Sydney law firm also takes action against NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard

This is a similar action to AFL filed by G&B Lawyers which was included in the Directions Hearing we reported last Wednesday




The plaintiffs in this case have today filed a challenge in the Supreme Court of New South
Wales seeking declarations that the New South Wales government has acted unlawfully in
making orders that require people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
This claim represents a courageous challenge by ordinary, law-abiding New South Wales
residents who wish to have their fundamental human rights respected. The law prohibits any government in Australia from creating a compulsory vaccination program.

Yet that is exactly what the New South Wales government has attempted to do with the issuing of these public health orders. The plaintiffs allege that those public health orders have been made without any legal authority and the Minister for Health has exceeded his powers. In doing so, he has contravened at least 13 individual rights and freedoms recognised by Australian and international law.

The government has also co-opted the entire healthcare services industry into this public
vaccination program who are unwitting players in what can only be characterised as an
unprecedented systemic violation of human rights by our State government. This gross andflagrant breach of the law will not be tolerated. The plaintiffs now move forward to hold the New South Wales government legally accountable for its unlawful actions.

The 13 individual rights and freedoms infringed by NSWโ€™s public health orders:
– the right to bodily integrity
– the right not to be subject to medical treatment without consent
– the right not to be subject to medical or scientific experimentation without consent
– the right to liberty

-the right to security
– the right to earn a living
– the right not to be conscripted to take part in a public vaccination program
– the right to privacy

– the right to anonymity
– the right not to be discriminated against
– the right to silence
– the privilege against self-incrimination
– the right to the presumption of innocence

Nathan Buckley | Partner

G&B Lawyers, Sydney

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Evelyn Mcmenamin

    Are we seeing an fm sideshow all the evidence that was sent about dangerous side effects was not raised international experts that are raising alarm bells were not mentioned government
    Employees again with limited knowledge


  2. We published shmootoo, the factual information for our readers that dismisses this fairytale you have concocted. The person was Constable Hocroft and she WITHDREW her case from the supreme court and there was no settlement, Cairns News spoke with the solicitors


  3. I believe this case with Natasha Henry, if she was the policewoman faced with mandatory vaxxing, was settled out of court in her favour. This case will serve as a precedent for future similar cases.


  4. The statistics of covid positives vis a vis covid tests in NSW.

    Smooth sailing, negligible cases, until shortly after the injections roll out started in mid June! The jump in cases became noticeable around mid July and is consistent with the increased roll out numbers and the government and media promotion campaigns. The more injections the more cases. Not hard to see, is it?


  5. We need to stop this terrany now. It mocks all those who fought and died during both wars (my grandfather an original Anzac being one of them). We need to remove all politicians in support of this communist control.


  6. We now have the right to defend ourselves with any means possible.
    I for one am ready.
    Lock & loaded
    I’ll never comply & on my land I’ll die.
    A free woman.
    A soldier in the Army of the Lord.


  7. Hospitals are military bases, and doctors and nurses military conscripts. From the article:

    Letter to United Nations Secretary-General, June 24, 2020
    Dear Mr. Guterres and Mr. Trump:
    It has come to our attention that our doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and other respected health care professionals have been illegally conscripted as “Uniformed Officers” and also illegally licensed so as to coerce their compliance with political agendas and promote the use of these professionals to conduct “war” on our shores.”

    Click to access lettertojointchiefs62420.pdf

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  8. Just to orient those who think this covid thing has come out of the blue…
    Around 2011, an overseas researcher sent me a video of Bill Gates saying how his “vaccines will eliminate 80% of the world’s population”.

    But even back in 1994, UK and Australian officers were canvassed for preparedness to kill their own citizens. By 2014, ordinary soldiers were cleared to do the same, with dissenters placed on “passive duties”.

    We now have US and IDF soldiers free in Australia to kill us.

    My point is: if you have any relatives in the police or army, deliver an ultimatum: Fight on the side of the people or be named as enemy of Australians. There is no room for fence-sittng. We are at war.


  9. tonyryan43

    I know, I am also horrified. Agree with you 100%

    I worked long term in Federal and State systems. All corrupted one way or another, none fixable at this time, if ever.

    There are those that are gladly jumping off a cliff – why? the government, doctors and nurses said to.

    Then there are the fence sitters waiting for others to come and save them – the government and medical system will eventually push them off the cliff.

    Then there are those who have the required knowledge and do not comply – well not the jab, but masks, tests, lock-downs are OK. – they are standing at the edge of the cliff, good luck.

    Then there is another group surfacing who have a very good idea of what is going on and that the above groups should not be followed – New group where to, certainly not the cliff?

    Going to be interesting.

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  10. I am horrified, from reading the comments above, how many Australians still do not grasp that the globalists acknowledge no law beyond their own.

    Australian statutes, common law, and Constitution are regarded as a joke.

    Rules of human behaviour are irrelevant because, as they believe, we will all be dead soon, so who cares?

    Do you think they care about a few cops and soldiers bravely refusing to be part of the repression and genocide?

    Yesterday, they arranged for NATO/US troops to be legally permitted to operate in Australia and shoot Australian civilians. Israeli IDF personnel have been doing this for at least a few years.

    Grasp reality now. We fight for our lives and freedom now, or lose forever. We are out of time, folks.

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  11. That lawyer..has now put his hand up to be a GREAT AUSTRALIA PARTY senator in NSW!


  12. Also, how can you give informed consent at a vaccination hub where the staff are not Doctors and they don’t know your medical history? Sign a waver? When you don’t know how this ‘vaccine’ will interact with your own unique physiology? Ridiculous.

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  13. I hope Minister Hazzard is quaking in his boots. He knows he has overstepped his mark big time and his head is on the chopping block. I have no sympathy for him after seeing his outrageous behaviour at the recent hearing in which he over-talked and bulled everybody in the room, not to mention what he has done to destroy decent hard-working people of this once proud nation.
    Mr Hazzard, not only am I calling you out, I am requesting you remove yourself from politics. You are totally discredited, a disgrace. I am hoping you are charged appropriately with your crimes against humanity.


  14. I’m know all of us who are aware of the deception, coercion and controlling of a free society are humbled and grateful that some lawyers are working for us to regain our freedom and rights. Thank you so much.


  15. This man should go. He is such a rude ignorant man.I thought bullying was against the law in the workplace. I have never seen a more ignorant response tin an interview with Chant..All we learned was , that he is arrogant and bully. Why does the taxpaperhave to pay for that ? Disgrace.Politics must be the most tainted game in the world.They sure are wrecking our lives. And we are paying them to do it.

    Thank God for the law firms coming to the aid of the people.It is encouraging to find there are some really good people to support those weaker than the mob. God bless them.Goodbye Hazzard, Goodbye Chant. Next ?


  16. rogergreen988gmailcom



  17. Hullo! So glad to think people are raking this former school teacher to court!R



  18. Thanks for that heads A QUESTION, where are the imported gestarpo imported into Victoria BY sampan dan and also under the nose of our foreign and immigration minister ( in name only ) P dutton.which seems to me when they say were all in toghether , INTO the COVERT 19 criminality .

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  19. Hazzard and Co are also acting unlawfully, as they are using the Police, an incorporated commercial entity, to enforce these bogus “orders”. See this document related to the lawful role of a Police Constable. The same is applicable here in Australia. A CORPORATE police have no lawful authority, just liker the Victoria Police, who “…are now independent of the Parliament of Victoria…” as the document I wrote, and was published by this newsletter, related. If a police force is not operating under the auspices of a lawful Parliament, then that force has no lawful authority, period.


  20. I take my hat off to these REAL Australians My Q is are the judges also Real Australians And Seeing we have OUR Australian constitution and the judges Interpretation of our constitution IMO its just a matter of YARDING and Penning these covid criminals , I E Clive P has stated he knows who the NWO controller is in NSW who would also be Morrisons controller AND i have 3 names in mind , and there ALL tied up with the NSW Liberal PARDEE .

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  21. We are indebted to Nathan Buckley then, glad he wasted no time in getting this underway!


  22. Surely Hazard and Co would get the message by now; once a precedent is established against their illegal activities then the gates will open and, hopefully, legal proceedings against them personally for all the obvious reasons.


  23. There is a need for ‘informed consent’ to be given medical treatment.

    How can one be adequately informed, when they won’t divulge the exact ingredients and ratios?


  24. The things the politicians get up to when no one is looking/they have everyone distracted:

    Apparently there is a bill in parliament at the moment that will mandate all Australians will have to somehow have a smart phone.
    Apparently, not just any phone, it has to conform to some Aus Gov sec policy

    Also, apparently, by November (late Nov) the spike protein toxin genetic pathogen injection mandate is to be rolled out across all industries.

    Click to access op-covid-shield-national-covid-vaccine-campaign-plan.pdf


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