The Queen of Australia is unlawful

Letter to the Editor

Productive action for the decent Australians who have demonstrated in Canberra against the neo facist, illicit corporate dictatorship, calling itself “the Australian Government “.

Stop petitioning them. You only give them quasi legitimacy. They are not a Constitutionally legitimate entity. There is no Queen of Australia.  There is no great seal of Australia.  They have no Governor General or State Governors or Judges.

Occupy our Old Parliament House and appoint a emergency Provisional Government . 

Select a capable and knowledgeable person to act as a administrator of the Commonwealth of Australia,  to act under the direction of the Provisional Government until honest elections can be held.

Collect a million signatures on a petition of Right, to give to Her Majesty Elisabeth the Second. Requesting Her to immediately appoint a Governor General and State Governors approved by the Provisional Parliament and to endorse the appointed temporary Administrator selected by the Provisional Parliament until elections are held. 

Notify all former Police officers who refused to take the bio weapon shot that they may serve under the Provisional Government to begin arrests.

Also notify all persons serving in what is known as the Australian army of their duty to uphold the constitution of Australia and serve under the Provisional Government until honest elections can be held. 

Issue arrest warrants for all senior police and Army officers and senior public servants and especially the TGA, who continue to work for the bogus “Australian Governments” after 14 days.

Declare as terrorist entities the “World Economic Forum” the British Fabian society, Bildebergers and all similar globalist fascist organizations. 

Draw up a leaflet showing why there is no Government and the truth of what is happening concerning the scamdemic and the “great reset” and letter box everyone in the country.

If Elisabeth fails to respond within 7 days, to her sworn duty to uphold Her Subjects rights and to function as the CEO of our Parliament,  then request that She publicly resign.

She may not in this event abdicate in favour of Charles, as he has declared himself unfit for office being a public supporter of both the facist Great Reset agenda and the climate scams. 

Not to mention questions raised for decades, by Charles’ forty year close association with the serial child rapist and paedophile,  Jimmy Saville. 

As monarch, he must uphold and defend the property of his Subjects under Magna Carta and The Common Law not support Klaus Schwabs

“You will own Nothing and be Happy”. He has already excluded himself. 

William has also got sucked into the Popes genocidal Climate scam. Prince Edward has kept out of all this. He may be the only choice.

J Madison. 


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. D Johnston excuse me for being polite and addressing you as Mr. Do you suggest I address you as dumbass instead? our logic is severely lacking. If Statutory and Common Law have nothing to do with each other, how do you deduce, without providing any evidence, that common law is a “paper tiger” …. isn’t that term what communist Mao used all the time? Your logic is severely lacking.

    I provided evidence in my statement that our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 is based on common law, and as the constitution is the highest law of the land I fail to see how it is a “paper tiger”.

    Perhaps you should go back to school young fella, and learn how logic works. Oh! Wait a minute. Schools don’t teach it any more… hence, to use your logic term, you have no idea what it is. If you ever want to cross swords with anyone, make sure the blade is sharp first.


  2. Yes take over old parliament house…the government is in caretaker mode so now is the right time to do this! The urgency of this peoples takeover is paramount. Why is nobody doing this?


  3. The Johnson voice, violence begets violence and wins nothing, it’s a spiritual war which you are trying to loose for us. I pray you will stand if all else fails but suspect you only stand on paper. We must push for a Velvet Revolution until we win. If I his fails then Johnson should be in the wings but as I said I suspect he won’t be anywhere 💔


  4. Mike Holt, Firstly I am not “Mr”. Passive aggressive much? Secondly, that is exactly what I said: common law has NOTHING to do with Statutory Legislation, hence it being a paper tiger. Thirdly, in disclosing your reverance of Kevin Annett, you have simply revealed yourself. At which point I ceased reading. So finally, a little Shakespeare: ‘I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed’.


  5. Mr Johnston, your first error is in mentioning ‘statutory basis’. Common law has nothing to do with statutory law… a construct of Admiralty law. You are still confused about the different types of law. Statutory (Admiralty) law cannot be mixed with common law.
    Our Constitution is based in Common Law. Read the annotated Constitution if you need to understand how:
    It might help you to comprehend it better if you also download and read the constitution. They are both available for download from that page.
    As for common law being a ‘paper tiger’, you are wrong again. We have already had massive successes internationally. If you watch this interview you will meet Kevin Annett who is responsible for the resignation of Pope Benedict, as well as exposing the many murderous crimes by the Canadian churches and government.
    Instead of trying to look for excuses for not standing up for your own rights, I suggest you do some study on our common law website and learn how you can activate and stand up for your rights. Right now, all you are doing is making excuses for continuing the current criminal conspiracy calling itself your government.


  6. Mike Holt… With all due respect, it’s takes very little research to ascertain that Common Law is nothing but a ‘paper tiger’. It has zero statutory basis. Common Law is simply a law made by judges. Even if you amassed enough uncorrupted, un-puppeteered judges (good luck with that!), it is only statutory legislation that has any legs. However, that still has to be passed by Parliament. And Parliament only has to then pass an Act or a Law that replaces and/or nullifies any or all parts of the proposed statutory legislation (or perceived Common Law) entirely. Back to the drawing board!
    All that aside, it is the vastly entrenched Deep State (parallel government) that controls government. Operated by the UN, NATO and all the other equally nefarious globalists. Therefore the government exists in name only and is in reality, symbolic; designed to delude and constantly distract us, the ‘peasants’. They and all politicians are under Deep State control and so subsequently we ‘peasants’ also have NO power. Not until the Deep State are uprooted and eradicated will we ever hold any semblance of power. Maybe Putin, who has always been warning the Western World of the inevitability of our current ‘predicament’, will finally be the catalyst in their demise.
    In the meantime, to quote Dickens: “The law is an ass”. Never a truer word spoken.


  7. D Johnston, we are already winning the war. We don’t need to resort to violence to do so. Have you read the website yet? That’s how we are winning. More common law assemblies are being set up every day, and as people learn how to stand up for their rights and freedoms we are undermining the whole corporate edifice.
    Don’t fall for their tricks. They want us to get violent, and that is exactly what we are not doing. By refusing to obey their unlawful edicts we are destroying their ability to rule. And if you do the research you will find that I am a Vietnam veteran. I’ve been to war and I know that it’s a stupid way to go.
    You need to get your head out of their corporate box and start thinking outside it. Common Law empowers people, and by doing that, we deny the politicians any power over us.

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  8. Mike Holt… Sorry to burst your Kumbayah bubble, but we are in the midst of a WAR for God’s sake!! The world we live in today is NOT the same world it once was. People have NO power in simple amassment anymore. People have had their power both insidiously eroded and blatantly removed for decades. Technology for one thing has made damn sure of that.
    The pampered, spoiled Kumbayas in the western world today, can’t for the life of them, see that their decades of blind obsequiousness, apathy and need to preserve their shallow lifestyles, are the very CAUSE of where we find ourselves now. And the foolish adhererence to a Kumbayah naivete will NOT win this WAR. It will result in ALL of us LOSING this WAR.
    Our courageous forbears did NOT fight and give their lives so that we could just bleat piteously and/or just sit rocking back and forth in a corner.


  9. Eddie, I disagree. Look at Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and others in history who woke the people up peacefully and overthrew the tyrants. You can help by learning about common law and then joining an Assembly.


  10. Preferential Voting Explained

    Topher Field shows “how to stick it to the Major Parties this election”.

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  11. Hi Eddie…You are so absolutely right! Very succinctly put. Thank you.


  12. Unfortunately we don’t have the weapons to enforce any of these things and if you think it can be done peacefully dream on , the government will use whatever force is necessary to stop any type of takeover all those in power are very happy with this illegitimate government that has been created and registered as a company in Washington DC and they will have no problem using extreme violence to keep the status quo , they are killing kids with an experimental drug and have no shame I’m how they are forcing it on the whole population , John Howard gave the green light for Port Arthur so what makes people think any prime minister wouldn’t murder to keep a position of power


  13. Unfortunately we don’t have the weapons to enforce any of these things and if you think it can be done peacefully dream on , the government will use whatever force is necessary to stop any type of takeover all those in power are very happy with this illegitimate government that has been created and registered as a company in Washington DC and they will have no problem using extreme violence to keep the status quo , they are killing kids with an experimental drug and have no shame I’m how they are forcing it on the whole population , John Howard gave the green light for Port Arthur so what makes people think any prime minister wouldn’t murder to keep a position of power


  14. “We must enact the Magna Carta 1215”. Yepp sure. But first lets discuss some other laws from the dark ages that exactly brought us here were we are today – THE DARK AGES.

    Australians talk and discuss a lot until they are transformed to exactly what Schwab has to offer. Open your eyes and look at what Australia has become, where Australia stands as a LAWLESS country and what it means to all (once) decent Australians that still have not lost their minds (yet). Talk is very cheap. Get over it!!!!

    Australia needs no Magna Carta from 800 years ago. Australia needs an Australian mind that works for Australia ONLY and not for queens, kings and noble oligarchs that have overrun the world and linger somewhere undercover to feed from our scatter brains.

    Break out of your casted corrals and comfort zones that only exist in your minds.

    Look at this link here and that one their and another one over here – is no resistance nor does it “awaken” (how I despise the meaning of the word) anyone anymore. It keeps people distracted while it is business as usual for the herdsmen that are not quite good enough to join their masters.


  15. G’day Pilgrims,

    Thank you J Madison. We need to raise awareness and consciousness in any peaceful way we can.

    The fact that all Australian governments are unlawful usurpers of all governance powers in the nation is known to Universe Management, and to the Triodity and their Global Alliance allies; and action is in hand to rectify the situation.

    All that is required of the general Australian population is continued effort to increase their awareness and a refusal to comply with unlawful government demands. No violent action is required.

    The peaceful Canberra Rally of 12 February 2012 and all other peacefully Australian rallies to date have clearly signified the wishes of Australians to obtain genuine representative governance; and action by the Global Alliance is in hand to accomplish that in due course.

    Peaceful protests align the Australian population with higher galactic energy frequencies coming to this planet via the Sun. Those increasing energies are transforming this planet including the energetic frequencies enlivening those of her population who are awakening to their true nature.

    Anger and violence must be avoided because they create lower personal and planetary energetic frequencies that evil individuals can feed upon and use. That is why governments and their Medical, Big Pharma, Science, Police and MSM agents are ramping up baseless fears in relation to a Ukraine war, COVID-19, climate change and all the rest.

    It is important to NOT buy into the fearful and/or angry emotions being generated by THE POWERS THAT WERE as they are exited from power by the Alliance. Stay calm and joyful because the criminal cabal that has ruled this planet for thousands of years has been taken down and all that is now required is a clean up of minor minions which is underway under cover of inclement global weather conditions and some kinetic activity lead by Russia and other Alliance military.

    The Trucker Convey protest in Canada and the Canberra Rally on 12 February tipped the balance in favour of freedom and are good models for peaceful, joyful, non-compliance. We are nearly there Pilgrims. Hold the Line! And gently tell the score to any family and friends who will listen, as the shit hits the fan.

    My assessment of the situation is in my comments at: Fourth Turning 2022 – Bad Moon Rising—Bad-Moon-Rising.shtml

    Peace and Blessings,


  16. We must enact the Magna Carta 1215 our lives depend on it.


  17. Almost 100 percent. The Army is no different to the cops. Their oath is to the Queen of OZ.
    Culleton is already doing this but he is not going to do it by force he is trying to re-establish by the correct channels Queen Bessy and the 1901 Constitution.
    Cheers all.


  18. Many are unaware that there has been hard evidence over the years that she disposed of Prince William of Gloucester; Princess Margaret and Princess Diana. Possibly more. She has immunity from ever being charged or put on trial. Evil hag. Poryphia and other disorders through inbreeding has been virulent in the degenerate, parasitic ‘royals’ for centuries.


  19. It seems there are sufficient numbers protesting over the past 6 months to warrant major changes in fact a
    constitutional reinstatement for starters, but Lizzie closed down Buckingham Palace some time ago. We wonder where she is. Ed


  20. Thanks Tony first we were aware of the attempted 1984 military coup to get rid of that Jewish terrorist PM Hawke
    and that his life had been in danger and deservedly so. Former Prime Minister Howard might explain before he dies his role in Port Arthur and why his security detail had two .50 Cal sniper rifles made by Australian gunsmiths. We believe Mr Madison corresponds with Mr Walter. Thanks for your astute comments. We have a story of some not too nice goings on at Yirrakala which we will run part you soon. Ed


  21. Great document from J Madison; it’s a beautiful wish list that i hope in my heart that it is accomplished this year. We need the numbers of Australian people to be of the same mind and how do we get the word/information to 95% of Australians? Without the Main Stream Media, we’re severely handicapped. The Queen and the Privy Council want to see the numbers of people to be pretty high for them to justify any move on their part. They have already said this to Rod Culleton; there is not much they can do if the Australian people are not unified in wanting the Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth to be reinstated back to what it was meant to be. If the Australian people aren’t rejecting the current unlawful government in great numbers then we have but one objective; to educate great numbers of Australians so that they, as a majority will demand the our beautiful Constitution to be reinstated, and until we can do this first we’re just making wishes and loosing time while these criminals are getting away with it and getting ever closer to their One World Order domination.


  22. To the men and women who know the constitution and the law.We need help NOW.
    Too many people are destroying our country. We must band and stand together.And at this point we must be peaceful.
    God bless all the freedom loving nations.


  23. J Madison, have you joined a Common Law Assembly yet? We need you. You can opt in to the Brisbane Assembly mailing list here and then you will receive invitations to meetings:


  24. J Madison… I see you have done your homework.

    I thought I had done my research but, stone me, you take the prize. Anyway, I endorse your suggestions 100%.

    To this end, may I suggest there are some former Australian Military Intelligence people still around who are both patriots and intelligent. Around 1984 I was approached by a representative to ask me if I would join a military coup of Australia. He explained the horrific and treasonous reasons why they had made that decision. I had to decline because I had small children to look after. But these guys are still around. (Obviously, the coup was not attempted).

    Also extant are former senior public servants who foresaw this day coming. A few contacted me. I say this because I believe hundreds will surface to establish a government of integrity. This is not a course that I would choose, but your suggestions are the only feasible response this late in the day.

    I recommend you contact former cop Dave Walter in Cairns, who is currently continuing a 20 year campaign with the Queen to get her to honour her Commonwealth obligations, Dave is a man of integrity and of courage.

    Get moving folks. This is not a practice drill; nor is this an academic discussion. Evidently, people in Canberra got cooked alive as the price of making civilised entreaties to crooked dictators. Tomorrow will be too late.


  25. Hear Hear


  26. 👍🙏


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