Socialist Queensland Labor Education Minister Grace Grace is about to punish unvaxxed teachers across the state for refusing the deadly mRNA jab.

The state’s Department of Education is finalising disciplinary action against about 900 public schoolteachers, aides, administration staff and cleaners who did not comply with a directive to get vaccinated. There are about 54,000 teachers employed across the state.

“School staff were given ample opportunity to follow the lawful direction or provide evidence as to why they should be exempt from the direction since the vaccination requirements were announced in November 2021,” the department said on Wednesday.

 The chancellor of the Australian National University and the former foreign minister, Julie Bishop, said the disciplinary action was “a very harsh outcome”.

“Surely we’ve moved on from this now,” she told Today.

“I would like to see the medical advice that would support such a penalty being imposed on people who, after all, have made a choice. It is pretty harsh.”