Covid PCR testing equipment as handy as an ashtray on a motor bike

by Kev Moore

Video: “The PCR-RT is a Process. It Does Not Tell You that You Are Sick”: The Late Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate and Inventor of the PCR-RT

Nobel Prize Laureate Kary B. Mullis was the inventor of the polymerase chain reaction technique.

Dr. Kary B. Mullis, who passed away on August 7, 2019 at age 74, stated emphatically that no infection or illness can be accurately diagnosed with the PCR-RT.

“PCR is a Process. It does not tell you that you are sick”.

“The measurement is not accurate”.

Mullis described the PCR-RT as a “technique” rather than “a test”.

It is a useful technique which allows for “rapid amplification of a small stretch of DNA”.

Had Dr. Kary B. Mullis been alive today he would have been an outspoken critic of the Misuse of the PCR-RT by the WHO and national health authorities. The PCR-RT has been used as a so-called “test” to “detect” the spread of the virus as well as “measure” the incidence of SARS-CoV-2.

The PCR-RT designed by Dr. Mullis is a technique. It is not a test

This misuse of the PCR-RT technique has now been formally acknowledged in a January 2021 statement of the WHO.

See: The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thank you Joel, personally, I use Panache Desai audios to meditate…he is an excellent person to follow for menta survival. One in particular is a meditation of his calle ‘how to forgive the unforgivable’. I use it at least once a week, and others in between. Qi Gong, deep breathing and remaining healthy. have a high brain food diet…great foods like dates, eggs, strawberries, chocolate (real), greens, almonds etc, avocado…a healthy mind makes a healthy body. When the med beds come out in January to capital cities, there will also be huge centres set up in beautiful, 5 star setting in the country for the consciousness training. another is to read some of the bible that tells you this has been planned for a VERY ong tie…believe and have faith. We will need to stick together adn have happy get togethers with soft music, gentle activities and fresh air etcetera. lots ore, but that’s a start.


  2. Angela strange your comment is not here, even though can reply to it. Your question was:
    For People who have had one jab will their immune systems also.brake down completely?
    Even though not a Scientist just one of many Critical Thinkers and seeking the Truth. You would expect even a single jab from the Experimental Gene Therapy inoculation will wipe out the Immune System just would take much longer based on the Blood Evidence video I posted here recently.

    Something else jumped in my ProtonMail from Health Impact News and that it is now game over with these Experimental Inoculations or it should be. This is from Dr Vernon Coleman:

    Finally! Medical Proof the Covid Jab is “Murder”
    It’s the 22nd November 2021 and this is the moment when the jabbing has to stop.

    A couple of hours ago Darren Smith, the editor of the excellent The Light Paper, sent me a paper from the medical journal Circulation which proves that the covid-19 jabbing experiment has to stop today. I believe that any doctor or nurse who gives one of the mRNA covid jabs after today will in due course be struck off the appropriate register and arrested.

    The journal Circulation is a well-respected publication. It’s 71-years-old, its articles are peer reviewed and in one survey it was rated the world’s no 1 journal in the cardiac and cardiovascular system category.

    I’m going to quote the final sentence of the abstract which appears at the beginning of the article. This is all I, you – or anyone else – needs to know.

    `We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular events following vaccination.’

    That’s it. That’s the death bell for the covid-19 mRNA jabs.


  3. Has we seen this:

    Shows how the poisons destroy the immune system.


  4. Unfortunately they can’t have a group of unvaxxed people around – it’s gonna look very bad – for them.. That’s why we need to put the effort in now – it’s our native friends currently – then us.


  5. Off Topic but relevant – we may need to think ahead for our best interests..?

    From our general individual health and wellbeing perspective going forwards relating to if /when this mass genocide event happens and its severity how will us as individuals cope mentally? knowing we can only save very few and not the majority, even losing loved ones partners, kids etc who couldn’t see the forest from the trees ? It will have metal consequences on us..
    Am l saying simply pre warn yourself knowing potentially billions will die around us? and what/how would that look like? Maybe, do we start conditioning ourselves earlier somehow prior because its going to get very dark for us survivors if it all is forthcoming.
    There’ll be Mass proportion of public that would be too deeply brainwashed to realize bigger picture understandings, if you know about statics and mass psychology and hypnosis techniques if they haven’t awoken now will they in time? Sure l want to save people. l’m protesting each weekend in Melbourne doing my thing for the greater good. But personally it took myself years to add the pieces of the puzzle together properly its not like all of a sudden one morning l woke up and your totally convinced, its takes countless hours upon hours, behavioral changes that then turns into structured new habits not to mention its a mindfuck counteracting the main narrative constantly in those early days.

    Just my thoughts would like your feed back as your like
    Minded people on what to do for “preparation conditioning the mind” you might have already planned
    something & or know what to do 🙂

    thx JOEL


  6. For the purposes of my informed consent…

    Does the PCR procedure pick up the synthetic covid-like protein which the injections get the body to produce?

    If it does, does that count as a positive “test” result and is that why they’ve cancelled tests for the injected people unless they show symptoms?

    And how long do the injections get the body to keep producing the synthetic/artificial spike proteins?

    Also, no one seems to be able to definitively tell me if the injections contain graphene or not.

    The answers to the above are not available from my GP or the covid hotline. Maybe I’ll just sit it out for 50 years until the Pfizer request for an information embargo on its injections expires?


  7. Angela Fernleigh

    For People who have had one jab will their immune systems also.brake down completely?


  8. Even the CDC is going to pull the current RT-PCR test kits due by their own admission that the testing can not differentiate between Covid 19 or Influenza. This would mean that can not differentiate between Covid 19 and Delta either.
    How these Factcheckers has it as False even though it’s right on the CDC site itself in black and white. This proves that Factcheckers do not actually know what they are factchecking.

    I am sure there are many people believe that Kary Mullis death is very suspicious the inventor of the RT-PCR tests a few months before Covid 19 hit Wuhan, was still alive Kary would have destroyed the Narrative from the first day.

    Here is something that those who have taken the Experimental Gene Therapy inoculations now been classified as a Bioweapon for Genocide and now here is the reason why with evidence. Just like America is going to have a Dark Winter so will Australia.


  9. WAKE UP PEOPLE,even before they unwrap the bloody thing,DEMAND TO SEE THE BIOSECURITY ORDER WITH YOUR NAME ON IT, OR PISS OFF.(look up parameters for biosecurity orders, and judtice Latham’s statement in 1946, then check out section 109 of the 1901 constitution) When they say the 1901 is invalid, further check out section 51
    As to the police: demand that they read PCC v Hamilton 2011 high court, before they so much as open their ignorant mouths


  10. barb: As an adult you are entitled to DEMAND THEY USE a SALIVA SAMPLE instead of them poking inside your skull. The rule for kids is a little more contentious as children’s saliva for some reason is not always considered adequate.

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  11. Don’t you suspect that Dr Mullis’s death would not have occurred when it did had the plandemic not been ready to go that very month? From a friend in NZ.


  12. That announcement from WHO is sure very carefully worded to confuse most people reading it or lead to a misunderstanding. No wonder it hasn’t been taken up and used.. though it should’ve been by lawyers everywhere.

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  13. on today, there is an article from a FEMA whistleblower about how the pcr is pushed into the nose to engage with the blood-brain barrier and releases a micro chip into the victim, so if they don’t get the v they get the chip anyway. Collecting DNA with swab whilst pcr’s lacing the control mechanism into the brain area. My daughter has had more than 3 and my 5yoa grand daughter has been forced by the day care to have 1. Please, God, put an END to this all very soon…or NOW???

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  14. “Mullis knew all about Fauci :

    Indeed. But the governments and our enlightened mainstream media prefer to present us with the specialist views of Britney Spears and other eminent celebrity geniuses like Natalie Barr and David Koch.

    Mullis warned the world the PCR technique if repeated often enough can give you anything you want. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. Giving us fake “Covid positive cases” by the millions using Mullis’ PCR technique with a >35CT.

    NSW Health for instance uses 40-45CT even though the Doherty Institutes recommends that >35CT should be redone and assessed in the context of symptomatic presentations due to overwhelming false positives.

    Mullis died an untimely mysterious death in 2019, just in time for Fauci and NSW Health to avoid his opposition to what’s taking place with his Nobel Prize invention.

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  15. Dougherty Institute reports that in using the PCR technique any results using a cycle threshhold > 35CT requires re-doing due to unacceptably high false positive results. NSW Health uses a 40-45 CT procedure!!!!

    Anybody care to figure out the wisdom of GENERATING RIDICULOUSLY HIGH FALSE POSITIVE results and locking people up on the basis of some 889 deaths from “Covid” in Australia in 2020??

    Bearing in mind that 800 of those deaths were in Victoria arising from the Andrews quarantine and nursing home debacle, that leaves us with 89 deaths in the rest of Australia in 2020! (ABS statistics for those who care).

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  16. yep – the sad thing is the information to show the fraud is there – but people are so deeply programmed..

    Mullis new all about Fauci :

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  17. It’s a process alright. It’s the process where those who queue up, sometimes for hours during the manic phase of this virus, to divulge ALLL their personal details. And even those who weren’t unwell did it willingly. Dumbarses.. They would have been first onto the rail cars in the 30’s.

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