Climate change is covert weather modification

by Alexandra Bruce, US correspondent

Dane Wigington joins Greg Hunter at to say that the Western US is under siege by covert weather warfare that is causing crop failures, food shortages, farmer bankruptcies and that Bill Gates is ready and waiting to buy their land for pennies on the dollar, as the largest buyer and owner of farmland in the US.

Many of us already know the story told by former NATO Supreme Commander Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman at Democracy Now!, about how he was shown a list of target countries in the Middle East; countries that had been marked for invasion by the US military-industrial complex, long before 9/11 had occurred. This, by itself gave us pause. What if it were just as widely known that every one of these Middle Eastern target countries subsequently underwent a once-in-one-thousand-year drought?

“That’s not nature, that’s climate engineering,” Wigington says. “In fact, the leaders of some of these countries stated so on the floor of the UN, like the leader of Iran. They have sophisticated atmospheric monitoring equipment and they stated, with no ambiguous terms that NATO was cutting off their precipitation, which destabilizes food productions and thus populations.”

The obvious next question is, “How many other global populations are being covertly targeted by the climate engineering operations? Let’s start here: ‘Engineered Drought Catastrophe: Target California’. That’s the title of a presentation given by myself on behalf of many years ago. The data presented in that presentation is more relevant now than ever before.

“Climate engineering operations are the crown jewel of the military-industrial complex. Remember that it’s a weapon by which they can bring populations to their knees without those populations ever even knowing or understanding that they are under assault. Crush crop production and blame it on nature. That is the MO…

“The global science community is telling us that ‘we need to geo-engineer immediately’, as if it hasn’t been going on for 70 years, already…They describe the need to fill the atmosphere with light-scattering particles to reflect some of the Sun’s incoming thermal radiation, i.e. thermal energy…And the elements named in climate engineering patents: aluminum, barium, strontium, polymer fibers, all of that showing up in every lab test that we take from around the globe. It’s happening and the climate science denial is beyond criminal, at this point.”

The The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted that, based on a warming planet, the Pacific Northwest would receive a huge increase in precipitation in the Lower 48 but that’s not what’s happening. Dane Wigington explains, “That hasn’t happened because they are aerosolizing the moisture that enters from the west and they’re establishing pressure zones, like the high pressure dome [created by a HAARP-like ionospheric heating devices] that’s parked over the Northern California-Southern Oregon region, which deflects all the incoming pacific moisture, over and around us and then, down into the eastern half of the Lower 48, Greg, which is statistically, since 2012, the last 9 years, the most anomalously less-warm region in the entire world.

“This is not nature, this is climate engineering, period…We can speculate into…the agenda behind the drought-creation, we can speculate as to the motives but the fact of the case of the drought in the Western US, and what the rest of the world have gone through, like Australia, Spain, Portugal – this is a direct result of climate engineering operations, period…That they are completely derailing the hydrological cycle and drying out the US West is beyond dispute.”

And it is already leading to food shortages.

Moreover, he says, “Why wouldn’t we think this is a platform to disperse biologicals? We know, in the case of CV-19…we have a peer-reviewed study from Italy to prove CV-19 was attached to airborne particulates. How does that happen?

“We have the world’s second most-recognized geo-engineer, Ken Caldeira, now working directly for who? Bill Gates. We have Bill Gates, buying up more farmland in the US than anyone else. He’s the largest owner of farmland in the US of all and we have Gates involved with the seed bank, the doomsday seed bank in the Arctic. We have so many pieces to this puzzle that paint a very, very dark, nefarious picture, Greg…

“The cutting off of the precipitation in the US West, breaking farmers, causing, in many cases for them to have to sell their land for pennies on the dollar – and who’s there to buy it up? It appears Bill Gates! The fox is running the henhouse and if we don’t deal with this soon, we won’t have much to care about.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. As suggested by a reader – take a flight to north Queensland and view the massive trees and foliage from the air foods. high and low temperatures I have experienced before climate change hysteria fairy tale in my 78 years on this earth and as a child at Mount Buller in 1953 we had a white Christmas day with 6 inches of snow. Try the old photo in the Eldorado (Vic) museum of a family horses and buggies in the dry Murray River bed enjoying a picnic. It is history repeating .


  2. The people keep the viper source running smoothly by voting them back into office. Just once vote the duopoly OUT and see the difference in one term this makes recovering your parliament from the establishment


  3. It’s also about global wealth redistribution! Australia will pay $52billion into the UN ‘climate change emergency’ fund up to 2030.


  4. Hi Monarch you should know that botanists have long established there are now (2018), an estimated 21 times more trees growing in Queensland than ever there were in the period 1770 – 1920 and now I believe NSW has similar figures. So don’t despair, jump on a charter flight at Clermont in Central Qld and land at Bamaga airport at the Tip of Cape Your a distance of about 1700 klms and you will be unable to see the ground for tree cover. Its’s akin to not being able to see the forest for the trees. WWF and all their lying ilk should be buried – it might happen yet. Editor

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  5. My heart sinks another level when more and more trees, The Lungs of the Earth are being felled. Furthermore plants in some parts if not all by this stage of the game are starved for CO2., their source of “food.” And how mass vegetation has been raped by global corporations b/c of solar paneling in the Nevada Desert and now some trees are just no more. The Joshua Tree for eg. The mouse plage in Australia now is geo-engineered too, quite possibly as were the floods in NSW to get the hangers-on removed and forced into the capital cities of Australia, to make way for the Smart cities. All very insidious and smells strongly of international communism, the death knell for humanity.


  6. Thank you for sharing the exchange with Dane Wigington and Greg hung. Critical and credible information is presented here. Although presenting this article with such a title is misleading as it gives the impression to the audience that Dane and deny all other forms of anthropogenic activity that are contributing to the demise of this planet. Sure, weather modification, aka climate engineering is and has been derailing the climate and thus the biosphere more so than any other single form of human activity(bar the potential of nuclear cataclysm), though the other forms of human decimation cannot be ignored as a reason for creating climate change, or more accurately a climate collapse.


  7. truthtellertonni

    Yep have known it’s them for 20 plus years. Nice of our military to forget the oath they took to this country & the sovereign Australians that occupy this once beautiful country to sell their souls to satan.
    I hope they all enjoy the lake of fire.


  8. Don’t forget cloud seeding (Also known as cloud brightening) which may explain the out of the ordinary overcast and rainy weather we have had over the last 2 dry seasons. Talking with backyard fruit and vegetable growers I have discovered they have had 2 years of unusual crop failures that prior to this weather change were successfully grown year in year out.
    The Australian government openly admits to weather manipulation experiments over the last 70 years and have recently been conducting these sorts of experiments over the GBR. This would naturally transition to effects on weather along the North Queensland coast.



  9. We need a new vaccine – to stop nonsense like this.


  10. Goggle: Rainmakers Control Act VICTORIA. They do not make Act for things that didn’t exist.



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