by Lindesy Symonds

The bio-tech spike protein toxin (many patented varieties / batches) of the CoVID injection is both infectious and transmissible (to the unvaxxed). And since Pfizer lost the court case in TX in March 2022 they have had to disclose the adversities of this toxin. The AUS CoVID Regime (of the United Communist Nations) does not admit to the transmission of course but they are now in damage control and have had to post the adversities:

Never mind all the disclaimers – look at the side effects. Unfortunately they have taken down all the acknowledgement of myocarditis, pericarditis, Guillian Barre Disease, thrombocytosis (clots), thrombocytopenia / thrombocytosis idiopathic ( your thrombocytes have tanked due to your body attacking your own own thrombocytes, but you are still making clots) etc. But it was there in the original post and there will be screen captures.

The Big Stick of the ‘SARS-MERS Cov-2 ‘nouvelle’ Corona Virus’ of the Pandemic Hoax 2020 was never isolated from human tissue and never shown to be infectious and transmissible. It was always about the mass injection with the bio-weapon. And due to the mRNA technology of the vaxx it codes the vaxxed person to produce that biotech spike protein. If they become infectious with it they can certainly transmit. This is the whole idea.

Recent studies have show the success of Nattokinase in degrading the spike protein of the injection / transmission in the system.

Degradative Effect of Nattokinase on Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2