US Supreme Court bans baby killing, throwing feminazis into a furor

The overturning of Roe v Wade in the United States could reignite the debate about abortion access in Australia, and fortunately increase the stigma for people who terminate unwanted pregnancies.

The decision by the US Supreme Court brings to an abrupt end the decades-long constitutional right to an abortion in the US, meaning state bans come into effect.

Daile Kelleher, chief executive of Children by Choice, said she had no doubt Australian opponents of abortion would be energised by the US decision.

“It is a really stark reminder to us that even rights that we have so-called won, because they are legislated, could be overturned or wound back and that could depend on the government of the day,” Kelleher said.

“Abortion rights and access never seems to be completely embedded within the public health systems, which could make it easier to overturn.”

Kelleher said abortion was yet to be properly decriminalised in Western Australia. While it was decriminalised in all other states, the ability of pregnant people (women, non-binary people and trans men) to access abortion varied.

Victoria decriminalised abortion in 2008, and it was largely available in the public health system in city areas, but there were still barriers to access in regional areas. NSW, which decriminalised abortion in 2019, had started embedding access to abortion in the public health system, but it was early days, Kelleher said.

Queensland has some of the most liberal policies in the world when in 2018 the Labor Party allowed full term abortions creating widespread condemnation.- from SMH

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The issue in the USA was that abortion was not a Constitutional Right. As I understand, it was on that basis that it was thrown out. They are big on their Constitution over there.

    Despite that, the timing is impeccable in attempts to make Trump look good for the conservative right, so of course he is happy to take the accolades (despite his warp speed mandates when in power to maim and hurt his own voting base through an experimental jab).

    Others claim that it “is to create division; to further distance people on the left and the right, to create separation and civil unrest.States that allow abortion will be filled with liberals and states that ban abortion will be filled with republicans. It’s like recreating the civil war”
    Source: http://www.bartoll. se

    The images of witches aka females, tattooing babies being stabbed (on their belly button) or claims of ‘it’s not a human’ written on their pregnant bellies was nothing short of provocative and terribly sad.

    Motherhood is a privileged vocation trashed by these demons. Imagine being born to one.

    Then of course there is the ‘my body my choice’ argument which doesn’t count if it’s related to vaccines which shows how hypocritical they really are.

    There will always be the destroyers of life, and the givers of life.

    A law created has nothing to do with conscience.
    It doesn’t absolve anything.
    It will be what it is.


  2. From Mike King (USA) who says:
    “Roe vs Wade is struck down– and Q then returns as Trump goes to “Q-Town.”
    “Exactly as he had promised, Trump’s three judges (or their military substitutes?) struck down Roe vs Wade.”
    “There is no question that Bush-appointee and Chief Justice John Roberts (rumored to have been to Epstein’s Island) has lost control of the court. The question is, how and to whom?”


  3. Shame on QLD for allowing full term abortions, Just because the baby hasn’t fully reached the outside world and their life is terminated, that’s not abortion, that’s murder. Wasn’t a young man found guilty of the murder of a couple and their unborn child by crashing his car into them recently. 12 weeks should be the maximum time allowed for an abortion> By then a woman should be able to decide and hopefully she was not drunk or trying to impress a male. A child should only be conceived in love not lust.


  4. Ffs since when can men have babies this mentions binary and trans men losing the right to abortion . Wtaf.!!

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  5. Firstly, dickyardley, read your Old testament, if you are going to quote scripture regarding God and murder
    . I always felt that if a woman was raped, abortion should be allowed but as soon as pregnancy is confirmed. In my day young girls got pregnant because they thought they couldn’t or if they took the pill before sex they were safe, so in this day and age surely we should have educated children so they understand the ramifications on having unprotected sex not only pregnancy but STDs and emotional problems. I was horrified when my niece told me her 9 year old daughter had started her period. She is now 12 and now she is having adult female attractions and her mother is considering putting her on the pill.If males were put into the position of having to look after that child till their 18th birthday they may think twice about having casual sex because I have witnessed a friend’s son who had to do this and the girl had twins. He was 37 before he was free of that burden, providing not just for the twins but also the mother. Perhaps these facts should be taught in school but,it comes down to parenting and education.My mum and dad sat me down together and explained the basics and then gave me a small book to read.It was a bit embarrassing I remember but I felt empowered.
    Unwanted pregnancy doesn’t just impact on the mother and father, if known, but on the families as well.
    Final word, SHAME on Queensland allowing full term abortion, from what I am told, it’s really murder. 12 weeks should be the maximum time for abortion, that’s enough time for a woman to make a choice and hopefully it’s not because she was drunk or wanted to impress the boy


  6. Big Abortion , Big Vaxx , Big Pharma , Big Bio-Tech, Big Organ Harvesting Combine on the PRC – Israeli axis : all joined at the hip for the NWO – and its soviet currently being built from the East. The Soviet Union is always top of the stats on abortions. Leftoid Femocrats have all been totally OK with the invasion of Europe and all Western nations by populations where rape and enslavement of White women and girls, infidels, etc is customary and part of the deal. Abortions paid by the Western state will not save this situation. Grow up Femocrats. Get out of the Long March of subversion through all Western institutions and get a life.


  7. I say, Blisskit, it’s your ass. Why is it anyone else’s responsibility? 🙂


  8. Incorrect Roland13021954, if all bases are covered having sex does not equate to a child. A woman who knows her own cycle can have unprotected sex for a period of at least 14 days out of every month and not fall pregnant ( 28 day cycle). On the other hand men can at any given time inpregnate a woman at the right time. Who is the most responsible for all this trauma yet the most irresponsible ? And so another ‘man’s trash may be another man’s treasure’. Just at the expense of the female.


  9. I understand that a woman may not want children for whatever reason . but when sex is had there is a distinct possibility that pregnancy could result . the question I would ask is. is it acceptable to murder a viable human being that has no ability to defend itself . to me it,s quite simple maybe apart from medical issues you make your bed .You lay in it . Action,s have consequences. there are families desperate to have a family . Don,t mean to be harsh but one woman,s trash is another woman,s treasure.


  10. Robert Scource

    Could it be for the pedophiles who run the world?


  11. tonyryan43 and tony. I have seen that footage and it really is quite sickening. However, abortion also needs to be put in perspective. From what I understand this overturning is only relevant to 15 weeks onwards. It does not totally eliminate abortion. Nor in my opinion should it, there are circumstances whereby it may be the preferred option. The morning after pill has been around for years, guessing around 30 at least and can be used within 72 hours of sex. Then in addition there is the RU486 abortion pill (medical abortion) where safety leaves a lot to be desired. And whilst we talk here about abortion still being illegal in some states or not decriminalised, it has well and truly been performed in this country for decades safely in hospitals with qualified surgeons. It is safer to have a properly performed abortion (under 13 weeks) for the woman than any other method. They talk about women’s rights in all this but now women who are of childbearing ages are considered ‘menstruating individuals’. So in that regard those who promote abortion beyond the first trimester I am guessing consider women no more than an oven and as such simply cease the cooking by turning off a switch. Sick.

    However, men are equally accountable in abortion. They should cover up or have a vasectomy rather than changing their mind after the event and relying on a false contraception. It is the termination of a baby’s life, no denying it.
    There is no accountability for the man, always the woman, with lifelong consequences, often heartache and if religious, mortal sin hanging over one’s head..


  12. Gabriele Gaven

    thanks. great article. hope that we stop full term Abortion, for babies born alive are left to die….Pain, and more.. Gabriele

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  13. The US Constitution says it holds that ‘right to life’ is unalienable. If they can’t guarantee ‘right to life’ they can’t guarantee anything.


  14. hay Tony Ryan, that video is pretty graphic and to the point, I would say a must see video for anyone contemplating an abortion, can you imagine the judgement these abortion people will face if they dont repent

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  15. Hi Editor In their Yanky Courts,* In God we trust*. God doesn’t allow murder. Same in our courts till all the Treasonous Political Parties removed our Defender of the Faith, our Christian Rights. Dick


  16. THis puts real world abortion in perspective.


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