Brisbane Rally for the future Sat 23rd July

We are on the doorstep of the implementation of the one world government’s plan to install a new society, built on the total control, manipulation, oppression and surveillance of the People.

To do this, their plan is written.

The destabilisation of our society, to such a degree, that hardship is experienced on a level unheard of in modern times, especially in “first world” countries.

  • Food shortages
  • Sky rocketing, fuel, grocery, interest rate, building material and basic commodity prices
  • Housing crisis
  • Digital ID
  • CCP’s social credit system
  • AI human integration

The on-purpose crash of our economy and the collapse of our current society, is inevitable.

It’s going to burn.

The world wide revolution is pumping harder now, than it ever has in the last 2.5 years.

  • The Tenacious Sri Lankans, storming government buildings and sending their corrupt PM into exile
  • The Powerful Dutch farmers, blocking highways and spraying government buildings in fecal matter
  • The Georgia Guidestones being blown to smithereens
  • The assassination of Japanese ex PM and political member of the Liberal Democrat Party, who’s current agenda is to pass legislation to introduce State of Emergency powers
  • Macron’s French government’s Health Passport Legislation defeated in government

Don’t mistake this for me condoning violence…I’m not.

I am pointing out some instances all within the last 7 days, that point to the mass awakening and push back reaching heights yet unseen.

While it is the plan of the world government to purposely create rubble and then provide a desperate population with a “solution”, we must resist and already have something workable in place.

The solution is YOU, through the TPR Connect Community groups.

We’ve worked hard and long on a viable platform and we are almost ready to launch these groups.

Please, go the website and sign up to the connect groups, under the events tab.
Now is NOT the time for complacency.

Now is the time to rally the troops and assemble en masse, in your capital city.

See you in Brisbane on July 23 at Musgrave Park, at midday.

We Are One

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Fed Up! How vulgar and vicious. And you talk about “spreading filth” and “seeing through people”. Taking people’s comments out of context and ‘biting’ commentators on this otherwise civil and respectful forum out of misplaced anger, reveals more about YOU than anything else. And only causes harm to yourself, physically and spiritually.


  2. “To the “haters” of these freedom movements”, that is exactly it fed up! It is called unity – in hatred!

    “The haters have done it again!” They hate freedom! May be you as a freedom videologist could unite ALL those who seek freedom by explaining exactly what freedom could/should mean for ALL Aussies or is translated into because 99% have different and very opposing freedoms in their own mind.

    As Aussies have learned to jump when asked by the one eyed kosher coalition, Aussies jump. To jump over a cliff as one, brings a lot of people together too – especially for the sake of freedom.

    After Australia shouted freedom in parks and on governmental lawns 2 years ago ¾ of the population was successfully injected multiple times on behalf of our caring political leaders. The get together’s were not that successful were they? Now it is repeated again while hoping it will turn out completely different and all our beautiful honest and caring politicians miraculously start truthfully to become fond of the populace and their country now.

    The ex PM who still “does the work of God” after vaccinating the Australian populace said he believes in miracles. One would too especially when looking at his filled bank accounts while working for “his God” and the (un)holy coalition.

    “The Australian freedom movement” and Monty Pythons 2 opposing Judean freedom fighters fractions in Life of Brian have much in common. Cliff inclusive.

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  3. Well Fed Up! suffice to say, the benefit of the doubt reached it’s use-by date with Bossi. And as far as I’m aware, it’s not a criminal offense to change one’s opinion or viewpoint lol. No inferred coúp. No action on rigged/stolen election. No nothing. Other than a lot of posturing, chest beating and false hope hot air. Maybe has a Messiah complex. The ‘scales have fallen from my eyes’ over many things lately – all part of the personal ascension process and journey. Perceiving or labeling people as “keyboard warrors” is unfair and akin to the ‘conspiricacy theorist’ tag used by our enemies. Communication, community engagement and contributing to the greater good takes on many different forms and should be utilised on a daily basis in all endeavors – rather than just on random weekends to feel righteous.


  4. Maybe the rally organisers could ask the federal Cabinet to turn up to have their faces painted, with the Aboriginal flag and
    the UN flag of course. Ed


  5. Hi Barb why are they targeting you? Ed


  6. D johnson

    I thought you liked Riccardo Bosi, I see you “liked” Paul Hogan (July 19th @2.29pm) referring to Riccardo Bosi as a “wank stain” and a “chronic liar.”….I feel very disappointed as in previous comments you seemed to support him.

    Heads up!

    Riccardo Bosi has the balls to stand up and fight for this country. Paul Hogan is just a keyboard warrior with not much to offer but lies and filth comments about people who are fighting for this country.

    We may not agree with everything they suggest, but they are bringing people together.

    To the “haters” of these freedom movements …Instead of speaking lies and filth, show us evidence to back up your comments

    Thank you Cairns News for letting people know about the rally on Saturday. I bet most of these” keyboard warriors” in the comment section of Cairns News won’t be turning up to help awaken the sleepers.


  7. I have been heavily targeted by the cabal who run this country of late, the most recent serious attack being two days ago at Inskip Point. Not only did the ubiquitous twin engine plane turn and come directly at me and my van with only meters clearance above the trees, but later inthe afternoon, an air force plane came roaring over from Fraser Is also directly at my site then sharply turned and headed south along the beachline…very low. As it did so, I was on the phone and the volume went so incredibly loud that my ear is still hurting. The morgan plane then also came speeding toward me and continued at low levels. I later researched air force aircraft and discovered it to be a combat plane that is for psychological and information purposes. Why tell you this? Because I believe they are going to use these on you all once assembled. Good luck, but if we believe the WH’s, we have already defeated these evil freaks and it is all for the public show now.


  8. It would be nice to see some of you “keyboard warriors” show up to this around Australia.

    Stand up for our country.

    Actions speak louder than words


  9. (Advance news)
    Dictator Dan extends pandemic powers till October – one month from Victoria’s election

    This week, the Victorian government extended its draconian pandemic declaration for another three months.

    The reasoning? Acting Premier Jacinta Allan said the “experts” are looking at modeling and floating ideas about new COVID-19 restrictions such as mask mandates and further work-from-home orders.

    Meanwhile other states such as South Australia, the NT and Tasmania have ended their pandemic powers and Australians are moving on.

    But the most dangerous part of all this is the uncertainty.

    Andrews’ Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 gives him the dictatorial power to:

    Impose indefinite lockdowns, even if there were no cases of the virus in the country (new sections 165AE & 165AI)
    Imprison people without trial (new section 165BA(1)(b)
    Arrest people because of their religion, political beliefs, or ethnic background (new section 165AK(4))

    If Industry Support Minister Ben Carroll says no mandates or lockdowns are being considered, then why extend the pandemic declaration? If there are no plans to use the powers granted to the Victorian government via the pandemic declaration, then why not just recall the power?

    Our guess? Because the Victorian government is drunk on the power that COVID-19 hysteria gave them.

    As Victoria’s Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said, “Victorians deserve to have control of their lives handed back.

    Today’s extension of state of emergency laws shows Daniel Andrews has no intention of doing that.

    Extending these laws means a longer, slower road to recovery.

    The threat of mandates, lockdowns and restrictions remain, which overshadows efforts for us to recover.

    The Victorian people aren’t dumb, they know how dangerous this man is. This law gives the Premier and the Health Minister the power to rule by decree indefinitely.

    Now that Australians are learning to live with the virus, the Premier doesn’t want to loosen his stranglehold on the state…so he’s extending the pandemic declaration for another three months.

    But we bet that he’ll relax the rules a few weeks before the Victorian state election in late November…

    Dan’s got to go.


  10. BRAVO! jo. Eloquent and candid.


  11. “Lots of opinions do count”, really ED?

    Those many opinions have built this country on purpose. Divide and conquer without subjects noticing that they are SUBJECTS nor that they have been conquered already a long time ago as colonialist subjects when their great great grandparents were used to shackles and the NATURAL suppression through red coats law. “Traditions” naturally continue especially when those who pull the strings are the puppet masters who design “laws” and are served by their own slaves that believe they are better now than the “average mob” where they themselves have been born into.

    Ask ANY Australian in the streets what it is they want for the future of Australia and it will be crystal clear that the thinking of the colonialists is that they are not colonialists. Rather they are a herd of self centered opinionated selfish individuals who only give a damn about anything when stuff is NOT going their way. Australia is always coming second, after ones own opinion on how to do this that or the other.

    Anyone who wants a free and sovereign Australia will be opposed by others that want exactly the same. BUT unfortunately it always will need to be THEIR WAY – or else.
    Like a little bratty child that has the face painted with different colors that it does not like and angrily screams at a liberated single mummy that rather wishes to be “beamed” into space than face another screaming kid episode that will not stop until she “serves” the child’s needs.

    Then on top of every day problems we further confuse and oppose ourselves with different faiths or non faiths. Bring together Christians, Catholics, evangelists, atheists, “demons of false Prophets” and any other “fake or non fake” religion/faith and AGAIN Australia will become second – in ones own opinion.

    Australia only needs ONE opinion – to free itself from its manipulators and that only will work if all of us have the same opinion and for a PERMANENT change always allow AUSTRALIA TO COME FIRST.

    Once people understand that “manipulators r us” – unwillingly or not, there might be a chance for change. But it seems we are further away from Australian change than ever.

    An uprising against the manipulators will not happening through BBQ’s and live music. Revolt against injustice is NO CARNIVAL on a weekend in a park. Take the protests to the ones who are following direct order from the masters that pull the strings. Change the opinion of your local politicians or at least let them know that enough is enough and make public what they have done to the members and families of the community they once were part of. Make their addresses known and let them know the feeling that fear mongering can always be reversed and directed back to them. Let them remember again that being part of a community is not living behind electric fences, locked doors and police protection. Let them remember where they came from and WHO they are.

    Did we not have entertainment enough already with plenty more on the way where that came from? Being raped over and over again and coming back for more might be just an opinion too.

    So please “Aussie controllers” slap me in the face until you tire and I can finally put my head back in the sand again for some peace and well deserved freedom. Soo tired of “change” already.

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  12. Thank you Paul Hogan. Irrespective of one’s religious/spiritual beliefs (or even lack thereof), it doesn’t get much truer or more prescient than that. Dark Bearers have always walked amongst us – but never in the magnitude we are witnessing right now.


  13. “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed. And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep”
    Peter 2:1-3

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  14. Hi Paul Hogan, Further to my reply…I am loathe to admit that I momentarily fell for these fraudsters initially… though not infallible – must’ve been experiencing poor blood circulation to brain at the time. They’re little better (although not as comedic) as that other mob which emerged up here in Cairns last year, banging on about loopholes in “common law”. ‘Velvet’ something… Revolution? I nicknamed them the Viscose Remedials. Vanished not long after. Probably back focusing on their hydroponics. “You can fool some of the people etc…”


  15. Hi Paul Hogan, You are so very right!


  16. Hi Jo, Lol love it! Beautifully stated.


  17. The People’s Revolution “foundation” is ASIO controlled initiative group, the thing they do, the ONLY thing they did, do and will be dooing is flop their lips and play banjo from the stage, exactly like all other groups who sell merch, the most annoying wank stain is Ricardo Bossi – chronic lier. I also cannot miss an opportunity to say Hi to all feds who read all this lol

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  18. TPR held demos recently during the working week days and they were highly attended, but it’s back to Saturday afternoons again featuring “face-painting”; whoopee!
    This is factually incorrect,”The Tenacious Sri Lankans, storming government buildings and sending their corrupt PM into exile.” He ran away!
    Likewise “The Georgia Guidestones being blown to smithereens” smithereens definition: a lot of very small broken pieces. The Georgia so called Guidestones are for whom? Besides which they were broken into large and small pieces.
    The time to hold demos is during Peak Hour Traffic periods, especially on Pay Day! We used to do that back in the ’60s and ’70s, without Face Painting! We used to blockade petrol stations when fuel prices hiked, too! A couple of days of not buying fuel and car pooling sent a BIG message!

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  19. Picnics in the park are not going to stop the globalist takeover of our society. We need these people to be actively and peacefully disrupting the current system .

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  20. The World Council for Health has also designated 23 July World Ivermectin Day.. asking that concerts be held and information flyers regarding the history of Ivermectin. Maybe we need to save the people as well, demand this safe and effective medicine, otherwise there will be no one left to protest..

    Who is this TPR group and why isn’t it national then..? Website shows no connect groups on it.


  21. Lots of opinions do count. Ed


  22. And don’t think for an instant that the bombing of the Georgia Stones was an act of vandalism. No, they’ve delivered that message and are now moving on.

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  23. Hey yippeeeehhyeah!
    Face painting is back! Live music, the way to go! Aussie revolution in full swing AGAIN! One wonders what the REVOLUTIONARIES come up with during mass starvation? Sucking on a stale crust of moldy bread as a protest when the face paint runs out?
    We are one, cough cough. No, we are just many with many more opposing ideas and hating each other for all sorts of FAKE reasons that never bring Australia peace.

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  24. comeinspinner

    I do not live. near Brisbane so cannot attend,. Please add to the list the AERIAL Spraying by VAX PAX. . They intend to kill us and that is no conspiracy.

    By any chance is there a special bus for people to attend the rally, if so, what would be the cost ? I live in Mackay area.

    Could you send any info here , please ?

    I , no, we are being stalked and hunted down,Did Australians vote for this ? I am damn sure I did not.Remember all the fuss a few years ago about stalking ?

    Seriously, how can the premiers and ministers stand in front of the Loyal Australian citizens and blatantly lie and connive the downfall of our once beautiful Nation .? I truly feel contempt for the words and actions of these traitors.Only my opinion.

    Like one of my sons says. “Opinions are not worth the paper they are written on. “


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