Important Australia-wide Freedom Rally Saturday Nov 20, say NO to the Medical Mafia and their political puppets

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  1. Already some ‘experts’ are saying there wont be the need for just one “booster” for the “fully vaxxed” – but regular 6 monthly or so “boosters”. What’s implied is that your immune system will start to fail you if you dont have a regular “booster”.
    I’m reminded of the Jason Bourne movies. I think it was the 4th one in which the Hero had to regularly take the prescribed pills or his health would collapse…The drug companies aim, it seems,, with our need for regular “boosters”, is to keep us Hooked For Life…


  2. stephen brian hazzard

    lets get out there together and get our freedoms back and tell the polies we ant going to take this any more i love this country so much and i am so proud to say to people i am a aussie but i am ashamed of my country now

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  3. No doubt still using the test that is not designed to detect a virus [Late Dr Mullins the inventor] that has not been isolated.

    Cases of what? Neuro linguistic programming…

    We are been played…

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  4. I’ll be there

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  5. It’s UnAustralian to remain UnVaxxed… That’s the implicit message of an article on the front page of last Saturdays national newspaper “The Australian”.. .
    Superficially the story is about where Australia is on the International race to be the first country to have “fully vaxxed” all those the “authorities” deem must get vaxxed – Yes, There is a race to see who’s the Top Country, and Good Old Austtralia is Up There in the Top Ten.
    Aussies are close to achieving another World First…Just a Little More Effort .C’mon Aussies !.
    Once again – a national tragedy, a defeat, is being framed as A Victory !

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  6. Canberra??????????


  7. Canberra? Why not?

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  8. Here in Darwin Northern Territory a young aged 21 who Michael Gunner accused of being a sex worker who’s results were positive for the coronavirus, has now sparked concerns for our wellbeing in the remote communities. Like Robinson River is a town Borroloola is on the other hand. So the government is saying now that there is a gap between the other community members of Katherine who are also tested positive for the virus. So it sounds to me like this is a setup, because most communities are saying no to the vaccine injection. So they’re trying to put fear in people. They make a lot of money in lying to innocent people. So it’s coercion in any way they try putting it.


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