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Tonight June 14, 2021
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The Great Awakening: a family divided by QAnon | Tonight on Four Corners    Go to the latest articles by Louise Milligan Louise Milligan is one of Australia’s foremost and most awarded investigative journalists. She is a multi-Walkley award winning journalist and Press Freedom medallist whose Four Corners story, I Am That Girl, led to a recent overhaul of sexual consent laws in NSW.    Hi, I’m Louise Milligan. 
The far-right political movement QAnon is infecting the world. 
The bizarre internet-driven conspiracy has attracted millions of believers who are dedicated to fighting what they claim is an ‘online war’ against corrupt, satanic, child abusing elites.    

While the ideology first emerged in the US, this country is not immune. 
In Sydney, I met the Stewarts – a family who have watched with alarm as their son, Tim Stewart, descended into QAnon’s political conspiracy theories. 
In an exclusive interview, this family revealed they were so concerned about Tim’s beliefs, they notified the national security hotline several times. 
Tim Stewart has been a close family friend of Scott Morrison and has reportedly boasted about his access to the Prime Minister.   
Scott Morrison has not responded on the record to questions about whether he and Tim are still friends. 
When asked about this story in a press conference, the Prime Minister said it was deeply offensive to suggest that he would support ‘such a dangerous organisation’. 
In this episode of Four Corners, meet a family torn apart by QAnon. 
The Great Awakening airs tonight at 8:30 on ABC TV and ABC iview. You can also watch it live on our Facebook page, or catch up later on ABC iview, YouTube, or our website