Letter to the Editor

Your faithful reader “Eskimo Joe” objects to published articles, linking the Catholic Jesuits to the ” FREE” masons. Is he serious? He is either a Jesuit himself or a delusional apologist. 

The old powerful, satan-worshipping families of the collapsed Roman Empire created the Papacy as their vehicle to regain power. They formed up various “orders” of lunatics and criminals to specialize in various functions.  

WA Premier Mark McGowan sold off West Australia’s land titles office for $1.41 billion to cover the WA Catholic church’s sexual abuse victim’s compensation

For example they formed the Dominican and Franciscan orders to act as police and executioners.  This benevolent lot tortured to death and murdered perhaps millions during the Inquisition,  or what Christ in Revelation chapter 7 verse 9 to17. called “the great Tribulation “. That is when they weren’t interfering with little children. One of the perks of their orders.

The Augustinians were originally a scholarly order but are today diverted to invent culture for “First Nation” people, in order to overthrow Sovereign Nations.

The Benedictine order specializes in Cultural Change, to better target populations centuries ahead so it will be easier to bring about their global Government. e.g. the destruction of Western European Christian society by introducing the drug/ rock/ sex counter culture.

I knew a former Benedictine monk from Canada. He spilled the beans on how they operated. 

He said that one of the methods used to break and dominate new recruits, was forcing them to drink the urine of the senior priest, and worse. Very Christian. 

The Jesuits came later. Apart from straight out murder, they are trained in Law and are skilled at infiltrating any opposition entity and undermining it.

They are often Professors of Law or Judiciary. 

Propaganda, spin and damage control are specialties. 

Lets look at some current examples of Jesuit involvement in political crimes.  Several months before Mark McGowan became Premier of Western Australia, two persons were at a restaurant in Perth. McGowan and another man were dining at a adjoining table.

One of these knew McGowan and went to his table. The other man, an Italian was introduced to him as the man who was going to make him Premier. After some polite conversation, it transpired that this man was McGowan’s media and policy adviser. 

This person eventually gave out his business card. 

On it were two addresses.  One in Perth and one in Rome. After looking at it one of these men commented that address was actually in Vatican city.  McGowan’s Italian advisor agreed. 

On being asked by one person what function did he carry out there he answered that he was a journalist and also a member of the Order of Jesuits. 

McGowan became Premier and shortly after the Catholic church had a huge payout to make to the victims of their paedophile priests. 

McGowan unlawfully sold off West Australia’s titles office in 2019 for hundreds of millions and used this money to pay for the Catholic Church’s settlement  to its child abuse victims. Public money to pay the private debt.


Liberal Party members and many citizens went to their party heads who just all happened to be masons. They were told to drop it. Nothing was done. No connection eh Joe?

About 3 months after McGowan’s election,  he called a meeting of all CEO’s from shire councils. 

It was held at a northern suburb venue. No press allowed.  All CEO’s were lodge men. They were warned to secrecy about the meeting agenda. 

They were told that they must support the implementation of the infamous Agenda 21 of the UN as the State Government demanded.  They all agreed.  Except one has spilled the beans.

 This Agenda 21 is included in the Popes Paris Accords on “climate action”. Another depopulation scam especially targeted at Protestant countries of the West. No connection eh Joe?

Corporate fascism has been the business model for the Vatican ever since it put Mussolini and Hitler into power. Nothing changed.

Again after the last WA election, the remaining two Liberal Party members raised the vote fraud issue with their party heads,  mostly Freemasons. It was discovered that the global vote processing Spanish company Scytl and its spinoff Dominion had their office in the WA electoral commission building. They were told to drop it. No connection eh Joe?

This entity with links to China and the Vatican was involved in the massive fraud that installed Joe, head of the Biden crime family, in the White House. 

An Italian Government-owned military satellite was used to transfer the vote changing data into the American system. Who would have the power in Italy to get such a act of war against another country approved? Who would dare?

 Reminds us of another time and a Jesuit John Wilkes Booth. It is the old trick Joe, each gang blames the other but they are all parts of the same Beast.

 The Freemasons,  the Jesuits and the cabbalistic Jews all have one thing that unites them, they are all Christ haters and are servants of the demonic. 

Joe, you should read Revelations chapter 17 if you want to see their future. You have already lost.

A year or so ago, the protests of a lot of decent, moral Catholic laypeople in the USA began to shed light on the operations of Church owned corporations in doing very wrong things to make a profit.   e.g. the use of organs from murdered babies of the abortion clinics to be used by cosmetic and vaccine manufacturers. 

It transpired that the cash transfer from these companies, from the USA to the Vatican was over $300 billion annually.  What is it from Australia?

Joe, it is no surprise that Jesus showed in Revelations chapter 18 the final destruction of the Papacy and the reaction of the worlds business leaders to its final end.

Many years ago, a group was discussing the mess Australia is in. One person commented that the Jesuits founded and still ran the Freemasons to undermine the Protestants and to act as a front for them.

A person at the meeting then revealed that he had been a Mason from his 21st year. He was told that the Lodge was formed to stop the Catholics from grabbing power as they had until Luther’s Reformation. 

He said that he had no more interest in the lodge after an experience a few years before. He had amazing communication skills and the lodge wanted to take him up high to “fit” him for public office. 

He resisted these overtures,  but eventually gave in and was taken to Brisbane to meet some “important ” masons. Most were very mediocre,  but he was finally told that he was to meet the most senior mason in the State. 

This person was  a secret member and not to be spoken about. It turned out that he was the Catholic Archbishop. Our friend asked to leave, saying that it was all too complicated for a bush boy.

It is no accident that the first American Constitution had a ban on any Lawyer entering the Congress or Senate. It took years for the Jesuits to get that removed. The law profession is where the Jesuits congregate.  That was the reason for the ban. 

The destruction of our constitutional government has mostly been at the hands of lawyers, becoming members of Parliament. Joe, quit while you are ahead.


James Lewis.