Aussies need to support the World Wide Rally for Freedom this Saturday

“We are not slaves, we are free humans and we need to act like it. Free humans do not wear face nappies, they dont’t wear muzzles, they do not scan in, they are not tracked and traced, they do not get tested…” – Meryl Dorey of Australian Vaccination (risks) Network

Meryl Dorey addresses followers across Australia.

LONG-time vaccination safety campaigner Meryl Dorey Australians need to stop complying with so-called “health dictates”. In a social media message this week, Dorey pleaded with Aussies to support the global freedom ralllies this Saturday. “Get all of your neighbours. Get there!” she said. “We need to make sure we get out and protest against this enslavement by our government – and that’s what it is, enslavement.”

“The only way that these demonstrations are going to be successful is if tens of thousands of people get out there,” she said, noting a warning from broadcaster Alan Jones that Sydney could be locked down until August 20th. The biggest challenges for protesters are in locked-down Melbourne and Sydney. Brisbane is not locked down, but talk is that Premier Palasczuk will pull a swifty and bring one down when she gets back from her trip to Japan.

Dorey noted the protest by truckies and tradies in Sydney last Saturday after the idiot Premier Berijiklian shut down all construction because of so-called “exposure sites all throughout metropolitan Sydney”. The pathetic politician is apparently not worried that half a million workers will lose money and cost the state a billion dollars in economic activity every week – let alone the bleeding small business sector.

Dorey meanwhile, is worried by the number of Aussies blindly following the orders. “We need to stop complying. When I go to Woolworths or Coles or Bunnings and I see I’m the only person in there without a mask and I despair, because honestly people, we need to wake up. The government is acting totally illegally. They are turning us into their slaves.

“We are not slaves, we are free humans and we need to act like it. Free humans do not wear face nappies, they dont’t wear muzzles, they do not scan in, they are not tracked and traced, they are not get tested… they simply go about their lives in freedom the way they were born.”

As noted by retired US Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, we are in a World War 3 of unrestricted or irregular warfare emanating from the Chinese Communist Party, the “Davos Party” and the World Economic Forum, the global eugenics practitioners as represented by the Gates and Rockefeller foundations, the WHO-UN neo-Marxist grouping, and the global apparatus around the big pharma profiteers.

But this is also a psychological war against the distracted minds of the western middle class people, who are the target of this war. Already Australia’s ABC media network is pushing the World Economic Forum’s “universal wage” proposal.

This is not the old, idealistic social credit idea. What the WEF and its circle want is the mass of people living on a virtual prison wage. They want global slavery where a medical elite – like the totalitarian communist elites – can lock the mass of people down on a whim.

But wait, aren’t they doing that already? Indeed they are. Any Australian who thinks these lockdowns are somehow justified by a virus and its mutations floating around in the community are naive and sadly uninformed. Such people constitute probably half the population.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. sadly people will do nothing as there country burns……….looking at history..UK Gov and the world knew what Hitler was doing…….. and did NOTHING!!!


  2. I have no intention of being a guinea pig and thats what this is…A trial. Why didnt you try it out on the paedophiles, rapists and murderers first????? No you want control. Hitler did it with tattoos and you are doing it with poison. Just remember some of us have a logical brain.


  3. I can not really understand why people believe what they are told by the Australian Government as one has to ask the serious question. Does a government of any description ever tell you the truth????
    I think you can answer that question yourselves. So once again please do not believe a word they say as they never tell you the truth, only what suits their agenda.
    If anybody thinks that vaccinations are good for you you are a total fool, as I became True 2 diabetic after having a tetanus vaccination with no previous diabetes in our family and my mother at 82 became type 2 diabetic just after she got a flu injection, ask how many people you know both children and adults are diabetic after getting some type of vaccination.

    Doctors have not got a clue what is in these metal injections, next time you go to your GP ask, can you tell me please what is in the injections?

    Answer will be, it’s been approved?????

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  4. Lisa Anderson

    Honestly I would love nothing more than to see milliions marching tomorrow, shouting out loud and proud against this totalitarian tiptoe to communism. Sadly Australians have been mind controlled to the degree that I dont believe anything will shake them out of their coma they have been placed into. All we can do is keep on trying to get the truth out there and not complying with their ridiculous restrictions.


  5. Joseph cannatelli

    Good luck We stand with you!!!


  6. The rally in Gympie is in a park away from the Gympie populous where tourists park their mobile homes! Don’t upset the locals!


  7. Gabriele Gaven

    Thank you for your concern. to you All A Good and glorious Day. Gabriele


  8. These marches achieve very little, the gov. doesn’t give a damn. A protest march is nothing more than a statement that you don’t like,,but will accept, the problem, but reserve the right to bleat about it.
    Until we have a REFUSAL TO ACCEPT march, and back it up with determination (force if necessary) nothing will change.
    My wife asked a doctor for an MSDS for the vaccine, he couldn’t provide one, and had no clue as to it’s contents.

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  9. Awesome yes 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    We will not submit to their lies and control


  10. my poster/banner would declare “You can fool most of the people most of the time.”


  11. truthtellertonni

    Rockefeller handbook says; Not until the sheeple are 13 years into their NWO slavery will they wake up to the ramifications of what has been done to them.


  12. What can we do? Not much it seems. But at least if we don’t comply – and don’t stay hidden, we will have tried something.


  13. GOOD ONE, old kodger! Our ‘guvmint’ even makes it hard for Make-up Manufacturers here in Australia; and they are made to jump through hoops to get a product approved before they can market it.
    But then again; guess who has the monopoly on ‘Make-up’ products already!


  14. Hi Meryl,
    I agree 100 percent with what you are saying.
    I live on the Gold Coast and was wondering if there was a march on the Gold Coast at all?


  15. Seems Adelaide is in lockdown until Tuesday so don’t think that will go ahead there. There is one problem with the Freedom Marches no news networks will report them. Even Sky News the only one reported Melbourne’s Freedom rally last week stated just 200 attended from other sources I watched on YouTube was in the thousands.


  16. Well gone let’s meet at the polling booth with ink pens NO PENCILS..ED


  17. The Covid Conspiracy is the tool of government to deflect any public uprising aginst the agenda of the establishment


  18. with the exception to Australia suggest being 43 years..ED


  19. Please, no placards labeling those scared and terrified by the medias Fear campaign , calling them “SHEEP”. That’s not the way to win them over.


  20. truthtellertonni

    For all those who got the jab; How’s lockdown going for you? But wait, didn’t they say if you got the jab that you would not be subjected to lockdowns & that you were free to travel? You know, like our politicians are free to do what ever they want. Spend our tax paying money how ever they like all the while getting this country into bigger debt. And while they kill your small business that you spent years building. Subjecting your children to this psyop.
    I bet Palashit is having a right old time in Japan eating delicacies & staying in the top hotels, while you are locked down because you know, we are all in this together right?
    But that’s ok. Just keep complying. So far it’s worked for us right?


  21. Thank you for that post.eye opener……..

    ” Put a shrimp on the Barbecue and have a beer, she will be OK”

    should read

    “Put a Sheep on the Barbecue .Cos the are millions of stupid sheep top go”


  22. ED Why are we seeing our PM with a face nappy on,when he is Vaxed and away from reporters?


  23. Will be there in spirit 100% frontline warriors your the best.❤️😃🙏🌟👏🏼🥰


  24. suggested senario is he does not beleive his own bullsht he delivers to us. The other is that before he was born his brain was a hair and when he was born it busted……..


  25. SCOMO HAS A FACE NAPPY because it likes to blow it’s nose, and dribble on the AUSTRALIAN FLAG!


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