Letter to the Editor

Productive action for the decent Australians who have demonstrated in Canberra against the neo facist, illicit corporate dictatorship, calling itself “the Australian Government “.

Stop petitioning them. You only give them quasi legitimacy. They are not a Constitutionally legitimate entity. There is no Queen of Australia.  There is no great seal of Australia.  They have no Governor General or State Governors or Judges.

Occupy our Old Parliament House and appoint a emergency Provisional Government . 

Select a capable and knowledgeable person to act as a administrator of the Commonwealth of Australia,  to act under the direction of the Provisional Government until honest elections can be held.

Collect a million signatures on a petition of Right, to give to Her Majesty Elisabeth the Second. Requesting Her to immediately appoint a Governor General and State Governors approved by the Provisional Parliament and to endorse the appointed temporary Administrator selected by the Provisional Parliament until elections are held. 

Notify all former Police officers who refused to take the bio weapon shot that they may serve under the Provisional Government to begin arrests.

Also notify all persons serving in what is known as the Australian army of their duty to uphold the constitution of Australia and serve under the Provisional Government until honest elections can be held. 

Issue arrest warrants for all senior police and Army officers and senior public servants and especially the TGA, who continue to work for the bogus “Australian Governments” after 14 days.

Declare as terrorist entities the “World Economic Forum” the British Fabian society, Bildebergers and all similar globalist fascist organizations. 

Draw up a leaflet showing why there is no Government and the truth of what is happening concerning the scamdemic and the “great reset” and letter box everyone in the country.

If Elisabeth fails to respond within 7 days, to her sworn duty to uphold Her Subjects rights and to function as the CEO of our Parliament,  then request that She publicly resign.

She may not in this event abdicate in favour of Charles, as he has declared himself unfit for office being a public supporter of both the facist Great Reset agenda and the climate scams. 

Not to mention questions raised for decades, by Charles’ forty year close association with the serial child rapist and paedophile,  Jimmy Saville. 

As monarch, he must uphold and defend the property of his Subjects under Magna Carta and The Common Law not support Klaus Schwabs

“You will own Nothing and be Happy”. He has already excluded himself. 

William has also got sucked into the Popes genocidal Climate scam. Prince Edward has kept out of all this. He may be the only choice.

J Madison.