ALP losing its voter base by deporting foreign criminals


The ALP wants to keep them here so they can further rape, rob, bash, and kill Australians — so they are opposing the legislation, this is what you are being asked to vote for — More rapes, violence, bashings, murders, and burn your home to the ground.

This defies any semblance of intelligence or logic — ALP & Green politicians siding with criminals against the people of Australia.

And some fools devoid of intelligence will actually vote for them, then scream when they and their children are victims of these criminals.

Raped, bashed senseless and maimed for life, your home robbed, car stolen, you or your children are so badly injured you can never work again, your raped wife and daughter are pregnant to the home invader — good luck enjoy the result of your vote.

We value and deeply love our family, and our homes, and decent lifestyle — we will vote for L-NP, One Nation, and Independents.

Criminals convicted of specific serious crimes who were born overseas will have their deportations fast tracked, under laws set to be reintroduced to parliament.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke told Sky News Australia Labor and the Greens have blocked it in the House and Senate.

“Anthony Albanese has led the opposition against these foreign deportation laws.

“He needs to explain why.”

Labor Party candidates funded by China:

Kristina Keneally ‘unashamed’ of CCP connection.

– from Gil May

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. L-NP you are voting for LNP CAIRNS NEWS???? DONT UNDERSTAND! WTF!!!


  2. rotflmao !!!!

    No Virginia, it doesn’t sound like a feel good DISTRACTION and motherhood story.

    Anybody who thinks this isn’t a contrived issue must have a single digit IQ. Both the LNP and the Labour/Greens duopoly want to DESPERATELY AVOID THE REAL ISSUES facing the Australian population at the next election.

    If we, as Australians, get snowed and distracted by such sht from the REAL ISSUES facing Australia we deserve every little bit of sht the LNP-Labour/Greens duopoly serve us.

    Say NO to the LNP-Labour/Greens abuse of our intelligence and our way of life. Sack the lot of them first chance you get.


  3. Thanks D Johnston. I agree that Cairns News does provide a ‘meeting point’ and we’re generally all on the same page, given, as you say, some differences in opinion – and CN is pretty tolerant of that, thank goodness!

    But I have no-one I can email directly and have an occasional natter with (particularly in my local area) knowing that we have both made a decision never to get the mRNA vax, come what may.

    Anyway, judging by the response (only you old mate!) there doesn’t appear to be a lot of interest in this concept of direct communication. Although technically challenged and unable to build a web-site, I have registered an email address:

    So, let’s see what happens.

    All the best
    Ian G


  4. Hi pcwwp. Here’s an idea. Load em all on to ships, sail them way way way out to the middle of the ocean and sink em. Would also be an excellent solution to the ecological food chain threat from shark extinction.

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  5. Hi Pat from Vic… That’s a good point…I too have noticed this, though it’s not a real biggie for me, as mostly it is simply a validation of a comment. On the few occasions when it’s not, and someone (NOT you!) is being a total dick, then the culprit and most other readers will get it without that person being named and shamed. I’ve found that by going through the posts, although time consuming, you can usually join the dots. So quit pickin on poor Editor. Joke!


  6. yes agreed – based on the platform we may need to be more informative in our responses..


  7. Yes this is a Word press anomaly we can’t fix. Ed


  8. Hi IG. You have the very best support right here on Cairns News!; from the tireless Editor and Team and the many wonderful and insightful readers who contribute. We may not always agree with one another, but that’s the whole point. To broaden our perpectives. It would be pretty freakin boring otherwise!
    As one who has never ever used Fakebook, or other various vacuous, self-indulgent, stream-of-consciousness platforms, this stimulating and informative site has kept me from going on full tilt.
    Over the course of the scamdemic, I too have had to ghost many people who I previously regarded as friends. It has been very revealing. Making me question why I even liked them in the first place lol. But I have also come to realise that they obviously weren’t TRUE friends, so although I still wish them well, wherever they’re at, I do not mourn their absence from my life.


  9. This might not be the perfect place to say it – but then again the subject matter is right there in plain view.

    When the Editor replies to a reader’s comment with another comment, there is no visible linkage or reference to the source comment.

    Thus, unless the Editor specifically names for whom the reply is intended (and the Editor rarely does this), then the reader has no clue WTF the Editor is talking about.

    Sometimes, the content of the Editor’s reply infers the source comment, but otherwise the Editor’s replies seem cryptic. I’m betting only a minority of readers are psychic.

    Maybe people specifically looking for a reply would be clued into the Editor’s response when it happens, but IMO it’s an innefficient communication mode when just a single word of identification would so easily clarify the target of the Editor’s posts.


  10. Stay strong – they want us to think we are marginalized and helpless – we are neither and they will eventually see.I don’t believe any of the bs about 95% poisoned.And those you made that error can now see the mistake..


  11. If only we could deport all the criminal politicians and bureaucrats.


  12. Probably get some help from commentators. Ed


  13. Seems good idea to us. We are going to run another poll too. Ed


  14. Could get interesting.
    Are we to assume Labor/Greens are running a protection rachet?

    Which criminals are the Liberal Party targeting?
    Ones already in prison?
    Don’t they already send them home?
    Like the NZ bikies were?

    Given Liberal and lies are synonymous with each other, their actual motives are yet to be discovered.

    Are these future ‘criminals’ who may dig up the guns in their own backyards?
    Are these gangs that know how to fight?
    Are these present criminals or future to be decided criminals?

    We have child rapists (ex and present) alledgedly in Parliament.
    I don’t think their motive is related to that.

    We have yet to be put on Nuremberg trial Medical Professionals who have
    alledgedly committed crimes of malfeasence (and one could argue death by injection).
    Aka murder.
    I don’t think their motive is related to that.

    We have car stealing criminals in North Queensland.
    Like who cares? They don’t.
    Apparently they won’t be going anywhere.

    We have the threat of Mum and Dad terrorists from all Nations who have made Australia home.
    The ones who have lost their jobs, their homes, their livelihoods and their health.
    Are they at risk of becoming “criminals”

    It will all be in the wording of this Legislation. Bite size by bite size.
    Motive will be in there somewhere.

    There are still people who listen to ((Sky))?
    Sky and 🦊 Fox….
    They are MSM.


  15. Nothing says Marxist Leninist State quite like gov’t imported populations that get a license to commit crime against the host demographic. The less able to assimilate, respect the laws and make an economic contribution the more preferred.

    Let’s go down the checklist

    Fast breeders – all wives on gov’t payroll. FGM and weird cultural surgeries all on medicare. Respect their child birthing customs. Eating the placenta OK. Elaborate religious dietary requirements all respected.
    Male perps – good to go with sex trafficking, grooming, rape gangs preying on host population.
    Police take a knee to their crime gangs and arrest those who have no right to self defense.


  16. He is not called Anthony Albasleazy for nothing. He’s a disgusting useless thug politician who brings absolute shame to the name politician as do so many of these heinous political tyrannical sewer rats


  17. Gil May. I’m sorry but that is just an absolute crock of lies and hysteria. MORE psyop brainwashing. MORE propagation of fear, hatred and division. Though glaringly transparent to those of us who think critically and do their own independent research to gain knowledge and TRUTH. I know for a fact, that most of these immigrant ‘criminals’ came to Australia when children or even in infancy; as young as a few months of age. Others were actually born in Australia but never held residency status for various reasons. Many of their ‘crimes’ are NOT of a violent nature. It is not only ludicrous but false, to purport that we are beseiged by a seeming plague of rapists and terrorists. If that was true then WHERE the hell have these people been hiding over the decades?? WHY? has this sudden epidemic of heinous ‘criminal’ behaviour miraculously only arisen in the past 2 years?? These people are deported to a country where they have no family or other ties, where they are treated as pariah’s and rejected by the wider community and who are consequently then forced into REAL criminal behaviour/activity in order to survive. A great many are homeless. Many have committed suicide as the only way out. This is fact, NOT conjecture or misinformation.
    Some join bikie gangs such as the NZ chapter of the Mongrel Mob, who incidentally, Jacinda Ardern has been giving millions of dollars to over the past couple of years. Now think about WHY?? she has been doing that. For her protection for fear that they too may rise up against her and the tyranny? After all, they still have GUNS. The Australian government has been mass deporting these ‘undesirables’ for exactly the same reason. For THEIR protection NOT ours.
    The entire deportation exercise began just prior to the scamdemic rollout. It is also part of the whole NWO agenda. And as with all the other MFP is designed to further manipulate and brainwash the weak minded.


  18. I would like to see a mechanism whereby people can be organized to action on important matters @ the Cairns News Community.

    Say we pick one issue ( once a month/6months ) – and get interested people to ring their local member @ their parliamentary office ( or whatever is most effective ) at a nominated time and date.

    I have seen this work elsewhere – very powerful. I know it’s more work but really just another post.


  19. The next one that gets the flick should have Albo and Keneally tucked under his arms.


  20. BTW does anyone know of a web-site or links where I can contract unvaxed people?

    I’m in Sydney (E.Subs) and just about all my friends, acquaintances & relos have taken the jabs; some no longer in communication, such is the stigma of going against the trend.

    It’s like Isolation Central – I know I’m not alone, it just feels like it.

    I’m independent and don’t want or need support, or necessarily to meet – just to know there are others out there.



  21. LNP patriotic? I don’t think so.


  22. “..Raped, bashed senseless and maimed for life…. or your children are so badly injured you can never work again….your raped wife and daughter are pregnant to the home invader ….”

    OH NO! It’s horrible! What can I do, where will my dear wife & pretty little daughter be safe?

    Maybe a job in Parliament House, Canberra?

    “….we will vote for L-NP, One Nation, and Independents…”


    UAP anyone?


  23. What a load of BS.
    1 minute this guy kicks out a tennis player for not taking drugs, now he wants to ban criminals from comming in.



  24. The citizens of Australia have to take back the country that is in full control of the Globalists. If not we all end up with nothing and then we are “Happy”.?. “Yes even China goes hand in hand with the Globalists.” Don’t you forget this one.


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