Unvaxxed teachers in Qld about to lose $90 a week for disobeying mandate

Socialist Queensland Labor Education Minister Grace Grace is about to punish unvaxxed teachers across the state for refusing the deadly mRNA jab.

The state’s Department of Education is finalising disciplinary action against about 900 public schoolteachers, aides, administration staff and cleaners who did not comply with a directive to get vaccinated. There are about 54,000 teachers employed across the state.

“School staff were given ample opportunity to follow the lawful direction or provide evidence as to why they should be exempt from the direction since the vaccination requirements were announced in November 2021,” the department said on Wednesday.

 The chancellor of the Australian National University and the former foreign minister, Julie Bishop, said the disciplinary action was “a very harsh outcome”.

“Surely we’ve moved on from this now,” she told Today.

“I would like to see the medical advice that would support such a penalty being imposed on people who, after all, have made a choice. It is pretty harsh.”


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Dr. Michael Yeadon: The Most Important Single Message I’ve Ever Written

    “Dear everyone, who is nervously looking around and is asking “What the hell is going on?”

    I hope this isn’t too controversial. It’s certainly frightening, but I believe we are still on the right side of disaster & if enough of us become aware of what is happening here & everywhere in the democratic world, we can recover the situation. We really don’t have long. I believe it’s likely things will change irretrievably over this coming winter. Hence this urgent and unusual request.

    Everything that’s happened and is happening becomes much simpler and it all makes sense, only when you force yourself to think the impossible.


    Even if your immediate response is that this is absurd, please try it for a day or so.

    I ask you further to adopt the experimental position that the media, controlled by just six global corporations, all allied to a single global organization you’ve all heard of, is relentlessly lying to you and has been doing so for over 2.5 years. Same for the internet, controlled by fewer global corporations, also all allied to that same global organization.

    Because I am certain it’s true. I am certain because this all started with a scientific fraud relating to a virus, augmented it with a relentless campaign of fear, imposed measures known to be useless, which wrecked the economy and smashed civil society, then coerced most to accept useless, unnecessary, ineffective and deliberately dangerous injections. Obviously, this is an odious crime. Nothing like it has ever happened.

    I’ve been 41 years in life sciences from training to successful biotech CEO and was worldwide research head and Vice President of Pfizer’s respiratory unit (1995-2011).

    I have absolutely no incentive to say any of this if I wasn’t certain.

    I am certain. This all took place “in my wheelhouse”, my domain of expertise.

    Please consider what I’ve said.

    ’’I’ve given over 70 interviews, all censored. I’ve been foully smeared. It’s propaganda. It tells you what they’re capable of.

    Here’s what Pfizer’s former board member wrote about my accomplishments: Turning Pfizer Discards Into Novartis Gold: The Story Of Ziarco

    Do I sound like a fool?

    Many have asked why people didn’t resist tyrants in the past. Partly it is fear. But it’s more than that. It’s that normal people, like you and me, simply cannot imagine being so evil. We trust in humanity. And so we should. Most people are good. Few are truly terrifyingly horrible. But some are. It’s the inability to believe it’s happening that really stopped people objecting when they should, when the evidence was unmistakable but had not yet quite reached their door, their family.

    They are coming for you and your children. It is happening again. There’s ample evidence emerging of long-term, patient planning. I’m so sorry.

    It’s now up to you. I genuinely don’t see what else I can do.

    Best wishes & sincere thanks,

    Dr. Michael Yeadon”


  2. There is currently a Petition available on the Qld Govt Petitions Web Site for those who wish to sign to support the affected teachers.


  3. Hi auntieet, “Captain’s Log, Stardate 2022.2. Ship out of control, spiraling down towards planet Psi 2000. Fuel low. On auxilary impulse engine power with no helm control. Captain has vacated bridge.”


  4. Hellooo Ed (Cooyee!)

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  5. Of course, David! LOL!


  6. This comment directed towards: “Socialist Queensland Labor Education Minister Grace.”

    dr. Coleman: Will the doctors and nurses who give the Covid-19 shot be tried as war criminals?
    Eighteen months ago I argued that the doctors and nurses who gave the Covid-19 shot would be tried as war criminals. I was not surprised when I was viciously attacked by mainstream journalists and so-called self-proclaimed “fact-checkers,” writes Dr. Vernon Coleman. His link available in main website – Including 13 languages.


    Here’s what I said again:

    I see David Lammy, MP, a British politician, now saying that the covid-19 vaccine is safe and that it works. He’s the latest in a long and growing list of celebrities who have enthusiastically endorsed the vaccine – though I’m afraid they probably spent as much time studying the facts about the vaccine as I spent learning about flower arranging.


  7. ]Mandate = BAILMENT = new Bailee credit system = new POA (same as your current bank has over their acc NAME).]

    [You will own nothing (you never have under bailment), and you will be happy (you’ll get to use the property again through a lessor/lessee contract with terms and conditions)].

    [Its a simular system just a different underwriter (for you to use it) of your abandoned personal property of Estate (the Estate also included your political rights) that your PERSON uses in secular “Dead fiction whore of Commerce”, do you have a licence to do this licencious activity (profiting off the Common-wealth inheritance owned by its missing people?)].

    [I’ll give you a hint.. you divided people (non corpus christi, Vox populi, Vox die) don’t have a de Jure Monarch, you have an empty Throne and abandoned Stone though.. did ye forget or lead to become greedy commercial in-divide-u-alls? Where is your voluntary common-unity as done by through the Gods of your forefathers?].

    [Heres another – why are some of your older
    (pre 1937 ANZAC memorial Stones erected by Citizens “of the city and districts”? Why are you no longer citizens of a city looking after the town as townsfolk? Btw the City is the people, the Town is the buildings and infrastructure. Why does your parish now have a 1967 postcode bankers map laid over the top of it? Why does the towns Lord Mayor have a foreign CEO banker telling him what to do? Why does its council of its division (not districts) keep borrowing and putting the divisions and its tenents (whom are the naked owners in usufruct) in debt every year? What is an occupied people? (Luke 15:14-15 AKJV)]

    [Why are you people now suffering from all these plague’s when your forefathers will (and testament in the AKJV bible) warned you? Why are you being subjected to Bio war fare?]. Where are your volunteer citizen soldiers? Why aren’t they protecting the cities from foreign faiths to your forefathers? The one your forefathers used as a foundation to create a Commonwealth (a people). Anyone know what faith? And why it needs to be defended?


  8. lol As I said, I was sure and I can thoroughly confirm there’s plenty we can agree on.


  9. Han, again this is an must for people to watch! — Listen! — I was told years ago, “You are always attacking the system.” And much more that I can not repeat here.
    I would say: The System as is, IS CORRUPT.”


  10. Han Barkmeyer, Part your Quote: “We have to become Anarchists to be free and take responsibility for our own lives. That is what, I think, Reiner Fuellmich* meant.”
    Han, Bloody hell you got it. That’s written in between his* words…


  11. Han Barkmeyer, Yes I think you know I like your above written comments. True to the truth, and thank you. Hopefully more readers will comprehend your explanation and above all the gravity of current circumstances — and you get flooded with comments left right and center.
    But as usually with the truth people CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH.


  12. An accurate observation. Ed


  13. Can’t see that floating that’s discrimination straight away from an unlawful basis


  14. “In the meantime, we are graciously being given an opportunity to learn and practice OBEDIENCE and OBEYANCE to our provincial Pontius Pilate guverners appointed by Mammon’s chosen servant priests.”

    We are already conditioned to be OBEDIENT. That is our downfall. People are far too obedient for their own good and always want to conform. Must be the herd instinct.
    What we need is civil disobedience on a massive scale. We don’t need governments, we can govern ourselves. Governments should ONLY provide the infrastructure.

    We have to become Anarchists to be free and take responsibility for our own lives. That is what, I think, Reiner Fuellmich meant.

    Anarchism is anti-authoritarianism.
    Anarchists are anti-authoritarians because they believe that no human being should dominate another. Anarchists, in L. Susan Brown’s words, “believe in the inherent dignity and worth of the human individual.” – The Politics of Individualism, p. 107

    Domination is inherently degrading and demeaning, since it submerges the will and judgement of the dominated to the will and judgement of the dominators, thus destroying the dignity and self-respect that comes only from personal autonomy. Moreover, domination makes possible and generally leads to exploitation, which is the root of inequality, poverty, and social breakdown.

    How can anyone still believe in governments after having waged an unrelenting War on their own peoples for the past two and a half years?

    And we certainly don’t need the State. Statism is a religion and, in fact, the most dangerous.

    It has a superhuman deity: The Government.
    It issues commands called LAWS and if you disobey them, you’re a “sinner”.
    They can take your money, order you around and punish you for disobeying their commands.

    Still, the faithful, the true believers, have great faith in these bizarre rituals: Elections, legislation and appointments.

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  15. Here is something I would like to ask. In Tassie, the state of emergency for the COVID pandemic ended on July 1, 2022. As the vaccines are only approved under emergency use, (not fully approved) why are the vaccines still being allowed to be given? Would it not be illegal for them to continue to administer them? Or does federal trump the state ? I thought the states were responsible for health. Isn’t that what we have been told for this never ending 2 week period of flattening the curve????
    Also as the pharmaceutical companies were excused for liability under emergency use authorisation could they also now be liable?

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  16. This is beyond unbelievable considering the vaccines don’t stop spread. Perhaps these teachers were doing students a favour by assisting with natural herd immunity.


  17. These evil doers need to continue the narrative like nothing they did was wrong, lies and deception are their tools of trade, making the innocent pay whilst the evil doers go free before stepping down from their positions. unfortunately the generation we live in today does not care for others only themselves and what they can get, they only serve money as there god.
    are these bureaucrats from their loft haughty positions, tar and feather them and send them to the mob for justice to be obtained.

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  18. The ‘World War’ on COVID — An Arsenal of High-Tech ‘Weapons’ of Social Control

    If we carefully analyze each aspect of the “world war” on COVID-19, we can see how each tactic and high-tech “weapon” has harmed human health, destabilized civil society and possibly disrupted the ecological balance between the human population and the virus, while enriching private interests and empowering financially captured government regulators.


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  19. This is a vindictive irrational response from a fascist left wing government bent on revenge. These teachers were already fired for refusing an experimental vaccine that has been proven to be not fit for purpose and now this. Rehire them and then dock their pay? WTF
    The moral takeaway – DON’T VOTE LABOUR

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  20. Why are these teachers still being punished. We are over the pandemic. These teachers have been teaching all the way through this so called pandemic but now they have to get an experimental drug put into their bodies. Everyone has been punished enough and it’s time to stop this nonsense.


  21. auntieet,

    Right on, the maggots don’t like feeling like maggots.

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  22. “We need to set up our own self-sufficient communities and then connect with each other. That’s what gives us the power. No “Guv General”, no “Meschiahs!” ”

    I believe they are looking at that contingency and are trying to cover it by hitting the local communities at Council level.

    But here’s the real problem. We are conditioned that a benevolent dictator Meschiah figure is needed, one that we can have total faith in so he can turn the tables and lead us into a global holy life of justice and human rights as we sit on our ritually cleansed arses full of love for our fellow man and await enlightenment out of our self induced narcolepsy.

    In the meantime, we are graciously being given an opportunity to learn and practice OBEDIENCE and OBEYANCE to our provincial Pontius Pilate guverners appointed by Mammon’s chosen servant priests.

    A few crucifixions posted along the road to the Babylon Temple are a must in case some of the rabble decide they’d rather audition for the next Survivor episode with the Lions at the Colosseum.

    “Obedience or Death”, our new national motto. We MUST Exchange our Walk On Part In The War For A Lead Role In A Cage…

    (WTF did they do with my soma and testosterone pills … Pfffft! I’m all out, but I’m happy anyway. I’ll just sit back and watch the Wheels go round and round, oh how I LOVE to watch them roll.

    All I Need is LOVE, with or without the WEF monkeypox. It Don’t Matter to Me, I am Invincible, I am Woman… No wait… I am Man! … No wait, I’m … LGBTQIJKLMNOPQRSTVWXYZ… It don’t matter to me… Nothing really matters to me… except Twitter and Facebook and the colour of the underpants Britney Spears is wearing today)

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  23. BonzaD: Like me big mate that chose to go broke than take the big bucks jobs said to me a few months back, “they all got buyer’s remorse now, (the willing deathshot needle junkies), they don’t want to believe they got it wrong”… ‘they don’t mind the lies & bs keeps rolling, as long as they feel safe & don’t have to face things themselves’… Yep!

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  24. Oy vey! Reiner Fuellmich said:

    That is why we have to understand that we cannot trust our leaders because they are not our leaders.
    They’re the ones who were infiltrated into the judiciary, into medicine, the economy, politics.
    They’re their leaders. We can only trust ourselves. And that’s why we must connect with each other.

    Start all these, this is what I feel is really important. Step away from that system. Blow them out of the water when we have a chance to do that.
    All of these global NGO’s, global corporations, it’s, they’re collapsing right now. They’re collapsing.
    We need to set up our own self-sufficient communities and then connect with each other. That’s what gives us the power.

    No “Guv General”, no “Meschiahs!”

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  25. Disgustingly unfair! They should demand JUSTICE and Equal RIGHTS!R ________________________________


  26. Does Grace not read? Is she dyslexic? Perhaps someone could transliterate the following to her. Disobeying an idiot should NOT be punishable. IN FACT SHE SHOULD REINSTATE THE WISER TEACHERS WITH BACKPAY!!!!!!!!:

    New UK study: Things are not looking good for the vaccinated
    August 27, 2022

    Mikolaj Raszek of Merogenomics points to new British research into the effectiveness of vaccines. This has turned out to be negative for several months now. This means that vaccinated people are more likely to be infected than unvaccinated people.

    The researchers analyzed about 22 million “infections”, 900,000 hospitalizations and 175,000 deaths, Raszek says in the video.

    The authors noted that the booster’s effectiveness has been NEGATIVE since December 2021. Since Omicron, the effectiveness of the vaccine has been negative, says Raszek.

    According to him, the effectiveness of the vaccine has been classified as negative since August last year, ie for a whole year. He therefore finds it astonishing that it is not reported for the first time in the scientific literature until a year later.

    In addition, since the beginning of this year, apparently significantly more vaccinated people have died than unvaccinated. The authors note that since February 14, more vaccinated and multiple vaccinees have died than unvaccinated.

    “Once Omicron showed up, since January of this year, the vaccinated begin to report an increased death rate compared to the unvaccinated. It’s very confusing news,” Raszek said.


  27. re: “https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2022/08/theres-a-bigger-agenda-these-people-are-literally-trying-to-kill-us/”

    Oi vey! I can’t wait for the Guv General to train and install new leaders for us through the millions of $$$s of govt grants he’s supposed to be pushing for. lol Bring on the Meschiahs!


  28. Don’t want to mention names Ed/s in case they’re blocked, nice to see your not an abandoned Spanish… Nice to see your back Ed/s & not that I mind your not as contributors keep the info & links coming either way. I come from the time of ‘wind up public phones’, we didn’t have landlines. You’d walk miles or more (as a a kid) to go to the precious telephone, call the ambulance/flying doc, or more times than that, put horse bets on for your uncle. In those good days, we’d share news by letter, or horseman on back to deliver urgent messages. If their was a post office we’d send a telegram for urgent news if environment didn’t have stockmen that far stretched the distance we were. When house telephones came in only one or two people’s houses came into play, for vast area distances, you only used that for emergencies, not chit chat, more was a letter. When public telephone boxes came in at intervals of a few blocks in suburbia, well that was my Lollie & Matchbox Cars money, the amount of 20cent pieces I’d find on the ground around that sheltered telephone box was treasure, some poor intoxicated person would always drop their coins, some stressed out mother with kids carrying on dropped money, by the time I went into town there was a fortune to be found, especially near a pub. So CnsNews Ed/s, I reckon you could be a bit more visual & talkative in these times as we don’t hear much from you lately. More than a few of us were having problems with Wpress, we expressed our concerns, no reply from you, mysteriously after some (a lot) backed me up Wpress worked like a charm, likes worked, comments worked, all went back to the way it worked, now my likes are blocked again, as I’m no threat to any establishment I wonder why.
    Your post here about teachers losing pay…A lot more people have lost a lot more. All their wages, their houses, their liberty, their freedoms, know a man, stood by his convictions, knocked back 2 overseas postings, 250,000k+/year, he’s a specialist in his field (mining) he figured there was some sh#it about to come down (this was 3yrs ago), he chose to be broke than to bend over for the establishment & take some experimental medical procedure, he knew it was going to be much more than that, he came home to rural isolation as he knew that was safer than being stuck overseas in some foreign country away from his heartland in the bush. He protested for the medics, he protested for the teachers, he went against apra & the establishment, he fought for them, he travelled miles only to be heckled & ignored for his standing, he tried to warn, they didn’t listen, as then it didn’t affect them, they were nowhere in sight to stand beside him, I know as I was there with him

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  29. Julie Bishop, a member of the Cabal, knows very well what the mRNA “vaccines” are doing.

    1-minute video:


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  30. Hi Vincent, With all due respect I think you need to do some heavy duty research into the SHAM and absolute joke that was the Robotdebt class action through Gordon Legal. Or maybe get in touch with some victims (those who are still alive of course!), who STILL haven’t received a bloody cent of the money stolen from them. All smoke and mirrors. There was NO win for the victims. Shorten folded at the 11th hour. And the system is STILL broken and corrupted – and stealing from the vulnerable – and Shorten STILL is doing NOTHING whatsoever. Just as he continues to do NOTHING whatsoever about the NDIS.


  31. “So when do the class actions start?”

    Class actions? rotfl The only thing that’s going to stop the fckers is when they fear you more than you fear them!

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  32. Still not sick of Palashchook abusing you, Queenslanders? Waiting for Palaschook to officially open up the gulags for you?


  33. There are about 54,000 teachers employed across the state.WHY dont they all get a backbone and just walk out and give support to these people that are being treated like leppers then see what this SILLY BITCH AND HER MATE PALLACHOOK IS GOING TO DO THEN OF COURSE THESE COMMY BASTARDS ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP but at least you supported your fellow workers thats what the AUSSIE SPIRITS ALL ABOUT ISNT IT . GET OUR COUNTY AND OUR STATES BACK FROM ALL THESE CORRUPT GLOBALIST COMMY BASTARDS THIS CRAP HAS TO END . THERE IS NO PANDEMIC AND THERE NEVER WAS .

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  34. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has just released its latest statistics on all-cause mortality, which are about 3 months behind real time.

    “It paints a horrific picture of the impact of public health policy, with about 15,000 additional deaths since October 2021 (the red shaded area represents the additional deaths above the prior upper limits).”

    In July 2021 — when there were still no significant excess deaths — health ministers made a concerted effort to “get you vaccinated” and give anyone who didn’t “Warsaw Ghetto” treatment, writes Dr. Ah Khan Syed, his and many more links also in the main website: https://www.frontnieuws.com/de-schrikbarende-oversterfte-in-australie-wordt-steeds-erger/

    Main site available in 13 different languages.

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  35. A Mandate is just an Mandate! If you comply you agree, to be EXPERIMENTED ON! You will be Guinea pigged! They will keep on trying to KILL YOU… Forget the WEF Global control, close them down locally.

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  36. I agree kids get taught a lot of hoopla today. I listen to what my children tell me they learn at school. I wonder how many parents really have a clue. Blind faith?
    All this talk about resilience, compassion, social justice, emotional wellbeing, equality, gender, climate change, ACTIVISM, BULLYING, CONSENT. One can only hope kids wise up and some of what they are taught they actually use for the true greater good. But judging by my 12 year old’s class, there is not a chance in hell. Least resilient, intelligent, questioning, defiant generation ever on the planet unless it involves using their bloody mobiles to harass some other child. Brainwashed to the hilt. Cheers Lindesymonds.

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  37. Disgraceful Grace Disgraceful.

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  38. Parents should start pulling their children out of the Qld schools and start working on the homeschooling / distance ed communities. They have no guarantees there will not be more mandates for these psychopathic Agendas.

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  39. I do not believe it was a ‘lawful direction’. She like most politicians are absolute liars and only looking for a free ride for the rest of the grubby lives.

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    Murderers – liars as this is NOT LAWful… mandation is NOT lawful – Why would want anybody to get different side-effects and suffering??? just to keep a job – when if gets sick still cannot keep the job!! and then even gets sick!!


  41. I just contacted Gordon Legal about a class action and they are awaiting people to contact them who are affected. If those affected can as a body contact Gordon Legal they will give a class action consideration.

    I would suggest get on the phone to Gordon Legal, congratulate them on the class action win regarding Robodebt, and voice your concerns and desire for a class action regarding vaccine mandates. Everyone needs to make their voice heard.

    Gordon Legal phone number 1800212223

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  42. So when do the class actions start?
    The law firm Gordon Legal who took on the government over RoboDebt winning a class action should be canvassed for this next class action.

    Contact them here,


  43. Would this not be a breach of contract?


  44. Brian winterburn

    Never trust communists.

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  45. Not harsh at, criminal from the very outset. Time to begin to confront the whole lot from the bogus premier on down with their crimes.

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