use of the vaccine. We will also step up the information campaign on the safety and efficiency of the vaccine, as you mentioned.”

    I haven’t time to read all meetings relating to Tatiana Golikova, who appears to be everything Covid related, but the link attached to her name on the attached meeting of Ru wise heads, brings up a long list that may be of interest to readers.


  7. London should officially comment on a claim that Truss messaged “It’s done” to America’s top diplomat right after powerful blasts disabled the gas pipelines (26 September 2022) that run between Russia and Germany, Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Tuesday.

    The claim appears to have originated from Finnish-German tech businessman and social media personality Kim Dotcom. Last week, he responded to reports in the British media about a possible hack of Truss’ phone, by alleging that Moscow based its accusations against London and Washington on information it obtained from the device. Dotcom speculated that Truss messaged “It’s done” to Blinken “a minute after the pipeline blew up and before anybody else knew,” without offering any evidence of the scenario.

    How do the Russians know that the UK blew up the North Stream pipelines in partnership with the US? Because @trussliz used her iPhone to send a message to @SecBlinken saying “It’s done” a minute after the pipeline blew up and before anybody else knew? iCloud admin access rocks!
    — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) October 30, 2022

    The Nord Stream pipelines were damaged by powerful explosions in late September when Truss was still serving her record-short tenure as the British prime minister. Moscow noted that the US was the party that obviously benefited most from the disruption, which undercut the EU’s ability to get supplies of natural gas from Russia. America is now selling its own more expensive liquified natural gas to Europe.
    The claim that Britain had a hand in blowing up the pipelines was made by the Russian Defense Ministry last Saturday when it reported details about a drone attack on the Russian Black Sea fleet.
    The ministry claimed that it was launched by Ukraine with the assistance of “British specialists” based in the city of Ochakov. Members of the same “unit of the Royal Navy took part in planning, supporting and executing” the attack on the pipelines, the Russian military explained.

    Source: Moscow raises concerns over alleged Truss message to Blinken — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union



    Cheers, it’s working fine here now to.


  9. Lol daviddd2, Yes you’re right…now it is! WT?!


  10. Cataclysmic, Just tried it, works ok.


  11. Yes. Just conducted a Server Status Check in ‘IsItDownRightNow?’ which shows “Down” and the message: “ is DOWN for everyone.
    It is not just you. The server is not responding…” This last occured in February at the start of the operation.



    Anyone having problems accessing ?


  13. Hi pcwwp, re: “Anyway – I can’t see where Putin has said that.” Exactly right. He never has. Putin has always declared the very opposite. Maintaining that it is wrong and totally undemocratic to impose or force anything upon the people. In fact, to paraphrase from memory a rather droll quote (which I had posted)…”Even if a mandatory vaccination policy was implemented – the Russian people in their inherent ingenuity would surely find a way around it anyway.” Basically saying that the Russian people are not stupid and/or will not be pushed around. Definitely.


  14. Yes I looked and do keep up – but someone here was saying Putin had mandated for his citizens (I know – not a good word)? Anyway – I can’t see where Putin has said that.


  15. lindesymonds: ” I think that Vlad has mobilized and mandated the Sputnik for the troops and that his Covid Regime (like the Western Covid Regimes) have zero tolerance for civil rights and protest. ”

    What makes you think that? More inventions and fantasies? I can’t wait for the one where you and Vlad kiss and make up. lol

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  16. Hi pcwwp, re: “am looking for mandatory vaccines for all citizens.” And you won’t find it… EXCEPT on MSM…or from the monotonous BS spruiked by the idealogues. I and a number of other commentators on CN have posted links containing evidence and excerpts from Putin’s speeches etc – all of which clearly debunk the falsehood of mandatory vaccination. A quick search on the many independent sites invariably yield the truth.


  17. It is impossible to know with Russia because of full spectrum dominance over all media. I think that Vlad has mobilized and mandated the Sputnik for the troops and that his Covid Regime (like the Western Covid Regimes) have zero tolerance for civil rights and protest. There would seem to be a lot of Russians who are completely OK with having a nation with the largest land mass in the world – they don’t need Ukraine in order to be a sovereign and independent nation. And they don’t need to create a Eurasia. There are a lot of Americans who agree with them. Let the Russians be the Russians and especially Big Bear Russian families.

    What is driving this war is a Hegemon against Russia, America, Ukraine and the European nations as nations. Now what might that be, I wonder?

    What can be verified with regard to mobilization is that the entire US Airforce has gone dark. This is either a drill or a green light (mission). With US troops now entering Ukraine, the latter alternative is the most likely . And B52s are en route and landing in Northern Territory.


  18. pcwwp: “I take from this is that Putin has not mandated the poison to all citizens.”

    It’s difficult to imagine that he has given the prevailing law and Putin’s open and publicly stated resistance to general mandatory vaccination.

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  19. crisscross: “I can see Russia and China getting a bit hot under the collar”

    Russia was already concerned decades ago when the US decided to install a nuclear umbrella shield in Poland and the Baltic countries to “protect Europe from an IRANIAN or NORTH KOREAN nuclear attack”. Assuring Russia, of course, that it had nothing to worry about.

    He, he, he… Iran and N Korea were of course a real threat to Paris and Berlin and Budapest, not to mention Lichtenstein.

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  20. Thanks for that link – yes it appears a bit like here – poor old health workers.. But what I take from this is that Putin has not mandated the poison to all citizens.


  21. See

    Mandatory vaccination is not permissible under Russian law except in some declared high risk occupations involving exposure to infectious diseases.

    Anything else you read in the “Moscow” Times from Holland or hear on its sister channel CNN is not worth the toilet paper it’s written on.

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  22. As one might expect with a nation owned by the Central Bankers, Russia is 100% on board with the United [Communist] Nations covid regime. For the West, the UN CoVID Operation was outsourced to the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board and WEF because in the West there is still Counter Revolution even though all the ZOGs are subverted. But in the Soviet Union / RF the communist system and the Semashko is already built. Naturally they were ready to roll out the UN covid regime / bio-security controls as soon as Tedros called for a pandemic.

    Even the Moscow ‘independent’ press is covering it.


  23. Appreciate that. It talks about mandatory vaccines for military personal. I am looking for mandatory vaccines for all citizens.


  24. I can see Russia and China getting a bit hot under the collar

    Pentagon Announces Accelerated Shipments Of New Nuclear Weapons To The UK And All NATO Countries!


  25. pcwwp: “Can someone provide links to Putin mandating the vax? Thanks.”

    Alice in Wonderland might have some. lol

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  26. Can someone provide links to Putin mandating the vax? Thanks..


  27. lindesymonds: ” I tend not to comment on the self-evident” & “Russia mobilizing and ‘mandating’ the vaxx”

    Good idea, let your imagination and fantasies rest a little. 🙂

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  28. Now you are starting to entertain me daviddd2. I tend not to comment on the self-evident eg why Poland would be mobilizing. Clearly you have nothing of war – like on ground. The more interesting question is why Russia would be mobilizing and mandating the vaxx? I am sure you will be expounding on that one.

    Zaouli dance natural trance


  29. ROTF… Still having a little trouble telling us which interviews reveal the reason Poland and non NATO countries have to get on board NATO’s Drang Nach Osten? Oh yes, of course! They fear Putin’s EUSSR.

    Did you get the earlier memo how Europe and the Mammon Money Merchants have been “fearing” Putin’s EUSSR ever since before they financed Napoleon’s excursion to Moscow circa 1812?

    If you missed that one you can catch a few later editions such as their WW1, their Bolshevik Communist takeover, their WW2, their “Cold War” and their several European Drangs nach Osten under different guises from even as far back as the 15th century following the sale of the Vatican’s Papacy to the Sephardic Borjas.

    No, the Mammon Money Merchants are not looking to instal global communism. They KNOW communism is not an effective tool in the longer term. The USSR has proven that much. China has proven it too, ever since it adopted capitalist strategies with “communist” style political authoritarianism.

    That is why the current Chinese system has nothing to do with its original “Communism” despite the branding of it as such. It’s simply totalitarianism under the CCP banner. Mammon’s Money Merchant plutocrats continuing to expand their hidden power and control globally as per the Hegelian Dialectic…

    Thesis v Antithesis = Synthesis… Capitalism v Communism = NWO

    For your benefit that means, a hybrid political and economic model which will resemble a neo feudal style control system based on an aristocratic role for Mammon’s Money Changers. Communism is not for them, it’s an idealistic furphy for the masses to play with as a distraction from reality. It’s role is to simply keep Mammon’s Money Changers safe and out of the limelight. As you might note, it’s worked very well in your case even if not entirely successful. lol

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  30. More Finkelthink from daviddd2.

    As if Olaf (SDP successor to Stasi Jewess Merkel) and von der Leyen are not on board with the whole Eurasia Agenda and its Great Tartaria Project and owned – I mean this literally – by the Ashkhenazi Khaganate. In order to create the centrepiece of the NWO and its universal soviet, Western Europe must be integrated into Eurasia as a single geo-political entity: Great Tartaria redux. I thought Vlad covered all this at his Valdai address. Did you not get the memo?

    So what Olaf has given the Serbs have a choice between the Soviet Union and the EUSSR? Olaf will do what his Jewish Handlers tell him to do. This straight up Three Stooges Yiddish theatre where Moe sticks two fingers into Curly’s eyes.

    Novak Djokovic Serve Slow Motion


  31. ps lindesymonds: “it should be clear to anyone why Poland is mobilizing and why formerly non-NATO aligned European nations are now lining up to join. ”

    Wouldn’t have anything to do with non-NATO aligned European nations being pressured and given ultimatums would it? Shades of the 1930s, Hitler’s wettest dream… another Drang Nach Osten… and another formation of the European Axis right before your very eyes. Meanwhile, you just see reds under the beds. Cheers.

    “Germany tells Serbia: you have to choose between EU and Russia”

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    Some more from a recent, epic four hours marathon of off the cuff Putin, on attempts to building friendships and trust with leading western countries and NATO.

    ‘As a matter of fact, this is a universal rule: they try to turn everyone into a tool, in order to use these tools for their own purposes. And those who do not yield to this pressure, who do not want to be such a tool are sanctioned: all sorts of economic restrictions are carried out against them and in relation of them, coups are prepared or where possible carried out and so on. And in the end, if nothing at all can be done, the aim is the same: to destroy them, to wipe them off the political map.’

    Albo the tool, we are the fool.

    ‘The U.S.-funded airfield infrastructure projects at RAAF Base Tindal demonstrate U.S. investment in and commitment to Australia, and supports the rotational presence of a range of U.S. aircraft in the Northern Territory, which is a longstanding feature of United States force posture cooperation with Australia,” Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Martin Meiners said in an email.’


  33. Zelensky is absolutely right in stating that there is no point in talking to Putin. The Ukros already talked in Minsk, they came to an agreement with Donbass, Russia, France and Germany. That agreement was worth jacksht as far as Zelensky is concerned. Why would another “agreement” fare any better.

    Looks like the Ukros need a bit of practice in honouring agreements.

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  34. lindesymonds: “Enjoy your own shills daviddd2. The latest videos from Valdai are now up. ROTF.”

    I will, lindesymonds, but you didn’t say in which interviews it was clear why Poland is mobilising. Feel free to point us to them, don’t be coy. 🙂

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  35. Enjoy your own shills daviddd2. The latest videos from Valdai are now up. ROTF.


  36. lindesymonds: “Listening to the Indigo Traveller interviews it should be clear to anyone why Poland is mobilizing and why formerly non-NATO aligned European nations are now lining up to join.”

    ROTF “As you know, there’s a ‘full scale war’ in Ukraine at the moment.” Tell that to the clueless morons. If there were a full scale war the whole of Ukraine would be rubble by now and the shill presenter wouldn’t be walking around Kiev or anywhere else in Ukraine.

    You’ve lost the plot lindesymonds if you think the piece is anything but a one sided anti Russian propaganda job worthy of CNN or the BBC. But then again, the Russians aren’t your cup of tea. ROTF

    Where did you say it was clear in the interviews why Poland is mobilising? Either I’ve missed it or you’re dreaming.

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  37. Yuri needs to get his story straight. How is it that the ‘Colonel’ doesn’t know his Gooks from his Spooks in the SIG wars: ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) trained / equipped on the Kremlin-Israel axis and Al-CIAda trained/equipped on the US-Saudi Arabia axis? If a complete outsider may make an observation on the military, I would say that I think he is a little bit too wordy for any military – anywhere. Men in combat tend to be brief and factual; they tend not to be yappity, ‘into their feelings’ and over the top with the buzz words. They tend to use degrading terms for the ‘enemy’ and obscenities, not politically correct, explanatory references and Valdai talking points.

    Yuri talks like yappy Jew from Herzlya typing Hasbara for Vlad.

    The opening scene in the movie : Hunt for Red October strikes me as very realistic in military character portrayal. A decision has been made to change course. There is a chain of command. The first guy they are going to pop is the political correctness officer. All references to action and agency going forward are brief and tactical. ‘Yuri’ would do well to study some of these lines.

    I have been watching the Indigo Traveller’s series on Ukraine. On the ground interviews across the country. Still think this war is about saving a Russian population in four oblasts that have been fighting a separatist war with the Ukrainian government for decades? Listening to the Indigo Traveller interviews it should be clear to anyone why Poland is mobilizing and why formerly non-NATO aligned European nations are now lining up to join. Good one Vlad.


  38. If only Germany and France had insisted on Kiev abiding by the Minsk Agreement which they all reached and guaranteed, there would be no 8 years of shelling Donbass and the resulting fall out.

    And the global chaos designed to cover the latest and greatest GFC resulting in the collapse of the global Ponzi Scheme would not need to be covered with the c-vid scam and now the Ukraine war bullshit.

    The global Ponzi Scheme has run its course and the rebuilding and installation of its replacement is in the works unless humanity puts an end to it. Get a hardhat or at least a little steel cap. It’ll soon come in handy.

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  39. A lot of us Aussies are fed a diet of clap trap and never get to hear “the other side”! Points of view which are inconsistent with our local political and MSM narratives are clearly suppressed or avoided by those who wish to keep us informed and enlightened.

    For all those who never wonder what Putin ever actually says, herewith a sample of the so called “rabid lunatic” Putin’s latest speech. Be enlightened:

    ‘No one can sit out the coming storm’

    “Putin’s milestone Valdai speech
    Western hegemony should be replaced with an actual order respectful of all, the Russian leader said.

    The world is entering a decade of tumult as the pursuit of a more just world order clashes with the arbitrary hegemony of the collective West, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, addressing the annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club.

    Putin’s speech ranged from biodiversity to “cancel culture,” the nature of what the West has to offer and Russia’s response, followed by hours of answering audience questions. Here are six key points from his opening remarks.

    1. The West stokes conflict to preserve hegemony

    From inciting conflict in Ukraine and provocations around Taiwan to destabilizing the world food and energy markets, the US and its allies have been escalating tensions around the globe in recent years and especially in recent months, Putin said.
    The US has nothing left to offer the world – Putin READ MORE: The US has nothing left to offer the world – Putin

    “Ruling the world is what the so-called West has staked in this game, which is certainly dangerous, bloody and – I would say – dirty. It denies the sovereignty of countries and peoples, their identity and uniqueness, and disregards any interests of other states,” the Russian president explained. In their so-called “rules-based world order,” only those making the “rules” have any agency, while everyone else must simply obey.

    However, the West has “no constructive ideas and positive development, they simply have nothing to offer the world except the preservation of their dominance.”

    2. Rules for thee but not for me

    The West insists its culture and worldview should be universal, Putin said. While not saying it outright, they behave as if these values must be unconditionally accepted by everyone else.

    Yet when some other countries, notably China, began benefiting from globalization, the West “immediately changed or completely canceled” many of the rules it long insisted were set in stone and sacred, Putin said, with free trade, economic openness, fair competition and even property rights “suddenly forgotten at once, completely.”

    “As soon as something becomes profitable for themselves, they change the rules immediately, on the go, in the course of the game.”

    3. “Cancel culture” and canceling culture

    Believing themselves infallible, the rulers of the West desire to destroy – or “cancel” – those they dislike. Where Nazis burned books, the Western “guardians of liberalism and progress” now ban Dostoevsky and Tchaikovsky, Putin said. Liberal democracy has transformed into something unrecognizable, declaring any alternative viewpoint as propaganda or a threat, he added. The so-called “cancel culture” destroys anything that is alive and creative, preventing any freedom of thought in culture, economics or politics alike.
    READ MORE: Putin reveals his thoughts on gender theory

    “History, of course, will put everything in its place,” Putin said, adding that the the self-conceit of those who seek to cancel them is off the charts, “but no one will even remember their names in a few years, while Dostoevsky and Tchaikovsky and Pushkin will endure.”

    4. Russia does not seek domination

    Russia is an “independent, original civilization” and “has never considered itself an enemy of the West,” Putin said. Since antiquity, it has had ties with the West of traditional Christian and Muslim values, freedom, patriotism, and a rich culture. There is another West, however – “an aggressive, cosmopolitan, neocolonialist, acting as a tool of neoliberal elites,” Putin said, “whose dictates Russia will never accept.”
    READ MORE: Russia is not an enemy of the West – Putin

    Even so, Russia is not throwing a gauntlet to the elites of that West, but “simply defends its right to exist and develop freely. At the same time, we ourselves are not seeking to become some kind of new hegemon,” Putin said.

    5. Western hegemony is ending

    “We are standing at a historic milestone, ahead of what is probably the most dangerous, unpredictable and at the same time important decade since the end of World War II. The West is not able to single-handedly manage humanity, but is desperately trying to do it, and most of the peoples of the world no longer want to put up with it,” Putin said.

    Conflicts arising from this tumult are threatening the entire humanity, and constructively resolving them is the principal challenge ahead, according to the Russian leader.

    No one can sit out the coming storm, which has acquired a global character, Putin said. Humanity has two choices, “either to continue to accumulate a burden of problems that will inevitably crush us all, or to try together to find solutions, albeit imperfect, but working, capable of making our world safer and more stable.”

    6. What multipolar world should look like

    In a truly democratic multipolar world, any society, culture and civilization should have the right to choose its own path and socio-political system. If the US and Europe have that right, so should everyone else. Russia also has it, “and no one will ever be able to dictate to our people what kind of society we should build and on what principles.”
    Putin calls for ‘dialogue on equal terms’ with the West READ MORE: Putin calls for ‘dialogue on equal terms’ with the West

    The biggest threat to the political, economic, and ideological monopoly of the West is that alternative social models may arise in the world – and would be more effective and more attractive.

    “Above all, we believe that the new world order should be based on law and justice, be free, authentic and fair,” the Russian president said.

    “The future world order is being formed before our eyes. And in this world order, we must listen to everyone, take into account every point of view, every nation, society, culture, every system of worldviews, ideas and religious beliefs, without imposing a single truth on anyone, and only on this basis, understanding our responsibility for the fate of our peoples and the planet, to build a symphony of human civilization.”

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  40. daviddd2 – “Europe will ultimately pay a massive price and its depopulation will require many more imported millions from the 3rd world to kick start it again. Project “De-Nationalisation of Europe” is well on track. Global de-nationalisation and the installation of a global government will quickly follow.”

    Spot on – all happening right now.

    If people are not able to see/ know what is going on (the factual reality) then they must be getting all of their info from MSM, that would make them sheeple – just following the TV (Truth Violation).

    Well informed people would have to consider both sides of a story or subject of interest to arrive at a well informed factual decision or belief. Research is now so very easy to carry out using a PC or smart phone, there is no excuse for ignorance.

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  41. Horrifying news but good to know what’s really going on first hand.Main Stream media only lie with the usual distortion and misinformation to push the West’s side of the story. Thank you.

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  42. Diarmuid Brannock: “I shudder to think what drugs this fellow is taking”

    I take it you know better? Do fill us in, I’m dying for a dose of reality.

    tonyryan43: “That is all Putin intended. A school kid cadet could deduce that.”

    Precisely! Putin had obviously limited Russian operations to protecting the areas adjoining Russian territory with a predominantly Russian Ukrainian population of several million… that’s Russia’s obligation under the Minsk Agreements, obligations which France, Germany and the Ukros had as guarantors of the Minsk Agreement but deviously spat on.

    NATO has now blown the whole thing up and Putin is obliged to expand. Any moron could see that if Putin wanted to occupy all of Ukraine, Kiev and the western parts of Ukraine would have been in rubble by now.

    In the end, crossing Russia’s red line has made it quite clear that NATO’s “Drang Nach Osten” is a DELIBERATE provocation and assault pushing Russia and the whole of Europe into war. Yet again. It looks like the fence sitters across the water will again supply the hardware while Europe supplies the blood and the bones.

    Europe will ultimately pay a massive price and its depopulation will require many more imported millions from the 3rd world to kick start it again. Project “De-Nationalisation of Europe” is well on track. Global de-nationalisation and the installation of a global government will quickly follow.

    So says Zarathustra. lol

    Liked by 2 people

  43. Nice stuff, Yuri, but your adversary Western journalists simply do not grasp military logistics.

    When Putin rescued the eastern states, he did so with 200,000 men. This is not an invasion force, merely an expeditionary mobilisation to push back local invasion forces. That is all Putin intended. A school kid cadet could deduce that.

    Now that he realises the US, UK, France and Germany are pushing for WWIII, Putin has reviewed his whole strategy. I don’t think America is going to like this very much and I know the Germans will love the next six months as much as they enjoyed 1945.

    I just wish Putin would get off his nobility kick. Much as this is admirable, it ignores the reality of White House and White Hall psychopaths, and Bundestag buffoons. Vlad, just line up those Tsircons and Vangards and eliminate all US and UK aircraft carriers and Zelensky’s HQ… while he is inside. All this drama is fine for Russians but we Aussies need a decisive victory and for the US to be annihilated and heading for home ASAP.

    While you are screwing around, Vlad, the Yanks are setting up missiles in Arnhem Land. Any moment now we expect a Chinese pre-emptive strike. Just pull your not-exactly-Russian finger out.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Diarmuid Brannock

    I shudder to think what drugs this fellow is taking, or which rabbit hole he inhabits.
    Fortunately facts speak very much louder than his deluded commentary.
    Or is it excess of poor quality Vodka ( Very poor quality , if the degeneration of his Cortex is anything to go by).


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