Letter to the Editor

I am a female & often I am horrified at my gender. It is as if most women who have a voice and were educated by the woke teachers of the last 30 years, are more than dysfunctional and wear their delusional attitudes as trophies.

Socialist academia has destroyed two generations of femininity

Women, it is time we stopped these dysfunctional/delusional women who have some axe to grind to get the hell out of executive positions.These women do not reflect us they make the “notion of women” co-dependently, severely thought damaged that I denounce such screwed up beings that need to be placed in some Mental Care where thy influence no-one.
Come on women, lets start standing up for honest, sensible, non-woke values and make our voices heard.
I am a retired Psychologist & corporate Consultant & when these kind of hateful, discriminating women who have an “axe to grind” from their “damaged childhoods” become vocal, their noise, words and intentions are insane/weird & ugly. The worst is they are unaware of how absolutely horrible they really are, and unfortunately they are everywhere now and in our own families as well.
I have 2 sisters who are devotees of MSM and they have no awareness of how woke they are becoming and they think they are “trendy”.
So spending time with my sisters is becoming scarce and finding “like minded friends” is a far better way of spending happy times with others.
The women coming up as politicians or female Captains of Industry are mostly gross and when one well balanced, tolerant female rises to these ranks it is a miracle she survived. (please not I will always use pronouns such as he, she, mother, father etc and I am a binary person because I like being a feminine woman) and never support those “psychologically damaged women”. There are men who are also damaged, but the way women express their functionality always amazes me to the fine particularity of their nuanced derangement.
It is so characteristically particular for each “dysfunctional female” as most seem so proud of their particular wokeness hidden in their deluded , manicured, intelligence.
I cannot be bothered with such women as some have given up their Right to be called “women” and some do not want to be recognised as “women”.
I practice tolerance and walk away…. women, find your own tribes and push back as often as possible. May sanity, love and balance be restored by us in our daily practice of being human.

from Joy


Editor. Joy presents a well balanced view of femininity which largely has been removed from the female population over decades by an all pervasive Marxist academia installed in schools and universities by the purportedly, now defunct International Socialist Organisation of which most of the ALP are or were members.

Women playing rugby league is a fine example. Normally only deranged females and those who suffer gender identity would find themselves on a football field, naturally sponsored by the weird female bastion of the ABC.