The ALP wants to keep them here so they can further rape, rob, bash, and kill Australians — so they are opposing the legislation, this is what you are being asked to vote for — More rapes, violence, bashings, murders, and burn your home to the ground.

This defies any semblance of intelligence or logic — ALP & Green politicians siding with criminals against the people of Australia.

And some fools devoid of intelligence will actually vote for them, then scream when they and their children are victims of these criminals.

Raped, bashed senseless and maimed for life, your home robbed, car stolen, you or your children are so badly injured you can never work again, your raped wife and daughter are pregnant to the home invader — good luck enjoy the result of your vote.

We value and deeply love our family, and our homes, and decent lifestyle — we will vote for L-NP, One Nation, and Independents.

Criminals convicted of specific serious crimes who were born overseas will have their deportations fast tracked, under laws set to be reintroduced to parliament.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke told Sky News Australia Labor and the Greens have blocked it in the House and Senate.

“Anthony Albanese has led the opposition against these foreign deportation laws.

“He needs to explain why.”

Labor Party candidates funded by China:

Kristina Keneally ‘unashamed’ of CCP connection.

– from Gil May