Australia not for sale

When the shearing sheds are silent, and the stock camps fallen quiet

When the gidgee coals no longer glow across the outback night

And the bush is forced to hang a sign, ‘gone broke and won’t be back’

And spirits fear to find a way beyond the beaten track

When harvesters stand derelict upon the wind-swept plains

And brave hearts pin their hopes no more on chance of loving rains

When a hundred outback settlements are ghost towns overnight

When we’ve lost the drive and heart we had to once more see us right

When ‘Pioneer’ means a stereo and ‘Digger’ some backhoe

And the ‘Outback’ is behind the house. there’s nowhere else to go

And ‘Anzac’ is a biscuit brand and probably foreign owned

And education really means brainwashed and neatly cloned

When you have to bake a loaf of bread to make a decent crust

And our heritage once enshrined in gold is crumbling to dust

And old folk pay their camping fees on land for which they fought

And fishing is a great escape; this is until you’re caught

When you see our kids with Yankee caps and resentment in their eyes

And the soaring crime and hopeless hearts is no longer a surprise

When the name of RM Williams is a yuppie clothing brand

And not a product of our heritage that grew off the land

When offering a hand makes people think you’ll amputate

And two dogs’ meeting in the street is what you call a ‘Mate’

When ‘Political Correctness’ has replaced all common sense

When you’re forced to see it their way, there’s no sitting on the fence

Yes, one day you might find yourself an outcast in this land

Perhaps your heart will tell you then, ‘ I should have made a stand’

Just go and ask the farmers that should remove all doubt

Then join the swelling ranks who say, ‘ Don’t sell Australia out!’

Please keep this going – Australia is in real trouble!

from Chris Long

Far North Queensland

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi auntieet we are getting around the issue of finding help and will let everyone know how we go. Ed

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  2. & Ed, know it’s a different story that relates to this post… but, those ex Murdoch journos may do a great job, up to you who you’d pass the reigns over to if you said ‘time out’, but I can’t help wonder, where were they 10 yrs ago while you were fighting the good fight?.Respect your decision either way, though can’t get that big fellas song out of my head


  3. Good one, Auntieet. A great publication to rival the best in the world, and read all around the world too.
    I can understand the frustration of the Editors, and am frustrated at the ignorance that prevails (I do not think people are stupid,though some are, but just under-informed and spellbound by the media they have l;et seep deeply into their lives.
    Add to that the difficulty of getting by, and you have a lot of people without the energy or initiative to do the homework.
    The other problem is that people often do not knwo where to source the information-as in: places like this.
    But Cairns News is, and has been, a stirling effort from people who are passionately patriotic and loyal Australians.
    Sadly, the latter is not often applicable to those in the seats of power.

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  4. Sorry, I mean “Heart Stabbing Wake tf up” poem. Abbreviated txt is not my forte


  5. Yeah mate. We’re in deep sh#it, been leading up to this for a long time now. They think they’re gonna have “check mate”… They underestimate the fight, they underestimate their opponents, us, people like me. Thank you for your ‘heart stabbing wtf up’ poem.
    &&&& Ed, “Oh Please Don’t Go”, Cairns News the way it is, damn deadly. Can’t help but hear the start of that ‘Big Joe Williams’ song when I think of you wrapping it up. Though understand why you would have had enough of banging your head against a brick wall, pretty soon she starts to bleed. You have a tribe of great contributors though, links & info galore & some welcome humour to boot, one stop shop for me, be a sad day to see you go…You’ve got balls & grunt, be sad to see someone like that go. Took a long time for you to get us all here, but we’re here now. Cheers!


  6. Australia Is Not For Sale. Kept hidden from Australians for decades is the true People’s Mandate. The knowledge of how to preserve our land may well come from Arthur Chresby
    (6 February 1908 – 25 August 1985), Research Analyst in Constitutional Law and former Federal Member for Griffith in the House of Representatives, who wrote a simple to read “People’s Mandate”.

    A bright light beams from this Mandate and points a way forward to restore our true constitutional way of government.

    The demoralization, destabilization and covid crisis that Australians have experienced and suffered from over these past few years shows just how the Liberal/National and Labor Federal and State Parliaments have sold us out to Foreign Powers and Corporate Global Merchants.

    Within this People’s Mandate by Arthur Chresby, you will find some bright hope for the future if, as the whole people of the Commonwealth, we care to realise and use the tools afforded us in the Australian Commonwealth Constitution.

    We may yet turn things around if Australians vote out the big four parties, the Liberals, Nationals, Labor and the Greens. We could then restart a proper Commonwealth Constitutional Parliament – based on we the people and politicians who address the WILL of the people.

    Arthur Chresby’s “People’s Mandate” explains the true legal function of the Queen, Governor General, State Governors, Parliament, Parliamentarians and the People.

    He states, “the Queen is the permanent government with a perpetual mandate to govern according to the clearly expressed WILL of the people.”

    “The power, perogatives, and authorities of the Monarchy, the Governor General, and State Governors are the brakes which the Australian people can apply at any hour (without having to wait for a general election) to bring Ministers and Politicians to a complete and sudden stop, so as to receive from them, the electors, either fresh instructions, reprimand, or dismissed from service.”

    “The whole system of Parliament and the SOLE reason for its existence, is to make laws for the people with the clear implication that those laws will reflect the WILL of the people on the subject matter of those laws.”

    “You have a lawful duty and obligation to keep your Members and Senators fully informed about what your WILL is upon any issue or matter that comes before them in their houses of Parliament or that should come before them.”

    How do we inform them of our WILL?
    Arthur Chresby says “We should write an individual letter to our Federal Member and each one of the State Senators a MY WILL letter.” e.g.

    Dear Sir,
    I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before Parliament, or that should come before Parliament. It is MY WILL that you take immediate action to xxxxxxxxxx removed immediately.
    Yours faithfully (signed)
    (insert your full name, address, date as legal evidence you are a constituent)

    Well, folks, how easy is that?
    Arthur Chresby states “the Queen is the final legal protector of the whole of the people, without regard to party, race, color, or creed: a final check against the peculiarities of the operation of party politics in the control over the machinery of Parliament and of the voices and votes of politicians.”

    “No bill for An Act can become law without the Royal Assent being given, an assent that can be withdrawn within 12 months of its being given. This final Royal Check enables the people if they only knew it, to determine whether or not they wanted the Act and to ask the Queen to withdraw the Royal Assent if they did not, or to request that the legislation be amended according to their WILL.”

    “Even after 12 months, for there is no actual constitutional time limit, the electors have the legal power to ask Her Majesty to re-submit any Act of Parliament for amendment or repeal according to their WILL. It is also the legal privilege of the people to ask the Queen to have any legislation that the People WILL, brought down and passed in both Houses of Parliament.”
    The pdf is found on this link: Arthur Chresby – Wikipedia


  7. With further regards to Ed’s reference: the ‘Dreamtime: a Cruel Delusion of British Anthropologists’ article. [apologies if slightly off topic, this is new to me].

    For those with the time and inclination, it would be interesting to discover what was going on in southern India around the time when the Indian aborigines arrived in Australia [ca. 600-1100 BP].

    As with most migrations, one group usually displaces another via the domino effect. So one would expect [?], that as the northern Aryan Indians advanced south, then presumably, the southernmost Indian aborigines would have evacuated the Deccan and migrated in a southerly direction [away from the northern Indians].

    Due to the extensive nature of the Aryan Brahmanical corpus, which chronicles the many waves of northern invasions, migrations and assimilations, as well as the numerous Aryan and non-Aryan tribes, one would anticipate, that some mention of displaced Indian aborigines and the circumstances of their displacement will be preserved somewhere within the Indian corpus.

    Any success in this field, would align the archaeological and literary evidence through which to reinforce each other. Those familiar with other aspects of contemporary Indological research understand that this is now standard practice within the field.

    This would certainly be a ground- breaking opportunity for any aspiring young scholar.

    N.B.: Unfortunately, Indologists are completely pre-occupied with the inward migrations into the Deccan, – not the outgoing.


  8. Thank you, always looking to learn more.


  9. Thanks Dirk. We will get through this crazy time.xx


  10. An insightful poem. May I add a thought..”Yes, one day you might find yourself an outcast in this land…..Perhaps your heart will tell you then, ‘ I should have made a stand’…with Original Sovereign Nations people. A book to add to the debate is “The Biggest Estate on Earth” by Bill Gammage. And slightly ‘off track’ of the conversation -a book of greater significance is

    “SAND TALK” by Tyson Yunkaporta.
    To ‘be’ in the world which we are manifesting we need to THINK differently -PATTERN THINKING in cycles & loops & connections & feed backs.The world was Whole before we cut,sliced and ‘reduced’ it to science & classification.Time-space is not linear . And whether western disciplines say 100,000 or 10,000 is irrelevant. It is their cultural story not ours A wise old Maori once said ‘Our truth is the greater Truth, It is the Truth of poetry.’ Oral tradition holds greater Truth than the manufactured lies we’ve been fed for centuries. It’s worth remembering “Data is not information. Information is not Knowledge. Knowledge is not WISDOM. Do read ‘Sand Talk’ it is brilliant,playful,funny,profound xx


  11. Helen Morgan

    Love it. Wake up Australia

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  12. Perhaps we should redefine the Australian Political Animal, either by real extermination, or extermination at the ballot box?


  13. The atrocities these people have suffered know no bounds.
    Kevin Rudd’s sorry was a crock, of immense proportions, as nothing has changed.
    I have tried to get on to a number of Blackfella crowds in Melbourne, because the turn-keys that do all the damage come from commercial operators like G4S and SERCO.
    That being so, they are criminally liable for the harm they do to incarcerated aborigine people, as they have Charters that need to be observed, and fundamental Duty of Care obligations that never are observed.
    This means that the company and the individual officers are liable, and should be criminally charged, and sued.
    I do not know what happened, compensation-wise with Mr Ward and Tania Day, but if none was paid, then some of these Blackfella crowds are really dropping the ball.


  14. Hear, hear!


  15. Yes, I understand and realise what is going on. I know what happened in NT and saw videos by Elders about that. This is why I voted for the Aboriginal Party on the Senate paper, hopefully they get in there.


  16. By the way, I read a book years ago, which proved how they were also well established in Canada. One of their sunken ships was found off Turkey with its Copper ingots in situ.

    The copper was the highest purity in the World, which can only be found in one location: the Great Lakes. They went there, chatted with the Indians, and immediately located the Phoenician settlement.

    These guys were certainly international.


  17. Cheers David, much appreciated.

    Will dig into it.


  18. H: “Thanks Ed for your Phoenician link, I never knew they reached Oz. But I’m not surprised at all.”

    Here’s another for you titled Where Did All the Phoenicians Go? You won’t find it in the Library :-).

    Click to access phoenper.pdf


  19. There are, apparently ( a friend saw them) aborigine cave paintings of Egyptian galleys in caves outside of Rockhampton, Qld.
    I am taking that friend;’s word for it.


  20. No. These are not matters of great importance to me.
    Of more concern is the treatment of our Blackfella brothers and sisters and the genocide that continues to be perpetrated on them, right now.
    I care not how long they have been here, because they pre-date us anyway, but they are here, so in the present is where I stay.
    From this video you will learn that our Blackfellas are sovereign, but the Brits (at least in my opinion) have been waiting for just such a thing as COVID as a means of final extermination.
    You will know that the NT aborigines have been rounded up and quarantined, here and there, and that Birth Certificates have been issued to some (places them under government jurisdiction) and that worse is probably to come:

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  21. Thanks Ed for your Phoenician link, I never knew they reached Oz. But I’m not surprised at all.

    It’s like those Egyptian mummies who were found to have cocaine in their bodies. As the plant only grows in S. America, it also proved that the Egyptians were sailing there for trade, naturally, the experts went ballistic as it destroys their obsolete view of history.

    I was really into those medieval copies of those Ice-Age charts, such as the Piri Reis chart, which shows an ice free Antarctica. There are many of these; copies of copies, which can only date back to the Ice-Age, when Antarctica was ice free, ca. 10,000 B.C.

    The evidence is huge when you add all the little pieces together.


  22. “you have redefined Australian verse and restored your craft to a position of esteem that was eroded by mediocrity a century ago”

    Indeed! Let us dare to hope it proves to be a harbinger of an Australian renaissance. Enough of the fake, mealymouthed sht our “leaders” have been serving to us for several decades.



    Forsooth obviousbob, forsooth


  24. Thank you Chris Long – “Please keep this going – Australia is in real trouble!”

    This release was first published as an article in the 11 May 2022 Australian Alert Service.

    It is copied here:

    Just four days after Defence Minister Peter Dutton declared on ANZAC Day that Australia is preparing for war, former Ambassador John Lander sat down with Citizens Party Research Director Robert Barwick for a second interview on the ACP’s Citizens Insight program.

    The former Australian Ambassador to Iran and Deputy Ambassador to China reveals he’s been “reduced to despair” and feels like “a voice crying in the wilderness” in warning that Australia is being manipulated into becoming a US proxy against China.

    As he exposed in his first Citizens Insight interview, Lander emphasises that the current US strategy is to provoke China into a war by arming Taiwan, vilifying China to make it the aggressor in the eyes of the world, and encouraging Taiwan to declare “independence”.

    The USA would thus instigate war using Taiwan as their proxy, so it is the people of Taiwan who die in the fighting, while the USA avoids direct conflict with China that could escalate into global thermonuclear war—identical to the US strategy of using Ukraine as their proxy against Russia.

    Adding to John Lander’s alarm is the rhetoric of Peter Dutton, who has previously said Australia would join Taiwan in a war against China—i.e. Australia would also be a US proxy—which would spell annihilation for Australia.

    In Part Two, however, following Australia’s hysterical outburst over the Solomon Islands’ security agreement with China, the veteran diplomat warns that it may be Australia, instead of Taiwan, which actually triggers a war (watch the interview to see his explanation).

    John Lander also tells two stories from his time as a diplomat, which illustrate how sharply Australia has veered in its foreign policy, away from having at least an impulse for independent decisions in our national interest, to one that is completely subservient to the USA and UK.

    Before the tensions with China spiral out of control, all Australians should watch and heed the warnings of this experienced professional diplomat.

    Watch: CITIZENS INSIGHT: Veteran Australian diplomat John Lander speaks out against war danger (PART TWO)

    9 May 2022


  25. I am NOT surprised to see so many comments on this post. THIS is what we need to remember. Don’t need to know anything else if you know this.


  26. If that poem doesn’t make people realise they love their country and stand up and fight for it, nothing will – they don’t deserve to live here. Just before the beginning of this so called “weather” event, I told people to get and vote asap before the flooding came, I hope that most did. I voted them last on all papers – and did the below the line for Senate and did not number one of them.

    We cannot let them in again. This is the crossroads of our time and an opportunity not to be missed..


  27. Thanks for the link Bob. I don’t know if you have read Zechariah Sitchin’s work, 12th Planet, but Africa lines up with what he has said.


  28. Exactly, Tony. Everything to do with our Blackfellas has been a slow genocide, especially since the British came here.
    That is why I posted the Noongar article-the Western Australian government lawyers argued that there could be no Noongar people to argue land rights or whatever, because the trauma wreaked on the Noongar by the English colonists meant that these Noongar could not possibly have survived.
    Excuse me if I interpret that statement as an admission of genocide.


  29. Michael Tellinger is very god on archaeology, claiming he found the place where man came into being. It was in Africa.
    Start here:


  30. I think you should just go away, Eskimo man, that is what I think. You are very rude, and just obsessing about all this. So here’s hoping we never hear form you again, or the Editor stops publishing your comments.
    I do not care about the alleged facts of a ny matter here, because you are just acting like an absolute prick.
    So hie thee hither, vile wretch!


  31. Who says our country is not worth fighting for?! Stand up and be counted, put an end to the LNP-Labour/Greens duopoly and the treachery destroying our country and way of life.

    Vote the bastards last! You’re sure as hell NOT going to keep them honest. Call them, tell them they suck and need to disappear. Send the message loud and clear, bombard them with it. Make way for Australians who love Australia!


  32. OK, ok… I have just read some other information which shows that what you are saying appears to be more correct than a lot of other information I had read previously about the age of the Aboriginal race of people.

    The information I have just read suggests other races came from India, and Papua over a land bridge which was then flooded 4500 years ago. The original race here was wiped out or assimilated by invading Aboriginals from India and Papuans.

    If ever I find out I am wrong about something, I always admit it… as I am doing now so can this please be the end of the argument. I had not heard this theory before and I have some more reading to do on it, but I must agree it does make sense and explain some anomalies in previous writings I have read. So can be please call a truce on this subject and drop the name calling. I am not a stupid person at all, but the information you gave is quite well hidden.


  33. Robert Scource

    Brilliant, thank you so much!!!


  34. Chris Long… Traditionally, I dislike poetry and detest poets.

    However, you have redefined Australian verse and restored your craft to a position of esteem that was eroded by mediocrity a century ago. I take my hat off to you. Your poem is on my hard drive and I will send it everywhere I can.

    Actually, you have injected a spark of patriotism into a freedom movement that lacked this spiritual base. You have definitely done your bit for the Resistance, and that will definitely go down in history. Well done.


  35. I believe you, was just looking at it again. I am not averse to admitting I may have been wrong about something at all – when there is so much written about something it does appear to be true, until one looks deeper. It does make sense to me and I can see where other writers have also made mistakes. I will have to placate a certain person who is really on my case… lol


  36. Hey, Eskimo Man! No matter your view or someone else’s view there is nothing to stop you from being civil and polite here. You can make your point without making yourself look like an arsehole. Give it a shot! It might take some practice but on the basis of the more substantive elements in your comments I reckon you can do it.

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  37. Jen and Eskimo man

    While not adopting any position at all on your spirited debate, as a person who has lived within Aboriginal culture for the better part of half a century, where the only languages are Aboriginal, and English is rarely heard, and the history is available in Songlines and rock paintings that go back a minimum of 24,000 years, my impressions and opinions at least have their genesis in the real world.

    Having looked at the actual evidence, I conclude that Australia was peopled by two entirely separate peoples. This is supported by mDNA.

    From some time in the Pleistocene, a Negrito people lived here or evolved here. I do not know which. But during the Ice Age came a series of migrations across the land bridge. This wave of mass migrations probably ended 10,000 years ago, but not necessarily. The possibility of boats cannot be dismissed.

    But Eskimo Joe’s assertion of 3000 years ago, may refer to the very last wave of migration, which brought the dingo here. There is solid evidence to back this up.

    What archeologists and anthropologists have to say should be ignored. As a team of Austrian Anthropologists said in 1994, every anthropologist who documented Aboriginal culture should be stripped of his or her degree and most should be tried for fraud. ie They broke every ethical rule in the book and most wrote crap. I still have not met an anthropologist who speaks an Aboriginal language, so how could they possibly understand the culture? As I speak, many traditional senior authority figures are poised to call an end to colonisation of their culture by anthropologists.

    The entire subject has been exploited, lied about, buried, politicised, and abused outrageously. Pretty much everything I have read about Aboriginal culture is not true, or is dangerously distorted.

    What the evidence says is that in the NT, genocide is a reality. This is the only country in the world where the indigenous people are forced to negotiate their survival in a foreign language… English. As few speak more than very basic English, they are denied access to all the information you and I take for granted.

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  38. Two others and I did the research. I have an archaeological qualification. Ed


  39. Jen; do you see the way you are talking? Who do you think controls National Geographic? Certainly not truth seekers are they, do you think they may be controlled by Jews? Now, what about the wording you use here “colonialism and dispossession”, did you know that colonialism is simply the spreading of Christian civilisation? And dispossession of what? Giving the Abo’s an education, taking them out of the wild, and teaching them to be more civilised, is what you call dispossession is it? It is the Jews who are against our Christian civilisation and colonialism, and you are taking their side in this matter.


  40. I had a look and had a quick look over it all and have saved it to read in depth tomorrow. I am very interested in ancient history and archaeology of all kinds and I do like to know the truth, though this is hard to find at times. This is very very interesting. Thank you very much.


  41. Hi Jen search Phoenicians in the CN search bar. Ed


  42. Well the author backed up his comments with journal entries from colonists of the time and named them … Perhaps the powers that be may not want to recognise these things to rationalise colonialism and dispossession .. but I appreciate your comment.

    In any case even National Geographic lists the Australian Aboriginals as one of the oldest races on earth – up to 70,000 years.


  43. Gonzalo would have been very shaken, definitely.
    have no trouble accessing Rt, so am cool there.


  44. Hi Jen we did some reviews on Dark Emu and they were not very supportive. Thanks Ed


  45. Be polite, Mr Eskimo Man. We try to be civil here, or should.
    If you are here to educate people then do do, but disparaging people does no-one any good.
    So if you don’t mind.

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  46. Enough already.. You believe what you want to believe OK… you are free do have your own opinion. I will not reply to any more of your abusive comments.


  47. Yeah, I did see the video where Gonzalo said he was OK, but he looked a bit scared to me – maybe his family is under threat.

    I have saved that link you attached. Will check it out for sure.

    Secret to RT is VPN… and set to different country not allied to US.


  48. Well maybe you should turn off the idiot box and read a few books… because I am not the stupid one here.. The Aboriginal people were not stupid ignorant cave dwellers, they had advanced agricultural skills, aquaculture skills, a true culture and lived in well made dwellings not a lean to on a stick. 60,000 years – and probably more, this is FACT.

    This history is not taught in schools like it should be. Australia was like a parkland when the colonists got here – and they ruined the land because they thought they were so superior and committed genocide against them. This is the First People’s story all over the world.

    I recommend you read the book Dark Emu for one..


  49. Jen; Don’t start with me Jen, some of the things you have said mean you are brain dead, knowing a bit about the New World Order does not make anyone smart. If you had faith in the true God, you would know that things don’t get better on earth, and the hope we have is in God and our salvation. And don’t preach to me about who God helps, you probably aren’t even Christian (Catholic), and as a Catholic I belong to the Church Militant, meaning I also know more about the battles we must continue with. The thing is, it is hypocrites like you who have been laying down when you should have been fighting, it is you who lost the battle for this country already.


  50. Gonzalo is okay-alive and well.
    The vineyard of the Saker is a good source.
    Andrei Martyanov gets good intel, and is top notch.
    The Ukro-Nazis shot captured Russian troops through the legs and knees and , as Putin said, carved them up as well.
    There will be hell to pay for that.
    Link for The Saker is here:
    You can get RT, my Brave browser just will not host the app.


  51. Jen; Don’t be so stupid Jen, the Aboriginal people got here around 3,000 years ago, 60,000 is bullshit from the NWO. A human being could not remain so stupid for that amount of time, even 3,000 is hard to believe. The are no scientifically proven archaeological records that suggest 60,000 years, they just came up with that number in recent times. Did you know that the Aborigine’s believe that everything was created by the Boomerang? Wake up to yourself.


  52. 60,000 years or more…would be more correct.. There is proof of that.


  53. Wow… great news…
    I read RT news which is banned here, but I get around that and know that all that Putin says is true about what is happening there, as well reports and videos by the real journalists on the ground there – some of whom have been captured by Ukraine Azov… I talk especially of Gonzalo Lira – such bravery and courage. Russia is not our enemy and never was.

    Thank you for that link. All that is said in it is true about the Ukraine atrocities against Russian soldiers and also civilians. I have also seen Ukraine civilian interviews which back up everything.

    They impeached Trump because he wanted Hunter Biden’s criminal dealings in Ukraine investigated… he had to go because of that. Biden and other members of the government there are in it up to their necks.

    I hope we hear of Russian victory soon, it will be a victory for all of humanity. The West is losing big time there in spite of what the media says. Viva Putin! What he has done for that country and its people is tremendous. I would have loved to visit there.

    Many thanks Bob.


  54. william; Australia was not under ice at the beginning of the 15th century, I think you’ve got a screw loose there. And Aborigine’s came to Australia around 3,000 years ago. Have you lost your mind or something?


  55. I just posted on a Facebook page that the US Supreme Court judges are said to be in hiding because they are about to overturn the dodgy election that Trump really won. I hope so. A return by Trump could be good news for the entire world, especially if he hooks up with Putin. A thing I got yesterday, from my best source:


  56. I know more than you think I know… have been following alternative news and spreading what I know for many years trying to do my part. I am NOT brain dead and have my eyes wide open to everything – including all the Ukraine BS and who the real terrorists of the world are and have been since the world wars.

    There is nothing wrong in having some faith that things will turn out OK in the end… We need to have some hope. And I have hope. God helps those who help themselves, not those that roll over and say its all lost before the battle has even really begun. Its not going to happen overnight, but it will happen –


  57. Correction, I believe the Aboriginal people have been here 60,000 years or more – the archaeological records tell us so and so do the handed stores from long ago from these peoples..


  58. Love it; thank you Chris.


  59. Australia has been sold a long time ago.Morrison will just put the final nail in the coffin.


  60. So true,


  61. Jen: They are not negatives Jen, they are positive. It is those like you who want to be positive, that do nothing to stop what they have been doing for many decades now.



    My ancestor and the meaning of wealth.

    15 Oct. Birth of Charles Whalan. (son of James and Mabel). Born at the Parish of St. Clement’s, Middlesex, London.

    Charles Whalan at the age of 14 was an apprentice surveyor. He went fishing (tickling) on private property with his friend, David Batty, when he was approached by a gamekeeper who questioned him about the trout, which they had in their possession. They appeared before the Bench at Westminster on 8 July charged with poaching, and were sentenced to 7 years transportation to the Colony of NSW. Charles spent the next four years at Newgate Prison in London.

    13 Oct. Charles arrived at Sydney Cove on the “Albermarle”.

    15 Oct. Charles spent his nineteenth birthday waiting to disembark.

    17 Oct. (my birthdate) Charles disembarked at Sydney.
    From the Convict indents:
    Date of Arrival: 17 October, 1791.
    Ship: “Albermarle”
    Servitude: 7 years transportation.

    11 July. A letter from Charles Whalan to his brother Arthur:

    “Sydney New South Wales
    11th July 1796
    My Dear Arthur,
    Do not imagine that our life is such as to be milk and honey all the while. Alas that I write with a light heart is in the first to suppose that I was born a personage of light heart and in the second, that I do not wish to give the impression that I am at best unhappy in my surrounds for such is not the case.
    We are oft happy and at times oft sad and sometimes we are full of despair. What may a soul expect? For the most part I am happy enough and enjoy pretty good health. The food whilst not always what one may desire, or be in sufficient supply and oft as not of questionable quality, at least it maintains one above the lines of starvation. Of money I have precious little for there is naught to buy yet, by the wretched standards of some, you may perceive that I am wealthy.
    Whilst lacking wealth for wealths sake I consider that I am amassed with another kind of wealth which comes only with freedom, a freedom that many crave but never achieve. Perhaps you would do well to join me my brother. Throw off you chains and commence life anew in a new land. I have it in mind that you are a slave to tradition as are many of the young men of England. Because your father did it you must do it also which is rubbish I say. Take your courage in both hands and start forth on the road by yourself and I promise that you will not rue the day.
    Your last correspondence arrived but two days ago when I had all but completed my letter to you. For that I put it to the torch and send this in its stead I should be reprimanded for we are greviously lacking in such luxuries as paper on which to set down our intelligence. Despair not, for should the situation become so extreme I shall resort to the use of bark from the trees of the forest or the usage of other native materials. I am indeed vexed that the parcel of which you speak is not in receipt of by me. Perhaps it rest yet on one of the other vessels not yet charged with her unloading. Whatever the answer I do hope to receive it soon.
    In the forenoon I spent some time watching the unloading of the wretched souls coming ashore at the port. I find that I have much sorrow for them since it has not yet been erased from my own mind of the terrible conditions under which I myself arrived by a few short years ago. Wicked and all as my transportation was and those with me, it now appears that conditions are worse than before should that be at all possible. The poor creatures who emerge form the foulness of these vessels are like those in a stupor, shackled one to the other like animals and fortunate indeed are the ones who survive to land at Sydney. Perhaps one day it may be put right, but only when sanity reigns whereas now only madness and indifference is permitted.
    Yesterday my friend and good companion, Charlie Grouse was killed not a stones throw from his cabin when his steed bolted and Grouse hit his head a resounding blow on the low limb of a tree. May God rest and keep his soul. The deaths from accidents and sickness are many and, I fear, mounting daily. Many souls have gone to the water of the port to bathe and sink while others die from the proper want of food and clothing and care. Now the winter is upon us and is exceeding cold at times yet warm by your like period. The rains come down and all is awash and one never knows if one will be swept into the waters of the port. By midsummer all will be arid and a general lack of water will prevail again.
    Your questions on marriage are not ready answerable since such arrangements whilst performed with the greatest of ease and very much more out of convenience than for the love of a woman, leaves much to be desired. Indeed many of them, whilst striking in looks may wish to marry to save the need of caring for themselves and may therefore later become involved in activities the same as caused their transportation or worse. Since I am yet young and agile and in no mind to be exhorted to do things without great thought being exercised I would prefer to bide my time before contemplating marriage in my present situation.
    Whilst I am of a mind to think of it, I must ask leave of you to be so kind as to forward to me an almanac, since such things are in great demand in the Colony and most irksome when one cannot know what day in the past or future is what. The last in my possession was given to me by a very scruffy fellow and home made, but not too well I fear and I suspect that it was not correctly edited. When forwarding be remindful of the time that it will take to complete the journey to the Colony. I need not have to remind you that to send the article in the year for the same year will render the object useless by the time the passage is complete.
    It is now rumoured that soon I will go upriver to Parramatta which I hope is true intelligence since I prefer that location to this. The Government being there sits astride a hill on good land which abounds thereabouts. We are all of a mind that the settlement there will outgrow the same here since the land at the latter is hilly with much poor soil and rock. The crops sown upriver are surprising in their return to those sown over the foreshore of the port. It would please me a great deal that one day I should own land in the surrounds of the river settlement.
    I marvel greatly and never cease to wonder at the nature of this land which has so many marvels in Gods creatures not the least of which is the jumping kangaroo, which is a handsome animal to look upon and which leaps about the countryside on its strong hindquarters, and sits upon its even stronger tail. It carries its young cub in a pocket, the likes of which you would expect to find in a jacket and which I hardly expect you to believe since I find it difficult myself, and still have great difficulty in accepting what I see. Some of these creatures have already been transshipped to England because of the curiousness of their being. If you ever have the occasion I beg you to go out of your way to inspect them as they are indeed beyond the ordinary, especially the bird which laughs like one demented the name of which escapes me.
    My Dear Brother I look forward to your next letter and pray meanwhile for your health which I trust is in good stead as mine is. Be so good as to convey my love and devotion to all in my father’s house. I must stress that I am content at least and devoted brother have no desire to change my present circumstances. Your devoted brother, Charles Whalan, Sydney, New South Wales”

    7 May. A letter from Sgt. Charles Whalan to his brother, Arthur:

    “Government House
    My Dear Brother and Sister,
    It was with no little surprise that I received your communication of recent date and hasten to reply before I am struck down with the influenza that everyone seems to have and dying with no less.
    Dear brother it was never my intention to sever all ties with the land of my birth and of the good souls who shared with me my life under the same roof but I must make it very clear to you from the first that I shall never anymore return to England to reside.
    Now it is almost a score of years since I departed those shores for these and when I look back on those times when I was a lad and I am very happy to have known you all and to have been a part of your life and to have been born of my father and my mother. But that once was is no more and never again can be so. It is true that I am a free man and my servitude has long since ended but here, as at home, I am happy to have known the good souls who are my companions. My dear brother, you speak of freedom yet I doubt that you really understand what the word means. One never learns to appreciate it until a body has lost it, or finds it in a new fashion. Out there is true freedom, if not for the body, then for the mind and the soul. You have no idea of the gigantic size of this land nor does anyone else, not even we.
    It is true that times are hard and very harsh and frequently they are cruel and only the very strong can survive but survive we will and go on to build a great land and a great nation out of this untamed wilderness.
    Dear Arthur there are so many reasons that I cannot now return that if I tried to explain it to you you would not understand the reasons or me. We were not serfs in England but we were not the best treated in the land nor had all that we wished for from life. Here it is different because everyone respects me and I do not fully understand why but I hope it is because I am an equal man. Goodbye to old England I say, for when I offended her laws I became one of God’s chosen people for His chosen land.
    Times will get better for they cannot get much worse than some I have known in the past years. The summer sun burns down with the fury of Hell and turns our fair skin black from November to March and beyond but at least in winter, there is no snow to chill our bones and kill our livestock. There is flood and drought and fire and sometimes the natives will attack but for all its faults it is a good land and will give you back tenfold if you are prepared to work it. There is room to breathe the good sweet air and to move about the there is room for all England in the hills that I can see to the west from here but which no man has yet crossed and who may never do so. These hills and the harshness of our times are the challenge for me and my children and for all the children of the colony tomorrow. So you see we are too busy and too occupied with the business of survival to think of anything but effort. Furthermore I would not ask my dear wife to return to England after the clean air of Sydney and also she has no desire to return.
    Believe me when I say that I know that you had my interests at mind but I respectfully decline your kind offer which was most thoughtful of you and the times will come when my children’s children will be the envy of yours for my decision to this matter.
    At present we are all in pretty good health provided the aforementioned sickness stays away from us. I will always be happy to hear from you and look forward with eagerness to hear from you again. With love and respect for my younger brother, I remain your brother Charles Whalan, this 7th day of May in Sydney in the year of Our Lord 1809.
    P.S. Your kind offer of assistance is accepted in regards to writing material for the Colony is sadly lacking in such things. Make sure that the foolscap is a good quality and that the inks are well protected with wafers.”

    Servitude or Freedom fellow Aussies?

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  63. BRAVOOOOO!!!

    Thank You very much!

    Luciana Very Concerned Families International Network The Christ-like Way! Friends of humanely ethical, moral science and legislation in all matters in Church & State Governments’ Population Policy. ***************************************


  64. Consider this :
    If you have taken the vaccine then you have chosen death over life.
    The Satanic Elite have given you a poison to set you free.
    Many people will die in the following years with sudden heart attacks
    which they will say is caused by stress.
    Australia was known by the name as Van Diemen’s Land, or the Land
    of the demons, where men die.
    Australia did not exist at the beginning of the 15th century, because it
    was under ice, part of the Antarctic, that is what they don’t teach in
    schools. The original inhabitants of Australia came from Papua New
    Guinea, some time in the early to mid 17th century.
    All of Australia as you know it is under occupation by foreign power.
    This as been the case all along, our future is with the Creator, but
    people cannot see where we are in history, the past is behind us
    and the end of time is now ! there judgement is coming.
    We need to do what ever we can to survive the coming events.


  65. This poem is so good and so true! It brought tears to my eyes, I’m sharing this everywhere.


  66. Stop with the negatives… its NEVER too late… Watch V for Vendetta.. Its only a movie, but it has a very strong message.


  67. That ship has already sailed I’m sorry to say, our traitorous, criminal, illegit, government and Parliament has already sold us out to Jewish controlled private entities like the UN, US, WHO, WEF, IMF, many large private Corporations, and Communist countries like China. Everybody should be in the fight already, and don’t worry about the ANZACS, whilst they believed they fought and died for our country, they actually fought and died for the New World Order of Israel, and all their private entities that they use for world domination.

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  68. True Faith
    When the clouds of darkness descend, and
    your faith is tested, turn to the Heavenly
    Father “AH,BAH ” and he will protect you.
    He knows our hearts and our fears.
    Many people have perished at the hands
    of Satan but our salvation is near.
    This is the “ End Of Time ” spoken by
    Enoch the Scribe, behold the “Chosen One”
    will come among his people.
    You will not be alone to fight this Evil.
    The Heavenly Father has declared that the
    Grace that once was, is no more.
    Lift up your voices and rejoice, the Evil
    One will be judged and all shall see.

    Cast down your fears and sing a song of
    Victory, the end is near.
    The plagues of destruction they prepare for
    You, will come upon them.
    Praise the Eternal Father “AH,BAH ” with
    all your heart and soul, blessed are they
    who trust in him & do not fear.
    Cast away your sins and live accordingly
    to the Faith and Love that the “ Heavenly
    Father ” wants you to live.
    Watch and see the grandeur of the King
    Of Kings, his return will set his people
    Free. For Ever and Ever. “AH,BAH ”
    “ Our Heavenly Father ” Halleluyah….. !


  69. We’ve already been sold out, sorry to say. Ford went from my home town, Geelong, to Thailand, some years ago.
    I am told the Thais are paid $5:00 an hour.
    But our cars are no cheaper despite the lower wages, are they?

    Aside form the cars, I worked at a Holeproof underwear factory in Reid St, Nth Fitzroy, 30 years ago, packing up that factory for relocation to China.
    Senator Button and some other honcho had been there some years before sizing up the place, obviously for relocation.
    At another such facility I worked at (I was in casual labour hire so got around a fair bit) a production manager I spoke to told me that at that time it cost about 76 cents to make a pair of jocks.
    There you go!!!
    Small wonder I made my Economic genocide video:


  70. Brilliant..!! . This poem went right to my heart, and it was also sad as it could very well be our future…. EVERY single Australia needs to read this, it should be shared far and wide… Send it to every one you know..
    Thanks you Editor… this is why we can’t do without you!!!

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  71. Great poem, sad content. Is this our future or will we find that ANZAC spirit once again?


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