Letter to the Editor

Anything involving any of the politicians currently infesting OUR Parliament is a complete waste of time. Who appointed these people to ‘represent’ us?
Our demands are very simple. ALL politicians must leave our Parliament and run for the hills because We the People are not going to tolerate their dictatorship any longer.
I am heading to Canberra this weekend to offer a real solution: Common Law.
How does it work?
Simple. We convene common law assemblies, and when 12 or more people sign the Charter (https://commonlaw.earth/assemblies/sign-assembly-charter-aus/) they create a local government of the people… with all the powers of any government. They can pass laws, elect peace-keeping Sheriffs, convene common law courts (essential to put the TRAITORS on trial) and even train and maintain a people’s militia.
Once we do this, we will convene national congresses with a representative from each assembly region to hold an election. No political parties will be allowed to participate. The structure is outlined in our 5-Point Plan for the Future: https://advance-australia.com.au/
We cannot fix the problems until we recognise what they are and then follow a plan. No other group has a plan, let alone any idea of how to get this country back on its feet. Common Law is leading the way. To learn more, start here: https://commonlaw.earth/
If you are in Canberra, look for the Big Red Common Law marquee. We are coming!

from Mike Holt

Convenor Common Law Assemblies