South African people seek to hold President and bank liable for Covid crimes

by Kev Moore

A covid lawsuit in South Africa threatens the president and the central bank

This is the biggest case in the world right now. Not only are the People of South Africa seeking a ruling to hold their President and Parliament liable for the damages inflicted by the Globalist’s Covid-Crime Against Humanity, but they are also seeking a ruling that will liquidate their Central Bank in order to pay damages suffered by the People.

Where South Africa goes, so does the entire Continent. This victory will free the People from the Debt Slavery imposed by the Central Bank fiat-currency system, establish a gold-backed dollar [rand?], eliminate corrupt political parties, and establish Africa as the home base from which to begin the Nuremberg 2.0 trials for the Crime Against Humanity that’s been inflicted upon the entire world.

This could be the big breakthrough event that the world has been praying for. If the South African Constitutional Court was completely corrupted as the rest of the world, this case would never have gotten to where it is.

For further information, see this 17-minute video.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Daniel Strydom

    These collective articles sound like the world I want to live in and be part of… Stay strong Reiner Fuellmich, and be careful… I also appeal to the 80 to 90% sleepers of the world, WAKE UP to the truth of the so called pandemic, we need you in your numbers…


  2. H – You are right about Gaddafi. He set aside 43 billion to set up the gold backed African bank which was confiscated afterwards (stolen). Libya was a paradise under his rule and he actually wrote a little book about his philosophy on government called The Green Book.


  3. Just found this…. I don’t think its over at all, its still ongoing… this is dated February 2022…

    Let us pray… will ripple around the world if they win this.

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  4. Unfortunately, I don’t think anything happened there with this… mandates and restrictions continue there even now..

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  5. Great news, but they’ll need to be on their toes. The primary reason why the West took out Gaddafi had nothing to with Libya’s oil [as our media informed us], but his plans for the unification and financial restructuring of Africa, independent of Western influence.

    Gaddafi did some amazing things for his country, let’s hope SA doesn’t get the Libya treatment.


  6. glynnesutcliffe

    “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.” (re video. Yes and I did try duckduckgo)



  7. Oh was really excited to read the article, and watch the brave mans video, only to then discover this story is over 6 months old… does anyone know up to date info on this case? Is the man still alive..


  8. Just adding historical perspective, Mandela refused to listen to his father when he explained people-power democracy to him, and Mandela and Thabo M’Beki then delivered the people of South Africa to the Globalists wrapped up with a red bow. Meanwhile, Mandela continued to sing about killing all the white people.

    Noble he was not. A hero, never. I knew seven months before he was released that he was to be launched to defeat Africa. THat is why he was the darling of the West.

    The same forces that supported Nelson Mandela killed actual African Heros Maurice Lumumba and Muammar Ghadaffi.

    Now Senegal is taking the lead towards African Unity.

    We freedom Resistance Aussies should be linking with African Unity.

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  9. Rosemary Tempany

    Thanks for uploading the correct link.
    This is beautiful to listen to.
    Like I’ve been saying all along – how does a repurposed pregnancy test kit diagnose a virus a $ 100 Mil lab could never find. But then we all know that . It’s the sleeping beauties we need to play this full volume to.


  10. Thanks for fixing the link 🙂


  11. The 17 min video is gone… and as someone said that happened in October 21 – so is it still in the works? In the beginning the few African leaders who questioned it all, died suddenly.

    India’s Supreme Court has taken some steps and ruled on 2 May that covid mandates are illegal and that no one can be forced to have the jabs…

    They also want the public to be informed of all deaths and side effects from the vax.. and results of all testing to be made public…. Should be interesting !

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  12. crisscross767

    Correction of link to video –

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  13. Hi guys,
    The article is from October 2021.
    Do you have anything more recent- can’t find online.


  14. Wow!!! The powers that be are not going to be happy.. they’re losing their power with the people of the world.. great to see and I hope more will follow.

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  15. One of the Courts that ruled the PCR Test not fit for purpose (Portugal) denied compensation to the German backpackers, who had been illegally quarantined,that brought the complaint, on the grounds that the country’s government would go broke.


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