Woke teachers destroyed two generations of femininity

Letter to the Editor

I am a female & often I am horrified at my gender. It is as if most women who have a voice and were educated by the woke teachers of the last 30 years, are more than dysfunctional and wear their delusional attitudes as trophies.

Socialist academia has destroyed two generations of femininity

Women, it is time we stopped these dysfunctional/delusional women who have some axe to grind to get the hell out of executive positions.These women do not reflect us they make the “notion of women” co-dependently, severely thought damaged that I denounce such screwed up beings that need to be placed in some Mental Care where thy influence no-one.
Come on women, lets start standing up for honest, sensible, non-woke values and make our voices heard.
I am a retired Psychologist & corporate Consultant & when these kind of hateful, discriminating women who have an “axe to grind” from their “damaged childhoods” become vocal, their noise, words and intentions are insane/weird & ugly. The worst is they are unaware of how absolutely horrible they really are, and unfortunately they are everywhere now and in our own families as well.
I have 2 sisters who are devotees of MSM and they have no awareness of how woke they are becoming and they think they are “trendy”.
So spending time with my sisters is becoming scarce and finding “like minded friends” is a far better way of spending happy times with others.
The women coming up as politicians or female Captains of Industry are mostly gross and when one well balanced, tolerant female rises to these ranks it is a miracle she survived. (please not I will always use pronouns such as he, she, mother, father etc and I am a binary person because I like being a feminine woman) and never support those “psychologically damaged women”. There are men who are also damaged, but the way women express their functionality always amazes me to the fine particularity of their nuanced derangement.
It is so characteristically particular for each “dysfunctional female” as most seem so proud of their particular wokeness hidden in their deluded , manicured, intelligence.
I cannot be bothered with such women as some have given up their Right to be called “women” and some do not want to be recognised as “women”.
I practice tolerance and walk away…. women, find your own tribes and push back as often as possible. May sanity, love and balance be restored by us in our daily practice of being human.

from Joy


Editor. Joy presents a well balanced view of femininity which largely has been removed from the female population over decades by an all pervasive Marxist academia installed in schools and universities by the purportedly, now defunct International Socialist Organisation of which most of the ALP are or were members.

Women playing rugby league is a fine example. Normally only deranged females and those who suffer gender identity would find themselves on a football field, naturally sponsored by the weird female bastion of the ABC.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi daviddd2 and Jo, Methinks all of this rainbow bs is one giant technicolour yawn.

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  2. Unconfirmed gossip has it that the wankers at FIFA may also be planning to release rainbow coloured footballs for the World Cup, including a special FIFA logo to celebrate their own auto-sexuality.

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  3. Hi daviddd2, Exactly. Stacey Rudin nailed it with this:
    “There is nothing to be “proud” of for feeling sexually attracted to someone else. Everyone on earth does this. You’re not unique, you’re not special, you haven’t achieved anything. Shut up.”


  4. jo: “To mark the beginning of Pride Month”

    Pride month? Seriously, what’s to be proud about people engaging in sexual activity with men or women? What is it, an exceptional achievement of some exceptional merit ? 🙂

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  5. To mark the beginning of Pride Month, a celebration for the LGBTQIA+ community in June, a rainbow flag was flown at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich.

    2022, a year of entertainment, soccer and its world cup given to a country where it’s illegal to be gay, and Muslims can be executed for it. Male homosexuality is also illegal in the Middle Eastern hosting the cup, with a punishment of up to three years in prison. As the Qatari government does not recognize same-sex marriage, citizens are forbidden to campaign for LGBT rights.

    Will be interesting to see which WOKE group will travel to Qatar to swing their rainbow flags and do a gay pride parade in the Qatari capital.

    A celebration of Pride or a celebration of stupidity and organized conflict?

    Now the faceless ruler have openly started to mock the brain dead herd.


  6. I absolutely agree with you and I have been saying basically the same thing for the last few decades, but not quite as eloquently as you. When will people realise what’s going on and how they’re trying to change beautiful, caring and nurturing females into replicas of men. They’re also feminising men as well, which is so wrong.
    Back in the 1980’s when they decided women should be referred to as “Ms”, I had just become a “Mrs” and always made sure that was how I was referred to. I was not going to have some dumbed down, agenda driven minority tell me what I should be called.
    I will also always refer to parents as mum, dad and the sexes as girl, boy, him, her, male, female, etc no matter what the minority say. I mean “birthing person”, really!!!!
    Thank you for publishing your letter, it’s so nice to know there are still some sane, intelligent people living amongst us that can see what’s going on.


  7. For those who are also utterly sick and tired of all the woke/gender garbage – Gillian McKeith has posted an excellent short (few minutes) video clip on her Twitter, called “Words matter…” (Unable to post here).
    Well worth watching – as it perfectly sums up the agenda behind all this.


  8. I think the Aaron Russo video is on the mark for the most part. But I wish people like Russo would not refer to the Western systems as being no longer capitalist but communist or socialist !!!!

    WHAT does it take for people to understand that communism does NOT have PRIVATELY OWNED CENTRAL BANKS to which a communist government and the economy are beholden.

    Such systems are known as OLIGARCHIES OR PLUTOCRACIES!
    And in the end, they invariably end up as KLEPTOCRACIES. lol


  9. robirobrobyn

    Notice in the above pic of ‘WOKE’ females, hard to call them woman when they are all standing and dressed as guys with an attitude.


  10. Good video-obviousbob! And I remember, Gloria Steinem is a journalist and activist (Indeed) who rose to prominence as the stylish frontwoman of the women’s liberation movement in 1970s America. Hope most people will educate themselves regarding Gloria Steinem. Nice piece of work that one.

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  11. Joy, you are a JOY!
    And don’t ever let any fool tell you any different. Big respect.


  12. Ah Joy, you are a breath of fresh air. Women have forgotten how to dress like women and there is nothing nicer. How beautiful to see a baby dressed in white. We have lost the joy of being who we are.

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  13. Good article. Suggestion. Stop using their words. Male — female, instead use the hated words, man and woman.
    As a man I think of a woman as created by our God, in his own image as St Paul said ” joint heirs in the gift of life”.
    The feminist cult, being used by Satan, the enemy of all humanity, is trying to create a mindset in women that they are another distinct “species”.
    Marxism and all dictatorships always create division so as to rule. Their race card is used heavily. Gender is another, age is another. Marx’s class struggle was not meant to uplift disadvantaged, but to tear apart any unified Nation.
    Keep harping on differences and imagined injustice. Bring in immigrants from cultures which are in complete opposition to the values and customs of the subdued peoples. Sound familiar?
    The Persians perfected this device to help control conquered populations.

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  14. Yes, your right…

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  15. Like your statement: “cannot be reached by Rupert Murdoch”…! Thanks Tonyryan.

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  16. Your Quote Joy: “Woke teachers destroyed two generations of femininity.”
    To: Joy. Your well-written article deserves a quick reply because it hit me in various parts of my experience dealing with real women as a male. Both my closest women have departed and do not wish that experience on anyone. I noticed some content hit me hard (My late daughter also was a Psychologist & corporate Consultant) and you also reminded me of my late wife and made me laugh.

    The contents of your article, show you have not lost the ability of thinking for yourself and you are your person. Going through the process of academic periods during your educational years has enhanced you as a person rather than thinking about what most of the curriculum tries to do. Most of the time the academic process does not like the individual thinker.

    You are right by writing: “Socialist academia has destroyed two generations of femininity.”
    Thanks for thinking about all this and placing your thoughts for anyone to read. I hope it will increase some people’s consciousness and take action in the areas you well explained and rectify the negative teachings you so well brought out to the surface. Joy, my respect for writing this…
    You are a strength to your Female species. “Well Done…”

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  17. Joy, what a great letter and one of the best comments is to surround yourself with like minded people who are kind hearted and honest.
    I recently moved to Gympie and through Stand in the park and other push back opportunities, have a growing circle of friends.

    The full Marxist push is not going to run out of steam any time soon, too much has been invested in the revolution.
    Keep away from these self serving toxic woke individuals, hopefully like all Socialists the world over, they always run out of other peoples money. Oh and yes I did plagiarise Margaret Thatcher just then.
    CN, please keep up the good work, the comments from many of the regulars are heartening.
    Bless you all for making a difference.
    Gympie QLD

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  18. ..and then there is the new Workforce from 1 July…by Medhealth…worth looking into,
    Rehabilitation services,..


  19. Correct kendovecartoons. Nothing be achieved until all recognise this.


  20. A couple of things:
    -more women in politics does not mean better political outcomes-why were people dancing in the streets when Maggie Thatcher died?
    Because she was a right horror, that is why.
    -why was Julia Gillard called Ju-liar?
    Because she is and was-remember “no carbon tax”?
    Aaron Russo on Feminism-and people need to know that Gloria Steinem was a CIA operative and had an ongoing affair with that horror of horrors, Henry Kissinger:

    Aaron Russo was a highly successful movie producer, and had no axe to grind.


  21. It was started by the Jesuits in their satanic campaign to eliminate the Reformation – successfully!

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  22. The irony is that these feminists are somebody’s daughters! It beggars belief that these unimaginable retards are actually loved


  23. I love Joy’s description of woke females….to me they are females with balls and I don’t mean that in a nice way!

    They are arrogant, bullying, demanding and very narrow minded…not open to debate at all.Like Joy, I am embarrassed by being classed in the same female group with them….they are not feminine at all.
    If I was a man I would be scared stiff of them….certainly wouldn’t want to take one of them out on a date!

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  24. Well said and I totally agree….


  25. Having lost family members to this insanity, I can empathise with Joy.

    What I find curious is that all my women friends are Aboriginal. Perhaps it’s because they cannot be reached by Rupert Murdoch.

    The woke insanity is transmitted by school teachers, the mass public media, and by universities. I wonder what kind of vaccine we can give these deluded creatures to restore healthy sanity. LOL.

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  26. Excellent article, well written and unbiased. I suspect many are brainwashed and delusional with a hatred towards anything that resembles natural and healthy, I also suspect many are paid to incite the same towards anything that goes against normality and family unity. We all know who!

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  27. I agree with Joy to the point of never wearing trousers, always wearing my definitely female oil of rose and distancing myself from these things who dare say they are modern representations of the female gender. Thank you Joy for being an essential female. Magda

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  28. Freedom fighter

    You are the best.


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