Vote Labor and you get Greens and most expensive power on Earth

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  1. Step O'Rafferty

    tonyryan43: It is slightly better in my town. Out of a population of 300 there are 5 of us who understand the purpose of the mRNA (and fluoride). Politically it is similar, very few people have broken out of the paradigm framed by the ABC and other media: The despicable “two party preferred” abomination. So it’s the 1.5% of aware people trying to stand up to the 0.0001% elite.


  2. Thanks Cairns news you ROCK WITH ACCURATE NEWS


  3. So true


  4. Hear there are many RPG’s floating around Kiev. Ed


  5. The Australian govt whoever they may be are not running Australia…The voting system is rigged always has been…Have you got this yet?


  6. Of course, I am going to vote ( for a change LOL, dual meaning) and put smalls at the top and biggies at the bottom, but this is in a spirit of “You don’t know for sure unless you try”, but I meet people everywhere who have no idea what is going on and they will vote biggie, depending upon their taste in rust.

    I have met one person in my town who is not an mRNA jab believer. This does not auger well for change of government. The ALP has more fanatical and totalitarian personalities than the LNM so I am putting Labor last. There are many in the ALP who would support burning the unvaxxed at the stake, so if you are unsure, just make them last.

    The Murdoch media will promote Labor to win because these will be most cooperative with hard-line WEF enforcement, so I anticipate civil war in Australia before Xmas, which is a real bummer when you are 79. Has anybody got a spare RPG support bracket to mount on my walking frame?


  7. Step O'Rafferty

    I hope those parties die a permanent death. If all of our federal and state parliaments were full of intelligent independents or freedom parties any corruption would be brought down to the level of individuals rather than our current situation where corrupt mega parties run rough shod over everyone, including their own ignorant supporters. The most important issue at the moment is to destroy the tentacles of the WHO. None of the four traitorous parties will protect us from Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.


  8. Well, I just hope the message gets out to the uninformed and, also , the basically stupid people in this country.


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