SA Premier Stephen Marshall, yet another tool in the global “health” network’s campaign to “induce” and extort governments to install totaltarian systems of control over populations.

SOUTH Australia’s Liberal-Labor COVID regime used a bogus PCR “positive test” to justify shutting down a school and sending cops and plastic covered goons to drag at least one healthy family out of their home and force them into so-called “self-quarantine” last November, according to a text received by Australia One party leader Ricardo Bossi.

The so-called case involving a high school girl was part of a panic operation involving SA Health who demanded that anyone who attended Woodville High School on November 23 “isolate immediately with all members of their household until further notice”. This followed the identification of a so-called “COVID cluster” in the suburb of Parafield i.e. a collection of some 29 so-called “positive tests”. At least one court case in Europe and well-informed scientific opinion has dismissed PCR testing as a viable indicator of viral infection.

The text sent to Bossi confirmed that the creepy Premier Stephen Marshall and his Liberals have been deliberately testing the tolerance of South Australians to Canada and UK-style COVID fascism. The SA Liberals and their Labor accomplices are also rolling-out a communist-style network of snitches (“marshalls”) across the state to enforce social distancing and meeting restrictions in local neighbourhoods.

It appears the plan, with the full approval of the South Australian Legal Services Commission, is to “normalize” imprisonment of South Australians without due process of the law and the operation is being tested initially in the poorer, working class western Adelaide suburbs like Parafield Gardens where push-back from lawyers is unlikely.

Ricardo Bossi said upper crust suburbs like Unley were being avoided but called on all South Australians to speak up and call it out. Parafield Gardens has been repreatedly targeted since last year as the site of a series of so-called COVID “outbreaks” based on phoney RT-PCR “positive test” results.

Meanwhile this post appeared on the Agents of Truth Telegram channel introducing the Bossi’s video alert on the family quarantine outrage.: “Happening in Australia right now. They’re moving healthy people from their homes into quarantine areas, simply for being in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid. They’re not only moving the individual but everyone else in the house. Dark times for humanity.”

“Here’s the SMS we received, and it’s about COVID lockdowns, quote: “Here’s one you won’t hear on the news. They are now removing healthy people from their homes in the western suburbs of Adelaide,” said Bossi. “Last night my friend’s brother was taken away, his three grandkids with them, and the grand-daughter (who) is friends with the girl from Woodville High School who tested positive,” the text read.

Bossi clarified: “So a girl from Woodville High School tested positive and her friend and all of her family were taken away.” The text went on: “Two cops were there last night along with some SA Health dickheads in masks and disposable PPE gowns – a whole family of five forced into the back of a 30-seater bus and taken to a hotel in the city to be quarantined.

“They are not positive cases. Kiss your livelihoods and your freedoms goodbye for a couple of weeks or however long you are associated with a confirmed case of COVID. This is insanity people, wake up.” Bossi said a covering note to that SMS said family members were being picked up from Parafield Gardens and “they were screaming and crying”.

“Now they didn’t pick them up from Unley, they picked them up from Parafield Gardens,” said Bossi. “As you know Unley is, let’s say, the better-heeled end of town. What they do is start at the lower end of town and work their way up to see how much push-back there is.
“Ladies and gentlemen, once again, if you sit back and say nothing all is lost. They can no longer sit back and watch this happen. They must respond.”

Just to indicate the depths of the power-grab by the “SA Health” corporation and other such entities Australia-wide, the following is SA Health’s ridiculous “self quarantine advice”: “If you have been directed to self-quarantine or if you have had a COVID-19 test you must go directly home and not stop anywhere on the way. You must stay at a suitable place and not leave unless to seek urgent medical care or to have a COVID-19 test. If you must leave for these reasons, wear a surgical mask. You must not go to public places such as work, school, childcare, university, shopping centres, parks, social or religious gatherings. You must not go shopping or to restaurants – shop online or have family or friends deliver what you need to your door. You must not have visitors at your home.”

These so-called public health experts should know, but don’t want the bulk of the population to know, that people get infected with all manner of corona viruses including the infectious Wuhan lab flu variety. Most people who catch a corona virus fight it off and become immune naturally but those who are vulnerable, especially the elderly with other health issues, may fall ill and even die from regular seasonal flu viruses.

As reported previously by Cairns News, these government health corporations in Australian states have also criminally banned and ignored treatments such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and budesonide that can cure corona virus infections, especially early in the infection stage.