Qld Senator Gerard Rennick withholds vote – says he wants to serve the people not destroy them

Dear Prime Minister

I write to inform you of my intention to withhold my vote from the Coalition Government until the following issues are resolved:

1) A fit and proper compensation scheme for victims of vaccine adverse events. This includes compensation from the first dollar of expenses incurred, rather than the proposed $5,000 threshold. Payments need to begin immediately. Victims should not have to wait until next year to receive compensation and income support. Many victims have been unable to work and are facing economic as well as health issues as a result of an adverse event from the vaccine.

It is completely inhumane to force these people to have to take another shot if they have suffered paralysis, strokes, severe clotting or one of the numerous ailments the vaccine has caused

2) The right for victims of adverse events to refuse a second vaccine shot. It’s bad enough that people have been forced into taking the vaccine at all in order to retain their job or travel freely within their own country. It is completely inhumane to force these people to have to take another shot if they have suffered paralysis, strokes, severe clotting or one of the numerous ailments the vaccine has caused.

3) No person in this country should be forced to lose their job because they don’t want to take a Covid vaccine on which longitudinal studies are not yet completed. You need to stop vaccine mandates regardless of if they are mandated by the employer or State Governments. If, as you say, the Commonwealth doesn’t support mandatory vaccinations, then why are we paying for and indemnifying vaccines being mandates by the State? Furthermore, foreign medical staff should not be replacing hard working Australians who have exercised their natural right to choose how they manage their health.

4) Children do not need to take the vaccine. Long term safety effects of the Covid vaccine are not understood. Given it is extremely rare for children to die from Covid, vaccinating them is more than likely to increase their risk of ill health caused by the vaccine rather than protect them from the virus.

5) All domestic travel restrictions regarding Covid should be repealed. The tyranny of the last eighteen months must stop. Governments have destroyed livelihoods, our children’s education, kept families apart, and divided our nation.

In the last two weeks I have become aware of severe and undiagnosed injuries to people as a result of the Covid vaccines. Many of these are not being acknowledged by the very medical authorities who should be helping them. Those who have suffered injuries from vaccines need help urgently both in dealing with their pain and mental anguish of not knowing if and when they will recover.

We have an obligation to the many Australians who trusted the government health advice that said the vaccines were safe.

Furthermore, I have been inundated from many Australians who are stressed about losing their jobs or having mandatory vaccinations for their children.

Upon becoming a Senator over two years ago, I made a pledge to serve the people of this great country, not destroy them. I cannot stand by while Australians suffer and do nothing about it.

Kind regards,

Gerard Rennick

LNP Senator for Queensland

October 29, 2021

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Great work senator Rennick. We just need a few more like you to go into bat for us.


  2. What a great man is Mr Rennick !!!! Standing strong as a strainer post !!!! Keep it up Mr Rennick !!!! DONT GIVE IN !!!!


  3. Man Made Climate Change is complete BS – So many International Independent Scientists have proven this over and over.. The same programmed talking points from the criminals. well done..


  4. Thank you for making a stand! God bless you and I hope many more leaders show the same kind of leadership you have that puts the Australian people before politics and profits.


  5. So finally a person of integrity and values. Hopefully his bravery will rub off on some other politicians when they see how we support him.


  6. Thank you, Senator Rennick.Now we pray that other politicians follow your example.


  7. Good on you mate. And when you win that one, we need to open the files that have been locked up for 99 years. That will be the end of the house of cards.


  8. Alistair G Walker

    I’m sure you think Climate change isn’t real and that the earth is flat, you just cant argue with stupid.


  9. I support Senator Rennicks comments 100%.


  10. As we are losing freedoms and faced with confusion, it would be logical to get several facts about what’s going on round us. The following video does that: “The damming truth of what is going on in Australia.” Any investigative journalists worth their salt want to take some or all of this on? You’ll be saving millions of lives if you do and probably feel better about yourself.


  11. thankyou, you will be remembered for your courageous stand,


  12. A brave, insightful, moral & truthful man.

    But amongst how many spineless, silent, blind (as in refuse to see the truth) cowards, sucking up their bloated salaries & perks?

    A pox on each & every one of them.


  13. Thank you Senator Rennick.
    I have been following your fb posts re severe adverse reactions to the Covid injections and have been heartened that you and a few other senators, are aware of the evil that’s occurring in Australia and prepared to do what you can to fight it.
    Bless you. 🙏


  14. Stick your compensation. If we can’t get compo from the jab companies them it’s all the enforcers and politicians who can pay. I don’t want to be a slave to the tax system to pay for all those that folded and got jabbed. Legally every person that got the jab chose to get it.
    Seems like the unvaxxed are going to suffer and pay either way.

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  15. My correction to Mr Rennick. The site is covidcon21.com. My apology


  16. I urge Mr Rennick to access website covicon21.com for edification and support.


  17. Thank you for your courage in standing up for us Senator Rennick. The big shame is that there are not more in the senate and the house of reps who have the intestinal fortitude of yourself and would standup or actually care about their constituents rights and wellbeing.


  18. The LNP/ALP/GREENS are the enemy of the people. They are collaborating in genocide with the enemies of Australia. You have to do more than just with hold your vote Senator. You have to tell them to go to fucking hell and open their shit file.


  19. Finally, someone from the LNP with integrity, bravery, I really wish him well. Hes put the rest of the cowards to shame, especially that useless fat bstard PM of ours.

    We should name him ”The Claytons Prime Minister”

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  20. Dont know this process sorry


  21. I hate trying to post comments on your site. I can’t remember my wordpress password and it always makes me type in my details multiple times. It really pisses me off actually. Can’t you set it so that we can just post without all that bullshit?

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  22. What a wonderful man you are! Someone who sees the facts of the matter and is willing to take a stand. Thankyou Senator Rennick.

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  23. Noticed this guy recently – some good comments..

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  24. Blessings to you Senator Rennick

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  25. D3ar Senator Rennick,
    May the Force be with you.

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