The Russian ruble continues to strengthen while cracks appear in WEF narrative

by Kev Moore

It now takes only 57 rubles to purchase a dollar. May 19 was the last time I reported on the exchange rate, when it was 65:1. That a rise of 12 percent in five days.

If the purpose of the sanctions was to crash Russia’s economy, it has failed.

The big crack in the Babylonian image

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum is meeting in Davos this week, and things are not going quite as they had hoped. There is some disagreement as to how they think the Ukraine situation should be handled.

Ukrainian president Zelensky appeared at the meeting in an online meeting and received the first standing ovation in history.

Then Henry Kissinger told Zelensky that he should make peace with Russia and agree to give up its eastern territory with its Russian-speaking population.

Coming from Klaus Schwab’s mentor, the architect of the New World Order, Kissinger recognizes that things are not going as well as they had hoped. In spite of the media’s claim that Russia is getting “bogged down” in Ukraine and that Russia is losing the war, Kissinger obviously does not believe the western propaganda. He was quickly blasted by some of the western media for even suggesting a peace deal to cut their losses.

This has to be the first time that the mainstream media has ever criticized its hero.

There are other signs of disunity in the Eurozone as well, especially over the purchase of oil and gas from Russia. The German government fumes, but for now they have no choice but to buy it on Russia’s terms. Poland and Bulgaria, being more ideological, refuse to comply, cutting themselves off from the supply lines. Italy has increased its imports in order to supply Germany with Russian oil and gas.

One does not win a war by shooting oneself in the foot. The west’s Russophobia and hatred in the past 30 years seems to have blinded Europe and America to economic realities. The west has followed a globalist agenda, which means it has made itself dependent upon other countries for many of its essential commodities. It was globalist ideology that made Europe dependent upon Russian oil and gas.

Globalism was supposed to unite the world under a one-world government. In this arrangement, the west outsourced its manufacturing to China and made itself dependent on Russian commodities. The west became a money-based economy. From what I hear, Putin’s original university thesis argued that world power depended more on self-sufficiency of energy and food than on monetary control. So he worked to build Russia’s oil and gas production and turned the country into an exporter of food.

His policies from the past 20 years are now bearing fruit. The west is finally waking up to this reality and are very angry to learn that they were wrong all along. They thought that sanctions would cripple Russia’s economy and destroy the ruble within days. They thought Russia would crumble like Iraq, Venezuela, and Iran. That simply did not happen, although the media pretends that it is so. Russia did indeed take a gut punch for a few weeks when sanctions were imposed, but it recovered quickly when Putin demanded rubles for its oil and gas.

For the most part, the sanctions have only hit wealthy Russians who want to purchase luxury items from the west. Now they have to get them from the eastern countries and from India.

The sanctions were supposed to be supported by the whole world. Instead, sanctions drove a huge wedge between Asia and Europe, dividing the world and destroying globalism. The plan for world government has now been replaced by a plan for totalitarian control in western countries, leaving Asia to do as it wishes. A crack of this size is sure to collapse the Babylonian image.

We are nearly to the place where the Spirit of God will be sent forth to empower God’s Universal Empire to replace the failed attempt to establish the Babylonian world empire. To use Frank Baum’s metaphor in The Wizard of Oz, the wicked witch of the east was killed in 1991 when the communist Soviet Union fell and was replaced by Orthodox Russia. Now the wicked witch of the west is being threatened as western monetary systems begin to fail.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Most common sense article I have read since all this bullshit started. Western mainstream media has all been bought off by Turd eau and Brandon governments, lying to their people, they should be jailed for their crimes against humanity. Anyone miss Trump yet?
    Good insight,


  2. Looks like some western media are starting to see that the sanctions against Russia are really only hurting themselves.. The West just cannot admit it has made a huge blunder… and the rest of the world is paying for it..

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  3. Yes, more cracks in the W E F are appearing. The Globalist World Order is now finally and truly crumbling.
    Please from the Frontnieuws & RT websites, please be-careful truths and half-truths and lies are often mixed. Use the grain(s) of salt, please.

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  4. H – Yes, Serrano sounds good – would definitely interest me. Have saved the link to follow up.


  5. Yes, indeed Miguel Serrano is a colorful entity. Most people will enjoy this one. Thanks, H…


  6. Jen: Here is an esoteric book you will probably enjoy. It’s Serrano’s best work, covering many topics: worth saving to one’s library.

    Click to access adolf-hitler-the-ultimate-avatar-miguel-serrano-english-pdf-ebook.pdf


  7. Indeed aapkoning, I think a people’s, or Populist Great Reset may emerge from the ashes of the destruction. Hopefully the people will be a little wiser?

    I know my personal arrangements are planned for such a scenario.

    When this current generation of university indoctrinated socialists realise there is no money left in the pot for them, they will be furious. No pensions, and work till you drop, won’t go down well.

    It’s the shock I see on people’s faces, when they realise their aged parents have to go into a care home, and they see how much it costs for one week!, It’s then they realise there will no inheritance money for them.

    Margaret Thatcher summed up the situation nicely: ie., ‘The problem with socialism, is that eventually, – you run out of other people’s money!.’

    How prudent.

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  8. aapkoning… Edgar Cayce is not the only one who implied that… many other esoteric from the same have said much the same. One mystic named Sternberg (1886-1921) told Ossendowski that “I shall die, but no matter, no matter. The cause has been launched and shall not die. The tribes of Genghis Khan’s successors are awakened – in Asia there will be a great state from the Pacific and Indian Oceans to the shores of the Volga. It will be the victory of the spirit”. Blavatsy also predicted the victory of East over West.

    There is supposed to be a mysterious underground kingdom called Agartha somewhere under the Himalayas ruled by someone they call the King of the World who appeared in 1890/91 and made a prophecy to a Buddhist Lama. He predicted all the wars that were yet to happen and up to the time the people of the underground would come to the surface – this would then mark the beginning of the Golden Age and the end of 100,000 years of evil karma inherited from the darkness of Atlantis.. When the years were counted, it meant this would happen in 2029-2030.

    Ossendowski was a Polish academic explorer (1876-1945) and he chronicled his adventures in Central Asia in the tumultuous years following the Russian Revolution. He mentions all of this in a book he wrote called Beasts, Men and Gods… including a full text of the prophecy by the King of the World.

    Other esoteric secret societies also predict that an avatar or new Buddha will come from the North who will wear the ring of Genghis whose coming will bring the end of the Kali Yuga and the casting out of the evil ones from the governmental centres of the earth..

    You will probably be able to find all the above info online..

    I must say that all this gives me hope – It is my belief that the light will always win over darkness.


  9. Dead right Jen and they are keeping the waterfront workers under scrutiny. Ed


  10. Hi daviddd2, Yep, totally nonsensical skewed ‘logic’.
    Although the very same ‘logic’ that has forever been applied by governments in their dealings with drug cartels… $$$$$$.
    Witch Von der Leyen being a descendent of American slave owners, must totally be in her element right now.
    It’s interesting to note that throughout world history, there has never been such an utter proliferation of female psychopaths.


  11. Hi aapkoning, Yes, unfortunately we have yet to reach that ‘darkest hour before the dawn’.


  12. Maybe some of the following could work? A rare opportunity for us (The People) to implement an alternative system with a mandate to serve the people. We might call it the People’s Great Reset.
    “Only A People’s Monetary Reset Can Prevent A Feudalistic Technocracy. ”
    Instead of buying into the World Economic Forum’s dystopian “Great Reset,” we can build an alternative system with a mandate to serve the people.

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  13. Ok, good to know… its just I don’t believe anything the media says about Russia… or China – or really about anything… lol.

    They don’t actually lie, but leave out information that completely changes the subject matter and gives people the totally wrong impression – Ukraine is an example.. they say Ukraine can’t export wheat from there because Russia has closed the port… The port is closed because Ukraine put mines in the water…

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  14. Yes, daviddd2 — Correct, the game plan is to exterminate the Goyim in Western Europe, AT ALL COST… The Goyim in Europe have NO idea that they are being used in the large Chess — Game of Depopulation. If readers are interested to find out about the Mindset of the Jew in power at the moment, please note this video, actually, an audio book of 194 pages, published in 2019, by Dalton is almost 7 hours long, but if you listen to it for the first few minutes you will want to listen to the rest of the 7 hours. HITLER ON THE JEWS – EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY THOMAS DALTON (2019)

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  15. **Talk about gaslighting the world’s population! Check out the way the EU reckons it is punishing Putin! By buying Russian oil! Can you believe it? rotlmao

    Anybody who thinks these cretins are fit to lead Europe into their WW3 is just as much of a fool! Make no mistake, the people of Europe are being treated like dumb sheep and led into war like lambs to a slaughter. **

    “Earlier this week, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen offered an explanation as to why the EU still continues to buy Russian oil.

    EU won’t approve full Russian oil embargo

    “If we would completely, immediately, as of today cut off the [Russian] oil, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin might be able to take the oil that he does not sell to the EU to the world market, where the prices will increase, and sell it for more – and that would fill his war chests,” von der Leyen said in an interview with MSNBC.

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  16. To: H, I hate to admit this but I know what you just wrote down is totally correct. If only more people realise what Game is being played worldwide. The majority have a LOT of power but they are not aware… The longer this game is being played to more severe it will get towards a turnaround.

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  17. H. & aapkoning…. 1000% correct! The Ukraine show is the beginning. Mega corporations are not permanently leaving Russia because they expect a short term local skirmish!

    The demonisation of Russia AND China is way too big to be anything less than a harbinger of hugely ill winds to come. For the reasons you mentioned!

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  18. Yes aapkoning, the collapse of the global financial bubble will cause unheard of stress throughout the globalised World. Which is well underway already.

    But this is precisely what the war is all about, they need this war as a smokescreen, something obvious, which they can point to as the cause of their people’s financial suffering [as they are now starting to sense something’s wrong].

    The war is a way of distracting their own populations from discovering what their governments have done to them.

    For example:

    Europe’s elephant in the room is its collapsed pension fund crisis, which the European Socialist State cannot exist without.

    For obvious reasons, they are keeping extremely quiet about this, for
    when the payments dry up, and the people finally work it out, there will be massive civil unrest.

    The pension funds require 8% interest just to break even!, ie., to maintain its capital and pay out pensions as dividend payments. But this all collapsed in 2014, when negative interest rates were introduced, so they’ve been losing 8% on their capital for eighteen years, – in addition to pension payments [hence, there ain’t much left!].

    Since 2014, Europe’s pension payments have been derived from the ‘withdrawal of money from the capital itself.’

    Each year this store of money gets less and less, as the capital is sold to provide money for pensions. Very soon the capital will evaporate and there will nothing left to pay Europe’s pensions. It’s that simple.

    A simple analogy would be like a pensioner with a privately funded pension fund, whom due to inflation and living longer than expected, will be forced to sell the capital through which to release money to live on.

    Initially the pensioner is happy with this arrangement, until the reality dawns, who will die first?, – the pensioner?, or their pension capital?. The best scenario would be for the pensioner to die first.

    This is Europe’s biggest problem, which has destroyed it from within. And the masses don’t realise it – yet!. The governments will use the war to cover their incompetence and push the blame on Putin, – to divert their populations rightful anger against them, – to a misguided anger against Putin. This way they will presumably remain in power.

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  19. Putin is not perfect, but He does know his and Russia’s priorities. Let’s hope time will show.
    It has been said that: “Peace will (Could)(Might) come from the East.” This is One quote from the late Edgar Cayce. Here is a link to Edgar Cayce, This PDF is free. In the PDF, go to section 6 – World Prophecies. Below copy of Part of 6 – World Prophecies,
    “One of his most celebrated predictions, yet to be realized, concerns Soviet Russia. It was almost one of his last major predictions, made a few months before his death. He not only saw the end of Communism in Russia but saw that country emerging as the hope of the world: “Through Russia comes to the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism. No. But freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized. Yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”

    This info is supplied by the writer, however (Contents not endorsed by me) and the reader will / can judge himself what to accept. More free books are available on the web, below some websites.

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  20. Hi aapkoning, As with your own demonstrated eruditeness and worldliness, your contacts/sources would also be nothing less. Especially in terms of credibility.


  21. Hello Jen, Your Quote: How do you really know what happened in Russia…
    Very good comment, Most of my reliable worldwide contacts are well matured – have proven credibility, and many Before the WWW was used by the general population…
    Hope this gives you a little idea about my contacts…

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  22. Yes aapkoning, Exactly. A ‘mandate’ has absolutely no legal basis or standing. I told this to an incalculable number of people over the past 2 years, including the face nappy wearers, until I myself felt oxygen deprived and just gave up.

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  23. Hello H, They know at the moment, If the financial system collapses, the Cabal also will be in trouble. The total financial collapse could well be a blessing in disguise. Mind you the world socially will be under severe stress, < this is an understatement, and most people are not prepared. Here for the readers who want to be up to date:
    "Greyerz – We Are Witnessing The Bursting Of A $3 Quadrillion Global Bubble."

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  24. Yes what you just mentioned, is also correct. Mind you “A mandate” is only a suggestion, and not a Law even here in OZ.

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  25. Latest news out of Russia.

    Russia has just lowered its interest rates to 11%, and raised its pensions by 10%. [see following video intro].

    The lowering of interest rates can only boost their economy. So much for the West’s sanctions, didn’t anyone mention, – not to play Russian Roulette with the Russians.

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  26. Oh yes, it’s spook territory! But RT carried a similar story on mandates somewhere too. I just couldn’t be bothered chasing it. Too far down in the search algorithm no doubt. lol


  27. In trading jargon, due to the dollar’s ownership by the masses (dilution phase), the dollar can only be re-evaluated through it’s transferal into the hands of fewer people (accumulation phase).

    Besides the numerous recently witnessed wealth destruction schemes, how does a psychopathic elite eliminate this dilution based dollar weakness? – simple. – reduce the population.

    Any reduction of the population, should in theory, cause a respective reduction of dilution, and a corresponding strengthening of the dollar. – In theory!

    Presumably Bourla, et al, are thinking somewhere along these lines.


  28. Bravo Russia… Putin, always ahead of their game..


  29. Hi daviddd2, re: “lol Technically Australia could claim it didn’t have “mandatory” injections either” and the Reuters link…

    I’m sorry but Reuters? As you know we’re usually always in agreement but…Reuters are as corrupt and fake news as MSM. And just as credible.
    Any further to the Left and they’d be upside down.
    The president of Reuters is Jewish.
    They are so anti-Russia that they even removed TASS as a previous partner agency, for reporting the truth on Ukraine. Saying:
    “We believe making TASS content available on Reuters Connect is not aligned with the Thomson Reuters Trust Principles”.[60]


  30. Creepy Joe can’t manage to read an idiot board. Putin is streets ahead as you say of most leaders. Ed

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  31. aapkoning: “Bourla: “I think today this dream has become a reality.”
    The people in the audience of this World Economic Forum Conference then started applauding him.”

    WTF, it’s insanity to the fking MAX!!!!!! We’re allowing these fwits to walk the streets while they threaten us with murder?

    Bourla says he and his lot dreamt in 2019 about getting rid of 50% of the world population by 2023 and they all cheer him because he says his dream has become reality? Psychos indeed! Yes, I hear 50% not 15%, see extracted clip below.

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    lol Technically, Australia could claim it didn’t have “mandatory” injections either.

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  33. kevmudskipper

    All I have to say is what great reading and a great bunch of people that left replies that had me laughing and learning and Putin has these bastards by there short and curlies , good bunch tonight CAIRNS NEWS another good one Thanks

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  34. Hi aapkoning, Thanks so much for confirming that… sometimes you can start to second guess yourself!
    As far as I can ascertain, Sputnik V wasn’t mandated in Russia either.
    Furthermore, it was offered to the people free of charge – with the emphasis on health/aged care and other ‘at risk’ settings.
    In direct contrast to the Wicked West’s tyranny and greed huh?!


  35. Cheers aapkoning: As you well know, if gold rises to the anticipated $3000-$4000 mark, what this actually means, – is that ‘the dollar has fallen’ In a hyper-parabolic fashion.

    So smart folks need to assess the situation, and determine what will be the cause of this major fall?

    As the dollar has lost 98% of its former purchasing power, the impending loss of the remaining 2% between now and 2030 will throw Washington into a frenzy, – a cornered and very dangerous beast.

    The head of this beast will become increasing emotional and irrational, so it will lash out at everyone in frustration at its own predicament.

    Biden recently let slip, about his war plans for China: – oh my hat, whatever next?

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  36. D Johnston, thanks, Yes have been working* on that one and you are 100%, = the Sputnik V vaccine is NOT, in fact, an mRNA vaccine at all. — Had some time and used to contact a few old acquaintances in Russia*, going way back in 1963, – had to brush up on my German mixed / with Russian, and we managed to get to the same end result, AS YOU…

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  37. To Seb and Jen, What I know for sure is Putin is a very good chess player!
    As a chess player from when I was little (7), (learned from my grandfather).
    Putin knows very well how to play the game of chess, (study your opponent and all circumstances and play the futuristic game in your mind)(like the battle has not even started but you know you will win the war), and in knowing so, when the game is on, you maintain your mind on the game and see yourself as number one. You direct and drive the game towards your win.

    Until the chess game is done, you the player is always the most important person until the positive result is in the bag. Anything else is not important. Dealing with the win is easy.
    Mind you at a certain moment in the game you KNOW that you will win…
    Arrogance? – No mental planning.
    This brings me to levels of mental control, Putin and the W E F, etc.
    Have a look and listen to Max Igan’s latest video: “A NEW LEVEL OF GENOCIDE”
    Go to the 9-minute mark of the video where you see the two mentally controlled organic robots Schwab and Bourla, head of Pfizer, openly talking about how they in January 2019 agreed to reduce the world population by 15% (or maybe 50%, not sure, but I thought Bourla said 50%), by 2023.
    Bourla is often like mumbling* -> mosey. Must be the big Frog* inside the neck? Hm Hm…

    Bourla: “I think today this dream has become a reality.”
    The people in the audience of this World Economic Forum Conference then started applauding him.
    They must be all Psychos laughing at the Goyim, who still do not realise that they are being slaughtered by the pathetic lying JEWS. (When the Jew tells the truth (When?) the Goyim still will not accept, it because they only accept lies.)
    Many of my family and friends don’t have a clue that they are being directed to the Kosher Slaughterhouse.
    You just can’t tell the people about the COVID-19 BULLSHIT used to kill them. They think you are a Crazy Conspiracy Theorist.
    MONKEY POX to Bill Hell Gates = MONEY POX to Psycho BILL HELL GATES. He is laughing and the Stupid Goyim still don’t get it.

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  38. Hi aapkoning, On doing some further research I found that the Russian Gam-Covid-Vac aka Sputnik V vaccine is NOT in fact a mRNA vaccine at all.

    It is a Vector vaccine which delivers DNA to cells. I quote:
    “Evidence suggests, the Sputnik V vaccine, unlike the Astra-Zeneca and Janssen vaccines does not carry a risk of vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia”.

    The Sputnik V incidentally, costs only one-third of mRNA vaccines.
    This certainly explains the rejection of it by the PTB including: WHO, Big Pharma et al. Couldn’t have the Russians undercutting all their overpriced mRNA
    death shots!

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  39. “In response to Jen, Putin is an interesting player.”

    Yes, he’s difficult to read. I’ll have to wait and see what he’s really like when he invites me to the Kremlin for coffee and a game of chess. In the meantime he seems to be on the job. lol

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  40. In response to Jen, Putin is an interesting player.

    I say ‘player’ because there are plenty of photos of him shaking hands with Scwab and attending his lovefests over the years.

    As the saying goes, ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’.
    Is that it?
    Is that Putin’s game?

    Or are we all being played?
    The comments by Scwab when he said it “wasn’t time” to “bring him in” still leaves room for ponder.

    I hope it is the former.


  41. aapkoning: “This still needles me? “Why”…”

    Because you’re too inherently smart to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to politics. 🙂


  42. Hi aapkoning, Very nice pun!
    But was it really mRNA? That’s why it doesn’t sit right (needling you), especially given all his other actions.
    Think we need to see some hard evidence on that…much like my falsely alleged “foul language” lol.


  43. Jen, The problem is with the mandate part of the deal.


  44. aapkoning… How do you really know what happened in Russia…The West lies about everything… My understanding is their Sputnik was NOT mRNA.. and I am more inclined to believe them that MSM..


  45. tonyryan43, Good comments — Yes, the mRNA mandate I have never liked in Russia, This still needles me? “Why”…

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  46. Seb… I don’t think Putin was ever in agreement with the WE often disagreed with them basically from what I can gather.

    He wants a multipolar world, not a unipolar one… which is what WEF want. This is why the West hate Russia, and also China… China’s One Belt One Road is a huge thorn in their side..

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  47. H, Thanks again. “Most People Don’t Have A Clue How Bad Things Are.”

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  48. Scwab did make an interesting comment at the Conference though.
    He said it “wasn’t time to bring in Putin yet”….

    The ‘New World Order’ seems old terminology (already)
    At the WEF this last week it was being described as an ‘International Rules Based Order’

    Reference: Usula von der Leyen (President of the European Union)

    So for all those who think this ‘New World’ sounds interesting with it’s promises of green grass, and technological fun times…

    Think again.

    When will they bring Putin in again?
    He’s still in the naughty corner.


  49. Sunny…. It would not surprise me in the least if Putin did the unexpected again… He stated his objectives for the military action on Ukraine – to free Donbass and also get rid of the neo-nazis. Well he has almost done the first thing – he is winning in Donbass and getting rid of the Ukraine insurgents there and freeing the citie one by one, and he has certainly eradicated many of the Azov Battalion.. many of whom surrendered from the stronghold of the Azov steelworks.

    I think perhaps he might just say, mission accomplished, and just take his men and go back over the border into Russia and let the West sort out the rest of the mess… While he then begins the trials for the war criminals captured there and documents them for the world to see.

    Viva Russia!


  50. daviddd2 – And no cue cards… lol He can hold a conference for a couple of hours and speak coherently, eloquently and intelligently – then take questions for another couple of hours… Unheard of for any other national leader in the world today!

    If someone asks Biden an unscripted question, he throw a tantrum… !


  51. I must say that having seen a number of interviews and statements by Putin I still have to hear anything outrageously unrealistic, unreasonable and unintelligent from him. And that’s a lot more than can be said of other luminaries who are supposed to be saving us from him.

    Reality is a bitch. I better get a twitter or fakebook account, I need to get some more brainwashing.

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  52. A strange irony at play that a hope of the awake people in the west is Russia and Putin, who we unceasingly are told is our enemy.
    Russia these days sounds like a pretty good place.
    Wish we had a leader as intelligent as Putin.
    There isn’t a ‘leader’ (sarcastic) in the west including the Davos mob, and possibly the east too, who comes anywhere near him. While strategising over his chess board he must be laughing at their ineptitude.

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  53. Yes, Russia is definitely a big fly in the ointment re WEF plans. The West cannot win this, they have shot themselves in the foot, and badly. They underestimated the superior intelligence and strategical ability of Putin. He outsmarts them at every turn.

    Ever since Putin came to power he has completely turned the country around, decreasing its debt, making it less dependant on the West, investing in gold reserves and building up industry and infrastructure. It is also a major exporter of organic foods. Every citizen was given 1ha of land to grow their own food quite some ago. They are self sufficient.

    As someone said long ago ‘In Russia lies the hope of the world’ – they were right… what happens there will affect us all, so God Bless Russia and well done… Wonder if I am too old to immigrate there? lol


  54. tonyryan43: “Now I don’t know what Putin stands for, and I do not like the mRNA mandates at play in Russia, but I sure do prefer an intelligent enemy than a demented fool puppet whose strings are pulled by psychopaths occupying the White House.”

    Spot on! Well said.

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  55. This will probably annoy the tax slaves in the West, but Russia has a flat income tax rate of 13%, and a Government debt of 20% of GDP, which is not dissimilar to the U.S. prior to 1916, when its highest income tax was 15% [before the scam was implemented].

    Due to America’s habit of stealing countries foreign reserves held in dollars,
    President Putin recently stated: – ‘That everybody knows that financial reserves [ie. dollars] can simply be stolen. And many countries in the immediate future, may begin, – I am sure this will happen, – to convert their paper and digital assets into real reserves of raw materials, land, food, gold, and other real assets.’

    As Russia is rich in raw materials, land, and food, I suspect that Russia intends to continue to import gold as its real reserve currency.

    Indeed, a couple of apex investors recently mentioned, that they were expecting gold to go hyper-parabolic between 2023-2024: reaching between $3000-$4000 per Oz. This also implies, that some nasty geo-political events will be in play at this time.

    Smart folks take note.

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  56. Hi tonyryan43, Yep it’s truly beautiful. Karmic poetic justice in elegant motion.


  57. Gotta laugh. And laugh hard.

    Anybody who bothered to understand European energy demand, oil and gas supplies, and the nature of the EU hierarchy, would have realised immediately after Biden’s foolish attempt at comic-book-style blackmail, that this would backfire with incremental intensity.

    And backfire it did, with magnificent extravagance.

    The US Empire has commenced its spiralling descent into oblivion. The US Dollar will die next month.

    Putin has consolidated his global reputation as the master chess game player, which is a massive slap in the face for Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Trilateral Commission and, for that matter, the Rockefellers who created this nightmare scenario.

    Unless one is foolish enough to limit oneself to Murdoch Media, it is clear that the Ukraine Proxy War (which is destined to be named this by history) is being won by Putin.

    Now I don’t know what Putin stands for, and I do not like the mRNA mandates at play in Russia, but I sure do prefer an intelligent enemy than a demented fool puppet whose strings are pulled by psychopaths occupying the White House.

    For lack of a more coherent alternative I say, go Russia. Take no prisoners.

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