Morrison opens gates to foreign workers as unvaxxed Aussies face sack

Scott Morrison wins the Gold Logie award for the best snake oil salesman since Bob Hawke.


SCOTT Morrison has repeatedly shown one thing – he’s a showman. He’s currently popping up around the country like a jack-in-a-box telling everyone what a wonderful job the Coalition is doing getting the country back working.

But while ShowMo is beating his be-happy political drum he gives mere lip service to the evil and unlawful scheme of the states to force unvaccinated people out of jobs because of so-called vaccine mandates.

Morrison could force the issue into the High Court of Australia by supporting Pauline Hanson’s Bill outlawing the mandate that is wrong and unlawful at so many levels. Under Section 109 of the Constitution the Hanson bill would nullify state actions inconsistent with that.

Senator Hanson has threatened to disrupt Morrison’s legislative agenda including the new religious freedom laws and reforms to demand voters provide ID when they vote. She called out Scomo’s duplicity. “He says there should be no vaccine mandates – then do something about it.”

While five five Coalition senators are broke ranks with Morrison and voted in support of Hanson’s anti-vaccination mandate bill 44 traitors sitting in the Senate voted against it. The Liberals who broke ranks were NSW Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, NT Senator Sam McMahon, Queensland’s Matt Canavan (Nationals) and Gerard Rennick and South Australia’s Alex Antic.

And now the grinning Scomo perpetrates the ultimate slap in the face to the thousands of skilled Aussie workers losing their jobs – he’s opening the gates to thousands more skilled workers from overseas from December 1. Officially, the borders are now open to more than 200,000 international travelers planning to study, work or migrate “to boost Australia’s economy after the Covid pandemic” because the country’s vaccination rate allegedly hit 85 per cent on Sunday.

According to a report in The Australian “the federal government’s immigration strategy will prioritise ‘skilled workers’ as the nation struggles to plug gaps in the labour market”. And how big are these “gaps” in the labor market with thousands of workers across the country losing their jobs? Tell us Scotty.

“As our recovery gathers pace, businesses around the country are increasingly in need of skilled workers, whether they be in hospitality, mining, construction, or professional services,” Morrison told the newspaper.

“In meetings last week with businesses representing almost every sector of the economy, the most pressing issue raised was workforce shortages and the need to reopen our borders, allowing skilled migration to recommence,” he said. So again Scotty, in case you didn’t hear the first time, what is the major factor leaving thousands of vacancies at hospitals, aged care facilities, schools, and businesses in general?

If there is an ounce of decency left in Morrison and his Cabinet ministers, they will act right now to stop the state-run mandates. What’s stopping him? Could it be the extortionate conditions he agreed to under the vaccine purchases? Could it be orders from the Global Preparedness Management Board, the WHO and others who inhabit the global medical cabal.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Mate rebuilding his #1 Samoan resort reports there are no Samoan blokes 15-25 years left in the country. All have flown to Australia for work & he is finding it hard to get workers.


  2. Unbelievably criminal behaviour. When do the Nuremburg trials start?


  3. Mr Editor —- We all click PMM off the TV !!! He must be getting HUGE MONEY to kill off the great and decent people of Australia who put him into Canberra !!!! His desire for acceptance in the Elite corridors of the world must be a golden dream.. He hardly hit the tarmac from Glasgow and he was off campaigning !!! Where is he welcome now ?

    WHY are we getting all these terrible people to govern over us ?? What is the Elite Hidden Agenda for Australia ?

    * The voice of the People is no more desired. 50% ++ of the world people have now been POISONED , awaiting death !!!!! * WHO is controlling our Government ?? * WEF says ” Democracy has been Cancelled ” !!!! Not in Australia it isn’t !!!! WEF wants FASCISM to come in ? * All the names people below have been trained at the WEF Schools, to get the ” Great Reset ” up and running ?? Ardern, Merkel, Blair, Brown, Gates, Bezos, Branson, Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump + + + ALL went there. This is how 190 Nations used the SAMe formula to SELL the LIE about C-19 killer JAB …. THEY had ALL given their allegiance to the DEVIL !!!!

    * Roll on Dec 17………for the Great Courtcase from Brian Shaw !!!! to HELP get our Country out of the Fiery Furnace !!!!! and * Roll on Dec 24th, when the ‘ emergency ‘ banner is taken down from the Queensland State… and we hope the Bosi statements come true to clear out the demonic SWAMP of Oz !!!!!!!!!

    * You know – a Country is only as good as its Leaders…. men under restrictions cannot work at full capacity…. because there is NO JOY in it …. * Children cannot be happy and free when they are locked up for a FALSE FAKE LIE that a LOUSY GOVT wants spread about, to KILL THEM OFF !! * If a Govt REFUSES to provide the basic necessities for the people – violence and cheating, thieving and stealing get underway. * Bringing in people who are foreigners, when you have thousands on the Dole, who could work for the Farmers and Industries , to feed the millions , is a very WRONG choice…. we don’t need more foreigners…. It should be WORK or NO DOLE !!!! But what have YOU provided for work for these DOLE people PMM ???

    CARING WHOLESOME LEADERSHIP ??? WHATS THAT ????? haven’t seen it for 15 years………

    * Where are you going to house all these workers PMM ? There are not enough dwellings for people to live in NOW ? So WHERE are they going ? More cost to us ? * WORK for the DOLE is the best way for a Country’s health . Your job is to provide JOBS for the People of this Country !!!!!!!!! * Your job is to keep this Nation as ONE NATION !!! NOT to divide us ! NOT to KILL US OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL is a reflection on a heartless calculating weasel GOVERNMENT…… so what do we do ? we DUMP IT !!!! over a 1000’ cliff !!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  4. Dear Mr Editor. I think the pollies have been brainwashed and bought and paid for. They are malevolent ,callous and cruel. They would appear to be sociopaths.and they are globalists and kowtow to their international masters.


  5. RE: UN Sustainable Development Goal 10: reduce inequality. Target 10.7 facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migrations through the implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies.

    That Aust Govt Senate paper about the “New International Economic Order”, revealed by Mr Bosi, was also advanced greatly and disastrously by Trilateral Commission planner Peter Sutherland when he was appointed UN Special Representative of the Secretary General for International Migration in 2006.

    He said that the only path to Sustainable Development was to be found through multiculturalism, or migration.

    Australia has welcolmed migrants but to use migration at a time when thousands of Australians have lost their jobs through Govt attempts at blackmailing workers to take the jab, shows Morrison is betraying the Australian people for globalisation purposes and is attempting to level society.

    Many people have been deceived by those UN SDGs until they begin to see the mandates.

    Yes, Tony, PM Scott Morrison must think he is such a good chap and perhaps he consoles his conscience that he did give workers their choice. By his fruits, we shall know him.


  6. Good point but dumbed down pollies won’t get the connection. Ed


  7. Also the point that seems to be missed is that the chinese vaccines are far safer than the australian ones as they are proper vaccines and not mrna or viral vector – isnt if funny that western countries get the new experimental ones but Aus cannot produce a traditional vaccine like china – nor are we allowed to get access to them, but foreign students can come in after taking it in their home country.
    Can’t people see what is happening?


  8. I wonder if any of these foreign workers will be trafficked?

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  9. Pauline Hanson has a bigger ego than Clive Palmer and Bob Katter dwarf’s theirs. Ed


  10. I’m curious as to why these smaller political groups don’t amalgamate to become a stronger force?
    They’re all basically singing from the same hymn sheet regarding this most prevalent issue, surely the can iron out their differences with the everyday stuff in due course.

    Can someone please explain this to me?


  11. That Morrison stain is revolting. It opportunistically clamored for the head of Australia Post over $20K worth of thank you to executives for work well done but stays dead silent over the ABC paying a $200K legal bill for a journalist’s private law suit for a NON work related act. Accountability is not something of interest to the Morrison stain if the opportunity does not suit. It’s as slippery as a brown spot on a tiled floor.

    Just look at how it’s abandoned the Constitution when it comes to stopping injection mandates for experimental injections which do NOT DO what vaccinations are intended to do: provide IMMUNITY! It is permitting FORCED medical experimentation for the entire Australian population! A case of TREASON against the Australian people !if ever there was one

    This LNP-Labour duopoly is such a bacterial seminary and stain for Australia we’ll sooner expire from the sepsis it is spreading than anything else.


  12. We have the contracts published on the site


  13. A quite eloquent repose about a compromised PM. Want a job?


  14. Well called Tony. They’ve sold their souls & selling us out along the way. The plan they have? Evil beyond thought. We’re in the fight of our lives & the odds look stacked against us. However, through history, many a battle has been fought & won against the odds. Also to most people I come across the idea of Voter ID sounds ok on the surface, but one should be careful & look a little deeper, will this mean mandatory Digital ID (not just your drivers lic etc) & all eventually connected to ‘The Internet Of Things’. What is all this really about, the injections, the id, the control track & trace, the scan in & dna data banks, wanting to ban cash, government members out of control, the my health record, immunization register etc etc etc? A precursor to the full ‘mark of the beast’? Keep up the good fight people x


  15. From what I have read that there are skilled workers shortage overseas as well.
    Australia is not alone with mandates and skilled workers losing there jobs because of that all over the world.
    And there is the worn out tired workers thinking of leaving the workforce as well all over the world.
    Lets just see what happens with this so called skill workers flood into the country.


  16. Morrison is evil and doing the devils work. That monster is no Christian and will answer for actions in the long run!


  17. Sargeant KoranFlusher

    While Oklahoma has a bill that would hold employers liable for vaccine injuries caused by their mandates.
    While 22 states take Biden to court over vaccine mandates for health care workers.
    While new commander will not require COVID vaccine for Oklahoma National Guardsmen.


  18. William Pilkington

    Treason, Industrial Sabotage, and Crimes Against Humanity,..


  19. I am neither vaxxed nor unvaxxed. I am non binary. The definition of vaxxed is someone who has received 2 jabs and their last jab is longer than 14 days. In some countries vaxxed is recueving 2 covid jabs plus a booster. Most governments define a person who has had a covid jab and has not reached the timeframe of 14 days as unvaxxed. Most mortalities and hispital cases are from the vaxxed and unvaxxed as per government definitions. Thus those who do not fall under these definitions are non binary or trans vaxxed- those who self identify as being vaxxed, including those who received the saline substitute. It is time for goverments to take a stand and support trans and non binary people. There is so much targeted systemic discrimination to trans vaxxed and non binary vaxxed. There are current laws prohibiting conversion therapy. Governments are liable to being sued for their attempt at converting non binary and vaxxed people. It is time to stop discrimination and bigotry and protect the vunerable non binary and trans from losing their jobs and the stigma of not having civil rights.


  20. Shame on a government to Australia sink so low. Had this foreseen…the card are played so open to us now that no morality at all is taken place any more….a trick and more so a devastating result will soon be occur. Unfortunately it shows how politic is more like a theatrical show….


  21. So…hansons bill failed! 5-44. As most expected it to.
    Look into what Rod Culleton Great Australian Party has done in the Broome court…the only court in WA in Commonwealth jurisdiction.


  22. Marguerita’s linked video at
    might well have something to do with Morrison’s planned influx of foreign workers.
    You can copy the link into a new window, and then read the transcript for Marguerita’s video there.

    Don’t forget that the Federal Lib/NP made Victoria the State and International Member of the Strong City Network to “counter violent extremism” and create “social cohesion” together with the US according to the release of joint statement AUSMIN 2015, a United States-Australia Alliance and bilateral relationship.

    That AUSMIN 2015 joint statement included – Global challenges, Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop, Minister for Defence Marise Payne, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter met for Australia-United States Ministerial (AUSMIN) consultations on October 13 in Boston.

    They discussed local, regional, and global (countering violent extremism) CVE efforts and to stem the flow of foreign terrorist fighters, acknowledging progress made since the White House CVE Summit and the Sydney Regional CVE Summit.
    They decided to continue collaboration on best practices for addressing the threat at the international level, including through the United Nations and the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum and its inspired institutions such as Hedayah and the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF), at the national level, including through legislation, immigration and consular policies, and at the local level, including through the newly created Strong Cities Network.

    Such wholesale handover of Australia and our rights to life and liberty!

    However, despite One Nation’s anti-Covid vaccination mandate bill being rejected, this decision by the Govt will just cause more alienation away from the Lib/Nat, Labor, Greens, Lambie, Stirling Griff and LP at election time. With the ominous signs of a separated, unvaxxed, in-situ, ‘royal’ ADF combined with the entry of thousands of vaccinated immigrants, as Mr Bosi says, times may get hard.

    I have to wonder – who is Mr Morrison?


  23. If we don’t get rid of the LNP-Labour duopoly we’re going to be well and truly done over! There’s no question about it. Neither lot is working for the Australian people. For quite a while now! Neither at State or Federal level.

    Anyone who hasn’t worked that much out is either comatose or a single digit IQ.


  24. Scumbo and co. are performing the dance steps dictated to them by The SchwabWEF dance company in their new play “The Great Reset”. This black comedy will have you rolling through the streets with your 2015 vintage wheelbarrow performing ‘scavenge shopping’, presumably finding nothing and being happy (or something to that effect!)

    All this while the likes of this turd and all his henchmen in the Liberal/National, Labour/Green gang of trolls live the life of Riley on their 40 pieces of silver, ET TU JUDAS?( except we have a whole flock of judas’s, what exactly is the plural of Judas, Judi??)

    Even Sen. Malcolm Roberts – the freshly minted crusader for “the good of the people” – is guilty of a little ‘Judasing’ He apparently voted for the Defence legislation Amendment bill (To allow foreign troops and or police to operate on Australian soil with impunity in support of the Government during ‘a natural disaster or other emergency that meets certain criteria’ (words taken from the bill)

    Anyway, the point is Scumbo could have reigned in all of the provincial hitler’s and said to them “alright people we have all had our little bits of fun, but this is stretching things a little far, lets behave now, the world is watching!”

    but no,

    That would have required delivering something that he is increasingly, obviously bereft of:


    This sadly is not the first major crisis where he has dropped the ball, presumably to lie curled up in the foetal position somewhere muttering “It’s labor’s fault, i don’t lie!”

    The Black Summer Bushfires gave us a first glimpse of how to fuck up a crisis from the top down, and then, ‘Hey everybody lets jet off to Hawaii’ to literally get away from it all!

    It appears that while said provincial hitlers (there is no female gender equivalent so the ‘chook’ and ‘veryjigglyhands’ will just be lumped into that group) were running amok doing their remake of DIY fascism, Scummy ‘ol boy was potentially ‘getting away from it all’


    He then re-emerged on the scene fresh to head off to COP26 where he hoped to impress one and all with the bald pate, skew smile and – in his case – wafer thin aussie bonhomie.

    His Dimwttedness was given a big bite of a POO sanger

    He was outplayed – and effectively stuck in the corner – by a shortish, french bloke with a name that reminds you of a meringue, who was a little pissed at the $90 Billion cock tease that ‘ol mate had pulled

    (intended double entendre just there!!!!)

    He spent the rest of his time looking totally out of place and giving speeches to empty halls, even the pants shitting, senile POTUS avoided him like one of his freshly loaded diapers.

    The man is a joke (no ones laughing) and he insults people’s intelligence by running around telling the people at every recent Photo Op that the government need to step back and let people live their lives.

    The people have seen – actually lived through – what went down on your watch MATE (you’re no fucking mate of mine!) and I dare I say it, they won’t forget.

    I look forward to seeing the Liberal/National, Labour/Green gang of crooks (lets not forget the back benchers in Vic now either) getting a size 9 right up the clacker at the next state and federal elections.

    You lot have sold us down the river, it’s time to go


  25. where are they from….Communist China?……200,000 all sending Oz money back home??
    will they have to go to Quarantine CAMPS???


  26. Scomo has totally lost me 40 plus years of voting Liberal I am out of here stick it Scumo.


  27. It’s bleedin’ obvious that the Liberals want nothing to do with the Australian Constitution.
    Joined at the hip with the leftards Labour and Greens.
    We certainly need a new broom.


  28. “… the extortionate conditions he agreed to under the vaccine purchases?”

    Exactly. Billions of taxpayers money – our money – going overseas under secret arrangements. If it wasn’t for the secret conditions of these contracts, the governments (Federal and State) would not be able to look us voters in the face and justify the mandates, lockdowns, bodgy definitions of “cases”, hiding/distorting vaccine injuries and massive encroachments on Aussie liberties – to say nothing of presenting more immigration as a “solution” (to the problems the governments have caused).

    Looking at the way events are unfolding, we can only assume that the contracts with Pfizer and Moderna and AstraZenica are structured in such a way as to keep us shelling out for their vaccines, with “boosters” every six months forever. And to keep us in the dark as to how these companies have Australian governments under their thumbs.


  29. “Getting the country back working.” Who listens to this lying sod presiding over the genocide of Australia?

    Let’s start with all the people The Party Rat Bag (LNP/LAB/Greens) threw out of work in 2020 and all the businesses, livelihoods and families they ruined. Are these people getting back to work anytime soon? Or are they getting cut loose from CentreLink? Wait till they find out their insurance companies will not compensate them for the injuries they have suffered to their health (or death) from this spike protein injection. Participating in medical experiments isn’t exactly covered in the fine print.

    Then there is all the pressure on everyone to be injected with a cytotoxin (the spike protein). This injection certainly qualifies as a bioweapon. ( 8 global felony counts right there). In order to mandate the bioweapon, The Party Rat Bag has restructured Australia as a Communist caste system. All animals are equal on the Animal Farm and some are more equal than others (for now).

    Those who are ‘choosing’ to be injected with the spike protein are doing so to keep their jobs, meet their responsibilities and see family members being held hostage under no jab / no contact rules. [All those politically correct, ‘your safety is our priority’ health care institutions] The adverse reactions and inflammatory / clotting conditions of the injected are swelling the hospital numbers. And the non-injected are getting the same prion disease and immuno-deficiency (without the genetic re-coding) through transmission.

    The whorejobs pimping the medical profession to Big Pharma have put out a Jim Jones party line on ‘vaccination’. The Kool Aid only works if everyone drinks it. This is science?

    A standard issue Communist genocide is in progress because these injections tank the immune systems of those who have been injected – a little more with each injection. The injected are eventually going to have to rely on boosters to provide just basic immunity to all opportunistic infections. And with every round of injections more will sicken and some will die.These lying turds are flattening the curve all right – on the wrong axis.

    Now The Party Rat Bag is coming for the children. Now they are spruiking the grade school heart attack as the new normal.

    Those not taking the injection face permanent house arrest. Those who are will continue to be subjected to the injection regime and have to earn social credit points for what they are allowed to do.had better not get on Twitter and whine that their balls fell off or hair hair fell out and their arms turned purple.

    So now, to get the country back to work The Party Rat Bag has decided to prop up the system with foreign workers. as we circle the drain. Will they be required to be injected with the spike protein so their numbers can bring the entire health system crashing down under the weight of adverse reactions and prion diseases?

    And Australia gets back to work digging the mass grave of another standard issue Communist genocide.

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  30. Unbelievable, we know who he is working for and it is not for the people of Australia. His day is coming very soon. Aussies have had enough


  31. Morrison has cut his own throat,he has shown

    1. That his allegiance is to the UN and Great Reset, NOT TO AUSTRALIANS!
    2. He is thumbing his nose at Aussies in the worst way possible, BEFORE AN ELECTION! Shorten did much the same and it lost him thousands of voters.

    WHY IS MORRISON TAKING THIS RISK.? Because he knows the Scytl voting program that all Australia now uses, will give him a win, just like it did to Biden , WA and Queensland.


    He must be the next most hated politician after Andrews!
    This despicable input of 200,000 foreigners, on top of his thousands of Afghanis will ignite revolt in our country as never seen before.
    Why didn’t he bring in white South African refugees when they needed help?

    This man calls himself a Christian! He would not know the meaning of the word! He is contemptible!

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  32. “He opened the borders because Australia allegedly hit the 85% vaccination mark!”
    He needs to stop the mandated NOW!!


  33. To hell with the “fully vaxxed” students and others. The damned vaxxinations don’t stop any of them contracting or transmitting the virus, so if it’s OK to bring them into Australia in number, it’s OK for Aussies to leave, isn’t it? Enough of this garbage.


  34. Yes that’s exactly what’s happened here too. We have a Family moving to NZ from Ameria in Medical. So much for NZ looking after their born and bred kiwis. We certainly know that what was is currently three opposite. No care, concern or anything at all for our own. Very Sad Society we live in now


  35. Please list and shame those who voted against Pauline Hanson’s presented bill.


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