Cops losing guns all over the place

NT cops lose several guns
Another firearms registry problem has emerged with reports that the NT Police have lost several Glock handguns.

The NT News has reported that 11 guns went ‘missing’ from the police armory, with recording errors to blame.

The NT News story revealed that two Glocks were missing, “possibly stolen” and a further eight were unaccounted for.

It says that five police members undertook a full search of the armoury building, including the roof space, but failed to locate the firearms.

The NT Police’s Deputy Commissioner Murray Smallpage told the NT News that two of the missing Glocks were the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation and could not rule out that they ended up in the hands of criminals.

Trust us ….

The Deputy Commissioner told the paper:

“I want to reassure the community of the Northern Territory that we (approach)
the management of our weapons with the highest concern and any time when
we’ve got firearms missing is a grave concern to us

Given the seriousness by which our lawmakers regard firearm laws, we think that simply saying they hold ‘the highest concern’ is far from good enough. Had a licensed firearm owner done the same thing, thy would most likely be up on charges.

So who is accountable for this, and what is the sanction?

Recently, NT Police charged an Alice Springs man who carried a firearm to ensure his own protection when he went to help a neighbour who had been stabbed. He did not lose the gun, and nor did he use it. Yet he’s now before the courts, while the officers who lost their firearms are not.

.. and it’s NOT THE FIRST TIME police have lost guns

The story of missing guns by our police agencies is not new.

VICTORIA: In the past few weeks, it was revealed over 100,000 guns were ‘missing’ from Victoria Police’s registry.

While possibly due to poor record keeping, it shows that good gun laws start with regulators who can do their jobs. Plus, there is the story of where Victoria Police targetted a dealer because they had incorrect data on 81 guns in his possession.

NORTHERN TERRITORY: Then there was the theft of guns from a military base in Darwin in 2012. In that event – and while it was federal jurisdiction – NT Police showed little concern about how our government agencies manage firearms in the territory.

QUEENSLAND: We recently told you the story about the Colt 45 that Queensland Police intended to return to its rightful owner, before losing it and then somehow selling it to another shooter.

Our intervention in that case resulted in some compensation being paid to the original owner, but it is another example of poor management of firearms by state police.

Given how Police treat any infringement or perceived infringement by a licensed shooter its high time they were held to the same high standard they expect us to maintain. After all they are the regulators who need to set the standard – and be held by it themselves.

If they are not, then what confidence can the community have in them, and the laws we have in place?

The NSC will continue to expose such misconduct and put pressure to bear on our politicians.#

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. ED,
    In the days gone by, to which you refer we had police men and women dedicated to their position of respect in the community, NOW WE HAVE POLICY ENFORCERS WHO DON’T EVEN RESPECT THEMSELVES

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  2. It might be good to hold them to their liability, especially as all police are privatised, corporate trading entities now. See this: They have normal rego plates on the police cars, and the models are all different, so they police cars are not fleet cars, as one might expect of such large outfits as the Police. Even the one in the video has private plates. Recently, at a BMW car dealership in Geelong I spied a very expensive BMW Highway patrol car parked on the premises. It may have been worth the best part of $100 grand.

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  3. NSW has ‘lost’ hundreds of guns over the past few years and the Muslim bikie gangs in that state are better armed than the army.

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  4. Replacing the capable and competent police officers before policing academy degrees were issued, now-day enforcers could not track a bleeding elephant through the snow and all hold zero people skills once prevalent in once-respected police officers of the past.

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  5. I had several firearms stolen years ago in Queensland and I tracked one of them down, it’s turned up in NSW.
    The NSW police minister told me to get a lawyer if I want it back.
    Great system, they are quite happy to have a stolen firearm(that I tracked down) registered to two people.

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  6. The 1688 English rights law,.(look it up) which predates the constitution (ours AND theirs) and therefore cannot be repealed by them, provides for Protestants to carry arms to protect themselves from Catholics


  7. The right to use our guns was stolen from us by Johnny Howard who used the Port Arthur hoax to do it-our rights have been eroded for a long time and we have stood meekly by -today Australia is no longer our country -we need to up the anti and start making these criminals accountable

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  8. Now that’s an interesting way to cover selling guns, Not!


  9. Of course police are heavy handed with “infringements” by the licensed public, they really hate it when somebody points a gun back at them.
    All cowards are the same..

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  10. You have madman Michael for a leader, a shining light along with his compatriot Dan Andrews for the communists of the Labor Party. Ed

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  11. A case in point. In 2020, I applied for a NT gun licence for the purposes of (a) feeding the fragile old people on our homeland; (b) eliminating feral pigs; (c) for possible safety when our buffalo industry is underway.

    As the homeland is isolated for half the year, and the otherwise nearest butcher 100Ks away, requiring 3 hours rugged 4WD and dirt track driving, shopping is out of the question, even if we could afford it, which we cannot.

    I paid my $219 fee, passed the written safety exam, had my gun safe ($400) approved, and all the character checks completed. I have never committed a criminal offence; nor am I emotionally nor psychologically unstable. The traditional owners happily provided their written and signed permission. My gun safety training was provided by the army.

    I was stalled to the last day of the 3-month application window and then informed that my application was rejected because the traditional owner’s permission was not on a corporate letterhead.

    There is no such legal demand.

    This little exercise cost this age pensioner more than $600, which cannot be recovered.

    So much for government of the people etc.

    We live in a repressive dictatorship, so if readers see me as a little absolutist in my reactions to government behaviour, this is because I am left with no illusions about democracy or Rule of Law. They are the criminals. We are the victims of crime.

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  12. Few years ago cairnsnews did a story about this. Ed


  13. This thread is interesting, in that some time ago-a few years-I read somewhere that Wilson Security have some 60k Muslim security people employed. This is not unusual except that the article I read (and I am sorry but I know not where this article is, if I did indeed save it) said that these Muslim security people get to take their guns home at the end of the day. Should I ask my local member to follow that one up?


  14. Whether this is good news for Australian people being genocided by the corporate agents pretending to be a government or not depends on who lost the guns and why.

    With a genocide underway the only important question is: who has the guns and why. If it is the genocidal state and its law enforcement that has the guns – that is bad for us. If men and women who know firearms and are on our side against the genocidal state and they have the guns – that is good. Let us not jump to conclusions.

    The Three Little Pigs instruct the sheeple in the matter of ghost guns and lost firearms in “The Big Bad Wolf Strikes Back”


  15. For weeks I have tried posting comment and find it IMPOSSIBLE. I’ve just reviewed all my FB and Google ID and passwords and all is OK but simply will not be recognised here WORSE is that damned WORDPRESS that ends up going around in endless security loops and when finally logged in and able to leave a coppent – posting the comment is impossible. The message just sits there with NIL acknowledgement. Can you look into this and let me know if a simpler way exists to post? (Peter Cunningham – 0418246545)

    I tried posting this – will leave it up to you to act

    Having had just a tad of experience with many types of firearms in my life, and the absolute joys of dealing with gun hating, paranoid police and assorted bureaucrats I can say with certainty that: There’s one rule for them and MANY for us.

    Legitimate firearms dealers have been bankrupted over far less than what police are up to here. SO – examine their lame excust – a paperwork error (whatever). Inexcuasble for firearms dealers or licensed shooters. SUPPOSE!

    Suppose I am the police and I order 100 handguns with their frame and barrel serial numbers entered into a database of some sort and matched to invoce manifest. What do I have?

    I have 100 handguns and a database listing the details of the 100 handguns.

    X months or years pass and the physical count is only 90 handguns.

    Does that mean the database was initially wrong? If so, how were the details of the 100 firearms registered on the database and matched to the invoice? OR Does it mean that 100-90=10 have ‘gone missing’ (A common term in PNG)

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the police are telling PORKIES – the very thing that would see anybody else in Jail …. but not them.

    As Julius Sumner Miller used to ask “WHY IS IT SO”?

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  16. This is about your previous story on the 5 shots. A video has come to light with an Australian emergency doctor speaking on it. The article was in my newsletter from www, today. It was titled EMERGENCY ROOM DOCTOR BLOWS WHISTLE. A link on the very bottom in blue takes you to a BRIGHTEON video titled slightly differently EMERGENCY ROOM DOCTOR BLOWS WHISTLE – THE VACCINATED ARE DYING AUSTRALIA. Sorry I cannot make links. BRIGHTEON videos are found on


  17. This is just another request to have the share button moved to MeWe or at least somewhere other than FB I have been banned for doing it and they hide them anyway so it s a waste of time-thankfully you have a reblog button

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  18. it is high time that Australia had the same right to bear arms that more civilized truly democratic countries like Switzerland and USA permit.

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