Watch the video as America gets behind Australia’s under the 4th Reich Government

CairnsNews and its millions of readers are proud of the amazing effort our American cousins made when they marched earlier this week in the Streets of New York chanting “Save Australia”.

Many hundreds of New Yorker’s took to the streets to march upon the Australian Consulate in response to the Blitzkrieg being waged in Australia over a bogus virus.

As in the US there have been tens of thousands of business bankruptcies due to medically-ineffective lock downs of millions of people for months allegedly to fend off a virus infection.

Never mind the mental anguish of countless millions who have endured solitary lockdowns inside their residence forced to wear useless and often dangerous masks, all enforced by mindless, government-employed police and private mercenaries posing as police.

Australian Prime Minster Sergent Scott Morrison of the 4th Reich

Rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray have been used by stupefied police against lawful protesters.

The union rank-and-file have finally seen through the UN-directed guinea pig exercise which led to massive protests in the streets of Melbourne and many capital and regional cities across the nation.

For once, ordinary Australians, too dumbed down to recognise the government-initiated program of vaccine genocide being waged against the population, should be thankful the unions have done us proud.

The political party duopoly, being the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal National parties have finally engendered their nemesis at the next election.

Deep State over decades has compromised Prime Ministers and Premiers, heads-of-departments, the military and many senior police across the country to do its bidding or be exposed by its very own media.

The tables are finally being turned on Deep State although it is fighting a rear-guard action by deploying the UN and other troops to enforce its vaccine dictatorship.

This week Cairns News received reports and photographs of UN vehicles seen in West Narrabri in NSW.

We hope to publish these photos soon.